A Flight to Remember

A Flight to Remember

My Mile High Experience

I spent my summer at the University of California in Berkeley, studying Arabic, when I had to return home to Alabama. My several connecting flights made the fare cheaper, but it just took so much longer to get home. Little did I know that later that day I wish I had more time on one of my flights, not less. I got onto a Southwest plane in Arizona, flying into Birmingham in the early afternoon, and chose a seat near the back of the aircraft. I took out a book, and had just finished the first few pages when an absolutely beautiful girl came down the aisle, weaving around with her purse and carry-on bag.

I stood to help her, and I caught her bag as she dropped it off the luggage rack. She gave me a quick smile and apologized, “I am so sorry, thank you so much, that thing weighs too much for me!” “No worries,” I replied.

She gave me an extremely white smile and asked if the seat next to me was taken, and I couldn’t believe my luck. Now I am a relatively decent looking guy I guess, nothing to write home about but I am pretty sure I can be charming if I want to be. I just looked at this girl, she looked around her early 20’s, but with me being 18, I thought she would just be some eye candy for my flight. Even so, I wasn’t about to complain, so I said that it wasn’t, and she took her seat.

We began to talk, at first nothing serious, just chitchat, but then we began to delve into more serious conversations, like past relationships. We were alone in our seats, so we both felt a bit more comfortable in talking without reservations on what we said. I found out that she was much older than she looked, 33, and I was completely blown away. This girl had an amazing body, around a C cup if I had to guess, a decent ass, but a face to die for. She had flaming curly red hair, which is a definite fetish for me, and a pretty raunchy sense of humor too. My kind of woman.

Our talk grew over the next hour and a half or so, and I figured I may as well try my luck, I am never going to see this woman again, so I should see if I could at least get a kiss out of it. I reached out and grabbed her hand as we talked, and her eyes dipped down and looked at it, then she looked up and smiled at me.

“Now tell me exactly what you are trying to do here mister.” I looked a little embarrassed, thinking I had been shut down, and she added, “Not that I’m complaining.” Then she gave me a little wink.

I told her straight up that I thought she was beautiful, thinking there was no way I could be any more embarrassed, and she told me there was no way she had gotten on this flight thinking a cute guy would put the moves on her. Our conversation continued along these lines for the next few minutes, then she asked me, “Now, what kind of moves would I have to return for you to kiss me?” Elation grew inside me, and I told her, “Just saying that is a definite confidence booster,” and I leaned in for the kiss. I curled my arm up around her and soon she was in my arms and our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths. We pulled away and she gave me a little smile as she tugged off her jacket and put it over our laps. When she leaned back up into me, she disengaged her fingers from my hand and started to unfasten my belt.

Completely taken aback, there was no way I was going to stop her as her hand reached into my pants and started to fondle my rapidly growing cock. She expertly handled me knew exactly what she was doing, the benefit of an older woman. She leaned up and whispered in my ear, asking how adventurous I normally am. I replied, “I am here, getting a hand job and making out with a stranger on an airplane, so I guess that is pretty self explanatory.” She gave me a small laugh and said, “Get up and follow me.”

Grinning, I dutifully followed her into the area where the lavatories are, and she, with a quick glance to make sure nobody was watching, ducked into one, beckoning me to join her. As the door closed, we were pushed together in the cramped space, with barely enough room for each other. She forcefully pulled me into her and we started to make out again, this time her hands were pulling my shirt over my head, and I was being a little free-er with my hands as well. After she had finished, I lifted her dress off, discovering that she was only wearing panties underneath, no bra. Her breasts were absolutely beautiful, not too big, but not too small either. I sucked one into my mouth, and started to play with her nipples with my tongue when I felt her tugging down my pants. I looked down, completely surprised to see that she was fingering herself with light squelching sounds while she tugged on my rock hard cock. I must have been making her wet for the past half hour, I thought. I moved my hand to her mound, and my hand replaced hers, thumping in and out, pumping with two fingers as she tried not to make much noise. She whispered, “I have needed your cock inside of me since you first kissed me earlier, think we can do this without getting arrested?” Wordlessly, I turned her around and bent her over, sliding her panties down all the way. She was clean shaven, and her ass and pussy were tantalizing for me.

Her hand reached around under her and guided my cock to her opening as I lightly pushed inside. Her pussy was hot and wet, perfect for my cock. I started to pound, keeping my strokes short, so we wouldn’t be heard banging around outside. I still think people knew though, it’s hard to disguise those noises. She had her hands up on the wall, her leg up on the toilet, and was pushing back on me on every thrust. She was perfect, and I didn’t think anything would make me feel any better until one of her hands reached underneath her and fondled my balls while we had sex.

Our steamy encounter lasted about 7 or 8 minutes longer, and I told her I was going to have to blow my load soon. She grinned and dropped, crouching in a very cramped position, her mouth latched on the head of my cock and her hand pumping my shaft. I grunted and spewed my jizz all into her beautiful mouth. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and very conspicuously swallowed every bit of it.

She got up and gave me a big hug, saying, “Thank you so much for that, I really needed it. I just wish we had had a bit more room to go at it.” I had an ear to ear smile on my face and said, “Yeah, I wish we had too, but you definitely made this a flight to remember.”

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