ROOKIE COP CAPTURED BY WHORES !!! (Femdom, CFNM, reverse gangbang)_(1)

ROOKIE COP CAPTURED BY WHORES !!! (Femdom, CFNM, reverse gangbang)_(1)

Officer Dan responding to a call from Angela (a police dispatcher), saw them in front of the alley, congregating again.

Jesus, these hookers are like cockroaches; you just can't get rid of them he thought to himself as he turned on the red & blue lights of his patrol car.

Dan thought about calling it in, but decided against it; he wasn't very well liked by his fellow cops these days. Nothing good would come from mentioning this to dispatch.

Officer Rosita, his former partner had just been assigned desk duty, pending an investigation thanks to testimony that Officer Dan had provided to Internal Affairs. Bitch is lucky I didn't file a sexual harassment charge against her too for all of her little comments and groping.

Stepping out of his cruiser, Officer Dan was an imposing figure 6'2”, lean bicyclist's build with classic Italian features (dark curly hair, dark complexion and eyebrows that were a tad too thick).

“OK ladies, you know the drill. Vacate the area or I'll run you in.” Dan said to the streetwalkers as he approached them. Diverse group tonight Dan thought as he looked the whores over; it was a mishmash of big hair, weaves, long nails, mini-skirts, thigh high boots, high heels, spandex and booty shorts that were one or two sizes too small.

Wow, a lot of streetwalkers here for a Wednesday Dan thought in the back of his mind, but didn't think much more about it.

He should have.

Nina (a beautiful, light-brown skinned Latina with short, pixie-cut dark hair, styled dark hair with wide expressive eyes and lashes and wearing a white blouse with tight, black liquid leggings and high heels) who also happened to be one of the older whores, came up to Dan a little too close and said:

“C'mon, Officer Dan, we're just trying to make a living like everyone else.” and then added “We had kind of an understanding with Officer Rosita...” Dan smirked and said: “Uh huh...well, I think that's over now, so---”

A sudden altercation down the alley caught Dan's attention; two of the whores were fighting.

One was an African-American woman (Dan would find out later that her name was LaTanya) with a bright red weave and glossy cherry-red lips & nails that matched it and wearing white skintight leggings and bodysuit with yellow pumps and the whore she was fighting with was a White chick with blonde-hair and a little too much eye-shadow and wearing a leather bra and miniskirt with matching go-go boots.

Not thinking, Dan ran down the dimly lit alley and put himself between the two angry harlots, trying to break up their fight. Dan was so engrossed in breaking up the fight that he didn't notice the movements around him; moving out of the shadows...

Dan noticed that the two squabbling sluts seemed to be less motivated in their fighting and were looking past him and around him. Something isn't right here.

But it was too late.

Suddenly, the two prostitutes were no longer fighting each other, but were grabbing his arms.

“What the f--- ?!?” was all Dan got out before he saw movement out of the corner of his eyes and suddenly felt female hands all over him – a contrast of nail lengths grabbing his arms chest and legs. Over eight whores were holding holding him immobile. Dan could smell a mixture of different cheap perfumes of the women holding him; it was slightly overpowering, but not unpleasant.

“What the fuck are you bitches doing ?!” Dan screamed as more whores came out of the shadows to grab his arms and legs. One of the bitches was a half-Asian/half-Black chick with shiny blue-hair and matching lipstick wearing a belly-shirt with some stupid anime character on it, Daisy Dukes cutoff jeans, rainbow-colored leg warmers and Doc Martens boots. She had a pissed-off look on her face and then, as a fleeting thought, Dan remembered: Oh yeah, I arrested her last week.

And he felt someone trying to wrestle his gun out of his holster.

“NO !” he screamed and renewed his struggling, but it was hopeless- there were too many sluts holding him – he could barely move.

And then his service revolver was pulled out of its holster. Fuck Fuck Fuck !

Still struggling, Dan was dragged deeper into the alley.

No no no no no this isn't happening ! Dan thought. But it was. It was happening.

“ARE...ARE YOU FUCKING WHORES CRAZY ? I'M A COP, YOU CAN'T DO THIS !” Dan said with a bravado he didn't feel. Holy shit, there must be over twenty hookers here ! Dan thought as he looked around. He saw cruel smiles on their painted, glossy lips.

This is bad.

For a minute, the alleyway was completely silent except for the ambient sounds of the city.

Then, the clicking sounds of high heels walking towards Dan filled the alley.

And then Nina strutted into view; one hand was on her swaying hip, the other was holding his revolver, her face had the demeanor of all business, with a
little room for revenge.

“Nina...don't do something you'll regret later; just let me go, give me my gun and we'll pretend this never happened.”

Nina shook her head and replied: “Oh no, we're way past that shit, honey.”

Nina's anger building; a fire in her eyes, she said: “Oh no. You been harassing my girls, you cost Rosita her job...and she wasn't just a business partner, she was a friend !”

“Wh...What are you going to do with me ?” Dan fearfully demanded to know.

Nina stepped up to Dan, her face still full of intensity and very close to his, answered: “Everything”

Stepping back, smiling with her arms folded and one eyebrow raised, Nina said:

“OK ladies...STRIP HIM !”

Suddenly, more female hands with painted nails were holding Dan as he renewed his struggling as other hands were ripping open his shirt and untying his shoes. Dan's shout of “NO !” was met with a chorus of remarks like: “Oh yes !” and “Get him girls !” and general shouts of “Woo-Hoo !”

“Get the fuck off of me !” Dan screamed again as he felt feminine fingers trying to get at his belt buckle and zipper. LaTanya, the African-American chick with a red-weave and white-leggings was sensuously licking his ear as her hand reached under his shirt and she said: “Got you now baby.”

Dan's shirt was ripped off him and the ladies cheered and catcalled as their hands ran over his chest and stomach. “Oooh, his chest is shaved ! Sex-see !” and “Mmmm...White boy is rockin' some serious abs !” were just some of the comments Dan heard as his upper body was exposed to the whores, his face flush with embarrassment.

Dan kept struggling, even as his socks were pulled off and, to his dismay, some of the ladies were trying to slide their hands into his pants, from the top and through his pantlegs.

His belt buckle undone, Dan was now furiously struggling as best he could, trying to keep the whores away from his zipper, his cries of “NO !” and “Stop !” met with mocking laughter and comments like “Oh, whatsamatter, is the big strong police officer a little bashful ?”

Kneeling in front of him, Anita, a redheaded slut wearing a fishnet bodysuit, high heels, full red lips and an iron grip on his right foot said mischievously: “I wonder if he's ticklish ?” as she started delicately running her long red nails across the arch of his foot; the effect was electric as his foot jerked in his grasp. The whores laughed and shrieked in delight.

Seeing the effect, some of the other hands on his body started tickling his ribcage, stomach and left foot. Immediately Dan started involuntarily laughing & squirming under the devilish fingers of the sluts and could no longer fight off the hands working on the zipper of his pants.

Still writhing under the tickling fingers, Dan was dimly aware of one of his hands getting cuffed with his own handcuffs.

Oh no ! He thought and realized he'd be completely helpless if the streetwalkers got both of his hands cuffed, but between being outnumbered and the tickling, he was unable to keep both hands from getting pulled behind his back and cuffed together.

With Dan's hands now restrained behind his back, trained fingers finally got his zipper undone and he could feel his pants start to get pulled off of him.

“No no no, not the pants !” Dan moaned in despair.

“Oh yes baby, the pants must go.” Nina corrected as she snapped her fingers in a “Z” formation followed by a sexy wiggle of her latex-covered hips.

His pants came off, followed almost immediately by his tighty-whities.

Dan was now completely nude and helpless in front of his captors...

With his hands now safely restrained, the female hands that had been holding him immobile, now started to fondle, grope and explore his nude flesh as they commented on it: “Oooh, nice ass !” and “Check out his dick !”.

So many hands were now grabbing at his cock and balls, Dan was fearful for their safety, but with his hands restrained behind him, there was little he could do.

“OK ladies, let me have a look at him.” Nina said as she stepped forward; her eyes making contact with Dan's. The other sluts stepped back as Nina approached.

Nina put her hands on his chest and ran them down to his stomach and up again as she teased: “You must spend a lot of time in the gym, huh officer ?” Dan just stood there stoic and embarrassed.

Walking behind him, Nina said: “Damn, your ass is fine !” (but the word came out as “Foine”). Dan trembled as she cupped his buttocks in her hands and squeezed each cheek. Dan started to get a hard-on.

Nina stepped back, still admiring Dan's ass and said:”Seriously, you should've been an ass-model and if you were, you wouldn't be in the trouble you're in now.”

Walking back in front of him, Nina's eyes went down to his cock and a disappointed look fell on her face as she said: “Is that it ? Is that as big as it gets ?” This caused the whores to laugh at his expense.

“Look---” Dan started to say, but Nina interrupted: “No baby, you look; it was a simple yes-or-no question, which I'll repeat:

“Is. That. As. Big. As. Your. Dick. Gets ?“ Nina asked Dan in a mocking and impatient tone as one of the whores behind him, reached out and copped a feel of his ass.

“I...I don't know” unable to meet Nina's eyes and trembling as a long-nailed finger ran teasingly up and down the crack of his ass.

Nina seemed to consider this and said: “Well, let's find out.” and looked past Dan and said “Ladies...”

Immediately, two of the whores came over and knelt in front of Dan; one was a peroxide blonde in “babydoll” lingerie and high heels and the other was Anita, the mischievous redhead who'd tickled him earlier.

The blonde took him deep into her mouth while on the other side, the redhead started caressing his balls while kissing his hip and stomach. Both had a hand on his ass, kneading it.

“No, I have a fiance !” Dan protested and started to pull away, but LaTanya stepped up, grabbed his shoulder and said: “Don't move”as the babydoll blonde began lightly sucking his cock, her tongue explored the growing length of his shaft, causing Dan to gasp in pleasure.

Arms folded in front of her, Nina said: “This doesn't count as cheating; this is business; I need to evaluate all of your “ass-sets” to best determine how you're going to compensate me for all the money you've cost me with your bullshit” as if to punctuate Nina's point, sucking hard on his cock, the blonde withdrew her mouth from his cock with a loud pop. Now exposed, the redhead started licking the head of his cock as her fingers danced along his scrotum.

“So Officer Danny, you got any ideas how you're going to make things right with everyone ?' Nina said, a slight edge of anger & impatience in her voice and eyes. Meanwhile the blonde & redhead were tag-teaming his cock -running their lips along its shaft.

“I was just doing my j--”Dan started to say before Nina cut him off with a Don't Even Start That Shit look and then nodded to the whores behind him. Danny heard them approach by the sound of their high heels and then felt a pair of large but firm tits rubbing against his back and kissing the back of his neck while the other whore started biting and sucking on his left nipple.

I can't take much more of this Danny thought as the head of his now-hard cock was rubbing against the back of Anita the redhead's throat and she was sucking him with fervor. Now the breasts were rubbing against his lower back and the kisses followed.

Suddenly, Nina was snapping her fingers in front of Dan to catch his attention. Behind Dan, the kisses had moved down to his buttocks.

“Look baby, I know you got a party going on downstairs, but right now I need you to focus on our conversation. Business before pleasure, officer.” Nina said as the redhead in fishnets and the blonde babydoll lasciviously ran their tongues down the length of Dan's cock.

“Maybe, I'll put you out on the street, turning tricks until you make back the money you cost me.” Nina as she appraised the length of Dan's cock, which was close to its full 9” inches.

“Aaaahh!' Dan moaned loudly as one of the whores started sucking on Dan's cock as her tongue swirled around the head.

“Motherfucker, you better not cum !” Nina said with intensity, pointing his gun at him for emphasis as Dan felt a tongue licking the crack of his ass, making him clench.

“C...Can't you just make them s...stop ?” Dan pleaded as the whores sensuously kissed around the head of his throbbing cock while a pair of hands was squeezing his buttocks.

“Never mind them; I don't care what they're doing to you. Eyes up here Danny” Nina said as Dan felt the cheeks of his ass being spread open.

“You can cum on your own time. Right now, this is my time.” Nina said at the exact same time that Dan felt a tongue invade his asshole causing him to grunt.

Nina walked away, leaving Dan to the whores that were toying and pleasuring him against his will.

At this point, Dan was once again, covered in whores, each trying to kiss, lick, caress or suck at his exposed flesh. This combined with the tongue that was exploring his ass was driving him crazy.

Dan closed his eyes and for a minute, the only sounds he heard were the cooing sounds & dirty talk of the whores mingled with the wet, sexy sounds of lips and mouths on his body, especially his cock, balls and ass.

Nina returned holding Dan's cellphone and said one word that was more of a demand than a question:


“What ? No way, I'm not---UnGnnh !” Dan said just before a hand reached under from behind and squeezed his balls. Hard.

Dan gave the password.

Nina smiled and walked away with his cellphone as someone started caressing his taint and the blue-haired Asian chick kissed and twisted his nipples.

Nina returned (without his cellphone or gun) and said one word as a demand/question: “ATM number”

“What, you're going to rob m---?” was all Dan could get out before his balls were squeezed again. Harder.

Dan gasped out the ATM number.

Nina smiled and said: “He's starting to learn...” and then walked away again, her sexy ass swaying almost as though it was mocking him. Meanwhile two sets of lips were kissing his balls and teasing them with their tongues while another mouth started kissing his bellybutton.

“Look, if...if you ladies let me go...” Dan started to say, distracted by what the whores were doing to him. “Th...Things will go a lot ea---Nnngth !” Dan grunted as a finger slid into his asshole.

Licking his ear while whispering into it, LaTanya said: “In case you're wondering baby, that's my finger in your ass.” and then Dan felt a head bobbing up and down on his cock, taking him deep...

The redhead mischievously whispered in his ear: “That's AlexisXX, the Blowjob Princess – she's from out of town, I've heard she's really good at sucking cock.” She is Dan thought as her lips and tongue seemed to be everywhere on his cock as her mouth pulled at him with a deep, sweet suction that just seemed to get more intense.

And then Dan grunted as LaTanya's index finger went knuckle-deep in his ass.

A bare breast, with a hard red nipple was pushed into his face as the owner of it demanded: “Suck it Officer !” lost in the delirium of AlexisXX's mouth, Dan sucked the breast without needing to be coerced. One of the whores said: “I think his training is going well, don't you think so girls ?” followed by laughter at his expense. La Tanya's finger sensuously moved in and out of his ass.

Suddenly, the sweet sucking of AlexisXX stopped as her mouth left Dan's cock, which was unacceptable to him as he said: “No, don't stop !” and then he saw that Nina was back...

And she was wearing a strap-on. A big black one. Oh no ! No No No ! Dan thought.

“No ! Fuck that, you are not putting that thing in me !” Dan said defiantly as the whores dragged & pushed him towards it.

“On your knees.” Nina said as Dan was dragged in front of her. “No way” Dan said and then, once again, a hand squeezed his balls, forcing Dan to comply.

On his knees in front of Nina and her strap-on at face level, Dan knew what was next.

“Open your mouth.” Dan refused.

“Come on Officer, open that pretty mouth” Nina said as she rubbed the head of her strap-on on Dan's mouth.

Once more, a hand reached from behind and squeezed Dan's balls and squeezed until he cried out, at which point Nina grabbed his head by the hair and forced the strap-on into his mouth and started face-fucking him.

“We're going to take a lot of things away from you tonight Danny and the first one of those things will be your gag reflex.” Nina said to laughter and applause from the whores. Dan's face burned red with rage and humiliation.

As Nina drove the strap-on in and out of his mouth, Anita the redhead knelt down, their faces level to each other with her long-nailed hand caressing his shoulder and said: “Oooh, Officer, you look so pretty sucking cock like that !” cheering/taunting him.

Suddenly, a patrol car with red & blue lights flashing cruised down the alleyway. Thank God Dan thought as relief washed over him, even though he knew he'd never live down the humiliation. Fuck it, I'll transfer and then in a year or two, I'll pay these bitches a visit... he thought as he forced himself away from the strap-on, stood up and yelled: “HELP !”

But Dan's hope and thoughts of revenge dissipated as he realized that the patrol car was his and a voice echoed loudly through the cruiser's loudspeaker system:


Fuck ! Dan thought as his hopes faded as he realized who was in the cruiser and also realized who had set him up for Nina and her whores.

The patrol car came to a halt and Officer Rosita exited the vehicle, a wide smile on her face and eyes lit up as she drank in the sight of her old partner, naked with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Officer Rosita was a busty, 5'4” curvy Latina with light-brown skin and curly, light-brown hair with a figure that was partially concealed by her police uniform.

Rosita and Nina gave each other quick kisses and said hello and then Rosita turned her attention to Dan.

Rosita said: “Hey partner, looks like you're out of uniform” then looking down at his throbbing cock, she added: “Oooh, looks like your weapon is ready to discharge.”

Dan was too full of anger and humiliation to form a sentence. Bitch set me up !

Nina said: “You're late, so we had to start without you.”

Her eyes still lustfully drinking in the sight of Dan's nudity answered: “I told you, I needed time to move his car, plus I got Angela covering for us, so it's all good.”

Rosita ran her fingers up and down the length of Dan's cock, causing it to twitch. “Get your fucking hands off of me !” Dan said angrily to Rosita and pulled himself away from her teasing fingers.

Rosita said” Oooh, he's still feisty !” and laughed.

“Now turn around and show me dat ass !” Rosita said with excitement.

Dan hesitated and Nina gave him a Don't make me tell you twice look and said:

“She wants to see your ass. Turn. Around.”

Dan turned around and from behind he heard Rosita say: “Oooh ! Omigod ! I think I just fell in love with your ass !” meanwhile, the whores in front of him were making quick grabs and gropes at his exposed and engorged cock.

Turning back around, Dan snapped at Rosita: “I can't believe you set me up like this !” but Rosita wasn't having it and snapped back: “No no no, first of all, you wouldn't be in this position if you had just gone with the flow like everyone else ! I remember when I first saw your tight ass in those tiny shorts when you were a bicycle cop.”

Looking down at his rock hard cock, Rosita continued “Me an' Angela thought it'd be nice for the ladies in the precinct to have some eye-candy to look at, so we pulled some strings and got you transferred...”

“And this is how you repay me ? By rattin' on me to I.A. ?” Rosita said angrily as she grabbed Dan's cock in a grip causing him to say: “HnGGnnh !”

“Y...You were a..Ah!...a d..dirty c..cop !” Dan gasped back as Rosita's hand moved up and down the shaft of his cock, giving him an angry handjob.

Letting go of Dan's cock, Rosita sat back on the cruiser as she unbuckled her pants and kicked them off. She was wearing a pink thong that she also slipped off effortlessly, revealing a mildly hairy pussy.

“Well, since I'm so dirty, why don't you come over here and clean me...with your tongue !” Rosita said as she laid spread out bare-ass on the police cruiser wearing only the top half of her uniform and patrolman's cap and her finger in her pussy as she licked her lips.

Rosita looked like the kind of sexy female cop you see in a porn movie.

Rosita laid on her back on top the hood of the police cruiser and patted her pussy in a “come-and-get-it” manner.

“Fuck you Rosita, I'm not eating your filthy pussy !”

Nina yanked Dan by the hair and said in his ear: “Let me make this simple for you Officer, if you eat, lick and suck Rosita's pussy and asshole and make her cum, you get lube, otherwise...”

“I. Fuck. You. Raw.” Nina hissed in his ear.

Defeated, Dan bent over the squad car and started to tentatively lick Rosita's pussy. After a minute, Rosita grabbed him by the hair and forced his face in her pussy, grinding her lips against his mouth and nose.

Dan knew how to eat pussy and he was further motivated by the threat of getting fucked in the ass without lube. The realization suddenly hit him: I'm going to be sodomized. That bitch Nina is going to fuck me in the ass ! Dan thought as his tongue fluttered over Rosita's clit, making her shudder and coo: “Oooh oooh oooh ! You're hittin' my spot partner !”

As Dan's tongue worked Rosita's asshole, Nina patted his ass as though he were a house pet and said:

“I like what I'm seeing and hearing”. His cock was rock hard and Dan was wishing he had at least one hand free.

Rosita's moans echoed throughout the alley as Dan felt Nina's hands on his ass, just before he felt something hard rubbing against his ass-cheeks. No ! Dan thought.

Pulling his face away from Rosita's pussy and close to tears, Dan said: “ don't have to do this. Please don't do---” before Nina cut him off softly with “Shhh. I have to make an example out of you baby. You cost me a lot of time and money and made me look bad in front of my girls and my bosses.” Bosses ? Dan thought in the back of his mind as Rosita slid down, bent over the hood of the squad car and said: “OK, now I want you to fuck my pussy.”

Reluctantly and without the use of his hands, Dan positioned his cock close to her pussy before Nina grabbed his cock by the base and guided it to her pussy and rubbed the head of it around the lips of Rosita's pussy – teasing it.

“Oh fuck that shit !” Rosita said as she pushed back and Dan's cock completely filled her pussy, causing both of them to grunt in pleasure and the whores to laugh and clap in amusement.

“It's time baby” Nina said as she rubbed her strap-on against his ass. “C..C'mon Nina---” Dan gasped
as Rosita's pussy milked his cock.

Dan felt Nina's hands on his hips. “Don't fight it baby. This is happening. Nothing you can do about it. If you relax, I can make it feel good for you.” Nina said in a soothing-yet-stern voice as her lubed strap-on slid into Dan's ass.

“Hyunggh !” Dan said as Nina began to sensuously fuck him – the discomfort giving way to a sense of fullness and other feelings Dan was too shamed to admit to.

In a last statement of defiance, Dan said: “Y..You're not—Hyunggk ! Not going get away with th..this !” as he got fucked from both ends.

This prompted Nina to laugh and reply: “I got you bare-ass, in your own handcuffs, bent over the hood of your own car while I'm fucking you in the ass. What exactly am I not getting away with ?” emphasizing the point by gripping Dan's hips and thrusting deeper into him.

Dan felt like he was stuck in a delicious trap, with Rosita's pussy grinding on his cock, working him mercilessly while Nina teasingly fucked his ass with expertise; knowing all the right spots to give him the kind of pleasure and humiliation that is life-changing.

With her movements and breathing, Dan could feel Rosita getting close and he knew he was close too – all the teasing and foreplay he'd had to endure under the hands, lips and tongues of Nina's whores had brought him to this edge with the sensations of Rosita & Nina fucking him bringing him over it.

With Rosita already screaming in orgasm, her pussy spasming around his cock and tears of unbearable pleasure running down his face, Dan screamed:

“I'M GOING TO CUM ! DON'T STOP, I'M GOING TO CUM !” as the orgasm took him and seemed to go on forever with an intensity as deep as the strap-on that Nina was driving into his ass, which led to his cumming deeply in the grip of Rosita's pussy.

Dan looked over and saw that most of the whores had been filming them on their smartphones.

“No, you can't---!” Dan said weakly. Nina, having collapsed on top of Dan, kissed his shoulder and replied ”Yeah baby, that's our insurance, I'm sure you don't want that footage making it's way around the precinct or to the people listed on your phone.” Fuck ! Dan thought.

“Both of you are heavy, can you get off of me ?” Rosita said wearily and then laughed.

“Alright, Danny. Breaktime is over !” Nina said as she slapped his ass.

“What now ?” Dan moaned.

“Well, you have a lot of horny sluts to satisfy” Nina said, nodding to her whores who were eyeing Dan up as they got undressed.

“No, I can't...” Dan moaned as a blonde surfer-looking chick in a wetsuit type outfit started to stroke his cock. “Hi, I'm Alexis XX...we met earlier but never got a chance to be introduced because my mouth was full of..well, you” she laughed, just before she started sucking his cock expertly.

Soon, Anita was getting ready to straddle him and Dan said: “Wait, put a condom on me first !” causing Anita to say to his dismay: “Nah, I don't believe in 'em.” and then impaled herself on his cock.

Nina said: “don't worry about it Officer, all my girls are clean. I think...”

Many whores later, Nina came over to Dan and said: “One last piece of business...”

Nina held up a butt-plug and said: “My employers had this made specially for you”

“This is your butt plug. You are to wear it at all times. When it vibrates and makes your booty tingle, that means you contact me, ASAP. My number is already in your phone. Tomorrow someone will contact you.

Nina and the rest of her whores started walking away.

Nina turned and while walking backwards said: “Oh yeah, and I'm serious about the butt-plug – it's got some heat-sensitive shit going on, so we'll know if you're not wearing it and if you lose it or break it, it will be replaced...with a bigger model. Do you understand ?”

Dan nodded meekly. What the fuck have I gotten myself into ? He thought, still in disbelief at the night's events.

“What about my gun ?” Dan moaned.

Still walking away, her sweet ass swaying, she said: “That's mine now. I'm keeping it as a trophy- I took away your manhood and I took away your gun.”


After an awkward ride home with Rosita, Dan sat in his bed and cried and then masturbated, followed by more crying.


The next morning, Dan still sore and exhausted and still getting used to the butt-plug, stumbled into the station and was greeted by Angela, a smiling, curly-haired Italian chick who was a little thick, but with a curvy figure. “Hey there Officer Tight-Ass, looks like you had quite a night.”

Angela was a friend of Rosita's and the dispatcher who had sent him to the alley. This bitch set me up Dan thought, trying to hold back his rage.

“There's a lawyer here to see you in room 3” Angela said with exaggerated innocence and sweetness. What now ?

Dan entered room 3 and sitting there was a sexy female lawyer who looked just like one of those sexy female lawyers from one of those shows about sexy female lawyers that had been big on TV about 15 or so years ago.

“Officer Tight-Ass, we finally meet. I'm Kristin, I'm a friend of Nina's” she said extending her hand, which Dan ignored.

Looking back at the screen of her phone, “Wow, you really took that strap-on like a champ ! If getting fucked in the ass like a little bitch were an Olympic event, you'd definitely get the gold.”

Panicking: “Hey, keep your voice down and...and turn that off” Dan demanded.

Kristin adjusted the volume and Dan's grunts from getting sodomized became much louder.

“Please, turn it down please !”

To Dan's relief, she turned the video off and reached into her attache for some paperwork.

“Sign and date these pages, everywhere you see a yellow sticker.”

Looking over the pages and confused Dan said: “Wh...what are these ?”

“Oh, they're just legal documents rescinding your earlier comments to Internal Affairs about Officer Rosita – basically that you made up the whole thing because she rejected your sexual advances and that you are requesting her as your partner again.”

“WHAT !?” Dan exclaimed “That's not what happened, I'm not signing any of that shit !”

Kristin smiled and said: “Have you checked your savings account lately ?”

Dan stood there confused and then remembered how Nina had demanded his ATM number. A cold dread filled him as he used his phone to check out his bank account.

$50,000 had been added to his account over a period of three months.

Looking over his shoulder, Kristin mockingly said: “That might be a little hard to explain to IA. Jus' sayin'...”

With her pen, Kristin tapped the desk where the documents were and said: “Sign.”

Sitting down and almost-broken, Dan said: “Between this and losing my gun...I'm going to look like an career will be over.”

Kristin took off her hipster glasses, looked at Dan with a no-nonsense look on her face and said:

“Being a rookie cop for the rest of your life is better than the alternative – a long term prison sentence, that includes getting fucked in the ass by a big Black guy...” Looking off to the side with a quizzical look on her face, she asked rhetorically: “Is that racist ? Maybe. Anyway it's hot.”

Looking back at Dan, Kristin continued sweetly: “And I have enough influence, that I could make that happen for you; in fact I could arrange for you to have four big Black guys as cellmates and have the guards feeding them Viagra & oysters.”

Standing over Dan (who was now trembling), Kristin continued to paint a picture with words: “Four big Black guys. Giving two of them handjobs, while the other two fill you full of cum from both ends and then they'd rotate...”

Close to tears, Dan said: “OK. OK. Enough...I'll sign.” Kristin was fanning herself and said: “Wow, I got myself all worked up with that whole prison thing...” as Dan signed the paperwork.

Collecting the paperwork, Kristin said: “OK, now that business-business is done, now we can move to business-pleasure...” Dan was holding his head in his hands and contemplating his lack of future.

Sitting on the desk, Kristin asked: “So Dan, are we wearing our little butt-plug as we were instructed ?”

“Yes” Dan whispered in shame.

“I'm sorry, I didn't quite hear that...” Sharon said with her hand at her ear in an exaggerated I didn't quite catch that gesture.

“Yes !” Dan said in a loud-whisper.

“Show me.”

“What ?”

“Drop your pants and turn around.”

“Waitaminute” Dan started to protest.

“Drop 'em” she demanded in a sexy voice, smiling at his discomfort.

Dan started to move towards the door to lock it, but Kristin had other ideas: “No, leave it unlocked”

“But...but what if someone walks in ?”

Kristin said in a conspiratorial and naughty tone: “That's what makes it hot.”

Dan unbuckled his pants and slid them with his underpants to the floor with one hand while using the other hand to cover his groin, which Kristin was trying to get a glimpse of as she bit her lower lip with eyes squinted.

Kristin's eyes then met his as she smiled and twirled her finger, indicating that Dan should turn around.

“Wow, seriously dude. Nice buns !” Kristin said as she ran her hand over his backside, causing him to tremble slightly. Dan shuddered as her index finger toyed with the handle of the buttplug and she said:

“That's just so fucking hot.”

Giving his bare ass a slap, Kristin said: “OK, I'm satisfied.”

“Y'know, all this talk about you getting fucked in the ass has me yearning for that. Fuck my ass. Now.”

Kristin demanded as she lifted up her short skirt. She wasn't wearing panties.

Dan still trying to process what was happening, hesitated.

Kristin looked over her shoulder, wiggled her sexy creamy white ass and repeated with insistence:

“Fuck. My. Ass. Now.”

Pissed off Dan grabbed her roughly by the hips and thrust deeply into her ass and they both grunted in pleasure. Fuck, her ass is tight. Too tight ! Dan thought as he gripped her hips and plowed the ass that was mercilessly squeezing his cock.

Kristin looked over her shoulder, looking sexy as her hair came undone and partially covered her face and with a lusty look on her face said just a little too loudly for Dan's comfort:

“That's right officer, fuck my ass hard, the same way my girls fucked your ass hard last night !”

Pissed off, but also aroused by her words, Dan's face twisted into an angry grimace as he pounded her too-tight ass while trying not to cum.

There was a knock at the door. Dan, his mind frozen in panic, but hips still thrusting said nothing. Kristin immediately yelled “Come in !”

The doorknob turned and the door started to open...

Still tearing up Kristin's ass, Dan kicked it shut while choking out “W..We're almost d...done.”

Dan grabbed her hair and Kristin grunted in pain & passion. Pulling her head up by her hair while still fucking her ass, Dan grunted: “What the fuck is wrong with you ? They almost came in.”

Kristin laughed and said: “I don't give a fuck, I don't work here.” and then pulled out her phone and started dialing.

“Whnggk !...What...what're you doing ?” Dan gasped, trying to ignore the friction of Kristin's ass, which somehow seemed even tighter now than when he'd first started fucking it.

Looking at her phone as her body moved back and forth across the desk from Dan's pounding, Kristin said: “You're going to love this !” and pushed the SEND button on her phone.

“Nnggghk !” Dan grunted as the butt-plug in his ass started vibrating with ferocity - sending him over the edge, ascending into an unstoppable orgasm. Dan bit into Kristin's shoulder to keep himself from screaming in pure bliss as he jetted cum into her tight ass.

For a minute, they both laid quiet on the desk, heaving in silence with Dan on top.

“You have a girlfriend right ?” said, breaking the silence.

“I have a fiance...”

“Right...right. Yeah, that doesn't work for us, so you'll have to break up with her.” Kristin said as she started to get dressed.

“I'm going to have your cum dripping out of my ass all day” she said with a sexy shiver and then added: “Also, Rosita will be moving into your place. Partially so we can keep an eye on you, but mostly for Rosita's convenience, for when she's craving your cock.” Kristin said as she collected her things.

“Wait, why I don't und---?” was all Dan could get out before the sexy lawyer interrupted.

“No wife. No girlfriend. From now on, the only pussy you'll get will be strange pussy. And some of that will be really strange pussy.” Kristin said and then left the room, leaving Dan alone in his thoughts about his new life.

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