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Marielle, my sweet neighbor

Marielle Marielle was my neighbor in this small apartment building in a suburb near the city center. A little twenty-something nice-looking woman. She had shortish red hair, happy freckles, and small breasts. I often dreamed of having sex with her, but I never dared to ask, afraid it would ruin our friendship. We occasionally sit for an evening, chatting about everyday things, and helping each other out when help was needed. But Marielle had problems. She didn't have a job, and she drank a lot. With congenital diabetes, that's not a good combination, and I often warned her about the dangers...


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My hot little sister swallows!

I was 18 at the time of this story and my sister was 16. I had just finished high school and I was heading for college in the fall. I was 5’ 10” 175 pounds and I was in very good shape from playing sports. My name is Jim and I was also a bit of a nerd. Between studying and sports I hadn’t even started dating yet. My sister Beth was 5’ 5” and a trim 105 pounds with perfectly pointed C cup boobs and a very nice bubble butt. She had silky long natural blonde hair with piercing blue...


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Michael to Michelle

This is the story of how I transformed from your normal straight married guy Michael to sissy slut Michelle I've always been curious about cocks since I was a teenager but I've never had the guts to try it. I've watched plenty of porn and wank chatted to hundreds of guys online but that's it, until now. I've had a few wank chats and roleplays with Gary before and it was fun, he'd go into detail how I'd be dressed up as a schoolgirl and he'd be my teacher and he'd use and abuse me and it was hot as hell...


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Vitamin G pt. 2

God did I sleep well. Waking up around 11 A.M, a nervousness quickly ran through me. What if the drugs didn’t work? I thought. Working my way upstairs, I snuck into the kitchen, past my sister's door. Didn’t hear a peep out of her room. She must still be sleeping. Pouring me a glass of milk and a bowl of cereal, I chomped down my breakfast. Jesus was I hungry. After a little while, I could hear my sis walking around her room, making her way to the restroom. Timing myself to walk past her, back to my bedroom, I made...


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Adult Passion- The Continueing Story of New Beginnings

Adult Passions - A family that plays together…. If you haven't read my Young Passion and Young Adult Passion series yet. Look Up my old account Author name PASSIONFRUIT. I lost my account password so I can't access it anymore. This story is the first part of the THIRD SERIES. Hope you like. I have to post this as fiction just to protect myself. Enjoy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I personally don’t see what the big deal was. So I started having sex at an early age. So I had sex with my brother, dad, and my step mom. So I had sex with...


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An Arabian Adventure

In my country marriages are often arranged at birth. My marriage arrangements were made in just such a way. There is no choice of falling in love, it is simply a binding legal arrangement in which the exchange of Dinar, possessions, land, or a combination of items seals the deal. I am thirteen now. My wedding was scheduled to occur later this year. I have never met my future spouse, so I feel no attraction towards him, and what is worse, I have developed feelings for a poor boy. He has always been kind to me, but more importantly he was...


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What I want for you

I have always dated women who were much shorter than me and petite in size. Something about short and petite women make me very excited. I have enjoyed my experiences with some of my ex's that have allowed me to experiment with them by sharing them with guys with huge cocks. This story is a fantasy that I have only because I have yet to find a girl that would do such a thing with me. I think before your gangbang with these monster dicks, i would eat that sweet tight tasty pussy of yours until your pussy came in my...


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Mia Matsumiya: How To Be A Good Girl

Mia Matsumiya: How To Be A Good Girl NOTE: To aid in the visualization, check out the Mia Matsumiya: How To Be A Good Girl thread in the Sex Stories section of the forum. Trust me, it'll be worth it! Mia Matsumiya, a 24 year-old beautiful Japanese violinist, is on the last leg of her tour in France with one of the avant-garde bands she plays with. This is a rare night off from playing though for the petite, 4'9 beauty, who by chance ran into a couple of friends--Lisann and her husband Rob--at an outdoor cafe earlier in the day...


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“What’s daddy doing mommy?” little six-year-old Joy asked as her naked mother, Sara, held her by the waist. Sara’s red nails rubbed her daughter’s bare belly softly as she watched her husband stroke her son’s tiny prick. “Daddy’s just making Joey feel good baby. Just like I’m making you feel good,” Sara softly breathed into her daughter’s ear as she let a hand slide up to her daughter’s taut nipple. The tip of a red fingernail circled the pink nub with deliberate patience while her son’s breathing quickened with his father’s fingers. Joy pushed her ass back into her mom’s wet...


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Incest Wife Complete_(0)

Fisrt time writing so please give your feedback to help know where i went wrong enjoy!! CHAPTER ONE Joey! Angela Banner called from her back door, straining her voice to overcome the noise of the lawnmower. Come have a cold drink, darling! You must be terribly hot! Sure am, Mrs. Banner! Joey Watson shouted back, cutting off the engine and running to pick up his shirt where he had thrown it in the grass. Angela was hot too, but the heat that was bothering her had nothing to do with the weather. Angela's house was cool and comfortable, but her pussy...


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