The watcher.pt1

The watcher.pt1

She sat at her computers desk as she did every day after a Long day at work .The room of windows that faced onto her backyard gave her a perfect view and the privacy of what she would do next. As she did everyday.

She sat in her work skirt, and crisp white blouse. But that didn't last long .As she sat at her desk she undid her skirt and kicked it aside. She then slowly undid her shirt and discarded that on the floor as well. She kicked off her shoes and turned on the computer.

She hadn't had a boyfriend in a while as her busy schedule didn't really allow for her to meet eligible men. So she had found a way to relieve the sexual tension that bubbled within her at regular intervals during the day. She was a very beautiful woman in an unconventional way with long blonde hair in a nondescript style but a face that would often stop men in their tracks if they managed to see below the long fringe that hid her green eyes.

She generally looked down as she walked just trying to get to the next location in a busy city. And then catching the train home and playing her favourite game. But that only worked when there were a lot of people on the train. Alas today it had been fairly empty and had only once been able to summon up the courage to look one man directly in the eye. Unfortunately he was sitting next to his girlfriend so she just looked out the window instead.

But finally she was home her computer on. Her white panties only had a few stains in them from the one electric moment when she had met the taken strangers’ eyes. She started scrolling around her favourite porn and erotica websites, when she came across a story on literotica called Zippy, as she read she became more aroused just thinking about the brother in the story pretending to be a dog so he could sniff his sister's pussy.

She opened her desk draw and pulled out her favourite rabbit vibrator and started to let the vibrations flood over her now overheating cunt. It buzzed up and down against the fabric of her underpants. Letting it touch her clit through the pesky fabric .Usually she would savour this time getting her panties sodden for her to enjoy the next step of her nightly ritual. But tonight her lust for a good fucking with her vibrator outshone the patience she usually had to do it just right.

She quickly whipped her knickers off and placed the crotch of them straight into her mouth so she could suck on them. She then shoved the vibrating dildo hard and fast into her dripping cunt. When the doorbell rang just as she was starting to peak. She came right down to earth and called out. “Hang on a sec I will be right there”.

A familiar voice called back”. No problem we will be right outside" She quickly pulled the underpants out of her mouth and put on her skirt and discarded her bra and put on her shirt only doing up a few buttons so if she bent down her visitor may get a small flash of breast.

She ran to the door and opened it to” Blake” a walking partner she had met up with in the neighbourhood and his dog called LL Cool Dane.A lovely sandy coloured great Dane that she enjoyed the company of as well during their almost daily early morning walks.

His sleekness and the way he held his head held high always fascinated her. And on a few occasions he had nuzzled her crotch after all that walking he thought it might be appropriate. She always pushed him away. Blake always pulled him away as soon as she said stop but he never said a thing to stop him .

Once a few weeks ago she had on a pair of fairly snug short shorts. And the dog had managed to lick her cunt as she lay on the grass after a particularly long walk. She snapped her legs together immediately but she still remembered the way the dogs tongue had managed to snake past the fabric of her shorts and get his tongue over her clitoris and onto her labia. Blake had seen this and smiled. He was getting closer to his goal.


This woman had captivated him from the moment they met and he was determined to have her. On his terms. He had moved into a lovely 2 story 4 bedroom brick home 3 months ago that had an easy maintenance backyard. Blake loved his new home and set about unpacking the first evening he had moved in. In the distance across quite a few backyards he could see an angel emerge from her back deck. He frantically looked for the box his telescope was in and after locating it scrambled to set it up. He had to be in a certain position to get the whole of her back room into focus. But that’s where the telescope stayed and every night he watched

On occasion there would be no goddess but most nights there she would be same thing every night, watching her come and come and come over one or more of her toys. He would sit there stroking his cock .He loved it when she put the underpants in her mouth he would come for the first time almost always when she did that. Then she would finally slump in her chair sated and completely drained.

So he devised a plan. And it happened by chance they ran into each other on the street as he walked with LL cool Dane. His long leash managed to get her entangled and after much laughing they got untangled, they introduced themselves and ended up walking 3 miles before they realised how far they had gone. After that it was easy .He got to spend time with her almost daily in one form or another.

The Dog.

Tonight had been planned down to the second. Making sure he got to her before she came for the first time. She opened the door to Blake and said “hey what are you doing here so late? Our walks not till 6am tomorrow”, she smiled and ushered him in and the dog.

The dog ever sensitive to her smell detected the whiff of vagina and went looking for it source and came across her white hastily thrown aside panties and he took one whiff and he almost went crossed eyed.

He hadn't smelt them this fresh except for the couple of times he was able to get them whilst she was wearing them. And that one glorious day he actually tasted her first hand. His Master had made a good choice for him. At home he slept with a few pairs of her soiled underpants his Master had been able to procure for him.

But smelling and licking these so fresh was driving the dog wild and he picked them up in his mouth walked over to her sitting on the lounge talking to his master and dropped them at her feet.

She looked down at them and gasped. Blake just smiled and said .Well at least we know he’s into the ladies. She laughed a little through her ever reddening blush and nodded. Picking them up and stashing them behind the pillow. Just then she noticed he had a bag with him. “What’s in the bag “she asked?

“Oh I brought round a couple of bottles of wine if you would care to join me and would you go get out of your work clothes whilst I pour the wine”
. She got up grabbed the underpants and ran into the bedroom and put on the shortest denim shorts she could, without underpants and threw on a long singlet that almost cover her shorts.

When she came out Blake had placed the wine and the small platter of cheese and crackers he must have brought with him .With some already thoughtfully cut up and placed on the plate next to her wine glass.

He had laced one of the chesses with some THC oil .And she sat down and stared to talk to Blake about her day and life in general. She thought of him as a good friend and sometimes even thought about pursuing something more romantic with him.

Slowly she started to feel different like everything was just a bit slower but a bit clearer. Blake said to her "you look tired you should lie down". She agreed yawning and closing her eyes for just a second and lay down on the coach with her legs slightly bent and her pussy exposed slightly out of her shorts.

Blake looked at the dog and softly said. “Eat boy”! And the dog walked over spied what there was to eat and stuck his head between her legs and snaked his tongue slowly over her whole vagina. She moaned and then with a start slammed her legs shut narrowly avoiding squashing the dogs head between her thighs and opening her eyes widely.

She rolled over and looked up and there was Blake above her. He bent down and said. “Your mine now and tonight I am going to make you want nothing else in this life but me and old LL cool Dane over there”.

She scrambled to sit up but Blake held her down as the dog got between her legs with his body, forcing them open and began to lick. She moaned hard and long as he held her down saying...”Just let tonight happen babe! If it doesn't work out. Then no drama and I will be gone”.

She considered her options for a moment and said” Yes”...He let go of her arms and walked over and started unzipping her shorts Taking them off her and grabbing her feet and forcing her legs wide apart so the dog could continue to suck on her sweet, sweet pussy .
She moaned as dogs tongue started its deep incline inside her .and she looked up at Blake as he smiled down at her.”Good girl your doing fine. Now come for me and LL splash your juices all over him “

.With that she let the final wall down and let the dogs licking and sucking prompt her to orgasm. As she did the dog licked harder and harder draining all of her juices from her pulsating and throbbing cunt. Blake let go off her legs lead the dog off the lounge .She laid there panting when she heard him say.


”Come over here and get rid of that damn singlet Jade”. Something as hot as you should always be naked. She did as she was told and took off her last shred of clothing and knelt before him.

“Good girl. Now stand up and open those legs I want to see that dripping pussy in front of me”. He growled.

She stood up and he immediately with no pretence shoved 3 fingers into her as hard as he could. She moaned as they slid in so easily .Her cunt was puffed out and ready for anything he wished to throw at it .

He pumped his fingers in and out of her as she stood there with her knees bent and open as far as he could whilst still standing up. She gyrated up and down as his fingers pumped steadily into her.

Blake had known he had picked the right woman for him the first time they had met but actually being able to see what he thought he knew she was capable of was making him so happy.

He slid his sodden fingers out of her well pumped hole and motioned for her to bend down. As he whispered in her ear. “Are you ready to be fucked so hard you will think that it will never end? “

She gulped a bit and said “yes"

He undid his pants and pulled out his semi hard cock. It was 9 inches long and almost as thick as a baseball bat. He was a freak of nature and her eyes widened as she saw what was about to impale her.

He pulled her to the floor as he kicked off his pants and turned her onto her knees. And he began to lick her opened cunt. Her clit he sucked like a man possessed drawing it into his mouth and causing a few orgasms along the way.

He rolled her clit around his mouth pulling on it at intervals and at others just pushing 4 fingers into her as he licked around the opening of her stretched out cunt.

He gave her one last lick and got to his knees and positioned his cock at the opening of her cunt lips.

He slowly pushed himself in an inch at a time as she squealed and pushed against him. When he was sure he had got in the most he could without damaging her .He started to slide in and out slowly of her stretched pussy.

He was slow and meticulous with his rhythm feeling her walls straining against his invading cock. He had to get her used to the size if he was really going to possess her in the way that he wanted.

She felt ripplers of pleasure running throughout her body as his cock fucked her slowly. He quickened the pace and allowed another inch to slide into her .She bucked against it and let him fuck her like a vessel, his receptacle ,his plaything, His object to fulfil his desires.

From the moment he entered her .She knew that never again would she need another man .As this man and this dog were about to turn her life upside down. And it was only early Friday night. And she had a whole weekend to show him what she was prepared to do to have his cock.

To be continued

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