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The Influence at School [Chapter 1]

Hey, Im Noah, the main charecter perhaps you could say for this and I'd consider myself a nice guy I go to a private educational school in thee London suburbs and I live with my mum and my twin sister Charlotte or Sha as she likes to be called. Im in my last year of school and I wouldnt consider myself popular but I dont fall out with many people and everyone seems to like being with me (hope that doesnt sound too self obsessed). I am 6'3 but not incredibly skinny I have visible abs and decent amounts of muscle...


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Summer vacatiopn

It was the summer vacations .it was hot n sultry n there was no power .we were really bored.we,in the sense ,me ,my cousin veena n her younger brother ram.i was 16 ,she 15 n he only 8.we didnt know what to do n w had started to sweat .my eyes fell on veena .my ,had she grown in a year .she must ve been 5 1 ,her boobs clingin to her t-shirt bcos of the sweat n their size n her skirt was above her knees .she was tryin to fan herself n her boobs were jumpin in her T...


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The Virgin Squad

Fbailey story number 717 The Virgin Squad My daughter Valerie just turned thirteen a week before school had let out for the summer. Her five best friends forever were in attendance as expected. The six of them all have names that start with a V and they are all virgins so the rest of their classmates call them the Virgin Squad. They are Veronica, Virginia, Vanessa, Vivian, and Vicky. Now that my daughter has had her birthday they are all thirteen as well. Everything had been arranged in advance that they would spend the entire summer staying at one another’s houses...


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It's cookie time!

Jesus! My nipples! They are OUT! As she drove her minivan, Abby Carter looked down at her chest in a panic. The 25-year-old blonde had forgotten to put on a bra before dashing out of the house. Abby wore her comfy-but-threadbare Eminem concert T-shirt she'd had for a decade. As a result, her large breasts bounced freely whenever she hit a pothole, and her nipples showed clearly through the thin cloth. Abby's long blond hair was pulled into a careless ponytail. Flip-flops and way-too-tight cutoff shorts completed her inappropriate outfit. Why didn't I remember earlier that I have to pick up...


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Not all big cocks are black

Wanda had been fucking with her older brother for about six months now and they went at it any time they could be in a situation to be alone. She had just turned 18 when they first did it and he was about a year and a half older than her, so during summer while they were out of school and old enough to be left alone they had all the time together that they wanted. Their father worked so he was away every weekday and their mother belonged to many clubs and organizations and loved to shop so they had...


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Highschool, need i say more?

* ding dong, ding dong* the bell goes off signalling the end of math and my perverted teacher, ironically named Mr Cox. Monday my next class, sport. I head down the stairs to the locker room to change. My name is Sasha, i'm 15, toned abs, skinny, long brown hair and brown eyes. When I get down to the locker room my best friend Eva is waiting for me. Eva is slightly shorter than me, also skinny, wavy black hair (dyed) and blue eyes. Eva can be out spoken when annoyed or bored but she is mostly shy. She is really...


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Explicit powers

This is my first ever story, have read it over but please I don't want a bunch of English teachers abusing my grammar. Constructive criticism is ok, but no stuff like that was shit etc. I had always known that I was special as child while I was growing up. Not just because that’s what my parents used to say but because I knew I had these powers. I discovered that I could shape shift at the young age of 13, but knowing already what happens to freaks with powers like that I kept it to myself. Of course this is...


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My sisters generosity

I was only 13 at the time…which would of made my sister, Jen, 16 (and my brother 15). We had both always been very popular at our schools, her at high school, me first year high school. She had always been the queen of the school, where as I was the cute year 7 who all the chicks loved. I wasn’t very tall, about 5”6 but I was fairly muscular (born this way). My sis, on the other hand was about 5”8 and a very slender body, slender except for one thing, her breasts. They stood out wonderfully and had quite...


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Confessions from Mac the Flasher - A Serial Public Masturbator (4)

It would be a good idea to read the previous chapters as knowing some of the history involved will certainly help in understanding the underlying theme of this and any other future chapters. As I have mentioned in an earlier chapter I’m 32 years old. What I haven’t mentioned anything about is whether or not I have a girl friend or I am married. Well to set the record straight, I am in between girl friends and not currently married. “No really!” I’m sure some of you may have thought or even said out loud. “No shit Sherlock, you do surprise...


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Learning from a New Family, Chapter 2: Our First Shower

Sarah’s eyes lit up with glee. “I’ve always wanted to try that! Hold on for just a minute, I have to find the keys to let you out!” Before I could berate her for locking me up without knowing where the keys were, she was off of me and out of the room. I felt her absence immediately. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long for her to return. “You locked me up without knowing where they keys were?” I questioned as she bounced back into the room. Then I did a double take. I had forgotten how beautiful her body...


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