A new day, a new me part 3

A new day, a new me part 3

Wow, got some nice comments, thank you to all those who are reading my work, I’ll try to put out more. And I apologize for the lead up in the story if it takes too long.

After a Wednesday that would make most people want me dead for my luck my Thursday was actually boring. Get up, eat, do school, come home, and enjoy time with my family.

“So your mother and I are heading out of town this weekend,” my father says as we’re eating dinner. I freeze solid; my internal clock is racing a mile a minute. My loving sister Liz decides to break the silence,” both of you are gonna be gone? For how long?” “From Friday morning to Sunday evening, your father got a bid for a weekend vacation from work and we’re going to try to have some fun ourselves,” Mom says smiling. I’ve almost lost my appetite, the Queen of trouble is home alone and I’m gonna get blamed for the chaos she causes.

“Before you two get all excited I’m laying down the rules your mother and I discussed,” Dad starts,” All the standard rules but we’re going to leave you money so you can eat out or get groceries while we’re gone.” God why have you forsaken me, they’re gonna leave her in charge of it all and I’m gonna eat leftovers all weekend. “This is gonna be awesome, I get to eat what I want and have friends over all weekend,” Liz starts in, Mom however is quick to cut her off,” Actually any of that you have to get cleared with your brother, we decided to leave Guy in charge and he’s going to have the money this weekend.

Now I’m hearing the chorus to Ode to Joy in my head, God has answered my prayers. “WHAT,” blurts out my sister shaking me out of my joyful moment. “You heard your mother,” says Dad,” He’s going to be in charge so if you want to do something you have to run it by him.” I finish my meal in a spectacular mood while my sister attempts to plead her case to our folks.

Next morning we’re heading out the door at the same time as our folks as Tracy pulls up, Korinna is already in the backseat. Elizabeth and I pile in, her in the front and me in the back. As soon as I’m in the back I see Korinna in her tight black v-neck and blue jeans, she smiles as we speed off to school. “So you get to make all the rules this weekend huh Guy,” Korinna asks. Thank you modern technology,” Yep, parents left me in charge for the weekend and I have access to the money only, Dad left me a money card and I’m the only one other than him with the pin number.”

Now Korinna is grinning widely, Tracy looks like she doesn’t care in the slightest and Liz looks more annoyed now than she was last night. “So all we gotta do is convince you to let us do what we want,” says Korinna again, she’s leaning back and unbuttons the top button of her jeans. “You two can convince him all you want, I’ve got a game and my dad is not gonna let my ass out the house for no reason,” Tracy states. “It’s my brother, the most boring boy at our whole school, the boy who sits on the computer all weekend or hangs out with his band student girlfriend or his not good enough to be a jock best friend,” Liz exclaims. We sit quietly until school; all of us pile out of the car and start to head off to class as I hear someone running up behind me, I turn to see Korinna jog up. “You know your sister has some plans right,” she says. “Yeah but no thanks, every time she decides to have some fun I end up with the grounding,” I reply. She cuts me off from walking and stops right in front of me. “I know what she is going to want to do and I’ve got some things in mind so here’s what we do, I’ll get her to ask, she’s gonna hit you with a lot of ideas, I’ll give you a signal and you agree. After that it’ll be smooth sailing till Sunday,” she states. I shrug and head off to first period.

First and second period come and go, I wind up in third period Liz and Korinna are sitting already and both turn to me as soon as I enter the room. I get into my seat and get ready for class when Liz chimes in,” I wanna have fun this weekend.” I shrug as she continues,” I AM going to have fun this weekend cause you’re going to let me host a party and use the card.” I almost fall of my chair from chuckling,” No chance in hell.” She turns and starts whispering to Korinna, she turns back and says,” I host the party and you use the card to get stuff for it.” I’m still going from her first idea,” Again Liz, No.” I turn back to face the front of the room as class starts.

Class ends and I head out to lunch and get about 3 feet out of the door when grabbed by both arms and steered off to the cafeteria, Korinna and Liz on each arm guiding me forward. We enter the cafeteria and the sit me down into a chair, then pull up chairs along either side of me and sit down pinning me in. “Let me explain,” Liz starts,” I want to have a party, I am going to have a party, I need your help.” She pauses on need, like it hurt to say it. “Maybe I should explain it,” Korinna chimes in, she places her hand on my thigh and squeezes lightly,” the party she wants to have isn’t a party to get you in trouble, we’re gonna have a special party.” Liz starts texting and in a few minutes I’ve got 3 more females sitting at my table; an Indian girl about 5’6” who fills out her sweater and jeans with a at least a B cup with her hair in a long braid, an Asian girl about 5’5” thin build with her hair in some punk scene blue and black mix cut short around her face with a loose open neck t-shirt and cut off jeans, and a very familiar looking redhead with freckles in a blue jogging suit.

Liz turns to me,” I want a slumber party, just us girls, I need you to use the card so we can party and have fun for 2 nights.” I feel the girls staring at me expectantly, Korinna squeezes my leg again. I’m being set up, I can’t figure it out but I know I’m being set up. Then it hits me, I smile at my sister then to Korinna,” Nope, not gonna happen.” As the 5 of them sit shocked I push my chair back and quickly grab my bag and duck out of the cafeteria.

I get to the far side of the Gym and wait; sure enough Korinna comes flying around the corner and almost walks right past me. “What the hell are you doing,” she exclaims,” we had a deal.” I chuckle,” we didn’t have a deal, you had a plan and I’m having fun.” She glares at me for a second and then softens,” You’re messing with Liz?” I start laughing and she follows in suit. “Actually there is one thing,” I say as I’m ending a good laugh,” Why the other girls?” She ends her laugh,” what, you don’t like girls now?” I straighten up,” why do you think I’m here, far side of the Gym, nobody around?”

She pushes me up against the gym’s outer wall and latches her lips onto mine; I can taste her raspberry lip gloss. She shoves her tongue into my mouth; I grab her hips and pull our bodies together. Her hands wrenches open my jeans and pulls my cock free. Breaking the lip lock she smiles at me,” we don’t have time or privacy so I’m gonna make this quick.” Korinna drops to her knees and starts working my half hard penis in her mouth, I tilt my head back pulling her hair out of the way with one hand and interlocking our fingers with the other. She uses her tongue and sucking to get me all hard, pulling back till just the head is in her mouth then pushing five of the seven and a half inches down. I feel her squeeze my hand and look down into her pretty grey eyes, I can feel her smirk on my cock, then she starts slamming her mouth onto me hard and fast. I groan as she works on my member, I start to get that wonderful feeling at the base of my cock then I feel cold air on my member as I grit my teeth, she pulls her mouth off and moves her head to the side while pumping my penis as I shoot out onto the side walk around the gymnasium.

I am spent as she puts my member back in my pants and stands back up kissing me again, this time softly. “So now can I convince you that having me and three other girls stay the night is a good idea,” she asks with her eyes closed. I smile,” We have shopping to do and I think I want a guarantee.” She opens her eyes,” Okay, what I have to guarantee,” she asks. “Am I gonna have fun or am I getting left out,” I say grinning. Korinna laughs,” Of course, at least I’ll be there. You think Liz wanted the slumber party.” We laugh and head off, me to fourth period and her to go tell my sister the ‘good news’.

Fourth period comes and goes as I head into fifth and get to my seat, as I’m getting my binder out; I glance up and see Heather at the door. She looks around for a sec and moves to her usual seat behind me. I ignore her and set about my class work. Half way through the class my phone starts vibrating in my jacket; I reach inside and fumble with the buttons till it goes silent. Class comes to an end and I pull out my phone and check it safely, it’s a text from Heather ‘Can we please talk privately, it’s about Derek’. I smirk and turn to see her leave the room. I grab my stuff and head towards my studies class to see Heather waiting for me a couple feet outside the door. “I really need to talk to you,” she starts as I walk past. She takes my arm and continues,” I need to talk to you Guy.” I stop and look her straight in her eyes,” I don’t care what you need, now let go.” She grips tighter,” No, Derek is scared. He’s afraid to come to school because he thinks you’ll kill him. I know we hurt you, but it wasn’t what we were trying to do, I just wanted to be ready for when we were going to do it. I just wanted it to be good.” I am about to say something then all of a sudden I see it out of the corner of my eyes, Liz in a beeline for us.

Liz grabs my arm and pulls it out of Heather’s hand. I look back at Liz and she has a death gaze on Heather who looks more afraid now than in the cafeteria. ” Guy, having any trouble,” Liz asks? I shake my head and smile, this should be good. “Liz I just need to talk to Guy,” Heather starts but is quickly cut off. “You’re a smart girl right Heather,” Liz starts,” smart, play music, good grades that kind of thing.” Heather looks at Liz confused but Liz doesn’t stop,” My brother is off limits to you, you had your chance and you messed it up for a guy not good enough to play sports and not smart enough to go to college. Not very smart, but what’s worse is he has me and I’ve got friends.” I look a bit and see a few more girls from one of Elizabeth’s dance teams walk up and make a small circle around us. Liz smiles,” Call this some friendly advice, go about your days, live your life and leave my brother alone.” Liz takes me by the arm and we walk to my home studies class.

Once Liz and I are seated she looks at me and asks,” What did you ever see in her fat ass.” I shrug and reply,” You kinda limited my options with your ‘you can’t date my friends’ rule, half the school is your friend.” She shrugs,” well I didn’t want things to get awkward when they’d break up with you.” I decide I should cash in one of those favors,” Okay, I’m calling in a favor; the no friends rule is gone.” She drops her pen from on her pad of paper and looks straight at me,” No, I can’t let that happen.” I shrug and reply,” remember what Tracy said ‘you walk and you don’t talk to her again’ you keep our deal or lose a friend. Maybe 2 if Korinna decides to side with me on the deal.” Liz puts her head in her hands and shakes her head. Finally after a few minutes she answers,” Okay, the rule is gone; you can date my friends IF they wanna date you.” I smile and get back to my homework.

After school Liz, Korinna and I head out to Tracy’s car for a quick trip home. Liz and Korinna start talking about the party and what they want to do, I generally ignore them until I feel Korinna lean up against me,” We need to get to my house first so I can borrow my Mom’s car and we can get stuff from the store.” Liz looks back at us, “I gotta get the house ready and then we can shop.” Tracy pulls us into our driveway,” you two decide I’m gonna drop Korinna home and rush my ass back to school.” Tracy peels out and Liz and I head into the house.

After about 20 minutes of some cleaning and rearranging the living room Korinna pulls up to the house in a minivan and I head out to greet her when she rolls down her window and hollers to me,” Guy get in now.” I dash around and get in the passenger side; as soon as my door closes Korinna drives off with Liz standing in the doorway yelling at the vehicle. “What are we doing,” I ask as I get my seatbelt on. “Some shopping, how much do we have?” Korinna asks. “One hundred fifty, apparently dad really wants us to not call,” I reply smiling,” Oh by the way I called in my first favor from Liz, the no dating her friends rule is gone.” Korinna pulls into the grocery store parking lot and sits quietly for a minute. ”Why did you ask for that,” she asks looking at me confused. Now I’m stunned, I thought this would be a good thing, I could date her, or anyone of a half dozen other girls that I’ve watched for the past few years. I finally speak,” I am tired of these guessing games with women; I did this so I could have freedom to do what and who I want.” She looks as me and smiles lightly,” I like the idea, maybe you should date someone a little less used.” We exit the car and I ponder what she said about being used, inside the store we’re off, grabbing sodas, chips, cookies and ice cream. After gathering more soda and juice for some reason we hit the check out. Cashier doesn’t even bother to ask about two teenagers about junk food or a cash card.

After piling up all the groceries in the car she pushes me up against the van,” Fine you want a relationship, I want someone with more experience than you got now.” I’m stunned to hear her say that. “How much more experience do I need,” I ask. “About 2 nights worth of a slumber party hopefully,” she replies and lets me off the side of the van as we head off home.

As we pull up to the house Liz barrels out the front door and starts grilling Korinna and I,” Why did you two leave me here?” Pulling the groceries from the car Korinna grabs the bag with the condoms and a bag from the car. Korinna answers Liz’s questioning,” Well someone had to stay here if people came over, you want him greeting the girls when they get here.” We get into the house with the food, Liz directs me to the camping stuff in the garage for air mattresses. After about an hour they’ve got junk food in bowls and beds all over the floor in the living room. As we finish the prep work Liz turns to me and gives me the worst news of the day,” Now you leave and stay in your room.” I’m a little hurt and reply,” I help do all this, I gave you permission for this and spent money on it and now I have to leave.” Liz just smiles,” All girls slumber party, no boys allowed.” I look at Korinna as she winks and smiles to me. Grabbing a box of sodas and some chips I head off to my room.

I’m in my room not a half hour later and I hear the girls arrive, they start chatting among themselves about boys and school and what everyone else is doing. I casually listen in from down the hall when Liz pops her head in my room,” Here and the bathroom, stay out of everywhere else and keep the door closed,” she informs me shutting the door. Fuming mad I hop on my computer and surf the web for anything interesting.

About 2 hours later I’m starving and not in the best of moods, I head out to the kitchen in athletic shorts and a tight black t shirt. As soon as I hit the living room all the girls go quiet and Liz turns around from the mattress glaring at me,” What are you doing out here?” “Food,” I reply heading into the kitchen. About thirty seconds into rummaging the fridge I discover to my dismay that it’s all food that needs to be prepped and cooked. Muttering I head back to my room when I get stopped again by Liz,” you're not eating now?” I shrug and reply,” Don’t wanna cook so I’m gonna order me a pizza.” About half way down the hall I hear Liz say,” okay we’ll make a list of what pizza’s we want.” Now I’m hot, I wheel around getting about a foot away from her. “You think I’m gonna order you pizza, Why,” I say through clenched teeth. She steps back and starts to stammer,” well we would like some pizza to and since you have the card so…” I cut her off,” No Elizabeth, you have all your friends over, I spend money and let you have a party and as soon as you get done using me for all the setup you tell me I'm not good enough to be around anymore and I have to stay in my room. I’m done helping you, fuck off.”

I turn and march my ass back to my room, not 2 minutes later there is a knock at my door as I’m trying to find the number for a place on my computer. I wrench the door open quickly and growl at the little Asian girl on the other side,” What?” She backs off for a second then starts talking,” Hi, we haven’t talked but my name is Natsuko, May I come in.” I look down at her, thin frame, maybe an A cup at best, dressed in green short shorts and a black tank top with a sports bra visible underneath. I step back and let her enter; she looks around for a minute and sits down on my bed keeping her feet flat on the floor. I close the door and sit back in my computer chair,” What do you want?” “You know you scared the shit out of your sister and the other girls too,” she asks. I shrug as she continues,” Korinna is calming your sister down and stopped her from calling your parents, I said I’d come in here and talk to you. Maybe convince you to come out and sit with us like Korinna is telling your sister to now.” My door opens a bit and the Indian girl pokes her head in, “Hey, we’re gonna go for a walk and get Liz to cool off,” she looks at Natsuko and asks,” you gonna be okay here without us?” Natsuko nods and the Indian girl closes the door.

I turn back to this short little Asian girl and ask,” So why did you decide to come in here and talk to the big bad brother?” She smiles and answers,” Actually Korinna wanted to come here talk to you but I said I could get you to calm down. Also I’d like some pizza and so would the other girls.” I scoff and look up at the ceiling,” so this is you trying to convince me, who you’ve known for about four minutes to just do what you and the other’s want.” I hear her get up then feel my legs get put together, I feel her straddle my lap and put her hips directly on my lap. “No I want you to join us when they get back,” she says putting her arms around my neck and tilting my head forward. I place my hands on her hips and grind my crotch against hers, feeling how tight her hips and ass are. I lean my head forward and start kissing her neck, Natsuko’s head tilts back and she moans as I make my way lower to her collarbone and then to the top of her small breasts. She pulls back for a second, grabbing the bottom of her tank top and pulling it off over her head and quickly taking her sports bra off in the same fashion. As soon as she’s done I lunge my mouth back to her breast and start licking her nipples. She grips my head with her left hand and places the other behind her back while gyrating her hips against my hardening cock; I take my mouth off her nipple and attempt to stand her up. Natsuko hops off me and back up a bit, turning around and pulls her shorts off while bending over at the waist slowly I see the last bit of her blue panties cling to her pussy before she simply drops them to the floor, I grab the waist band of my shorts and pull them off with my underwear while trying to stay seated. “Okay, that’s more than Korinna talked about,” she says smiling. She straddles my legs again; this time facing away and reaching down with her hand guides my cock to her pussy entrance. “Just don’t move till I tell you please,” she says looking back at me. “What? Why,” I respond confused. “Just place your hands on my hips or somewhere else but don’t move please,” she replies.

She starts to lower herself down and I get the head of my cock inside her and I feel her rubbing her clit frantically. I grab the base of my cock and giggle the head inside her pussy feeling her get wetter as she rubs herself. Finally she lowers her pussy onto my member more and I feel an almost rigid tightness so much more than when I was with Tracy, Natsuko’s pussy gets down to the 6 inch mark and she slowly slides back up. I look at my penis covered in her juices as she gets up to the head and slowly glides her hips back down. This goes on for about 3 maddening minutes, slowly up and down, and then on the last down thrust I feel her start to shake. I wrap my arm around her waist and hold her convulsing torso against mine till she calms down, as soon as she regains her senses Natsuko slides off me and climbs onto my bed, waiting on her knees facing away from me. I move over behind her still standing on the floor and pop the head of my cock back into her pussy, she leans back into me and says,” Now fuck me hard and cum.” Wasting no time I attempt to slide my whole cock into her pussy but stop at a fleshy wall. “What is that,” I ask while grasping her hips with my hands, holding her in place. “My baby maker, now please don’t stop again,” she replies.

I start pushing my cock in and out of her slowly, tight and warm like usual but not soft or slick, very ridged. I pull back three inches and start to fuck her faster, her blue and black hair bouncing with my thrusts. She grabs one of my hands and puts it up on her shoulder, take my hand off the shoulder and grab a fistful of hair on her head, pushing my cock as deep as I can feeling my head bump her womb. She suddenly gasps and I feel the wall give way as I bury the last inch and a half inside her now yielding pussy. I only pull back 2 inches and start ramming my cock into her as hard as I can, holding her by the hair and hip scrambling to keep pushing my cock into her deepest parts. Having been mostly quiet this whole time aside from some light whimpering and panting she suddenly starts crying out to me,” Watashi o kuso hokan shite kudasai, watashi wa ken suru tsumoridesu! Teishi shinaide kudasai watashi no neko o umete kudasai!” I have no clue what she said but I feel the tingle start, as I shoot my first shot of cum while balls deep in her pussy, her body shakes again as her pussy milks my cock for the last drop of my cum.

We stay there for a minute while she recovers and I try to figure out if I still have legs, finally she breaks the silence,” Don’t pull out, just carry me into the bathroom.” I lift her light frame and waddle us into the bathroom where I finally pull out of her while she steps into the shower. I sit there for a minute and watch her push my cum out of her, then turns on the water and scrubs up I pull my shirt off and step in for a minute to wash her cum and our sweat off my body.

Once we’re done and out of the shower we head back into my room, her walking in front of me funny. “Are you okay,” I ask as we’re getting dressed. “Yes I’m fine, just really sore,” she answers,” now can I text my friends and your sister so we can get some pizza and all watch a movie?” I nod,” get a list of what they want then I’ll order.” She grabs her phone and texts one of them, shortly after she gets a reply she shows me a list of pizza’s and toppings, 4 in all. It takes the girls about 20 minutes to get back home and the pizza guy a few minutes later to get our delivery to us. We all sit down in the living room, me on the couch and the girls on the floor. I notice that they all get stripped down to shorts and yoga pants with loose tank tops or pajama shirts. They turn the TV on as we eat and pick some romantic comedy to watch.

Hours later it’s nearly eleven at night and of the girls the only ones awake now are Korinna and freckles, who apparently is called Hanna, and she’s fading fast. I take the remote and shut off the TV and wave night to Korinna who rolls onto her side and winks at me before pulling her blankets up and shutting her eyes. I head back to my room and crawl into bed, quickly falling into sleep.

I don’t know why but I’m suddenly very aware that something is different; I sit up and see the Indian girl closing my door quietly. “Umm, you need something…,” I start but she turns around to me in the light from my window and strips down until she’s naked. I marvel at the sight, got to be D cup breasts if I ever saw them, and her ass is bigger than Korinna’s by a good 2 inches. I pull my shirt off and get out of my shorts in record setting time. She approaches the end of my bed and crawls up the length of it till I have to lean back with her body over me, she straddles my chest and I see her pubic hair, dark and curly I look up to her large nipples and areolas to see her undoing her hair braid. “My name is Lajita,” she says sliding down onto me.

Was going to go further but I figured you all would like a part 4, feel free to comment if you like it or make suggestions if you don’t

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