Relief Is Just A Phone Call Away Chptr 2

Relief Is Just A Phone Call Away Chptr 2

Two weeks have passed since our rendezvous with Dwayne. All John talks about is how much fun he had, especially watching another man with me. In turn he suggested that he wouldn’t mind having a threesome with him again, and maybe this time he could stay the night. As for me, the whole encounter put me in seventh heaven, and I am still there. Whether I’m talking on the phone with Dwayne or discussing it with John, my whole body is in a constant state of arousal.

One night as I lay in bed snuggling in John’s arms, I look up into his brown eyes and whisper, “I love you darling.”

I can see the flickering flame of love he has for me. He places his hand on my chin and brings his lips down upon mine. Oh, it feels like a jolt of electricity going from his kiss clear down to the center of my womanhood. He lights my fire of passion and my love for him radiates between my body and his.

We lay there for what feels like an eternity. Then he speaks, “I love you my darling very much. Before I met you, my life was like a boat floating in the center of this big lake with no oars. You rescued me and fulfilled my every need, especially my kinky sexual fantasies. My favorite is still MFM. Oh gawd, when I watched you seduce Dwayne, my dick became hard as steel.”

“Aww baby, you’re so sweet, thank-you for the compliment. You know I love getting kinky with you; after all, I think it adds spice to our marriage. However, MFM is only one of my favorite fantasies.”

“I thought MFM was your favorite. Now I’m intrigued to find out you have more. Tell me about your fantasies. Then describe one you would like to do that I do not know about yet.”

“Well, let’s see you already know I love having two men drive me crazy with their mouths, tongues, fingers, and cocks. I’d also love to have another woman really do a one on one with me and show me more than that last gal did. After she’s done with me, we can go wild doing your cock and balls." I paused, then went on. "However, there is one I’ve never mentioned because you said you always wanted to be a part of the threesome, and being left out and part of it in the past always made you jealous.

"Then I got to thinking, what if we modified the threesome. First, we’d all be in one room, kissing, striping, foreplay, watching, masturbating, and other things of that nature. Second, I’d take the man by the hand with me into our bedroom where I will be alone with him for a preset time limit, like thirty-minutes. Now, don’t you fret, I plan to tell you about everything we do afterwards, when you and I are the only ones here, I guarantee it will knock your socks off. Next, John would knock on the door, and ask to join us, and the best part of the whole experience begins. I myself find that fantasy the most arousing. It was not until I met Dwayne, that I wanted to try it, but I’m not sure you’d be comfortable with it.”

“Deana when you put it that way, it makes me very comfortable and horny as hell. Tell me more.”

"This is how it might go; for starters we may be all sitting on the sofa with me in the middle. Both of you will be kissing me, stripping me, and turning me on. Then after a few minutes John excuses himself so he can move to the chair and watch me seduce Dwayne. Even take pictures if permitted. After a few minutes I will ask you if Dwayne and I can go into our bedroom and play for about thirty-minutes just the two of us. John you will nod your head in agreement and you tell me to go have fun."

A million thoughts go through his mind as he sits in the chair alone. He's not fretting though because he knows Dwayne will treat his wife with respect, and they will have kinky sex. However after a few minutes he gets antsy and wonders is it time to join them. He looks at his watch; damn they’ve only been in there fifteen minutes. In his mind's eye he can see Dwayne eating her cunt, suckling her hard pink nipples, and driving his cock deep inside her wanting pussy.

He then begins fantasizing about what the two men will do to Deana. He might suggest Dwayne eat her pussy, as she sucks John’s cock, or visa versa, as he knows that action makes me cum in buckets.

It’s been thirty minutes and John can’t stand it, his cock is as hard as steel. He walks toward the bedroom and knocks on the bedroom door. “Can I come in and join you two?”

“Hot-damn woman, that’s why I love you so much. You sure come up with some great sexual things to try. By the way, you have been open and honest with me, so why wouldn’t I allow you to spend some alone time with Dwayne? After all when he is done, I get to join in the fun, that’s the best part. I’d say let’s do it the next time Dwayne arrives to play. Oh fuck, the mere thought of that scenario is making my cock throb!”

“Oh really, you’re not teasing me are you?”

“I don’t kid about things like this; after all I was swayed by the part where you’re going to tell me the juicy details!”

“Mmm honey, all this hot sexy talk is making my clit throb. What shall we do?”

John threw the covers back, smirks, and growls, “You know damn well what I want to do! Now, remove that damn nightie of yours, I don’t know why you wear it to begin with, it never stays on you! I’m going to bury this cock so deep in that pussy of yours that you will see stars!”

I throw the nightie on the floor, lie on my back, spread my legs, and point a finger at him. “Hey baby, come here, and fuck me!”

We make love well into the night. Since John is off the next day, we sleep in late. The ringing of the phone awakens us. I stretch, yawn and glance at the clock, it reads twelve pm.

“Honey, its noon, you’d better answer it, it might be something important.”

John yawns. “Probably some fucking telemarketer.”

He picks up the receiver. “Hello.”

I then see his eyes light up, “Oh hi Dwayne! What’s up? Yes we are still in bed. No she’s awake, do you want to talk to her?”

A thousand things go through my mind as John hands me the phone. “Hello Dwayne, how are you?”

“Hello sleepy head. What on earth are you too still in bed for; don’t you know its noon?”

I chuckle, “When we went to bed last night we were talking about the threesome we had with you. It made us both so hot and bothered we ended up fucking half the night away. John is off today anyways, so we decided to sleep in.”

“There yah go, having hot-wild-sex, without me. Damn-it, don’t you know how horny I am?”

“Dwayne, you’re always horny.”

“Doll, my middle name is horny! By the way, that’s why I called. What are you guys doing next Thursday?”

“Let me get out my calendar and check.”

John gets out of bed, goes to the den, and brings back the appointment calendar. After checking it over we notice we had nothing planned for Thursday or Friday.

“Looks like we are free Thursday, what’s up?”

“I have a business trip down near y’all that only lasts a couple of hours. Afterwards I’m free to do what I want. I’d love to come by there, take you both out for dinner, and if possible repeat the threesome.”

I am so excited that I bite my tongue and damn near drop the phone. I pause, and flash John a seductive look, then relay the details.

He in turn speaks aloud saying, “Cum-on-down!”

I take a deep breath and say, “We’d be glad to see you for dinner and another sexy rendezvous.”

“I have a one question to ask you baby-doll.”

“What’s that?”

“Do you think John will let me spend some time alone with you?”

I almost pass out, because this is the subject John and I were discussing last night. However, little did Dwayne know that John agreed to let me do it.

I put my hand over the receiver, and turn to John. “Remember what I told you I wanted to do with Dwayne, the next time we meet?”

“Yes, you want to spend some time alone with him. Hot-damn, is he asking you if he can do that?”


“Why don’t you tell him that I want to talk to him?”

I hear Dwayne mumble, “Oh fuck, he’s going to chew my ass out.”

I hand the phone to John, and with a sincere, stern voice, he speaks. “What’s this I hear, that you want to spend some time alone with my wife?”

With an unsure voice Dwayne replies, “Hey man, I was just asking, we really don’t need to do that.”

John laughs and suggests, “Why not man, the mere idea makes my dick hard!”

“Ah, oh gawd, are you teasing me John?”

“Man that is something I will never tease you about. We talked about it, and believe me it turns me on as much as it does you!”

Dwayne sighs in relief and shouts, “I’ll be there in ten minutes!”

Thursday was a week away and already my mind is planning what we will do every minute I am alone with Dwayne. However, the clock-time is moving slower than molasses.

Finally, the day arrives for our next hot sexual encounter. Around two p.m. the phone rings and I answer it, of course it is Dwayne.

“Hey you sexy green-eyed angel, are we still on for the threesome?”

“You bet we are. As for me, I am dressed, primed, and ready for lift-off!”

“Ooooh b-a-b-e I’m more than ready to send you in orbit! I’ll be there around four to pick you up. John can direct me to the restaurant where we can eat, and please no fast food places.”

“Okay love, see you at four.”

I go into the den where John is reading the newspaper and say, “That was Dwayne on the phone, he was asking if we still plan to meet him today.”

“I more than ready doll, I had to take a cold shower just to cool down. Can we play around a little, before we go?”

“We could, but I’m saving my energy for later, I have a sneaky feeling I will need it.”

“Spoil sport! Well, let me put the dogs out in the back yard, and then I’ll be ready.”

Dwayne pulls up in front of the house a few minutes early, gets out, walks up to the door, and knocks. I answer it, and before I can say, “Hello,” he takes me into his arms and plants a kiss on me that could curl my toes. He then shakes John's hand, and asks if we are ready to go.

“Hey man, we’ve been ready for three days now, its all I could do not to fuck Deana this afternoon before our rendezvous.”

Dwayne gives me a devilish grin. “We don’t have to go out you know, we can start the party now.”

I smirk and then laugh, “We could, but my stomach is telling me to eat first. Food guys, not cocks.”

John slaps my ass and says, “How about dick-heads and rice?”

I frown at him. “John, where are we going to go eat?”

He turns to Dwayne and then says, “You drive, I’d better direct, as Deana’s head is in the clouds, and she’d get us lost.”

“Uh-uh,” I reply and then say, “Let’s go.”

We all go into Dwayne’s car and head toward our favorite restaurant. He parks the car and arm in arm the three of us walk to the door. We order and chitchat about everyday things while we eat. As for me, I am so nervous and aroused that I hope no one would notice.

I jump when Dwayne speaks up and asks, “Anyone want dessert?”

I look at him, then back at John and say, “We can have that when we get home, if you know what I mean.”

Dwayne lays his napkin down, gets up, and walks over to help me out of my chair. He whispers in my ear, “Oooh baby, I know what you mean!”

The three of us head for the car. Once we are out of earshot, Dwayne speaks. “Remember John, I get Deana to myself for awhile.”

John just nods his head and I think John is going to pass out from all the excitement. “Let's head for home before John gets sensory overload and faints on us.”

Once we are inside our front door, John sat down on the sofa. “Okay, I’m only watching you two for now. Let me see you seduce him Deana!”

Dwayne sat down in the recliner, and pulls me into his lap. “Come here you sexy thing!”

I kiss him hard, then kick my shoes off, and sit down. The bulge in his pants tells me he is more than ready.

We snuggle for a moment, holding each other like this is our last tomorrow. He then places his hands on his cheeks and moves my lips toward his. Dwayne buries his mouth down onto my delicious lips slowly, playfully at first, then deeper as he unleashes the fires of passion, and moans. He’s not content with just kissing my lips either. He sensuously began stroking, kissing, nuzzling my cheeks, earlobes, and neck, tasting me and setting my skin ablaze with desire. He then stops and watches me for a moment.

My wandering fingers find the buttons on his shirt and begin to open them clear down to his navel, and then pulls the shirttails out of his waistband. I wink, then make my move and begin planting butterfly kisses all over his face and neck, downward until I find his left nipple. I nibble at it gently, and then do the same thing to his other nipple

He moans aloud, and stops me.

“It’s my turn doll!”

Dwayne leans forward and cups my left breast. He holds the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Next he takes his tongue then runs it around the outside of the areola, with each circle getting closer to my hardening nipple. He then blows on it, taking it between his teeth and biting it gently.

“Ooooh gawd that feels so good! Bite harder baby!”

For a brief second, I look out of the corner of my eye at John. I can tell he’s enjoying the show because his pants are unzipped and he is rubbing his semi hard cock.

Not content with merely playing with Dwayne’s lips, chest and nipples, I reach down and cup the bulge in his pants.

“Mmm honey looks like junior's ready to play.”

“Play you say, hell he’s ready to fuck!”

He reaches for the waistband of my pants and runs his hand down into my drenched panties. “Whoa baby, looks like I’m not the only one ready to fuck!”

I look over at John and say, “Were going to go continue this in the bedroom, remember give us thirty minutes, and you can join in the fun.”

“I don’t know if I can hold out that long, but will do it for you baby!”

I get up and take a hold of Dwayne’s hand and lead him to my bedroom. Once inside the door, he pulls me into his arms and kisses me deep and hard.

“Now let’s me get you out of the rest of the damn clothes baby!”

He strips me slowly, kissing each exposed area as it appears, my whole skin is ablaze with lust. For a moment he just stands there taking in my beauty, unable to speak.

I move over to him and say, “Let me take those shoes, socks, and pants off honey.”

He kicks off his shoes and socks then stands in front of me to do the rest. I unzip his fly, and help remove his pants. I drool in hunger to feel the heat of your awakened flesh in my hand, fingers, and mouth. I cannot resist reaching for your cock; I stroke it gently and hear a groan from deep within. I purr in delight as my lust for you intensifies.

Dwayne stops me, and positions me onto my back on the bed, with my pussy near the edge. “Slow down baby-doll, I want to do you first.”

He kisses me deep and then ogles me as he slides his wandering hands across each breast down my belly, hips, and thighs. With a slow up stroke, he runs his finger the full length of my wet pussy making me gasp. When he slides a digit between the folds and into my vagina, he groans in delight at the touch of a warm, inviting place I have for his cock.

When Dwayne kneels between my legs and let's his fingers, lips and tongue do the walking; I quiver all over and squeal with delight.

I just knew John heard my pleasurable noises as Dwayne brought me closer and closer to climax. I wondered if John was watching the cock and waiting patiently or stroking his hard cock.

I grasp Dwayne’s hand as he sucks my clit, driving it deeper and deeper inside the hole. Before long my climax rushes through me like a freight train out of control.

“Oooh gawd honey, I need to fuck you soon!”

I spread my legs wider and shout, “What are you waiting for, fuck me baby!”

“I want you to suck my cock first baby.”

I move down, grasp your fat, leaking tool in one hand, stroking it gently up and down, while the other hand cups your balls. I open my mouth and flick my tongue over the tip tasting the sticky precum that has accumulated there, and moan, “Mmmmm!” I then lick down the shaft lapping up the drips that are oozing down your cock. Dwayne’s free hand creeps down to caress the drenched folds of my pussy as I enjoy a mouthful of hot, drippy manhood.

I begin purring with lusty sounds, as my hungry mouth is full of the rigid, tasty erection of a man who’s not my husband. The room is full of the musky scent of intense sexual arousal and I love it.

All of a sudden Dwayne shouts, “Deana, kiss me now!”

I move so I can kiss him, as his fingers remain inside my pussy. I can taste the creamy-flavored mixture in my mouth. Our tongues wrestle and it brings me to another earth-shattering climax.

I’m about to stand on wobbly legs and have Dwayne help position me so my pussy is at the edge of the bed once more. He raises himself to place himself on level with her open, ready pussy. His hands reach down to grasp his erect member and rub the head of his penis in the channel of her drenched vulva and John knocks on the door.

We both stop and laugh when John yells, “I know you’re having fun but is it time for me to come play with you all yet? My dick is so hard I cannot stand it anymore!”

Deana smirks and looks at the clock. “Yeah its time, after all I would love to be fucked my two men now, one in my pussy and the other in my mouth!”

John enters the room already naked with a dripping hard throbbing cock in hand. “Where do you want this baby?”

I lick my lips and quiver all over. “Oooh I just love to be fucked by two men at once. John, I would love you to fuck my mouth as Dwayne does my cunt!”

John climbs onto the bed and positions his cock just inches from my lips. I move down a bit so Dwayne can ease his fat member into my wanting pussy. I grasp John’s cock and engulf the whole rod in one gulp, sucking, slurping, and moaning in delight.

Dwayne pulls open her legs and guides his tool into her pussy all the way until his balls bounce against her ass. He pulls his slick, shinny, too from me, and then pushes it back home to the hilt repeatedly.

I watch the two men fuck me, and it turns me on more. I reach down and begin stroking my clit vigorously. As another climax builds inside me, I wrap my legs around Dwayne’s waist. John pumps my mouth furiously in time with Dwayne’s thrusts. Over and over in a building rhythm, we all move together. Groaning, moaning, and cries of ecstasy fill the room.

Dwayne is the first to get off, filling my womb with a huge load of thick spunk. That plus the sight of John’s cock sliding deep down my throat to empty his cum filled balls is all I need to send me over the edge and I climax again.

We lay there entangled in each other’s arms basking in the moment, wishing it would last forever. I look into John’s eyes and see the flames of passion, kindled by a loving wife. I then glance over at Dwayne, and see a very well satisfied lover.

As for me, I love them both!

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