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Cum Swallowing

Lauren the Bridesmaid, Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Lauren and I waited for the cart to take us to the main building. She looked radiant. With the sea breeze, her hair now looked as if she’d stood in a stiff wind, instead of looking like she’d taken a stiff cock in the bum. The cool wind made her nipples poke jauntily through the sheer fabric of her bikini, and she definitely still smelled of fuck. The high heels made her ass tight, her bum muscles hard under my hand as I caressed her ass cheeks. I slid my fingers under her thong strap and ran my fingers...


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Summer Vacation part 5

Life gets pretty boring when you have bad sunburn on your arms, head and neck. Mr. Delauter decided that I needed to go to church on Sunday and considering I haven’t been to church in almost a decade I realized that I didn’t miss much. Sit, stand, sing, pray, kneel and repeat. When we got back everyone else changed while Loretta kept me in aloe rub down. It felt nice to have her doting over me considering I don’t remember her doing it when I was a kid. Once done I get my shirt back on and head up to Abigail’s...


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My hot little sister swallows!

I was 18 at the time of this story and my sister was 16. I had just finished high school and I was heading for college in the fall. I was 5’ 10” 175 pounds and I was in very good shape from playing sports. My name is Jim and I was also a bit of a nerd. Between studying and sports I hadn’t even started dating yet. My sister Beth was 5’ 5” and a trim 105 pounds with perfectly pointed C cup boobs and a very nice bubble butt. She had silky long natural blonde hair with piercing blue...


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Two Men-1 Woman By Blueheatt …. I have to hand it to my wife, she’s honest. …. This all started when the wife was young. Her and her sisters all got horny over their male cousin. He was a tall, dark haired guy. A wonderful personality. The outgoing life of family gatherings. He was charming to all the lady’s and was just a handsome guy. My wife told me about him and how her, and her sisters had the hots for the guy. She went on and on about him, and admitted she bet he’d be good in bed. She said...


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Michael to Michelle

This is the story of how I transformed from your normal straight married guy Michael to sissy slut Michelle I've always been curious about cocks since I was a teenager but I've never had the guts to try it. I've watched plenty of porn and wank chatted to hundreds of guys online but that's it, until now. I've had a few wank chats and roleplays with Gary before and it was fun, he'd go into detail how I'd be dressed up as a schoolgirl and he'd be my teacher and he'd use and abuse me and it was hot as hell...


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Vitamin G pt. 2

God did I sleep well. Waking up around 11 A.M, a nervousness quickly ran through me. What if the drugs didn’t work? I thought. Working my way upstairs, I snuck into the kitchen, past my sister's door. Didn’t hear a peep out of her room. She must still be sleeping. Pouring me a glass of milk and a bowl of cereal, I chomped down my breakfast. Jesus was I hungry. After a little while, I could hear my sis walking around her room, making her way to the restroom. Timing myself to walk past her, back to my bedroom, I made...


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Camryn: C08

----- 8 -- I knocked on my neighbor’s door. I could hear Corey running down the stairs. It had been two days since the unreal time I had with Camryn. My parents insisted that I spend some time with them over the weekend, so no visiting the neighbors than. It was Monday though now; they had to work, and so I got my free time with Camryn and Corey – kind of. I was so incredibly nervous that day, unfortunately. Camryn was off with her mother at the dentist. She was getting a cavity filled. She was also going to tell...


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Caught Red Handed_(0)

Caught Red Handed This experience involved my acquaintance Ben. I say acquaintance because I only met him once before, we hardly spoke and he wasn’t really connected to me – he was my older friend Vicky’s son. I knew Vicky because I used to volunteer at her pet shop, and even after I finished, still to this day we remain firm friends. At the time of this, I was 15 and Ben was 13. Vicky invited me over for a barbecue to celebrate her birthday, so along with a lot of other people, I accepted, I was the youngest one there...


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An Arabian Adventure

In my country marriages are often arranged at birth. My marriage arrangements were made in just such a way. There is no choice of falling in love, it is simply a binding legal arrangement in which the exchange of Dinar, possessions, land, or a combination of items seals the deal. I am thirteen now. My wedding was scheduled to occur later this year. I have never met my future spouse, so I feel no attraction towards him, and what is worse, I have developed feelings for a poor boy. He has always been kind to me, but more importantly he was...


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