What I want for you

What I want for you

I have always dated women who were much shorter than me and petite in size. Something about short and petite women make me very excited. I have enjoyed my experiences with some of my ex's that have allowed me to experiment with them by sharing them with guys with huge cocks. This story is a fantasy that I have only because I have yet to find a girl that would do such a thing with me.

I think before your gangbang with these monster dicks, i would eat that sweet tight tasty pussy of yours until your pussy came in my mouth. i would savor how tiny and tight your pussy looks. i would fuck you with my little dick and feel your pussy walls wrap around my thin dick as you tell me how small i am and how you need more dick in you. i cum in your small little pussy and your pussy queezes the rest of my cum out of my small thin dick. as cum is oozing out of your pussy, i tell you how i invited my friend and some other people to join us for sex. i open the bedroom door and in comes 7 guys with dicks that rival my friends foot long massive dick that is thicker than my wrist. your mouth drops and your in shock due to the freakish dick sizes unlike anything you have seen or had. i tell the guys that you are the girl that i have been talking to them about. i tell them that the biggest dick you have ever had was a bit bigger than mine. by now my dick is limp and only an 1 in. long. they just laugh and look at you and tell you that you are in a huge treat tonight. i tell you to knee in the middle of the room and the guys surround you. you look confused and worried. your head is being poked at all sides by these massive dickheads that you dont know what to do. the weight of their dicks on your face and head is overwelming. as you grab a dick with one hand, you realize that it is going to take two hands to handle these guys dicks. you try to put the mans dick in your mouth when you discover that you cant. his dick is too fat for your mouth. you look around to find a dick that you can suck on and each dick that you try to suck is way to big for you. the guys are getting fustrated, so they put you on the bed and kneel around you. one guy gets between your legs and starts rubbing your pussy with his dickhead, and he sees that you still have some of my cum in you. your getting worried whether or not you are going to enjoy this or not. all of the guys are rubbing on you and your body. your looking around still amazed at the sizes in front of you and how heavy they feel, when the guy between your legs pushes hard into you unexpectedly. you scream make a sudden reaction and sqeeze on a guys dick and try to push off the guy on top of you. your pussy is on fire. it is being ripped apart by that fattest dick you have ever had in your small little pussy. the guys are loving every second of it. they hold you down and spread your legs even wider. the mans dick is so far up in your body by now that it keeps hitting your cervix. within second you are cumming so hard like never before. the man is still in you and you are in pain and your telling him how he is too big for you. your telling him how your small pussy was not made for a dick like his. by this time your legs are up in the air and he is stuffing you with every inch of his dick. he is telling everyone how tight your pussy is. he telling you how your pussy has needed a dick like his and how now your going to want his dick. he tells you how you will no longer be able to feel my little thing anymore. about that time he grunts and you moan out loud, you feel the man shoot his cum deep in you. he pulls out his dick and we all hear a slurp and pop as he comes out of your little hole. he looks for his cum to come out of you but he was so far in you that it has not made its way out yet. another guys jumps in you and you have no time to rest and you are immediatly fill again with a huge and heavy dick in your tiny pussy. the size is a repeated session as the guy before and you are still hurting. all of a sudden, you have another orgasm and it tires your body out. it is so intense that it drains your bodies energy. by this time, you are still hurting but you have given into the fact that these guys are not going to stop until they cum in your small pussy. within minutes, you feel the guy cum in your pussy. he jumps off of you and another guy takes his place. by this time, your pussy feels like it has been damaged, but you still feel the pain from where each of their dicks hits deep into your pussy. your body tenses up and has another orgasm and your body feels like a noddle by now. you have never felt this drained before in your life. by the end of the fifth guy, your pussy has been torn apart and you can not feel the guys massive dicks in your pussy or the orgasms that your body is having, all you feel is the pain in your stomach area as they fuck you deep. the guy cums in you and the rest of the two guys just look at you and your pussy. they see how your pussy has been destroyed and how numb your body is to their size, so they decide to have something else that is just as tight if not tighter. they flip you over and the sixth guy forces his dick into your ass. you scream in pain as he forces half of his dick length in your little asshole. he tells the guys that he is getting the tightess part of you and it feels way too good to last too long. your trying to pull out from his dick but the guys hold your body down and you have no choice but to take the rest of his foot long dick in your ass. the seventh guy does not want to wait any longer and flips you on your back with the sixth guy still in your ass. the seventh guy sticks his dick in your loose tiny pussy. the length and thickness of the two massive dicks gives you the most intense feeling ever and you cum again and it drains all of the life out of you. your too tired to fight back now, you just lay there while they fuck both of your holes, but now you feel the pain in your stomach and in your ass. the guy in your ass tells the guys that your ass is the best he has ever had. at that time you feel a jet of cum shoot into your ass. the sixth guy pulls out of your ass and tells me how he would like to come over again. he tells me how he has never had a girl as tight as you. the seventh guy is still fucking your torn pussy and sees how lifeless you are, so he tells you how he is going to spring some life back into you and then pulls his dick out and shoves it into your ass. you make a load moan and he just laughs and tells you how right he was about bring you back into life. all of the sudden his orgasm creeps up on him and he cums in your ass. he lays on top of you for a bit and then pulls out of your ass. the guys laugh and just look at you while you are just laying there on the bed lifeless. they tell me how they just distroyed another pussy. they ask if they could come back sometime to have some of your pussy. they comment on how tight your pussy was and how they never had such a tiny pussy before. my friend tells me that he doesnt think that you will ever feel my little dick again. as they laugh, i look down on their dick sizes limp and see how still big they are, about 8 or 9 inches limp. they leave and i go back to the room where you are still lifeless. i look at you and see how cum is still coming out of your pussy and ass. i can not hold myself back and get on top of you and fuck your very, very,very loose pussy. as i am fucking you, i ask if you can feel me and you just looked at me dazed and asked if i was in you already. i tell you that i have been. i am so horny from what i have just seen that i cum before you can say anything else. As I go over to bathroom to clean up, I notice that you have fallen asleep. I clean your body of all the cum that was on you. I could not help myself after cleaning you, so with my little dick, I got back on top of you and fucked you again. You did not notice, but it felt really good knowing that your tinny little pussy was torn apart by some huge dicks.

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