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Incestuous Flesh Massage Chapter 9: Teaching Their Mommy-Slut

Incestuous Flesh Massage (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Nine: Teaching Their Mommy-Slut By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! “You are going to be such a good, little masseuse, aren't you, Mommy-slut,” my girlfriend said, a husky tone in her voice as I pulled my car into the back lot of the Lady Touch Massage Parlor. “Yes, Daughter,” Mrs. Armstrong said, her voice submissive as she sat in the backseat. We'd just picked her up from her home. We got to own her during the day. She was our sex slave. Well, technically she was Stefani's...


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“You mean she wants to tongue fuck you?” “Yes, she promised me she was very good. She also told me she wants you to watch and masturbate. And she wants to watch you fuck me when she has pleasured me. Are you fine with that?” “You know I am always fine with you enjoying lesbian sex when I am included. With my assistance you became a late adapter to lesbian sex. Now you are a natural. And you are still such a good fuck. “Tell me how you met her, how you first crossed paths?” “A few Fridays ago you might...


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Falling Ch. 08

Chapter 8, In which I share too much information It had been another long trip, but I'd finished up in time to catch the early afternoon flight. I was fired up and eager to be home and share the good news: I'd landed another big contract, and was on the inside track to land salesperson of the year and a stupendous bonus. Thanks to some coaching from Stacey, I'd learned that a little more T&A went a long way. A modest outlay for edgy outfits, stockings instead of pantyhose, and so forth, had turned into whopping increases in signed business. Some...


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“What’s daddy doing mommy?” little six-year-old Joy asked as her naked mother, Sara, held her by the waist. Sara’s red nails rubbed her daughter’s bare belly softly as she watched her husband stroke her son’s tiny prick. “Daddy’s just making Joey feel good baby. Just like I’m making you feel good,” Sara softly breathed into her daughter’s ear as she let a hand slide up to her daughter’s taut nipple. The tip of a red fingernail circled the pink nub with deliberate patience while her son’s breathing quickened with his father’s fingers. Joy pushed her ass back into her mom’s wet...


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Fallout: The Untold Adventures

Hey guys this is my first time writing a story tell me what you think and if should continue Angel is a young girl. She has lived in a vault her whole life, or at least she did until her father left the vault. I should slow down, Vault 101 was always secure and people were nice to each other. You and your father lived in the vault your whole lives and knew there was a world outside but didn't know what was out there. In the vault people helped each other, there was plenty of food and water, you had...


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Highschool, need i say more?

* ding dong, ding dong* the bell goes off signalling the end of math and my perverted teacher, ironically named Mr Cox. Monday my next class, sport. I head down the stairs to the locker room to change. My name is Sasha, i'm 15, toned abs, skinny, long brown hair and brown eyes. When I get down to the locker room my best friend Eva is waiting for me. Eva is slightly shorter than me, also skinny, wavy black hair (dyed) and blue eyes. Eva can be out spoken when annoyed or bored but she is mostly shy. She is really...


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Wife first time with a dog 2

The next morning as I get up I notice the sun is up and the girls are in the kitchen eating breakfast and apollo is laying under the table licking my wife's feet which are sensitive and makes her horny if played with. I set down to eat and as I am eating I notice Becca is dressed in her panties and bra and my darling wife is wearing her white teddy so I'm dressed in baggy night shorts and as I look across the table I see becca's nipples and they are hard. My wife catches me staring at becca's...


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The wife and the mistresses she shared with me

An event that sticks in my memory was the afternoon my lovely little wife asked me if I wanted to take part in a threesome with her best friend! She’d met, and befriended, a single-parent at the school our daughters attended, when they started Kindergarten the year before, and she wanted the pair of us to take the friend to bed. Sadie was only twenty-two, and her son was in the same year as our daughters. Sadie and Lyndsey had become friends right at the start of the previous school year and had talked on a lot of subjects; apparently including...


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Making History

Ah, but if you'd seen her you'd understand... To be honest, the tutorials were starting to get a little on the dull side. Don't get me wrong, I was enjoying the course on the whole, but I was into my second year now and I was still yet to come across a tutor who inspired me. Most of them seemed tired of their work, biding their time until retirement. Week in week out, I was set difficult but hardly stimulating tasks, and each week I would come back feeling I had gained very little. History is a passion. I had fallen...


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Titcage (Chapter 10)

Chapter 10 THE WEEKEND Claire had a fitful sleep. She woke up several times to find herself orgasming, and the voice in her ear saying, ‘I like to be hurt. Claire likes her tits hurt. I like my training tape. Claire is a slut,’ but she soon fell unconscious again. In the morning, she awoke while it was still dark. The voice in her ear was now a high pitched whine, yelling, ‘Wake up, slut! Wake up, slut!’ Claire pulled the earphones off, eased the dildo out of her twat, and put both under the bed. She felt desperately horny, and...


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