Awakenings 5_(1)

Awakenings 5_(1)

Awakenings 5


Tahir and the Captain were pouring over the reports that were coming in. Apparently, Tahir's earlier actions had put a short stoppage to the doctor's groups plans for a time. They had been at it for a couple of hours, when Tahir noticed a report of a body. It took him a moment to read through it, turning toward the Captain, he drew his attention.
"This report details a body that was found, what seems strange is that the body had no brain at all. It was almost as if the the cranial cavity had been vacuumed clean." Tahir said, handing the report to the Captain.

Looking it over he glanced up, "you think it's the work of the doctor's group?" Tahir shook his head
"No, actually it sounds more like the group's leader. It was something that was floating on the fringe of his mind when I tried to delve in," Tahir said feeling just a little sick, remembering the evil he had felt when he'd touched the man's mind.
"You never said anything about that," the Captain said looking at Tahir a moment, "that was all you got?"
"Yes, unfortunately he slipped, like I do and I lost contact. He is in no way as strong as I am, but the abilities he has, will make him much harder to deal with."

Tahir sighed, the depth of anger in that man went far beyond anything he had ever felt before. Reaching out, his mind flew across the country to the building where he had lost the man. Going in, he began to look through all the rooms. Most were unoccupied but one he came to wasn't. Moving into the room proved harder than he thought. It wasn't impossible, but it took alot of his energy to get through the walls and doors. Obviously he had been expecting someone to try and break in, one way or another. The few brief looks he got in the room revealed less than he had hoped for.

Withdrawing he had felt the Captain touch his arm. "You still with us?" the Captain had been asking, "Hello? you ok?" more concern in his voice, than he had wanted to express. Damnit he hated when Tahir did this. It was bad enough when he just vanished, that he could handle but when he zoned out, sighing he shook his head.
"Yes, I am here, now. I went to find out what I could about the leader of that group. It appears that he was expecting something or someone. He has a decent shield around his place, it was tough but I got through. He doesn't stay in that place as much, but he had a picture of an older woman there."
"Any idea who she is?" the Captain broke in.
"No, but she appears to be of some importance to him." Tahir replied

"I didn't see any id or papers but I briefly saw what appeared to be a letter on a table. It had the word Ro on it, it also appeared to be on official gorvernment paper, though I never got close enough to see which one it was from." The Captain nodded thinking a minute. Typing on his laptop, he brought up every one of the DC departments, emblems.
"Did the paper look anything like any of these?" turning his laptop toward Tahir he sat back and waited.
"Hmmmmm, well..." Tahir started to tick off any that didn't look anywhere near it. "Ok, it's a toss up between these two, as I said I didn't really get that good a look at it." The Captain looked at the two homeland security emblems, they weren't all that much alike, but at a distance one might be mistaken for the other.

"Let's see, we have homeland security and this other one is for ICE homeland security" The Captain said looking up from the emblem page.
"ICE? What exactly is that?" Tahir replied looking at the Captain perplexed.
"Ah, well that's the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department." Snapping his fingers the Captain's face brightened, "Didn't you say that he spoke to you in Romanian?" Tahir nodded, "It shouldn't be that hard, to find out who he is and what's the motivation behind all this shit." Picking up the phone he started to call contacts he had in washington.

Tahir walked out, and down the hall. He needed the exercise his leg had already gone to sleep once. Tahir was about to go see Kim when he felt a sharp twinge at one of the other centers. Thinking of it he was there, looking around he saw that one of the seers was starting to sweat. Reaching out he saw that the seer was under attack, delving in he began to trace back. In the room he saw the boss and another concentrating. Knowing he might not have another chance Tahir froze the boss and pushed the attacker to the wall. The man was starting to choke when he released the seer from the station. Working as quickly as he could, he reached into the attacker and began to remove all his abilities. He had barely reached the bosses ability center when he started to move!

What the fuck?! This was the first time anyone had gotten out of that. Quickly before he got away he reached to the teleporting ability and ripped it hearing the boss scream. Suddenly the boss was standing behind him.
"So you piss ant american, you think you have won? I am not a sheep like those in this country!" Tahir sealed the spots before the boss image moved toward him.
Putting up his wall he noticed that it wasn't as strong as he'd like it to be.
"I know I haven't won, YET! but you will be alot easier to find now" Grappling in the mind of the boss, was harder than he thought it would be. For one, it was his mind after all, plus Tahir had to hunt to find what he needed. Feeling weaker he chose to depart, like the little shit could find him now.

Finishing up with the other man Tahir was preparing to withdrw when the boss lashed at at him. Not concentrating on two minds now, he found he had more strength.
"This is not over, you lowly american dog! I will find you and I will enjoy destroying utterly," the last thing he saw was a look of surprise on the bosses face when he tried to slip and couldn't, then Tahir was back at the center. Stepping over he checked the man who had collapsed when the invader had withdrawn.
The Boss tried to move again, when nothing happened he looked where Tahir had been in his mind. Cursing he saw the damage and the sealed area, withdrawing he took his anger out on the oher man there. Laughing at the shrieks and screams of the man as he died, the Boss was feeling a little better. He strengthened his shields and defences. Never again! he wouldn't ever be caught off guard like that again.

<Captain,> Tahir thought to Roberts, <There was an incident at the 06 center, I&#039;ll be there in a few minutes to report> After the attack by the alternate personality of Tina, Tahir had rechecked all the seers and staff, leaving noone out.
Finally satisfied that all was alright, Tahir told the Director of what had happened, to watch them all, he would know if anything was wrong, like he had this time. Appearing next to the Captain, Tahir sighed, sitting down he started his report.
"You say that you managed to take some of his abilities?" the Captain inquired.
"No, I was able to enter his mind and I sealed his abiltiy to move with his mind." Tahir replied.

Captain Roberts was trying to process exactly what this meant. Since he didn&#039;t really have an ability anything like it, he was having a hard time wrapping his head around it.
"I was hoping that I could&#039;ve put an end to this today, I found him much stronger than I thought at first. I also noticed, that he was using more brain power than I. The thing is, he wasn&#039;t producing nearly as much as he was using." Suddenly an idea hit Tahir. "you know" he started again, "I may have figured out why the brainless corpses"
The Captain looked at him questioningly, "figured it out?"
"Yes, again, a brief flash I got, while I was in there this time. I think he needs the brain matter to somehow survive." Roberts looked at Tahir with disgust.
"You mean he&#039;s actually eating their brains?"
"No, it&#039;s more like his body is absorbing the gray matter into his system" Tahir said as he flashed through the memories that he had gleemed from the boss&#039;s mind.

Roberts just shook his head, they were obviously dealing with a sick and depraved individual. "We have to find a way to stop him. The amount of missing women has started to increase in the last 2 weeks. The trouble is, we aren&#039;t sure if they are all from him or not. We lucked out, when there was a raid and the body was found. They were about to incinerate it to hide the evidence."
Tahir felt the anger build in him, the son of a bitch more than deserved to die. "Have you recieved word yet from Washington?" Tahir questioned.
"No, we are still awaiting word from ICE, they should let me know something in the next 2 hours" the Captain was as anxious as Tahir.

The doctor was laid up again, damnit that little shit Tahir! He had almost killed him this time. He thanked god that Natasha could still sway him. Unable to talk for at least a week, his larnyx had been partially crushed. Moments later the boss walked in looking at the doctor, he was still pissed off greatly. If the doctor wasn&#039;t the most important person in the plan, he would enjoy slowly killing him.
"I don&#039;t know how but that little american pig, got into my mind. He has sealed off my ability to move. I have had several try to regenerate it but they were unable to. It seems not only did he destroy it but he sealed it so it can&#039;t be healed."
Growling the boss looked at the wall, a huge hole appearing where his energy blast took a major section of it.

"We must find a way to take this little shit out. He is the only THING that stands in our way to finally dominating this second hand shit hole of a country. Doctor find me another, that can take this ass hole out. I want you to almost kill them with the radiation, I want them fucking strong. This son of a bitch needs to fucking die!" he shouted as another section of wall blew out in front of him. The doctor&#039;s eyes flew wide, the boss was sorly pissed off. The doctor hadn&#039;t seen him this mad ever! He was glad that the boss needed him so bad, the radiation couldn&#039;t be handled by someone that had abilities already opened up. He remembered the first time he had gotten near, after his initial exposure. He thought that he was going to die, his breathing had almost stopped, his limbs had gone almost numb. Had he not fallen backwards, he felt that he would have died then and there.

Tahir was so tired, that had taken so much out of him. Kim had checked on him soon after he had lain down. Wearing a worried look she had fretted over him till he had fallen asleep, with her next to him. Waking with a start he realized that he had been dreaming. The dream had been so real, he reached out to see if it had been real. Nearing the scene he saw the bodies everywhere. Retreating he immediately called the Captain.
"What&#039;ve you got?" he asked after he rushed to Tahir&#039;s room.
"I was dreaming , so I thought. when I saw the execution of more than 100 people. I checked, it was the head office of the eastern department." Tahir&#039;s face was grim his fists were tightly clenched.
The Captain pulled a phone from his pocket and made a few calls, within 30 minutes his face too was grim.

It now seemed that the doctor&#039;s group was starting to escalate this into a war. Later the Captain hung up and turned toward Tahir.
"I just got off the phone with Washington, they also want us to escalate, they want you to take as many out as you can. They have to be weakened so the blood shed will stop." with a determined look on his face Tahir nodded, getting out of bed he got dressed and followed the captain to his office.
The boss was laughing with sadistic glee, let them come back from that! Looking at the piled up bodies, he still wished that Tahir&#039;s body was there, that way he would have been killing everyone in Washington by now.

The Leader was handed a note a few moments later. Upon reading it he felt that finally, things were starting to go his way. With any luck, this time a day or two from now, that little prick Tahir would be dead! Laughing harder this was the best he had felt in a long time. Walking to his car he called the doctor.
"Get her ready" he laughed into the phone, "I want this little prick dead! Natasha tell the doctor that I want her deployed as soon as possible."
"Leader, you realise that she isn&#039;t the most stable don&#039;t you?" Natasha replied.
"Good! the more unstable the better!" he laughed.

Tahir listened while the Captain listed off the targets that they wanted him to try and take out. Just before he left he went to Kim to strengthen her more.
"Kim, I want to make your defences stronger. They know about us now through Tina, I want to make." Kim nodded she was glad, she knew that she could withstand an attack now but she also knew that she was no where nearly as strong as she wished she was. Tahir delved deep finding her defences. He could see where he had strengthened them before, the fixes were still strong and holding. They appeared to have remained the same no weaker or stronger. Working for a half an hour, he had strengthened her to the point that she was just a bit stronger than Tina. Smiling he withdrew.
"I am hoping that this will make you stronger, your defences are just a bit stronger than Tina&#039;s.

"I can feel it!" she said excited, "I have never felt this much power in me before, Thank you Tahir I just hope that we never have to put all this to the test."
Tahir nodded holding her a moment before he went to meet with the Captain again. "Remember, do what you can, then get the hell out of there, we don&#039;t have the support that we used to in that city" the Captain stated, "We haven&#039;t had a report on their activity in a few days, not since they took out the main department there." Tahir nodded putting the few things he was going to take with him.

Appearing in the park he started to scan around. Finding his first target, he moved there. The man was boasting and celebrating having killed the agents he had. Suddenly there was a thin man before him with an intense look on his face.
Sneering, "don&#039;t fuck with me little man, unless you want to die!" Tahir started to laugh this piss ant wasn&#039;t as strong like the report had said. Smiling at the man Tahir waited to see what he was going to do. Throwing an energy wave, the man looked shocked when Tahir started laughing at him.
"Oh shit, not you!" Reaching in deep Tahir found all of his abilities and just crushed them all. Then he withdrew.
"You tell all the others I spared you, you tell them they are all dead no matter what they can do. I told the doctor I was through playing, I meant it." With that he vanished.

The man stumbled out of the bar running as fast as he could. Finding the others was foremost in his mind. Outside of the compound he ran into Natasha.
"What are you doing here?" feeling the apparent distress from the man she looked a little deeper and saw the tale tell signs of Tahir. "I guess you found out just how strong he was, huh? Don&#039;t tell me, you challanged him and he just stripped you of all your abilities?" the Man just nodded, "Typical Tahir, you men will never learn you are no match for his power."
"He gave me a message to give all the others," he started, "He said that he was comning for all of them, that they were dead no matter what they did."
Natasha nodded it appeared that Tahir was about to enter the war in ernest.
After the man left, Natasha told the doctor, then called all the others to warn them. She knew in her mind that they were going to lose alot of people this day.

Tahir watched as she made each call, tracing each to its end, seeing each group of men. After she was done, Tahir froze her. A surprised look on her face, then one of pleasure as Tahir felt her up, rubbing her clit to an orgasn as a reward. Leaving just as suddenly, Natasha wished he wouldn&#039;t tease her, that was the third or fourth time. Damnit! she wanted the real thing or at least more release than he was giving her. Appearing in the first groups hide out, Tahir froze all 5 of them. This came as a surprise to him as it did them. He had never done more than 2 at a time. Reaching into each he gathered all the info he could, then he reached deeper finding all the abilities of each he began to destroy each. That was till he reached the last, seeing the sheer delight the man took in killing, Tahir smiled in his face.
"You are dead. For humanity and the crimes you have done," reaching in Tahir grabbed his heart making the pressure increase til it exploded. The man&#039;s face looked at Tahir in shock then slumped forward.

Slipping out and in each hideout, Tahir had only killed 5, neutralizing a total of 70, when he stumbled across her. He had just finished taking care of of the 15th hideout, when she appeared. Reaching out he hit a wall for the first time, rather than feeling it. Pushing harder, he was through her wall but it wasn&#039;t that easy. He felt her pushing at him, still not quite reaching her, he began to shove harder hmmm she was the strongest he had ever come across. Strengthening his shields more than he ever had, feeling her pushing getting a little weaker, then it also increased, he knew that this was going to be a fight.

Tahir felt her trying to push into his mind that he had closed tight. He had finally reached her, feeling the madness that she was experiencing. Tahir could also feel the excessive amount of the energy that she had been exposed to. After facing off for only 5 minutes, the room was in shambles, holes were everywhere in the walls, they were both drenched in sweat, he knew that she would kill him if he didn&#039;t get rid of her soon. His energy had been weakened slightly, her energy was also depleated, though she had enough for her to almost slip past his defences. Giving a huge surge he pushed her back against the wall trying to freeze her, she was too strong but he had pinned her momentarily. Finally, taking a deep breath he centered and sent her to the boss&#039;s house that he had been in. It took almost all he had. Watching her vanish Tahir cursed his stupidity and over confidence.

Drawing in as much energy as he could, he happened to look at his reflection when he saw the blood. Obviously she had managed to cut him also seeing the slow ooze of blood from the side of his head, Tahir pulled in as much as he could (healing wasn&#039;t one of his strong suits) he still didn&#039;t have enough energy to slip and he was only about half done with the mission. Sitting on the floor in the midst of all the destruction, he pulled faster, waiting. Natasha had seen the last bit of the battle? She wasn&#039;t sure what to call it, she felt Tahir&#039;s energy fall greatly along with the woman&#039;s and had tried to reach into him when the woman vanished.
As far as she knew Natasha hadn&#039;t seen that ability in her. Hmmm obviously Tahir had more abilities than he had let on.

Tahir felt Natasha when she started to probe and hit his wall. Walking down the stairs she knew that even in his weakened state she was no match for him. Looking up he saw her as she approached.
"This wasn&#039;t mine nor the doctor&#039;s idea, I heard that you had removed an ability from the leader. His temperament has definitely taken a turn for the worse. I was supposed to deliver a message to you but I am assuming that you have guessed it. They want you to know that they think you can&#039;t defeat them now" she slowly smirked, "They do not know you like I do"
"they had many soldiers they have lost over 100 now. I will not stop till I defeat them you tell your leader that I am far from through with him," turning to go he stopped Natasha, "also thank him" Natasha looked at him questioningly, "This little spat today will go far to strengthening me. I have found that using or not using them tends to make them stronger." Natasha&#039;s eyes grew wide, "Usually I don&#039;t use as much as I did today, I used almost all of the power fighting her as did she, that will be a big boost."

Tahir found that he was already recharged twice as fast as last time. Smiling he reached and pulled a struggling Natasha to him, kissing her deeply and passionately he vanished. The reports they were getting in said that there had been somewhat of a major battle, in the basement of a building not too far from the old east headquarters. Kim was worried, they still hadn&#039;t recieved any word yet from Tahir. She had experimented after he left and found that she could actually feel him now, no matter how far away he was. Up until an hour ago she had felt him now, nothing. With a start she softly shrieked, when Tahir appeared next to her, that was till she saw the blood. Immediately, she grabbed his head starting the healing process, when he passed out in her arms.


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