Being Dakota Chapter One

Being Dakota Chapter One

I have described it as Fiction, but most of my writings are semi-biographical. Not that I am embellishing, more like I'm toning down the reality.

I was home alone when I got the call that my Uncle George was dead. I went to the funeral and met some relatives that I never knew I had. George was my dad’s older brother. I had to fly alone, my mom and step dad didn’t want to come.

My dad died when I was two, so I never knew him.

My mom remarried one year later to a traffic homicide cop who was investigating my dad’s death. Frank, his real name is Francis, and he hates it. He never took to me and didn’t adopt me. My sister came soon and he doted on her, but I wasn’t his ‘real’ son so he spent little time with me. Being a cop, especially a traffic homicide cop, he made it clear that if I ever took a drink before I was twenty-one he would beat my ass and kick me out of the house. I believed him. He was an unforgiving and unrepentant son of a bitch.

His house (not our house) was in Lighthouse Point Florida, an upscale neighborhood of waterfront homes with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. However, this house was on the fringes and although it was on a canal leading to the ocean it was the last one on a dead end canal and across the street were normal and somewhat shabby homes.

I put the pieces together. He bought the house thinking that he would go fishing and cruise around with his buddies, but he sucked as a fisherman and didn’t have any friends, much less buddies. He ended up working and coming home to an empty house and drinking a few beers in front of the television. Every night.

When my dad died, he was on the investigation and met my mom. Someone got so drunk that at 6 am. They managed to get onto I-95 going the wrong direction. My dad probably never saw it coming. The drunk driver was a cop and the whole thing turned into a pile of shit. My mom was a book keeper at a small company making perhaps, thirty thousand a year and depended on my dad financially. Because the guy that killed my dad was a cop, shit was covered up and the insurance my mom got was the minimum from their insurance and my dad’s. She got royally fucked. But that didn’t stop Francis from putting the moves on the young, vulnerable widow with a half a million in the bank.

The few things I remember about growing up in his house is that I never counted on him for anything. I got rides to little league with the neighbors and he never came to a single game. When I got the principal’s award for excellence in seventh grade, he never said a thing. Once, I left my bicycle, a Christmas present, on the front porch and in the morning, it was gone. He beat me for letting my bike get stolen. It was a thirty-five dollar K-Mart piece of shit. His favorite form of punishment was to take off his belt, at this point I would try to escape, but he would pin me down, pull down my pants and start whipping my bare butt. I usually couldn’t sit down for a day or two. Had I known that if I showed the marks to anyone he would have been arrested for child abuse, but with my experience, it seemed like the cops covered for each other and another, worse whipping would have been the result.

In eleventh grade my guidance counselor started prepping me for college. I spoke to my mom and step-dad about it and they both said the same thing, ‘we can’t afford it’.

On the side of the house was an ancient piece of shit nineteen foot tri-hull boat with a twenty-five year old Johnson V-4 outboard. It hadn’t run in at least twenty years. Without asking, I filled the cylinders with oil and drained the fuel tank and refilled it with fresh fuel. I needed a battery, so I went to the service station out on Federal Highway and asked the owner if he had an old one that I could have. He showed me how to dump out the contents, flush it and add new electrolytes. It wasn’t much, but it held 13 volts. Hooking up the hose to the lower unit for cooling, I turned the key. It wouldn’t crank until I sprayed some ether into the carbs, then it fired up. I would run it for five minutes and shut it down and check everything. When it appeared that it might work again, I started making the boat sea-worthy. It was soon ready for a sea trial. Once in the water, you couldn’t see it from the house and Francis never ventured into the back yard anyway. The tires were flat so it was hard to drag it over to the davits to lift it from the trailer and into the water. It didn’t sink.

I needed a back up plan. I called my girlfriend, Janis, and told her what was up. She cracked up.

“You are going to be so busted when Frank finds out.” she told me.

The best thing that ever happened to me was my sister, Desiree and my girlfriend, Janis. I was pals with her older brother Wayne when I met her. She was a skinny, buck toothed, blonde redneck girl with a mouth like a sailor. The first time I heard her say, “Fuck You!” I got a boner. I was sixteen and she was thirteen but it didn’t stop me from being attracted to her. She developed a crush on me and our clandestine make out sessions had to suffice until she got a little older, I thought. One night on the back porch of their house, Janis was in my lap and I was feeling her boobs which weren’t any larger than mine when she pushed my hands aside and pulled down my shorts and started sucking my dick. I was sure that she had never sucked a cock before but she was so sure of what she was doing that I just let her do it. I warned her that I was going to cum, but she just looked up and as our eyes met as I started pumping my load into her tiny mouth. Her cheeks puffed out and her eyes watered, but she didn’t stop until I was drained and she had swallowed every drop. Soon, she made it clear that she didn’t want to have intercourse, but she wanted to blow me at every opportunity and expected me to service her orally in return. I usually did her first, because I would lose interest if I came before she did.

Her pussy was blonde, tiny and tight. To get her to cum I had to lick her furiously while fingering her. She would arch her back and hump back and the only problem was that she was loud, really loud. She would wear a little denim skirt and I would pull her panties off and when she started screaming, I would stuff her panties in her mouth to keep her quiet. After she came, she would leave the skirt up and take my cock in her mouth and suck it like it was the last cock she would ever have and drink it down every time. The best part of everything was that I didn’t know that she would turn out to be beautiful. As she got older, she blossomed into one of the hottest girls at our school and that put me in the stratosphere of dateability. I got hints and downright offers from nice looking girls on nearly a weekly basis, as well as a some veiled offers from some of the guys too.

That was then. Now I was twenty, had no money, a thirty year old Dodge pickup, and a jailbait sixteen year old girlfriend.

Janis agreed to come with me to test drive Frank’s boat. I would need help paddling if the engine blew up. Janis parked across the street and I met her on the side of the house. When she saw the boat, she squealed, “Oh My God! It looks so much better now that it’s all cleaned up.”

I helped her onboard and started up the motor. It ran without too much smoke and when I cast off the lines and put it into forward, it idled away without any problems.

I wasn’t sure how far to go. If we broke down, it would be a bitch getting back, but it seemed to run fine so I kept going all the way to the intracoastal.

I had a decision to make.

“Should I risk trying to get this thing on a plane?” I asked Janis.

“Fuck it. If it blows up, we can swim to shore and walk home. Either way, you are totally fucked when Frankenfucker finds out.”

Damn, she had a potty mouth.

I pushed the throttle smoothly forward and the engine responded in kind. Soon, we were on a plane and my phone showed me that we were doing thirty miles per hour with more throttle left to go. I ran it at thirty-five hundred RPM for a couple minutes then backed off.

Janis came over and held me.

“Pretty impressive for a red-neck shade tree mechanic.”

I laughed, “Just lucky I guess. Like finding you.”

Janis pointed to a mangrove lined waterway. I had never been here before so I had no idea where it went. It slithered into the mangroves and opened up into a small, salt water lake. I eased the anchor over and cut the motor, hoping that it would start again.

Janis didn’t waste any time pulling down my shorts and engulfing my cock in her mouth. I leaned back and wondered how I could do her since there wasn’t any upholstery for her to lie back on.

My eyes were closed when she said, “I want you to fuck me.”

I opened my eyes and looked at her. “I can’t, unless you have a condom.”

She took her shorts and panties off and bent over. “Then use my ass. Just make sure to get some pussy juice on your cock first.”

We had been together for three years and never had anything more that oral sex. What the fuck was happening? My dick was so fucking hard that it was throbbing and turning purple. I reached between her legs and her pussy was sopping with cream. I scooped some on my fingers and rubbed her back door with it and gently eased my index finger in her ass hole. I was hesitant until she shoved back and my finger was in her all the way. I spit on her ass to get some more lube and began to finger fuck her ass but she just wiggled and humped back on my finger. She could take my finger easily, but my cock was way larger. Long and thick, it wasn’t going in there, especially without real lube. I got a second finger in her ass and she started bucking back against them.

“God Damn it. Just fuck me! I need you in my ass like yesterday.”

She reached back and guided me to her brown hole. I pushed and nothing happened. My dick head is huge, not as large as a tennis ball, but bigger than a golf ball. It was not going in. My dick was taking a beating, bending instead of going in Janis’s ass. She squeezed the base, pushing the blood to the head and jammed it in herself. It finally popped in, just the head. Janis shuddered as she came to grips with the big piece of man meat in her ass. I looked down. Her ass is amazing but I was unsure if she could really take my dick. I held her hips and she started pushing herself back against me. Inch by inch, it was a fight to get my cock all the way into her ass, but somehow we did it. Her eyes were closed and she was panting and growling at the same time. I put my hands on her shoulders and started to pump my dick into her ass. It didn’t even take a minute. With her hand stroking her clit and my dick in her ass, she came with a whimper. I had to hold her up, otherwise she would have fallen to the deck.

Now I had a decision to make. Her pussy was off limits and although she sucked me off on a regular basis, my dick was buried in her shit hole and I wasn’t going to stick it in her mouth, but I needed to come. I reached under and held her up by her tits and humped her ass and finally I got relaxed enough to shoot a huge load of cum into her ass. When I tried to pull out, her ass gripped me and finally I came out with a pop. Her asshole was still gaping open and my white cum was leaking out. Her butthole started to contract closed again and I had to continue to hold her up.

When she opened her eyes, it was like she was waking from a dream. “That was the best thing ever. When you came in me, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Where did you learn to fuck like that?”

“I didn’t. You are my first and only girlfriend.”

She smiled back. “Me too. You are my first and only.”

We made it home and I left the boat in the water. The seawall was six feet high and the boat wasn’t visible unless you walked over and looked down.

On Saturday morning, the best chance I had to get a yes, I asked Frank about the boat. He was in his best mood on Saturday. An entire day of college football and beer. He wasn’t on call, so he could do whatever he wanted. Sundays were Monday eve and his demeanor wasn’t as friendly as on Saturday.

“Hey dad?”

He looked up from the paper. “Yes?”

“What are you going to do with the boat?”

“I guess I should have it hauled off. It’s an eyesore.”

“Can I try to get it running?”

“That piece of shit? You can try, but it’s a waste of time. I thought that I would use it more, but work kept me from it.”

“Thanks Dad. I’ll give it a try and if it doesn’t work, we can have it junked.”

Before he could change his mind, I hauled ass.

It turned out that it ran pretty well. Well enough to get a recreational lobster trap license and set out a few traps. Just outside of Hillsborough Inlet to the south, the bottom is rocky and every crawfish I caught was a big, deepwater bug. We had them for dinner a few times until my next door neighbor offered to buy them at ten dollars per pound for all I could catch. I applied for a commercial license and had to buy the trap tickets, which were expensive, but soon I had fifty traps and a steady income. Then the motor blew. I heard it start to rattle and took it down to idle and it almost made it home. The main bearing on the crankshaft let go and the motor was toast. I was in a quandry. My traps were soaking and I had no way to pull them.

I knew my mom had plenty of money in the bank. I also knew that Frank had been trying to get his hands on it, but my cheap ass mom wouldn’t give him any. Go Mom! I asked her for a loan, maybe ten thousand to buy a new boat. She told me that her money was tied up and unavailable. Oh Well. Fucking Cunt.

I was sitting on the dock trying to figure out what to do when my next door neighbor saw me. Tom came over to chat.

“Hey, little brother, what’s up?”

I cheered up a little. Tom was a pretty good guy. He retired at sixty and his wife Josephine (Jo) worked part time at the library.

“There might not be any more lobster, Tom.”

“Why not?”

“The motor blew today. I had to get a tow back to the dock.”

“What are you going to do?” he asked me.

“Nothing. There is nothing I can do. The money I was making wasn’t enough to put anything away for a new motor. I used everything I had to get the trap tickets.”

“How many tickets do you have?”


“How much do they cost?”

“Two-fifty each.”

“Holy shit. Twelve-five sitting out there in the water?”

I just looked out on the canal as the sun was setting.

Tom told me, “Come inside with me.”

“Jo, Dakota has a big problem. His boat motor blew up and his traps are sitting out there with no way to pull them.”

Jo sat next to me and put her hand on my thigh. “Oh Dear, that’s terrible. What are you going to do?”

Tom answered, “There’s nothing he can do. He spent every dime getting that boat running and buying trap tags. He needs either a new motor or a new boat.”

Josephine laughed. “Oh Tom. Go ahead with whatever you want to do. I know you have a plan and I need you out of my hair now and then.”

Tom looked at me. “Let’s go online and see if we can find a real lobster boat.”

There was a boat for sale in Key Largo. A twenty one foot privateer with a new Suzuki outboard, a hydraulic puller and a recirculating live well for the catch. At seventeen-thousand, It could have been a million. I had all of twenty-five hundred in the bank.

Tom suggested that we drive down in the morning to look at it and called the seller for an appointment.

“Buying and selling is all about timing. If the boat is a dog, it will sit there, if it’s a good boat, it will sell fast. Let’s go find out.”

Jo drove us to Key Largo in her Lexus. We met the owner at his house and took it for a test ride. He showed Tom the file of paperwork including the title and outboard motor warrantee information.

“I like it.” Tom reached into his car and took out a valise and pulled out stacks of hundreds.

“Fifteen thousand and we have a deal.”

The owner countered with, “Sixteen or no deal.”

Tom added another thousand and they shook hands.

It didn’t have a trailer and we didn’t want to buy one. It was still before noon, so we decided to drive it home. About one hundred and thirty miles, it would take at best six or seven hours.

Tom depended upon me to find our way home. Using the GPS, we went up the inland waterway and into Key Biscayne and out Government Cut to the Atlantic Ocean. If it was too rough we would have to motor up the intracoastal and we would be lucky to get home before dark. It was calm inside the reef and the boat planed nicely at twenty-eight hundred RPM and the GPS indicated that we were making over thirty knots.

Tom was exuberant. He was the happiest that I had ever seen him. I waved him over to the wheel and insisted that he take over. I used the time to check the bilge and the tell tale that meant that the motor was cooling properly. When I stood beside him, he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and smiled at me. I leaned my head against his shoulder. I felt the same about him as I hoped he felt about me.

We made it home just before dark. We tied up at his dock and went inside to tell Jo that we were home. She greeted us with hugs and to my surprised, she kissed me on the lips.

“Dakota, my husband has been moping around the house for the past year, since he retired. He tried golf, poker and bowling and nothing worked. He looks happier than I have ever seen him. Thank you so much.” She kissed me again on the lips, this time longer, and I think I felt her tongue behind her lips. I looked at Tom over her shoulder as she hugged me. He gave me a thumbs up behind his wife’s back.

Jo was younger than Tom, but not by much. She had to be fifty. To a twenty year old, that’s a big difference, but she was a trophy wife. Tom was a successful businessman and it was natural that he would choose a total hotty, ten years his junior.

Jo said, “I haven’t been on the boat yet. Maybe we could take it out tomorrow and go snorkeling?”

“Sure, the weather’s perfect and it sounds like fun.”

“Great, I need to make sure I have a bathing suit that still fits.”

After minute, Tom said, “Why don’t you help Jo pick out a swim suit?”

It was a strange request, but I did what he asked.

I tapped on the door jamb to Jo and Tom’s bedroom. She had her dresser drawer open and some bikinis were lying on the bed.

She turned to me.

“Is this too revealing?” and held up a bikini that was nothing more than three tiny triangles of silky fabric.

What could I say? Her body was not slender, she was full figured and very curvy. I didn’t think the bikini had a chance of holding her in.

“I, I, I, I mean it depends. It’s probably too revealing in public, but out on the boat, it’s probably fine.”

“I haven’t worn it for a while. Maybe it’s too small. She peeled her shirt up and off, revealing her bra, then dropped her shorts and stood before me in just a bra and panties.

She was a goddess. Perfection from head to toe. Yes, she was fifty, but, oh my god, she was built. No flab, tight abs and arms and legs and a set of tits to die for.

“Are you going to just stand there or are you going to help me?”

I was a little slow on the uptake and didn’t know what to do. Luckily she instructed me.

“First, unfasten my bra in the back.”

I did that and her breasts swung free.

“My underwear?”

I slid her panties down and off. I started to catch on and brought her bikini over and put the top part over her head and got behind her to fasten the back. She adjusted her boobs into it and I got the bottom half.

She turned to me. Her pussy was hairy but I could see that it had been trimmed a little.

“You like?” she asked me.

I couldn’t speak, so I just nodded.

“Well, help me into the bottoms.”

I had to get on my knees to allow her to step into her bikini bottom and it put my face almost into her crotch. I guided her foot through one side then the other and she waited for me to pull it up and onto her ass and pussy.

She opened her closet to use the full length mirror and looked at herself. She didn’t have a tan, but the white tiny bikini made her look darker that she was. Some pubic hair was escaping from the sides and top of her bikini bottom and her boobs were spilling out from all sides of the tiny top.

She turned to me. “Something is missing.” and went into her closet. When she came out, she was wearing a matching pair of white, high heels.

“There. I think these are perfect. What do you think?”

I was incapable of speech. A tall, beautiful, goddess was standing before me in a micro bikini and high heels, twirling around and asking me if I thought she was sexy.

I felt my erection but didn’t dare look down at it. Jo walked over, a catwalk dance with her legs swinging around and her boobs jiggling. What could I do? I waited with trepidation and then she turned and walked away. Holy Fuck! That was so cruel.

She went to her vanity and took out a lipstick and carefully applied it to her lips while bending over in her thong bikini. She blotted her lips with a tissue and said, “There, that is much better. What do you think?”

I was numb and sat there like a dumbass.

She sat next to me and sighed. “We are going to have to work on your people skills. You have everything going for you, but you just don’t know it. You drove the boat all the way back from Key Largo. Take off your clothes and take a shower.”

I went to the bathroom, obeying her, when she stopped me.

“Wait. I want you to strip here. Take off your clothes. Drop them on the floor and present yourself to me. That is if you want to be a good little boy.”

What could I do? I took off my shirt and dropped my shorts and briefs and stood there.

“You are beautiful. Take care of that body. It’s a gift.”

I went into the shower and was surprised when my cock wouldn’t go down.

I didn’t have any other clothes. I couldn’t go home, even though I lived next door. I toweled off and wrapped it around my waist and ventured into the master bedroom. Tom wasn’t there but Jo was. She was on the bed and looking my way.

She patted the bed next to her, inviting me to join her. I sat down and asked, “What about Tom?”

She purred, “It was his idea all along. It’s not that unusual, a younger wife with fantasies, and he really likes you. And he loves me.”

She pulled me down for a kiss and I let the towel around my waist drop as I let every bit of resistance drop away also. I had been jacking off thinking of her and I wasn’t man enough to confront it. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity get by. I kissed her and cupped her full breast in my hand as I felt her fingernail tickle me down from my neck, to a nipple, then my navel and finally to my pubic region.

When she finally held me in her hand, I groaned in her mouth. It was the sexiest thing that I had ever encountered in my life. Sure, I was dating the hottest chick in school who blew me five times a week and let me fuck her ass twice a month, but Jo was so much hotter than that. She was a real woman.

Jo pushed me back on the bed and my dick was pointed skyward.

“Such a beautiful cock” she cooed. “I’m going to have to suck it.”

She lowered her red lipstick covered lips to my dick and her little pointed tongue leaped out and licked the pre-cum from the tip. The teasing was agony and ecstasy. I thrust my hip towards her mouth and she laughed and pulled away.

“Nasty Boy. I’m not that easy. You are going to beg me when I’m done with you.”

She wasn’t kidding. While I was waiting for her to resume, or even begin my blowjob, she put some lube in her hand.

Fuck Me. I’m getting a handjob? I mean, that’s cool and all but on the scale it’s a zero. I was counting on a blowjob and was hoping to fuck, but a handjob? I was so horny that I was thinking of grabbing her head and forcing my dick in her mouth until I came when I felt something for the first time.

I yelped as her finger went into my butthole. She quieted me by taking my dick in her mouth. It was weird, like taking a shit, with her finger in my ass, but as long as she was sucking my dick, I could live with it.

I realized that I wasn’t in control. Jo had taken over and I had no choice. Unless I wanted to get up and leave, which I wasn’t going to do.

She was still wearing that slutty almost bikini and her tits, pussy and ass were hanging out everywhere. She rolled over to her nightstand and rummaged around and produced a pink vibrator at least ten inches long. I was hoping that she wanted to use it on herself, but no such luck.

“Pull your legs back and let me at your asshole.”

I complied, lying on my back and pulled my knees to my chest.

“This won’t hurt if you don’t resist. Just let it in and everything will be fine.”

She stroked my cock and I felt the dildo against my virgin asshole. The first push hurt, a lot. I cringed but Jo just laughed.

“Don’t be a pussy. You will learn to love it. Just let me do my job and soon you will have more pussy than you can imagine. Pull your legs apart and let me fuck you in the ass.”

This time the dildo went in with less pain. It still felt like I was taking a shit, but then it started to feel good.

Jo shoved it in and I moaned, “Oh God. Fuck me. Please Fuck me.”

She jacked my dick with one hand as she fucked me in the ass with the vibrating dildo. I was trying to hold back when I looked up and saw Tom watching me from the doorway. He was smiling and I couldn’t help but smile back. I wasn’t the only one that got assfucked and jacked off. I blew my load and I don’t know where it landed. I caught Jo on the face and tits but most of it went off the bed.

She crawled up and held me without saying a thing.

I felt Tom come to bed on the other side of Jo and felt her roll over and they spooned. It was a little weird when he started rocking into her from behind and it was a little more weird when she kissed me while Tom was fucking her. His humping picked up in intensity and I heard him grunt as he dumped his seed into his wife while she was plunging her tongue in my mouth. When she turned over and guided my erection to her sperm filled and swollen pussy, I had a moment of clarity. Could I do this? What would happen in the future? I didn’t have long to think about it and soon my dick was buried in her hot, wet, swollen, cum filled pussy.

Jo was kissing her husband as I fucked her from behind and as much as I wanted to make it last, I shot my cream deep into her cunt. I left my dick into her until it plopped out and she turned to me.

“Thank you Dakota. I’ve been fantasizing about this for way too long.”

When I woke up, it was just Tom and I in bed. Talk about awkward. He smiled at me. “Hey little brother. Are you good?”

I relaxed. “Your wife is a goddess. Teach me how to be like you. You are the luckiest man on earth.”

He replied, “I know that. It’s not hard. Just concentrate on what you think is important. Nothing else counts.”

He rolled over and got kind of close. I wasn’t grossed out or anything but it was the closest that I had gotten to a naked dude, much less a sixty year old dude.

He sensed my discomfort and pushed away. “I’m so sorry. I just like you so much. I’m not gay or anything, it’s just that Jo and I like you.”

I felt bad. Tom had never been anything but a good friend to me and letting his wife take my cherry was an incredible gift. I rolled towards him and he wrapped his arms around me. My face ended up against his hairy chest. Well, not so hairy, but hairier that mine. His nipple wasn’t hairy and on impulse, I took it into my mouth. He sighed and I took that as a signal to continue. I adjusted my body to get closer to him and felt his dick against my leg. He was hard and huge. I couldn’t help myself when I slid my hand down to feel his erection. I pushed his underwear down and unleashed his cock. My hand slid up and down it when he surprised me and turned my head to his and kissed me.

I had never kissed a guy before and had no intentions of doing so, until now. I could feel the eager longing in his kiss. He was offering me a chance at romance. The kind that would last forever. I ignored his chin stubble and kissed him back with as much passion as he was giving to me. We didn’t have sex that night because Jo joined us in bed and wanted another round of fucking.

When I woke up, Jo and Tom were both looking at me.


Jo spoke, “Nothing Honey. We were just watching you sleep. You are the most precious thing.”

Tom was smiling at me. I fucked his wife and he kind of made a pass at me last night. Was I that kind of person?

I didn’t have to go home, although home was only fifty feet away. My parents couldn’t give a shit. More precisely, they wouldn’t want me to call them. They were so self absorbed that they would rather that I never bothered them.

I looked at Jo. “Can I suck your husbands cock?”

She chuckled, “Only if you want to. You don’t owe us anything. But feel free if you want to. Can I watch?”

We were already in bed so it was easy. I kissed Tom on the lips and down to his nipples and by the time I got to his boxers, his cock was fully erect and straining in the fabric.

By now, I was so fucking horny that I just jerked his shorts down started stoking his monster cock. All guys measure their dicks and I’m no exception so I know I have seven inches, Tom’s was at least two inches longer and thick. I had no experience, other than Janis blowing me, but I vowed to try my best. Stroking him, I realized that he was uncircumcised. I marveled at it and worked the foreskin up and down trying to figure out what to do with it.

Tom groaned, “Oh Fuck, just suck it already.”

I peeled back his foreskin and his dick head was pink and tender, not like mine. I kissed and licked it and took it in my mouth.

I looked at Jo. She was jilling off watching me blow her husband.

I had a decision to make. I never thought about catching a load in my mouth before but I could tell that Tom was getting close. I might puke. Should I pull off and jerk him to finish?

“I’m going to cum!” he moaned. I didn’t get the chance to decide when he started pumping his sperm into my mouth. It wasn’t so bad. I wanted to barf, but when he was done, I realized that it was kind of nice. He blew his load in my mouth and I liked it.

Jo dragged me up and kissed me, plunging her tongue between my lips.

“That was so fucking hot. Anytime you want to fuck me or suck off my husband or anything, just ask. I’ve been begging Tom to find a guy and he would never do it. Thank you so much Dakota.”

Jo rolled over and spread her legs and pulled me on top of her. I was hard and she was wet and we just splashed together. Tom cheered me on as I fucked his beautiful, trophy wife while I strained to last. I pulled out and shot a full load on her tits and tummy. Jo laughed and pulled me down on her, sharing my load between us.

We didn’t even shower. I woke up sticky and nasty and Jo looked at me and kissed me. When Tom woke up, we both kissed him. I know, it’s gay, but who cares anyway? When Jo got out of bed, I really saw her ass for the first time. Beautiful, sexy and had just the right amount of jiggle. Janis’s butt was great, but it was small and athletic, while Jo’s was the ass of a real woman.

Tom bought another two hundred and fifty trap tags so we had to go out every other day to pull them. With three hundred traps averaging three pounds per week we were making serious money. Tom got us connected with local restaurants and they were begging for our product. By cutting out the middleman, we were both getting a great deal.

We woke up on Sunday morning in bed. My parents didn’t even notice that I was gone.

“Dakota, move in with us.”

I panicked. I did everything that I could to get away but Tom and Jo pulled me down onto their bed and Jo explained it to me.

“We love you. I know that your Step-Dad is hard to live with, and you can’t stay under his roof forever. I wish we lived farther away but this is how it is.”

“Just move in here. You and Tom and tend the traps and we can all be happy together. Please say yes?”

I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers. Her tongue quickly pierced my lips and I sucked on it eagerly. While she was tonguing my tonsils I looked at Tom and he gave me the thumbs up.

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