The Ghost and Me Part 5

The Ghost and Me Part 5

Part 5 Our Plan and Escape.

I woke earlier than normal, which I put down to the extraordinary activity of last night. I lay there looking towards the window trying to think of a plan that would help both Sam and I. While laying there, I heard the bathroom door open and close. I sat up, still with the sheet covering me below the waist.

Trish walked into my room, wearing nothing more than a pair of pink panties. I could see that her breast were small, firm and her nipples were hard little points. She walked over to my bed and sat down looking at me. I said,”What?” Trish dropped her head and responded, in a quiet voice,”Kylies in the shower and I was wondering if you'd like to fool around with me, a little?” I shook my head and said,”No. I'm still tired from last night.” then I went onto to say,”Plus, I'm sort of mixed up about what's happening.” which I was. Trish only nodded and said,”Well, whenever you're ready call me ok. I'd liked the way you handled yourself and I guess that you're a really descent bloke too.” I only nodded, Trish got up and walked out of my room.

A little later on, while still in bed, I heard the bathroom door open and close again. Now, Kylie walked into my room, wearing a new T shirt and white translucent panties. I could see a thin strip of pubic hair, a landing strip I think they call it, under the panties. She sat near me and started off with,”What do you think the spirit wants?” I just shook my head. I looked at Kylie, though she wasn't looking at me, but at my groin. I looked down and saw that the sheet was laying over my cock. From what I could see, anyone could get an impression, that I was quiet big. I wondered if Trish had seen it?

I raised my head and felt my cock hardening, from Kylie's absorption of my cock. I looked at Kylie, who now looked at me and I could see she was blushing. I said,”Do you think that Samantha knows what's happening?” Kyle shook her head and said,”I don't think so, but may be that's for the best. She's going through a tough period at the moment.” I said,”What's wrong?” at that I saw Kylie's arm move and felt her hand lay and start stroking my cock. She said,”You remember I told you that her parents died? Well she's tried to kill herself 3 times now and I'm worried that she'll succeed the next time.” At that Kylie gripped my cock and started stroking my cock through the bed sheets.

I looked down and saw my cock wrapped in the bed sheet, while Kylie stroked me. I thought to myself, 'But you're a lesbian?' I looked into Kylie's eyes once more and she smiled, saying,”No, I like cock too. But, it's only with a few men that I get to pick.” It seemed to me that she read my mind. My cock was rigid now when her hand movements stopped. She removed the sheet from my cock, grasped it, then bending down, engulfed my cock with her mouth. I felt the velvet sensation of her lips circling my cock head, with the added feeling of her tongue. She grasped the base of my cock tightly and ran her tongue around the edge of my cock.

I started to protest, when Kylie stopped raised her head off my cock and looked at me,”Just relax. I saw this big boy in action last night and wondered what it would taste like.” She lowered her head again and swallowed my cock. At first she slowly bobbed her head up and down on my cock, then stopped at the top, licking the rim. She stroked my cock several times, then bobbed her head again several more times. I liked the feeling of her mouth surrounding my cock, so I closed my eyes and laid back down.

I was enjoying the sensation of a mouth sliding down and up my cock. I could feel her tongue as it slid up, over the rim of the head and then touched the slit in my cock. Kylie took her mouth away and I could feel her hand start to jack me off again. Then, I felt her tongue on my ball sack, as it started to wash them. I was loving the experience, when I felt the bed sink a little lower. I thought that Kylie must have laid down between my legs.

The tongue on my balls stopped and the hand moved away from my rigid pole. I was loving that sensation, hoping that it hadn't stopped, when the mouth and tongue returned to my cock. So, I just laid back and started enjoying it, when a second tongue started to play with my balls. I opened my eyes and looked down towards my feet. There was Trish naked, laying between my legs, with her head stuck in my groin, licking just underneath my balls. Kylie was still sitting on the side of the bed, with her mouth holding my cock between her lips.

The sensation was something that I never expected to feel. Two tongues attacking my cock and nuts, at the same time, was something surreal. I was watching these two bi girls licking and sucking on my manhood, when Trish stopped, got up into a kneeling position. She tapped Kylie on the back, who sat up too and looked up at Trish.

Trish, still kneeling, now moved further up the bed. Then, with out warning, she straddled my hips and shuffled her body forward until she was above my cock. Kylie watched, with interest, as Trish grabbed my rigid cock and guided it towards her pussy. She manoeuvred my cock into place at the entrance to her cunt, then started to push downwards. Trish's cunt was slick and tight as she began her descent down my cock. Trish's pussy was completely shaven, and as it slid downwards, it had this lewd look about it. It's lips were being pulled inwards towards my cock, as it went down.

Trish got to base of my cock and shifted her weight around, until it her pussy settled nicely on me. I watched as Kylie sat up again and proceeded to take her T shirt and panties off. Now none of us were clothed. She laid down next to me and leant in, starting to kiss me, pressing her lips against mine. Kylie was using one of her hands to run it across my chest, rubbing my nipples and down to my stomach. Then she opened her mouth and started pushing her tongue between my lips. I opened my mouth and allowed her tongue to invade my mouth.

I felt Kylies tongue on mine, the texture and taste, which was different to Sam's, but still exquisite. Now, I invaded Kylie's mouth and tasted the inside of her mouth. We shared this lingering kiss, as Trish's pussy was sliding up and down on my pole. I broke contact with Kylie only to look at Trish as she started to turn around, so now her arse was facing me. She squatted down, and using her knees as leverage, started force her cunt up and down on my cock faster. Now Kylie was starting to move upwards, until she was able to swing her leg over my head. Now, her cunt was just above my mouth, with it's lips opening like a flower.

Kylie lowered herself down till her pussy was snugly mounted onto my mouth. I grasped her hips and started licking those puffy lips of hers, parting them with my tongue. Trish was now riding my cock hard. It felt like a jack hammer hitting my pubic bone, as she mashed her cunt into the base of my cock. I could feel the stirring happening inside my cock. My seed rising though the inside, towards it's release into Trish. Kylie pushed her cunt into my mouth and started rubbing her clit on my lips and nose. We were building towards our climax, when Kylie pushed hard up against my lips. I felt her juices leaking down onto my face and running into my mouth.

As I swallowed, whatever juices were in my mouth, I felt the need to push hard up into Trish, so I let go of Kylie's hips and grabbed Trish, pulling her down onto my cock. And, I started ejaculating my seed into her. Trish's cunt grabbed my cock in a vice like grip as she pushed down as far as she could go. As she did this, Trish opened her mouth and groaned, from deep within her body.

We held that position for what seemed like minutes, until we all slumped onto the bed. I still had my eyes closed until I felt rested enough to open them. I looked at the other two bodies, Trish had fallen back, lying her back across me onto the bed to my left. Kylie was also on her back, knees beside my head, with her eyes closed and panting hard, to my right.

We all laid there until I started to move. Then, Trish rolled over onto her side, extricating me as she did so. On the other hand, Kylie swung her leg over my head and laid back onto the bed. Trish was the first to speak and said,”Can I make another appointment for next Monday. Need something to start the week.” and she laughed weakly at her pun. Kylie pushed herself up onto her elbows and looked at me. “I'll have whatever she's having. I wish all blokes could fuck and suck like you. Then I'd have the best of both worlds.” I just shook my head and said,”Sorry ladies, only one test run per customer.” Now both women were laughing. We all started moving and got up off my bed. I headed into the shower, along with Kylie, as Trish walked out to the kitchen, saying she was making coffee. I looked at the clock in the lounge room and saw that it was only 7.40am

Kylie and I got into the shower started running the water. We started washing ourselves and each other. When I was clean enough, I left, grabbed my towel and dried off. Trish walked into the bathroom naked. She looked at me, with a smile and walked into the shower with Kylie. I left and went back to my room, to dressed for the day. I later went out and finished making the coffee for us, made some toast and retrieved some fruit jam. Kylie and Trish both walked out to the lounge room, wrapped in towels and sat at the table, where we ate and drank.

I would often catch Kylie and or Trish looking at me with a smirk on their faces. Then it was Trish, who said,”Adam, I meant what I was saying. I want to come back over on Sunday night. What do you say?” I said,”Trish, no. I'm no stud, but 3 women in less than 10 hours. I don't think I can take much more. Anyway if I can have a couple of weeks then maybe we can start something. Is that alright?” Trish nodded, had a strange crooked smile and said,”Well I suppose that has to be the way then.” Trish got up walk back towards the bathroom and disappeared from my sight.

I looked at Kylie who said,”She's a little angry that you turned her down. But I will say this I want more too. I must say it's not only the cock that you're gifted with. Some women could learn how to use their tongue. That was........” she stopped, as if remembering the right word, then said,”Extreme.” I never was one for pleasing women. Usually I shot my load and waited for them to have their orgasm, which sometimes never came.

Kylie went on,”So, I'm going to call Samantha up and see what she remembers. Ummm I don't know if we should keep on coming around until we can see if the ghost can be stopped from possessing Samantha.” I started to get worried, but the more I thought about Sam I realised that this was perfect. And I'd be able to explain it to Sam when she arrived this morning. Trish came back out dressed in her clothes. Kylie got up and walked back to the bathroom, dropping her towel as she went. I laughed because I knew that was something that Kylie would want me to linger on, so I wouldn't forget that particular arse.

Trish sat down and reached over and grabbed my hand and said,”Adam. I'm bi-sexual. I love women and some men. But, I would like it if you'd consider letting me come over every so often, so that we could sleep together. I like you!” I looked at Trish, she was a very beautiful woman, if not a bit odd. I said,”I'd love to be your fuck buddy, but first let me get my own head in order first and I will call you. OK?” She smiled, which was really surprising as it appeared to be very genuine. It made her looked prettier. She responded with,”Great.” She leant over and kissed me on the lips, then sat back down.

Kylie walked out now smiling and started to gather all of the equipment and her clothing together. Trish went and helped, as did I. After the girls were packed and ready to go, I escorted them to the door and watched as they walked through it. Trish stopped long enough to kiss me on the lips and then continue on her way.

After they'd gone, I closed the door and shook my head. My cock was now starting to get sore and need a rest today. I looked at the wall clock again and saw it was 9.15am which gave me enough time to clean up and make the bed, with fresh sheets, in case I needed them again.

It was close to 11am by the time there was a knock on the door. On opening it, there was Sam beautiful and radiant to look at. I ushered her in and she immediately walked to the lounge and sat down. I followed and sat down next to her, watching her all the time. Sam looked at me and smiled. I leant over and kissed her and she responded back with a peck. Then as we broke our kiss apart she said,”You've had a really good morning haven't you!”

I explained what happened trying to say something to Kylie, but being stopped. I thought Sam was going to get angry, but she nodded her head. I told her I was sorry and only wanted her and she made my heart complete. Sam smiled at that and said,”Adam, what we are doing is something that I don't want to waste. I'm making a commitment to you and I just want the same from you.” I agreed, when I said,”What's going to happen to Samantha? How do you two discuss something like this?”

Now it was Sam's turn to nod and looked down. Then she looked up into my eyes and said,”Adam Samantha and I did talk about this. I can't tell you how but I can say that we can occupy limbo for a very short time before we have to come back into this world. Anyway, Samantha is willing to release her body to me, as long as she can go on to her parents and be with them.” I said,”How does that happen?” Sam looked at me perplex and said,”I don't know. There was no rule book when I died. I haven't seen another ghost around. No beam came for me, as I was wandering around. It was you who drew me back into the apartment.” Sam went quiet, looking sad.

It was now that I explained my plan to her. I told her that when Trish and Kylie contacted her she was going to tell them that she was going overseas to live. That Samantha was putting all her furniture into storage, until she returned. We'd then leave and return back to my property outside of Young, where we'd marry and live, with a garden, a green house and all the flowers we could grow. Sam smiled at that and then she asked,”What do you mean marry. You haven't asked me yet. Have you?”

I got up off the lounge and walked out to the balcony, where I picked up the potted Wirra Willa Orchid. I returned inside, handed Sam the pot and orchid. Sam now looked confused, when I knelt to the floor looked at her and she laughed and said,”Yes. I will.” We both laughed as I stood up. I took the orchid off her and placed it on a seat nearby. I turned back to Sam, took her hand and helped her to her feet. When she stood up, I took her in my arms and kissed her and said,”Marry me?” She said,”Yes, I do.” We kissed again.

After our lingering kiss faded, I walked over to my computer and sat down. I typed into the search engine,'Transference of souls.” and found under a reference to the transferring of souls. It went onto say that souls can exchange at any time and the soul that leaves the body will ascend to a higher plain. It also explained that it was not a suicide, but an acceptance. Sam and I both looked at each other. Several more searches gave us the information that we needed and how to exchange Sam's and Samantha's souls.

Sam and I sat down together and made our plans. We discussed how we'd go about making Trish and Kylie believe that she was going overseas. I'd return home, at the same time, and make ready for Sam's arrival. Then when everything was ready, I told Sam she could return and go straight to Young with me. We'd also get all of her furniture and property moved from storage to Young, a week later. Everything was planned, Sam was really happy. Then Sam and I kissed while sitting there on the lounge.

I couldn't help myself, I reached up and cupped her breast. Sam wasn't wearing a bra, so, grasping her nipple between my finger and thumb, I started to twist it, receiving small groans from my touch. I stopped kissing her mouth and bent my head to her neck where I started sucking and nipping her. Sam held my head, as I continued on with my ravishment of her neck.
Sam was letting small moans escape her mouth, as I continued at her neck and earlobe. I stopped and stood up. I held out my hand to Sam who accepted it gladly. Then, I escorted her to my bedroom, where we stood next to it. Sam had on a cream blouse and skirt, so I undid the buttons to the blouse and unzipped her skirt. The skirt fell lifeless to the floor. I stripped the blouse off Sam's shoulders, which also fell to the floor. Sam was naked as she never worn any panties.

Sam now pushed my shorts off my hips, and lifted my polo shirt off my body. Now I was naked and we were both standing next to my bed. Sam knelt in front of me, slowly stroking my cock, with her hand. I looked down at Sam, as she looked up at me. Our eyes met and I could see that she would always want me. As Sam looked into my eyes, she opened her mouth and placed my cock into her mouth. As she watched me, Sam glided her mouth over my cock, then dragged it back off. She kept on sliding her mouth back and forwards, just letting her lips touch my cock. She stop every so often and stroke my cock, then back to taking my cock into her mouth and letting her lips slide lewdly over my cock.

I was in heaven, but knew that if Sam kept going I would shoot all my seed into her waiting mouth. I looked at Sam and said,”My turn.” Sam stopped and I lifted her up from the floor. I turned Sam around and lowered her onto my bed. Now I knelt on the floor, opening Sam's legs up as I did so. I raised her legs up and placed them over my shoulders, with my arm around her legs and pulled her pussy to the edge of the bed. I pushed my tongue between her lips and parted them, as I ran my tongue upwards, sticking my tongue out as far as I could. Sam groaned at the touch of my tongue, on her pussy.

I looked at her pussy, after reaching the top. I could see her clit was sticking up and erect. I moved my lips over her clitoris and kissed it. Then, I locked my lips onto it and started sucking, letting my teeth bite it, every so often. Sam was grabbing my head and moaning heavily, as I continued with my onslaught. I was letting my tongue run up each lip, then suck her clit once more, then return to the other lip and do it all over again.

I gripped her clitoris again, with my lips, when Sam pushed my head right into her pussy. Her legs tightened around my head, in a vice like grip, as she moaned from deep within her. When I felt her juices run from her, over my tongue and face, I knew I would never get enough. Her juices tasted like a tantalising wine, fragrant and delicious. I released myself from Sam's grip and unhook her legs from my shoulders.

I stood up and looked down on to this beautiful woman, who, as I looked at her, had changed yet again. I never saw it when she first came through the door, but now I could see that her hair was nearly ash blond. Her hips were smaller and her breast were now small and delicate. I smiled at Sam who smiled back. I said,”Honey, turn over and kneel, will you?” She did as I said, and responded,”Mmmm we're trying something new?” I just said,”I was going to try a new position.”

Sam was now kneeling and bent over, holding herself up by her arms. I moved in behind her and positioned my cock at her pussy. I ran the head of my cock over her pussy, until it was lathered in her juices. When I was ready I pushed into Sam slowly, letting my cock feel her inner warmth and tightness of her cunt. I loved Sam's pussy as it enveloped my cock. The sensation of her pussy was heaven, it felt like velvet and satin, all in one.

I was sliding in and out of Sam, when I started to rub her clit with my index and fore fingers. I felt her juices covering my fingers. So, when they were wet enough, I brought my fingers up and placed them at her sphincter. I started to apply pressure on her sphincter, when my index finger slipped through into her warm bowels. I started sliding my finger in and out, when Sam started to push back against me. Now, I pulled my finger out, then pushed both fingers into Sam. She must have liked what I was doing as she pushed back onto my fingers, on feeling them invade her inner bowel. I slid them in and out several times, when I thought it was time.

I withdrew my cock and lined it up with her sphincter, placing the tip at her entrance. I slowly pushed forward, holding her hips as I did so. At first there was resistance with her sphincter and Sam began groaning in pain. I told her to relax which she must have done, as pushing my cock past her sphincter was easier. I slowly moved in and out of Sam until she was comfortable with my cock. I could feel the heat of her bowels on my cock. It was different to that of her vagina, especially with the sensation and warmth.

It felt slick, not as juicy as her pussy, tighter than her vagina and the warmth was more intense. This difference made me start to thrust harder in her. Sam, as soon as she was accustomed to my cock, was pushing back against me. I was still holding her hips and now grabbed her hips tightly, pulling her onto my cock. I was thrusting just as hard into her when Sam let out a loud moan and dropped her head to the bed.

I felt Sam's sphincter tighten around me, making it harder. So, I rammed my way in and shot my load. Sam groaned on feeling my seed enter her arse. Then, it felt like Sam's sphincter began milking my cock, as it tightened and released so often that my cock kept erect, even after I stopped releasing my seed.

I stayed inside Sam until I felt like I wanted to lay down. So, I pulled out of Sam, and saw my shit covered cock, slid out of her rectum. Sam backed off the bed and stood up next to me. Sam kissed me and said,”Shower.” I nodded and we walked into the bathroom. I entered the shower and Sam went onto the toilet. After she finished, she came into the shower and we washed each other until we were clean.

After Sam and I got dried and went back into the bedroom and laid on the bed arm in arm, making plans, fixing up the finer details and hugging each other. Sam was now very happy, seeing that we'd soon be together and there be no more holding back. It was when we were kissing that Sam let a surprise out.

Sam said,”Adam do you remember when I told you that I knew you were the one because our inner glow matched?” I looked at Sam and said,”Yes.” She went on with,”Well I told you that Samantha and I talked in Limbo?” again I said,”Yes.” She said,”Well as I came back into our body I saw another glow. It was down here.” and she placed her hand on her stomach. I looked at her face then at her stomach then back to her face.

I was trying to understand what Sam was getting at, until she started smiling. I looked at her stomach again, where both her hands were covering it. Then I said,”You're pregnant? We're going to be parents. Oh I didn't hurt you did I? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet?” Now Sam was giggling and smiling. She said,”I think it maybe a boy, daddy.” I was overjoyed. I was going to be a father and I had the love of my life what else could be better.

We stayed in bed until later in the day, when Sam stated she had better go home. She thought the girls would be coming by again tonight. I told her they weren't. So, she settled back down in bed with me. We made our plans and ordered takeaway pizza for dinner.

Part 6 Our Plans Go Wrong.

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