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Babysitting for the Joneses

I've been babysitting for Mr. and Mrs. Jones for about a year now. They are always so good to me. One night they are going out to a big party in town. They had a few drinks before they left and they didn't put the liquor away. I decided to have a few drinks after the kids went to bed. Around midnight the phone rang, it was Mr. Jones calling to check in. I told him everything was fine. He said he would be home soon to make sure I got home ok. I told him there was no need, my...


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Salvation Ch. 17 Cruel Games

At the end of the first floor corridor at St Saviour's, a staircase leads to a second, but narrower corridor. Facing south, it has the benefit of sunlight illuminating the walls. Here, several paintings hang, each seemingly low for the adults, but perfectly placed for the children to gaze at them as they pass. The paintings are German in origin and depict scenes of the time when Zealots commonly tortured peasants to learn of witches and any other ungodly activities. Dressed as priests and monks they sought out mainly the young girls of the villages to torture and degrade. The paintings...


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Mom's Bathroom Boy (part 1)

Jon had always had some dirty fantasies when he jacked off. He grew up in a household with two sisters and a mother who was a bit of the town skank. When Jon was a young boy he used to hear his mother fucking different men while he tried to sleep. These early experiences began to shape a thick fantasy for Jon to be able to see his mom naked. Jon used to play around in his moms room when he was a teen, he’d mess around and hide in her large clothes hamper. It was a massive wicker bin with...


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Debased and defiled

THE GRANGE Grange Hall, the ancestral home of the Duke of Blundell, is a fine example of a late 16th century country estate, set in magnificent gardens, designed by Capability Brown, nestling six miles from Stamford, in the gently rolling Northamptonshire countryside. It’s the venue for this years “Game and Country Fair” a gathering of horse aficionado’s, game fishermen, hunters, falconers, gun dog owners, shooters, marksmen and farmers alike, a true haven for those who’s tradition lies close to the countryside and all it offers - all pursuits catered for and actively encouraged. Bounded by a perimeter wall and set in...


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Fallout: The Untold Adventures

Hey guys this is my first time writing a story tell me what you think and if should continue Angel is a young girl. She has lived in a vault her whole life, or at least she did until her father left the vault. I should slow down, Vault 101 was always secure and people were nice to each other. You and your father lived in the vault your whole lives and knew there was a world outside but didn't know what was out there. In the vault people helped each other, there was plenty of food and water, you had...


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Tracey - Photo Shoot

This is for Richie who inspired me with Tracey None of my stories are intended to offend so please read the description before reading the story as this will usually contain any warnings. This is a story of gang sex with a somewhat unwilling lady as her partner for the night views the events with some excitement. Please feel free to comment on my stories and all comments, both positive and negative are welcome. Or feel free to email me comments or thoughts or ideas about stories on [email protected]. Tracey – The Photo Session There is always something good about taking...


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Penny's fall

Lets face it we all had this fanasy of Penny being captured and tortured by Dr. Claw. Here is my fanasy I hope you like it because it is my first story. Penny ran in the rain towards an old and seemingly empty building. If her intel was right this was Dr. Claw's hideout and secret labatory. She was ready to fishish this by herself. No had known she was gone, not uncle Gadget or Brain. She was 14 and ready to finish this herself. Even if she got in trouble she had her watch communicator and her trusted computer book...


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Daddy's reawakening - Chap 8

Chapter 8 - Coping It had been 3 weeks since my older sister Jackie had moved in unexpectedly. There was lots of crying and she was very clingy and looking for constant attention and affirmation. I knew that she was dealing with a major life crisis, her husband had cheated on her, asked for a divorce, and kicked her out, and she found all of that out in one day. All of that news hit her like a ton of bricks, and she just got in her car, with a suitcase and drove for hours to get to my house. She...


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Twisted Fairy Tales: Introduction

Introduction: The Wolf Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl covered in a bright red cloak, whom everyone who saw her loved her. She was walking through the woods when a Huntsman came up to her. Good day to you, young lady. Thank you, Mister. Where are you going to? To grandmother's. And what are you carrying under your cloak? Grandmother is sick and weak, and I am taking her some cake and wine. We baked yesterday, and they should give her strength. Little Red Riding Hood, just where does your grandmother live? Her house is a good...


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Rooms of Horror and Delight room 2

Jennifer was walking with her friends in the mall, and she was making jokes for her friends’ amusement. Young teenage guys walked by her and gave her nods, or winks, flirting with her. She enjoyed the attention. One guy gestured for her to come over. He was perfect: Blonde hair and blue eyes, six feet tall and ripped. He reached out to her to talk, when he suddenly morphed into the creature she feared most: the huge deformed man with the massive cock. He lunged for her… Jennifer gasped, and woke with a terrified cry. Still panting she suddenly remembered what...


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