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House Guest (part 2)

When Linda came home from work, Joe and Melissa teamed up together to fix a great dinner for her. After cleaning up from dinner, they all took a walk around the neighborhood to help settle their stomachs. There was talk of going to nightclubs and movies, but nobody could agree on what to do. Since Joe was going back home in the morning, they wanted to do something fun. When they got back to the house Melissa had an idea. She said, “Let’s have an underwear party”. Linda looked at Melissa and said, “A what?” Melissa told them of when she...


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Lauren the Bridesmaid, Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Lauren and I waited for the cart to take us to the main building. She looked radiant. With the sea breeze, her hair now looked as if she’d stood in a stiff wind, instead of looking like she’d taken a stiff cock in the bum. The cool wind made her nipples poke jauntily through the sheer fabric of her bikini, and she definitely still smelled of fuck. The high heels made her ass tight, her bum muscles hard under my hand as I caressed her ass cheeks. I slid my fingers under her thong strap and ran my fingers...


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Happy Birthday_(4)

“Jack, your father and I will be gone all weekend. You can have your friends over for your birthday party, but your Aunt Peggy next door will be keeping an eye out so don’t let it get out of control. You are 17 now so we expect you to start acting like an adult. You need to take care of your sister too. I am leaving you enough money so you can order out if you want but there is plenty of food in the refrigerator.” “Okay mom, we will keep it down to a low roar. There are only a...


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Hidden Watcher

He quietly walked around the house searching for any sign of someone still there. After searching for several minutes he was convinced that everyone was gone. Looking at the note left of the fridge he knew that he had ten hours. Quickly he ran back up the stairs and headed to his room. He hopped on his bed and reached between the headboard and the wall, pulling out a video. He placed it in the VCR and grabbed the remote. The video he found when they were moving from their old house. It was he fathers and since he was in...


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A Night In With The Boys

My friend peter had decided to have a night in with his mates, l always opted out of these nights as they were all beer, porno and boys stuff, not that the beer and porno bothered me just that l was always out numbered and would maybe feel a little left out. Well anyway, this time round l didn’t really fancy going out and opted for a night in my room with a couple of girly DVD’s and a bottle of wine, quiet relaxing night, or so I thought! Well I retired to my room early so I wouldn’t get caught...


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Marielle, my sweet neighbor

Marielle Marielle was my neighbor in this small apartment building in a suburb near the city center. A little twenty-something nice-looking woman. She had shortish red hair, happy freckles, and small breasts. I often dreamed of having sex with her, but I never dared to ask, afraid it would ruin our friendship. We occasionally sit for an evening, chatting about everyday things, and helping each other out when help was needed. But Marielle had problems. She didn't have a job, and she drank a lot. With congenital diabetes, that's not a good combination, and I often warned her about the dangers...


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Teaching a Virgin

It was 12:00 pm in 5th period and my eyes were on the clock. The bell would ring soon for us to go to lunch. Frankly I could care less about lunch; I never ate the nasty ass school food anyways. What I did care about was getting to see my friend Jewel. Jewel is an incredably sexy girl. She is shorter than me and has a nice, fit body with size mmmm I'd say C boobs. She has a darker skin tone which is fine with me because I like black girls just as well as white girls-as long as...


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Wrinkles Chapter 1

Desi couldn't hide her disgust as she knelt at the feet of the ugly gnome-like man standing so smugly in front of her.. With closed eyes, a stomach full of butterflies, and hope beating in her heart she commenced sucking Juan's fat cock It sounded preposterous, but Juan claimed his cum contained special anti-wrinkle properties. Desi desperately prayed he was telling the truth; she couldn't bear the thought of her beautiful face getting anymore wrinkles. Focus on the end result, she kept saying over and over in her mind. Her mouth became transformed, alive with passion and recklessness, seeking the priceless...


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My mother the famous author - part 2

Two weeks after I had almost been caught by the housekeeper, while I was peeping at my naked mother in the bathroom, nothing had changed about the situation. My mother had made two more foreign trips, one for three days and one for five days. She had also been gone a day to appear on a television show and the days she was home, she’d been writing in her study. During the few nights she had spent at home, I had been peeping at her again while she was being solidly fucked by all kinds of her motorcycle friends or while...


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Sally Awakes - Chapter 02

My mum and dad go on holidays leaving me in the care of family friends. It turns they may want more than looking after me. I lay on the bed in shock. It was bad enough that I got caught masturbating. When Sid caught me I had to let him perform oral sex on me but now his wife wanted her turn. I admit I enjoyed Sid’s attentions but I wasn’t keen of Sue also performing oral sex on me. “Please Sue, I can’t do this” I cried but she wasn’t listening. She dropped her head into my crotch and began...


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