The Smaller Man

The Smaller Man

I was looking at Jerry's legs, as he stood on the stool ahead of me. He had very strong thighs, and I admired his form while he put the new bulb in the ceiling light. "This thing is a pain to reach," Jerry said. Then while he struggled with the bulb, my eyes followed his muscular legs up to where they met, and I had to supress a stare - there was a lump laying sideways, a small lump, but a definite lump was there.

Let me explain that one. We'd been talking about our recent party group going to the "gents club", and I made the remark that one of the girls made me walk funny. He laughed and said that he guessed that, I was kinda quiet when she danced in front of us. He didn't mention it, but I'd had to rearrange myself and I knew Jerry had seen me, and I'd caught him watching me. Now I realized that he was catching me looking at him.

Jerry slowly climbed off the stool and stood in front of me, our eyes locked. He sat down on the coffee table facing me and his leg came to rest against mine, neither of us breaking the contact. He spoke, "Tell me something. Do you think that a guy's package has to be big to look sexy?"

After a pause, I replied, "Not necessarily..." Jerry put his hand on my knee and very seductively rotated it in a circle. I felt a tingle in my balls and my erection rising. He reached for my hand and brought it to his leg, and I began to feel those strong muscles. Without prompting, I ran my hand the rest of the way up his leg, aiming for that lump I'd seen before. When I reached it, Jerry closed his eyes and gave my leg a strong squeeze. I stopped, and could feel him throb in my hands. Without thinking, I said, "Come to bed with me, Jerry." We rose and I followed him to my bedroom.

I walked up behind him and reached around his waist, while I pressed my hard six inch cock against his ass. He pressed back against me, and I ran my hands up and down his stomach. Then I slid my hands down to his belt and opened it, followed by his button and zipper. He pressed back against me more, then I reached into his underwear. At first I felt his patch of hair, then my fingers found his hard cock, all of about four inches. It was so hard, I throbbed myself at touching him. I slowly wrapped my fingers around his manhood and slid up and down. Now he throbbed back at me.

"Todd, you know how to give a guy a stiffy," said Jerrry. I felt all over him, running my fingers around his cock head. "You seem to be liking my small cock." I told him, "God, it's so hard. And," turning him around to face me, "Smaller dicks are nice to suck." He looked me in the eye, then we both bent to kiss. I was getting so turned on, then I felt his hand reaching for my lumpy crotch. He said, "I've never sucked a big cock, is it hard to do?" I answered, "I had a guy my size once,it was a bit of work but it was worth it."

Jerry sat down on my bed and pulled me to him. He reached around and squeezed my ass, and started to plant hot kisses on the lump in my pants. Now it was his turn to open my pants, and he pulled them down. When my dick popped out of my pants, it sprang up and was pointing right in Jerry's face. "Fuck, man..." he said, and slowly reached for my hard-on. He wrapped his fingers around me and started sliding up and down. Looking down I could see him working my cock, and beyond that, his rod sticking straight up. I was so hard I could drive nails.

Now Jerry started bringing his face closer to my crotch, and I could feel his breath on me. He lifted my cock up and I had a jolt of pleasure as he licked along the bottom of my shaft. I could see him throbbing along with me, and I bent to reach his shaft. Once again I felt his hardness, this time bared to me and begging for attention. At the same time, I had another jolt of pleasure as he put his mouth on my head and took my cock in. It was slow and seductive, and I had to close my eyes with the glory of it all. After many years, I was once again getting a blowjob from a guy, and I was loving it. Having his hard shaft in my hand made it that much better. He started sliding onto me, but only seemed to get about half of me into his mouth. He began to slide up and down on me, and I grunted with pleasure.

For a few minutes, he gave my cock the attention it loved. He slid on and off, occasionally stopping to lick my head and circle it with his tongue. He would also cradle my balls and touch them lightly, which I absolutely love. But I wanted some of the action too, and pulled away from him, then knelt. I could see his smooth, sleek shaft pointing up, begging for attention. First, though, I needed to get his pants off and out of the way; after I'd pulled them down and off, I moved closer to his crotch and spread his legs. I wrapped three fingers around his cock and gave it a squeeze, then started sliding up and down, but couldn't resist the temptation - I bent down and took his whole cock into my mouth in one motion. Jerry said, "OH! Fuck man..." I was afraid he'd lose it already, so I froze in place, enjoying having a guy's hard cock buried in my mouth.

After a minute or so to let him calm down, I slowly started going up and down his cock. This felt so good in me, I could feel him throb and he started moving his hips up and down. I held his balls in my left hand and reached down to my own hard cock, I didn't want to cum just yet either, but Jerry had other ideas. He started to moan my name and move his cock into and out of my mouth, then said "I need it, I need to... cum..." I wanted his spunk in my mouth so bad, I started rolling my tongue around on the underside of his handsome little cock, and he began to pump into me. His moaning became rhytmic with his thrusts, "Uh, uh, uh," and suddenly he drove hard into my mouth and froze - then I could feel a throb and his jism filled my mouth with powerful squirts. God this was hot, I swallowed it down and sucked him hard, until he relaxed and sighed once.

Now I needed to have my ecstasy. I stood and held the back of his head with my hands. He took the lead, though, and took my meat back into his mouth. Jerry went after sucking my cock like a man on a mission. He took me in far, then off and on, with pauses to roll his toungue on my cock as he reached back to grab my ass. I began to feel the buildup, and he kept going, on and of me, on and off me with his mouth, again and again, and I moaned, "Oh, oh" and my orgasm slammed me hard as I started pumping my cum into his mouth. It seemed like forever that I was high, but I eventually came back down, as Jerry slurped up the last of my cum. He took his mouth off my softening rod, and said, "That was incredible, can we do this again?" "For sure!" We laid down on the bed and dozed off for a bit.

The only potential complication to this was Jerry's marital status. He explained that it wasn't his practice to fool around, but he had recently found out that his wife had had an affair. Their discussions afterward came to the conclusion that as long as they were honest with each other and consulted before pursuing some affair, they would handle situations on a case-by-case basis. So Jerry had told Melinda that he had an attraction for me and did she mind if he pursued it? They agreed he should try once and see if he and I were good with it. Soon, he had discussed how things went with her, which turned them both on and led to some hot sex, and yes, we should continue.

The next week, Jerry and I got together again. I had been thinking about his cock off and on for days. See, he wasn't long, but he was perfectly proportioned, with a nice shaped cut head and his member was just a little darker than his skin. A very nice cock in all, combined with my attraction for smaller men, well, I was really looking forward to some sex with him. When we met, I told him that what I wanted to do was to look him over very carefully, since his wonderful dick had been on my mind.

"Be my guest," he said with a smile and slowly reached for his belt. I stepped up and put my hands on his arms, then as he pushed his pants down I came in and kissed him. In turn he turned his head and started licking my neck, which gave me some serious goose bumps - and made my cock throb to life in my pants.

Remembering my wish, I went to my knees and pulled down his underwear, exposing that magnificent cock. I studied it from the head to the base. His cock just looked hard, the skin was taught over his erection and he has some nicely exposed veins running up the sides. I reached for him and lightly ran my fingers over his memeber, which made him throb and I got a low grunt from Jerry's mouth. Looking up, I could see he had his eyes closed and his head tipped back. Now I took a good look at his ball sack, which was actually a bit large for his cock size. Again, it was beautiful, tight and having just a little hair on it. My one hand on his cock was still running up and down it; I now took the other and cupped his balls lightly. That brought the exclamation, "Oh fuck man, do me" and he reached around my head to bring me to his dick, gently but with a definite urgency.

I obliged by opening my mouth and taking his head between my lips and licking all around the bottom. God it tasted good, and I was getting a real thrill out of putting a man's cock in my mouth. I slowly slid onto him, moving up and down to spread my spit over his whole shaft. Soon I was all the way on, then sliding up and down slowly. When I took his whole size into my mouth, I could just feel his four inches hitting the back of my mouth, and I loved it. It was my turn to moan, I took my cock into my hands and played with it, getting harder and harder.

Jerry told me to stand up, and we took each other's meat into our hands. We were both close, and as I started to feel my orgasm, Jerry started grunting and thrusting. As He came, I pointed his cock onto mine; he grabbed the man lube and worked it onto my cock. This put me over the edge, and I pumped my cum out to mix with his, in his hand. I was so high that I almost lost my balance, but I hung onto Jerry to stay upright. Jerry took his cummy hand and stroked his own cock a few times, and finished with a moan of his own.

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