With my shoes and clothes in hand I walked into the woods wearing only my white underwear. My face felt hot with embarrassment, rage and something else I couldn’t put my finger on, or maybe I just didn’t want to. My dick was harder then it had ever been in my life and it seemed to be getting harder the more I thought about Jeff and Bob seeing my naked erection.

I knew I had messed up by telling them to fuck off and running away like I did. Even though I just turned 13 I was still old enough to know better than that.

It’s like getting caught in a lie and going overboard with your reaction and there by solidifying your guilt. I’m not sure of what I’m guilty of, but if I had it to do all over again I would have wagged my stiff cock at them and laughed it off, but instead I acted the way I did and now I look like I’m hiding something.

I found a huge rock in the woods and sat down. I had never been so turned on in my life. I felt dizzy with lust. My cock was pushing hard against the white fabric of my tight underwear. I looked down to see the head pushing out of my waist band, my cock has never gotten this big.

It makes me even angrier to think that maybe seeing Bob’s hard dick, and watching Jeff and Bob wrestle naked like that had made me feel the way I do.

I threw my clothes on the ground and turned my head to the creek and realized I could see the creek and Jeff and Bob’s naked body’s getting out of it.

Jesus, Bob’s dick is so big, and it’s hard as a rock. How can he be so comfortable walking around with an erection like that?

If only I could be that comfortable.

I had sized up enough guys in the Locker room to know I was average. Also I figured out that just sizing up other boys in the locker room had never turned me on. I never came close to getting a boner around other naked guys. Just as longs as they weren’t jerking off in front of me, anyway.

I just haven’t been around a lot of naked people growing up. My family is very conservative.

I watched Jeff and Bob sit on the grass and listen to them talk as Jeff gets an erection. It looked to be about five inches long.

It was about the same size as my older brother's was when I caught him Jerking off down by the creek a few years ago. He was supposed to be fishing, but when I came up on him in the woods he was naked and rubbing his boner. I was too young to know what he was doing, so I stopped to watch him.

He stroked his cock and moaned. His dick looked huge to me at the time. Up until then I had never seen another boy naked. One of our dogs came up from the woods and gave me away. My brother yelled at me to get the fuck away, so I ran into the woods. He was so embarrassed he didn’t talk to me for a week. And then he just beat the crap out of me and told me to keep my mouth shut.

I had to figure out what he was doing on my own, and when I did, I tried it out myself and it felt great. But the first time all I could think about was my brother lying naked by the creek stroking his cock.

And as if Jeff and Bob could read my mind they started to jerk off in the grass just like my brother. My head felt hot and my dick was starting to hurt being crammed up against my underwear. I didn’t think that Jeff and Bob could see me but at this point with all this heat flushing though my body I didn’t care.

Without thinking I pulled my whitey tighties off and threw them on the ground, my hard four inch cock sprang out. It felt great to let it stick out in the open.

I laid back on the rock and started to slowly stroke my shaft. Jeff and Bob were watching each other jerk off in the grass, and I was watching them. I wished more than anything they would turn and see me in the woods watching them. I wouldn’t be embarrassed this time. I could join them in the grass. The anger and embarrassment were sliping away, and being replaced with a desire I had never felt.

I’ve been horrny before but never like this. I want to get off with somebody touching me and I don’t care who it is. And more to the point I want it to be Jeff and Bob. It might have happened with Jeff, if Bob hadn’t walked up on us. I was starting to get hard talking to Jeff about girls and jerking off. I think Jeff was too.

I didn’t want to admit it at the time but I really wanted to grab Jeff’s dick and stroke it for him and maybe put it in my mouth, if I could be so daring. Jeff would stroke my cock at the same time and stick my hard cock in his mouth too. What a thought. I closed my eyes and stroked my cock.

I heard about blow jobs in the locker room at school. I played along like I knew what they were talking about. I didn’t find out what it was till a few weeks later when the P.E. teacher made me and Mike Bird stay after and help him move some equipment. It took so long that me and Mike ended up showering by ourselves. He had a dick that was a little bit bigger than average, with a lot of hair on it. When I walked into the big communal shower he had a big hard on, it looked bigger than my brothers. I acted like I didn’t see anything and started to take my shower.

Then Mike started to moan. I look over and He had soap all over his cock and was stroking it.

He looked up at me, ‘Sorry dude, I just had to jerk off.’

Watching Him I wanted to jerk off too.

His cock looked so big and hot all soaped up with His hand stroking it. But instead I started to walk out of the shower, my cock was getting hard and I didn’t want Him to see it.

‘I’ll give you a blow job if you don’t tell anybody.’ Mike said as I was walking out.

My face was hot and my cock was now, hard as a rock. ‘I have to get to class’ I said.

‘You don’t want me to suck your dick?’ Mike asked, ‘ It feels really good.’

All I could say was ‘don’t be a fag.’

‘It’s not gay. Me and my brothers do it all the time. It feels great.’

‘Fag’ was all I could say as I walked out of the shower.

Finally knowing what a blow job was, that night I jerked off thinking about Mike Bird sucking my cock.

I snapped out of my dream when I heard Bob moaning loud. I looked up and saw Jeff stroking Bob’s rather large shaft.

Bob was laying back in the grass moaning. Jeff moved his head over Bob’s cock and I thought I was going to see my friend give the first blow job I had ever seen. But he just spit on Bob’s dick and slid his hand up and down the long shaft.

I did the same thing and spit on my hand to lube up my own cock. I almost came when Bob started bucking his hips and shot a small load onto his stomach. I wished it had been me that had made Bob cum. I started stroking my cock faster with that thought.

I lost myself in my own stroking, laying naked on a rock in the woods. It was so hot to think that I was jerking off watching two naked guys pleasuring each other, and I was somehow O.K. with it. Thoughts of my naked brother jerking off by the creek and Mike Bird stroking his big soapy cock in the locker room shower ran through my head over and over again.

I looked up in time to see Bob sucking Jeff’s cock. My first blow job viewing and it’s live. I wanted so badly to be the one getting the blow job, and giving it too. I couldn’t take it much longer. Jeff started to moan uncontrollably and buck his cock all the way into Bob’s mouth. He shot a load into Bob’s mouth and Bob pulled away and the rest shot all over Jeff’s chest.

Watching my friend cum like that made me cum so hard that I couldn’t breathe. The first shot hit me in the face; it felt so hot on my cheek, then about four more thick ropes shot all over my chest and stomach. I laid there for a while with my soft cock in my hand catching my breath.

Covered in cum I stood up and just so happen to step on a stick that snaps with a loud CRACK. Jeff and Bob look up with terrified looks on their faces and run and jump into the creek.

Still naked and covered in jizz I walk out into the clearing by the creek laughing.

‘You should of seen the scared looks on your faces, fucking priceless.’

Jeff and Bob are standing in the water looking at my jizz covered naked body, completely dumb struck.
‘Those looks are pretty priceless, too.’ I said.

I jumped in the creek and the cold water felt great after a hot jerk. My mind felt somewhat clear for the first time, in a long time.

I came up out of the water and Jeff and Bob were standing there with the same look on their faces.
Jeff looked at me. ‘What the fuck, man?’

‘Yeah, sorry I ran off like I did.’ I said, ‘guess I needed some time to think’
‘You were watching?’ Bob asked.

‘Sorry about that too,’ I said, ‘but it’s cool I realized I can’t be uptight the rest of my life. At some point you have to realize you just have to be yourself. I’m not sure what that is but how are you going to find out if you don’t explore.'

Jeff was still a little dumb founded ‘you figured all that out in twenty minutes in the woods?’

I shrugged ‘I guess I did’

Jeff and Bob laughed ‘you little shit’

Jeff and Bob came at me laughing. I laughed, yelled and swam away. They caught me and we wrestled around in the water. Bob jumped on my back and I felt my first naked cock on my bare skin. My cock got hard. Jeff grabbed me from the front and I felt his hard cock brush against mine.

We wrestled around for a while and wore ourselves out a little.

‘I’m going to dry off in the sun’ Bob said as he walked out of the creek. His dick was nice and hard.

It felt great to stare and not worry about getting caught. Jeff was standing up in the water with his hard cock just above the water.

Even in the cold water I felt so hot and flush with blood in my face. Desire took over and I swam up to Jeff and his five inch cock.

Jeff looked down at me. ‘Are you sure about this Matt?’

‘No’ was all I said, then I put my friends cock in my mouth. It felt so hot as I pushed it further and farther in to my mouth and throat. It took some getting used to, never having had a cock in my mouth. I didn’t want to hurt him or bite him.

Jeff sighed, then relaxed his neck and his head fell back. He grabbed my head and started humping my face. I was taking all five inches of my friends cock in to my mouth and throat. I was a little shocked at how well I was doing, it just felt so great to have the flesh slide over my tongue. My own cock felt like it was going to burst.

My hands found their way to his hips and then to his ass. I dug my hands in to his tight 14 year old butt.
Jeff moaned loud ‘OH, FUCK. Matt that feels so good’

I grabbed his balls through his legs and rubbed them up against his ass. I had no idea what I was doing, but it felt good and from Jeff’s reaction I was doing an O.K. job.

Bob walked out into the creek a little, stroking his cock and watching me and Jeff. ‘Looks like he’s a natural cock sucker.’

Everybody broke up laughing.

I pulled my mouth off of Jeff’s cock so I wouldn’t choke. Jeff looked at Bob, ‘Goddamnit Bob, I was about to cum.’

We all laughed harder.

Jeff looked at me, ‘you sure you’ve never done that before?’

I told him to fuck off and pushed him in the water.

Me and bob walked up and sat on the grass.

I couldn’t believe I had just given my friend a blowjob and liked it so much. All I could do was stare at Bob’s cock.

‘Can I touch it?’ I asked Bob.

Bob grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I about died, my cock was bigger and harder then it had ever been and now to feel the touch of somebody else stroking it. It was almost too much.

I let out a long slow moan.

I grabbed Bob’s long shaft and started to slowly stroke it. It felt so nice and hot in my hand I couldn’t wait to see what it felt like in my mouth. I rubbed the sensitive head of his cock and made him moan and twitch a little.

I looked over into the woods at the big rock I was sitting on earlier and just had to smile.

Jeff walked up out of the creek being led by his hard on. He sat in the grass next to me.

‘Bob move your hand’ he said as he moved his body so his head was at my waist.

Oh God I thought, the anticipation almost killed me. Jeff laid down and took my cock in his hand. He put his face over my dick and spit on it, then started stroking it slowly up and down. I didn’t know if I would last long, it felt so good.

Jeff looked up at me, ‘This is my first time, so sorry if it sucks.’ He flashed me a sarcastic smile.

He lowered his face to my hard cock and licked it from the ball sack all the way up my shaft to the head. I had to stop stroking Bob’s dick to lay back in the grass. To really take in my first blowjob.

Jeff circled his tongue around the head of my cock before he took it all into his warm mouth. I moaned so loud and bucked my hips. It was better than I ever thought it could be. So warm and wet I lost myself laying there naked in the grass. I told myself not to cum yet so this would go on longer and longer.

I put my hand on the back of Jeff’s head and ran my fingers through his hair and started pushing myself in to Jeff's mouth.

'Oh, Man that feel's so good' I said as i sighed.

Jeff started to moan with my cock still in his mouth. I moved my head up to see that Bob had turned around and had Jeff’s cock deep in his mouth. Bob’s naked body was facing me and his cock was sticking out right in front of my face.

I couldn’t help myself. I leaned over and grabbed Bob’s cock and swirled my tongue around the head. It felt so hot on my tong. I took his cock head into my mouth, and it defiantly felt bigger then Jeff’s cock did. But somehow I knew, I could take it.

I started off slow, and only took half of his cock the first time I warped my mouth around it. Bob moaned onto Jeff’s cock and started to rhythmically move his cock in and out of my mouth.

His started to move his mouth with the same rhythm that he was fucking my face with. He was deep throating Jeff’s cock and moaning loud at the same time.

Jeff pulled my cock out of his mouth and yelled ‘Oh yeah, that feels so good.’

Jeff licked my ball sack and put one of my nuts in his mouth.

I moaned onto Bob’s cock as he humped my face with such reckless abandon. It felt so good to have all seven inches in my mouth. I didn’t gag once; Bob must have been right, I am a natural cock sucker.

I thought about that rock in the woods again. What would this look like from there right now? Three naked boys laying in the grass in a three-way triangle moaning and sucking each other off, hands moving over naked asses, hips thrusting without any control. I almost came with that thought.

Then Jeff started to deep throat me in a hard fast way and I knew I was going to cum. I started moaning loud and slamming my cock into his face without knowing I was even doing it. Jeff moaned onto my cock and Bob moaned onto Jeff’s and I could tell they were all right with me. Bob was fucking my face so fast I couldn’t breathe.

An overwhelming sensation of euphoria came over me. I felt the biggest load build up in my balls and without much warning my hips froze and my ass tightened and I came so hard in Jeff’s mouth I had to pull my mouth off Bob’s cock and let out a loud animalistic groan.

To my surprise Jeff was too caught up in it all, to pull his mouth off of my spasming cock. He just kept sucking and sucking as I shot rope after rope of cum into his mouth.

With every shot my body twitched and I moaned uncontrollably.

I guess that set Jeff off too, because he was fucking Bob's face in a frantic way. I could see Jeff’s cock pulsating in Bob’s mouth like it was shooting a big load. With my cum dripping out of his mouth Jeff pulled his mouth off of my cock and yelled ‘Oh fuck, man.’

I kept jerking Bob off while I was cumming in Jeff’s mouth, but decided with the way that he was twitching that I should finish him off. I engulfed his cock and deep throated him in the first stroke. Bob pulled his mouth off of Jeff’s cock that was still shooting jizz all over Bob’s face and mouth, and yelled as he stroked the last of the juice out of Jeff’s cock.

Bob didn’t stop yelling until I felt the hot liquid hit the back of my throat. It only took about four good strokes with my tong and throat before Bob’s ass tightened; his cock grew even bigger in my mouth and shot two good ropes of cum in my mouth. He was done so fast I didn’t even have time to pull his cock out of my mouth.

We all just laid there in the grass catching our breath slowly stroking each other’s cocks 'till they went limp.

We didn’t say much I think we all felt kind of weird after we came and some of the hornyness went away.

Eventually we jumped back in the creek and cleaned ourselves up. We started to relax a little and joke around. It got to be close to supper time, so we all got out of the creek and dried off in the sun. Nobody popped a boner, and we didn’t talk about what happened. We got dressed and all went home.

Riding my bike home I wondered if it would ever happen again??????

If you have time comments are always badass!!!!!

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