My stepbrother

My stepbrother

I think its so sweet when my step brother Kevin gives his girlfriend his stuff. He's given her his favorite hat, which he is EXTREMELY protective of. Like, never lets anyone even touch it. He's always going on about how its perfect and it is practically molded to fit his head, and he gave it to her. He also gave her his favorite jacket and he always lets her borrow his lucky karma beads. These things have been his lucky charm for three years. He never takes them off and he hates it when people touch them. He would do anything to show his affection for her. He really loves her, and I envy that. Now, my boyfriend... he doesn't do anything for me and he doesn't give me anything. He doesn't hold my hand, he doesn't tell me sweet nothings, all he ever wants to do is have sex. It was fun for a while but, yeah, I dumped his ass pretty quick. I got tired of the poor sex. But Kevin, he and his girlfriend have been together for ten months. I haven't been in a relationship for more than three. I'm only sixteen though, so I've still got time though. But he's got something figured out.

My name is Kimberly. I'm 5'6", B cup, rather long blonde hair and I have to say that I am pretty freakin hot and I'm sure that there are a number of others that would agree. I know that Kevin is one of those people. I wish he was single, I would jump on him and I don't care if he's my step brother. I envy his girlfriend, she is never going to go a second without feeling loved when she is with him. He is always holding onto her somehow whether it be holding hands or actually her in his arms, they are always in physical contact. No matter what they're doing he just randomly leans in and kisses her on the cheek and tells her he loves her. I want that so bad. I want him so bad. I want him to hold me close to him, arms tight around my stomach and kissing my cheek. I've had dreams where he actually picks me up in his arms and kisses me.

Kevin and his girlfriend were upstairs in his room and I was in the kitchen. She must have given back his jacket cause he was wearing it, but she had his beads again. I guess they traded. He never took off the jacket the entire time she was over. They just sat up there, talking for at least four hours. I went back into my room and I could always hear their voices, they didn't stop. If it was my ex-boyfriend he would have tried sticking his hand down my pants or trying to get my shirt off. They just talked. Finally she left, and as soon as she walked out the door his happiness went with her. He came up the stairs, walked right by me, sluggishly and upset, and went into his room. He's usually the happiest person ever, but if he's with her and she leaves he's upset. I knocked on his door, he didn't answer. I knocked again and he opened the door. His shirt was off, that damn jacket over his shoulder and his pants were undone. He looked at me with a questioning look, eyes half closed, his hair in his face and for some reason water dripping down his body. He had great muscle definition, not bulgy but he was ripped. I stuttered for a few seconds, then I finally got it out, "You okay Kevin, you seemed upset?" He smiled, flipped his head to the side getting his hair out of his eyes and said "Yeah, I just hate it when she has to leave. I like spending time with her. I'm gonna take a shower now, so if that's it all..." I wanted to rush him, he was so hot I couldn't stand it. "No, that's it. Just wanted to make sure you were alright." I turned around and walked to my door. "Thanks for the concern Kimberly," he called after me.

He got out of the shower like fifteen minutes later. He was going out with his friends at six so he had like ten minutes. He was gonna be gone for like two hours, and I was going to be the only one home. Our parents were going out of town, my actual brother was our dad's house and Kevin's actual sister was at her friends. I'm supposed to be out with my friends too but they decided to blow off our plans. So it was gonna be me for two hours and I was still horny from my brief encounter with Kevin. The doorbell rung, and Kevin flew down the stairs. He was gone, and now I was all alone. Since no one was around, I decided that I would have a little fun with myself. I sat on my bed and leaned up against the pillows. I let a shaky breath out as I ran one hand up my thigh and another down from my chest to my stomach. I hooked my thumbs into the waist band of my booty shorts and bit my lower lip. I ran my hands from the front of my waist to my back, my thumbs still hooked in my shorts and slid them down my legs. Once I got them down to my ankles, I lolled my legs to one side and ran my hands up my ankles to my bent knees. I pushed my chest out and let out a light moan. My hands slid up the back of my thighs and grazed across my ass. I couldn't help it, I practically yelled out in pleasure. I rolled onto my side and rubbed my ass while my other hand snaked down to my crotch.

I was exploding with pleasure. My nipples were rubbing against my bra and I was going wild. I rolled over and opened eyes, only to see a family picture of my step family. I was just about to slam the picture down, but my eyes caught Kevin. I thought of this morning when he ran up to his girlfriend from behind and surprised hugged her. She squealed and started laughing. He lightly touched her cheek, turned her face to his and kissed her. I was almost dripping. Suddenly I remembered that his jacket was here. His favorite jacket. I'd always wanted my boyfriends to give me something special like that. It wouldn't hurt to just try it on... I threw my pants back on and ran out my door. I walked shakily towards his door, I was kind of unsure about this. I wasn't gonna stop though. I reached for his door knob, and cracked the door slowly. I peeked inside, it was pitch black. I searched his wall nearby for a light switch. I flipped it and the lights went on. I crept inside. I swept my vision across his room for that jacket. It was on the other side of his bed.

I crawled onto his bed and reached for his jacket. I held it close to me and took in his scent. I leaned back into his pillows and ran my hand down his jacket which was splayed on across my body. I didn't stop, I kept sliding my hand down his jacket and to my legs. I pressed it close to my chest with one hand and snuck my other hand under his jacket and pressed it to my crotch. My pussy was starting to soak though my pants. I could feel the wetness through my thin shorts. I slid my hands down into my shorts and peeled them off. I dropped them off the side of his bed and picked up where I left off in my room. I put my hands back where they were and started back. I rubbed my soaking pussy up and down, lightly brushing my clit. I fondled my breasts and pressed on them through Kevin's jacket. I pulled my other hand from my wet mound. It was dripping wet. I couldn't help it, I put my fingers in my mouth and sucked on them, tasting every drop. It was so good, lust shot through my body and to mound. I rushed both my hands to my breasts and squeezed and pulled. I sat up and tugged my shirt up over my body, my breasts popping out from underneath and lightly bouncing. I threw my shirt over to the wall.

I could still feel liquid running down my pussy and ass. I must have been soaking his bed covers. My hands ran up and down my body, lingering on my breasts. Kevin's jacket fell into my lap and wadded up. When I couldn't take it anymore, I finally reached around behind me, my fingertips tickling my sides and back, and undid my bra. I threw the straps off my shoulders and slid the bra off my body. On the way down, my bra brushed my nipples driving me mad with pleasure. I reached up and pinched my nipples. I tweaked and pulled on them. I reached down and grabbed Kevin's jacket and brought it up to my face. His smell was so strong its like I was digging my nose right into his chest. I was moaning so load, but I got even louder after his scent got to me. I threw myself back into his pillows, his jacket falling into my lap and draping over my stomach. My hand swept down to my pussy, the other still twisting my nipples. The air conditioner must have come on because I heard some kind of "psh" noise. It only took my attention for a second, but it didn't take event that long to get back to what I was doing.

I ran my hand right in the center of my slit. Pressing into and moving my hand up and down. I pinched my clit in between my fingers and pulled on it lightly. My hand fell down to the bottom of my pussy. I slowly pressed a finger in to it. I tried to suppress the moans, but it was hard. My head was tossing from side to side, eyes pressed tight and body going wild. I was so close to an orgasm. I slowly pulled my finger out of my pussy and rubbed up and down again, flicking my clit every time.

"Kimberly," Kevin was leaning calmly against the wall, my shirt in his hand. He was looking down, eyes closed and pinching the bridge of his nose like he was frustrated. I convulsed, he scared me. I shot up, threw my legs over the edge of the bed and draped his jacket over me so he couldn't see my bare body. I stared at him. He stared down, eyes still closed. "I'm not gonna ask what you were doing, cause I see all your clothes on the ground as well as the wet spot on my bed and I can smell your scent. The only thing I want to know, " he looked up and stared me in the eyes questioningly, "why my jacket?" I stared desperately. I had no idea what to do, what to say. I was so embarrassed. My legs pressed tighter together and I pulled his jacket up closer to my body. My eyes fell to the floor, breaking his gaze. The things running through my head "He probably thinks I'm a perv, using his jacket to get myself off. He's my step brother after all." I looked up at him, and said the only thing I could think of "I've never gotten something special from a guy like your girlfriend has. I'm jealous of her." I shrugged, "I've always wanted a guy like you." It fell silent, he kept looking. He didn't look mad, he didn't look upset, but he didn't look thrilled. I didn't think he would be. Then he raised his eyebrows. I looked down, "No," I paused. "I just want..." I paused again, "you." I closed my eyes and did my best not to cry.

It was quiet for a little while. Neither of us said anything. Finally Kevin started walking. I assumed he was walking away. I felt a hand under my chin, lightly forcing me to look up. I opened my eyes and followed the arm. It was Kevin's, he was looking down at me and smiling. He's 6'1" so he towered over me and at first I was a little scared, but his smile reassured me. His lips started moving and at first I didn't hear the words, but they finally came to me "...ere isn't a thing I wouldn't do for her. I really do love my girlfriend. You'll find someone like that, but for now I finally get why you haven't yet. Kimberly you're a beautiful girl," he brushed my cheek with his hand, "and you're gonna get a lot of guys that are just gonna appreciate you're gorgeous body." He sat down next to me and stared into my eyes. Then after a minute he leaned in towards me. I freaked out and leaned back for a second, but stopped. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close. I laid my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat. It was steady, he was totally calm. He bent his head down and quietly said in my ear, "You know, when I first met you, I thought you were one of the most gorgeous girls I'd ever seen. I actually lusted after you." He leaned back, breaking our embrace, "then I got to know you better," he kissed me on the forehead and stood up, "and I discovered one of the sweetest girls."

He turned around and took a couple steps. I stared blankly at the back of his head. I couldn't stand it, I was gonna take him from that bitch of a girlfriend. I had to have him. I stood up, he turned his head. I hesitated, but I still did it. I dropped his jacket, revealing my naked body. He turned around to face me. He didn't look me up down, he stared me straight in the eyes. I let out a quiet moan. He walked up to me slowly. He put his hands on my bare hips and pressed his body to mine. I moaned again, this time a little louder. He reached his right hand around my back and put his hand on the small of my back. With his right hand he reached up and lightly brushed my cheek. "Kimberly, you know that we can't ever be close like my girl and i. It won't be socially acceptable." I breathed in sharply and said shakily, "I don't care, I just want you to hold me like you do her. Just make me feel loved, I don't know what it is to be."

He took my head in his hand, touched his nose to mine and said, "then let me take you." The tips of our noses were touching. Then they slid so they were side by side and he pressed his lips to mine. He passionately kissed me. He kissed me like he meant it, he kissed me hard. Then he bent down and swept me up in his arms. I threw my arms around his neck and squealed and laughed, "what are you doing?" "I know you don't feel comfortable in my room, so we're..." he looked around, a thoughtful look on his face. Finally he looked back at me with a smile on his face, "relocating." I smiled too, then he kissed my cheek. He swung around and started walking. He started walking towards my door. I felt him nuzzle his nose into my head, then nibble on my ear. I let out a moan and started getting wet. I pushed my head up under his chin and started moaning more.

He pushed my door open and walked us in. We both smiled and started giggling. He threw me onto my bed and pulled his shirt off over his head. I smiled and pressed my legs together. He quickly kicked off his shoes as I scooted backwards onto my pillows. He crawled up onto my bed and right on top of me. We were both still laughing. He kissed my forehead then asked "are you sure you want to do this?" I looked up at him with a look of "are you serious?" and just laughed at him. "Shut up and kiss me." I threw my arms around his neck and he kissed me. I slid my hands up and down his back. He lightly bit my lower lip and then ran his tongue across the back of my upper teeth. I parted my lips again and we pressed our tongues together. I slid my legs up and bent my knees so Kevin was in between my legs. I was spread and ready for him. Just one problem, he still had his pants on. I made an end to that. I slid my hands down his back, tickling the small of his back and reached around to his stomach. I tucked my fingertips into his pants and tugged. He sat back on his heels and looked down at his belt buckle. "You can do this can't you?" I looked up at him, hopeless and confused. He laughed and undid his buckle.

He tore his belt off his pants and handed it to me. I held it up triumphantly and said "we don't need this right now," and I threw it. He laughed and put his hands on my stomach and looked up at me. I let out a slight moan and head lolled off to the side, eyes closing. He started running his hands up my torso. Once he got to my breasts he brought his hands off my body, but still close enough to just barely brisk across my nipples. I yelled out with pleasure. He leaned down and started kissing me with his tongue. He balanced himself with one hand and held my face with the other. He started kissing across to my cheek, and to my jaw bone. I was moaning so loud and breathing heavier. My legs were still bent, so I pressed my knees into the sides of his hips and slid my crotch up and down against his knees and lower thighs. He kept pressing his lips and lightly sucking down my neck. I was exploding with sensation. This felt amazing. He stopped at where my shoulder met my neck and lightly nibbled on my skin.

Every guy I've ever been with rushed straight to whipping out his dick and getting my shirt off. They'd kiss me, strip me then use me. Sure some would rarely kiss down my neck, but they did it quickly. Kevin still had his pants on and hadn't touched my yet. He was building the moment, he was trying to start something. Kevin did what he said, I felt special. I felt like he really cared for me. I don't care if his feelings was sincere or not, I still love him. He finally moved down from my neck line to my collar bone. I was moaning and squirming and writhing in pleasure. Its like ecstasy was flowing trough my veins and lust was filling my body. I could feel my pussy leaking and my juices dribbling down my ass. I wanted to feel him inside me so badly. I wanted him to just freakin touch me! He kissed from my collar bone down the center of my chest. He kissed down, his hands on either side of my head. His lips pressed to the skin just in between my breasts. I was moaning so loud and practically flailing my arms. My breasts were going crazy with sensation. They felt so sensitive, all the anticipation building with pleasure.

Finally he put an end to the pain of waiting for that pleasure. He brushed his hand down my neck and to my chest. He slowly traced his fingers down and splayed his fingers around my breast. He was avoiding my nipple. He started kissing up my opposite breast. At long last he squeezed my breast with the tips of fingers. Lust shot through my body seemed to escape as convulsing and moaning even louder. He moved his hand and grabbed my breast from the side, still not getting my nipple. On my opposite breast, he was licking all around my nipple. Finally he put his mouth over and sucked on my nipple. My body was shaking now, my pussy dripping and I was so lost in lust I think my tongue was hanging out of my mouth. Suddenly, to my pleasurable surprise, he pinched and pulled on my nipple. My hips shot off the bed right into his crotch, my back arched I screamed out in pleasure. I put my hands on his chest and started panting. I felt like I was orgasming for the first time, cause the first one is always the best. He pinched my nipple and pulled it, sending wave after wave of pleasure though me. He also bit my nipple and tugged on it, flicking it with his tongue.

I couldn't take it anymore, I had to have him. I slid my hands down his body and to his pants again. I tucked my fingers into his pants and found his button with my thumbs. I slowly undid it and pulled on his zipper until it came undone. With one last tug on my breasts, Kevin sat up and got off my bed so he could get his pants off. He slowly pushed his pants down and then they fell from my view to his ankles. He stepped out of them and crawled back on top of me. I sat up and met him with my lips. I pushed my fingers down into his boxers and slid my hands from his sides to his front. I pushed down on the only piece of cloth that was keeping me from the ultimate pleasure I could get. He put his hands on mine, our lips still together and pushed my hands down with his boxers. He slid them down to his knees, revealing his long hard penis and then kicked them off into the corner. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and pressed my lips to his harder. I glided my hands down his stomach and to his crotch. I let my hands hover around that which I wanted most. I started shaking and letting out pleasured moans as he crawled over me and forced me back onto the pillows.

Finally, I let my hands fall down from his stomach and grabbed onto his handle. He convulsed and let out a deep moan. I pressed my chest up against his, and moved my hands all across his throbbing cock. My hands rubbed up and down his member. I caressed his balls in my hands and tugged on his cock, with that his body convulsed. He reached his hands back around behind me and rolled over, putting me on top. I laid down on his chest, my breasts pressed up against him, and I grabbed onto his cock again still sliding my hands up and down. I spread my legs either side of his body, my knees bent up under my body. Kevin put his hands on the small of my back and slowly ran them down my body, tickling my skin as he went. His hands glided across the surface of my body down to my ass. He moved down to the very bottom of my ass and then slid up and squeezed. Shivers ran though my body and just melted. I laid my head down next to his and moaned, I also pressed his cock up against my stomach and moved my body back and fourth.

I sat up on my knees and scooted back some. Kevin got up on his elbows with an inquisitive look on his face. I traced a hand down from his chest to his stomach. I bent down and kissed his stomach. He tossed his head back and let out a deep moan. I laid down and and kissed down his stomach. My hands found their way to his upper thighs and rubbed up and down. Finally I picked my head up and took his cock in my hands again. I had never noticed it before, but pre-cum was oozing down his cock and my fingers. I slowly moved my head closer to his cock and when I was close enough, I licked the head of it. I found the taste to my liking, so I put the head of his cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around and around the tip. It kept twitching in my hand, and I was scared that he was cumming.

I slowly slid more and more of his cock in my mouth. It would glide out of my mouth and I would lap my tongue up and down the length of it. I stuffed my mouth with his cock, and it was warm. My hands found their place at the hilt of his cock and lightly squeezing and fondling his balls. After a few dips of my head on his penis, I licked from the very tip of it down to the bottom. I kissed and sucked on his balls. I put both of them in my mouth and glided my tongue across them. I lapped at them and slid my hands up and down his shaft. Finally, I licked up and down his cock again. I lightly ran my teeth across the tip it. Kevin convulsed and his cock twitched yet again. "I can't take much more, I'm gonna cum before too long," he said shakily. I reached down and took his balls in my hand and forced as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. I could feel it twitch harder and his balls contract. Pretty quick I could also feel his hot cum shooting though his shaft and into my mouth. He filled me up pretty fast, I couldn't swallow all of it. I pulled my head away and he nailed my right in the chest with is last few wads.

I sat back on my knees, lightly stroking his cock. My face and tits were covered in his cum. I wiped it from my face and sucked it from my fingers. Kevin sat up on elbows, a big smile on his face and looked at me. "You're drenched. I'm sorry, didn't mean to," he said. I bit my lower lip and rubbed the cum on my breasts around. I squeezed my breasts and let out a quiet moan. "So what now?" he asked. I got on my knees, put them on either side of his body and sat down on his legs right in front of his crotch. I grabbed his cock, which was getting harder again, and rubbed it up against my pussy. I moaned out it pleasure, his cocking sliding up in between the lips of my pussy.

Again, he reached around behind me, putting his hands on the small of my back and rolled me over. Now he was on top, resting on one knee and his hand on my stomach. He moved it up my body slowly to my cheek. He brought his head to mine, put his forehead against mine, touched our noses and then kissed me. He pressed his upper lip to my lower lip. I opened my mouth and he pressed his tongue to mine. I could feel his up against the roof of my mouth. With his hand, he reached down and picked up my leg. I could feel his penis getting harder and pressing into my other leg. He ran his hand up my leg to my ass, sending shivers though my body and making my leg tingle. I moaned through his mouth and pressed my chest up into his.

Kevin moved over so he was right above me. He pulled his head away and looked down. I pressed my crotch up against him, blocking his view of whatever he was looking at. I giggled, but then he pushed his hips forward and I cold feel the tip of his penis against my pussy. I moaned and dropped my hips onto the bed. He grabbed his cock and put it right in front of my entrance. "You ready?" he asked, looking up at me. I hesitated, taking a shaky breath. For some reason, my voice didn't seem to work, so I just nodded. He didn't rush right it, at first he just prodded me, his penis pressing into my clit. I moaned, my body shaking and pussy convulsing. He slid the tip of his prick up and down my entrance, filling me with lust. Finally, when I just couldn't take the excruciating pleasure, he thrust his hip forward and plunged deep into me. I threw my head back and cried out in pleasure. He bottomed me out immediately, and he was completely inside me. Every inch of his cock was inside me.

Kevin reached down and rubbed my clit, driving me wild. Then he slowly pulled out, still rubbing my clit. My body was shaking and I was trying my best not to yell out at the top of my lungs. When I finally had calmed down some and the pleasure was starting to subside, he pulled out as slowly as possible. It seemed like it took him forever, but while he was moving steadily I was shaking and twitching and moving my arms and legs. I couldn't keep still, I was impossible. When he was just about to pull out completely, he thrust right back in. It seemed like he plunged even deeper inside me. He pulled out again and then dived right back in, gaining speed every time. I could feel his cock deep inside me, twitching and moving, but his pubic hair was also rubbing against my clit building the pleasure. it wasn't long and nasty, but it was short and it was kind of pricking against my clit, shooting pleasure through me.

While the main action was going on down below, Kevin was also pressing his hands up against my breasts and rubbing them. He pinched and pulled my nipples also. His hands were just the right size to fit around my breasts perfectly, he literally had a handful of my breasts. He squeezed my breasts and pushed against them. His lips were pressed against mine, tongue lapping in and out against mine. My saliva was drooling down his chin and his down mine. My sweat was on his chest, but his hands were on mine. His cock was in my pussy, stirring our juices and filling my with pleasure. It seemed like hours when it was only minutes. I wish the moment would have lasted forever; and eternity of sensual bliss.

His cock pounded in and out of my pussy, his hips hitting mine and throwing my pussy juices everywhere. It seemed like everything was getting soaked. He was picking up speed and fast, with perfecting timing too. I could feel my pussy start to get tighter with my impending orgasm. My body started clenching and he had to have felt it. He moved one of his hands down my stomach and to my crotch. He dug his thumb into my clit, putting me right at the edge. He rubbed and pulled at it, driving my body wild. He reached his hand around my body and I lifted my hips off the bed a little bit more so he could fit it. He grabbed my ass and squeezed, but he didn't stop there. He put one of his fingers right against my ass hole and then pulled my ass cheeks apart. He spread my ass hole and it felt amazing. I've never played with myself like that but after that I was interested. That was what put me over the edge, my body shook with each convulsion, my pussy clenching on his cock.

He started pounding even harder and faster, building my climax more so. he was close, I could tell by the speed increase. "I'm about to cum," he said. I was already yelling out in pleasure, so there wasn't a whole lot more I could say. He pressed my legs together and pulled out. He lifted my legs up so he could see my ass. He pressed the tip of his cock against my ass hole. My ass started to tingle, and it felt good. He pressed his cock just barely into my ass. It only hurt a little, but it still felt so amazing. I reached my hands down, one to my pussy and one to his balls. I cradled them and massaged them with the tips of my fingers. With my other hand I spread the lips of my pussy and shoved two fingers in. His cock twitched uncontrollably. He buried the tip of his cock so that the head of it was hidden from sight. I felt his balls contract and his cock twitch harder, he was cumming. It rushed up through his long shaft and poured into my ass. It was so warm and gooey.

I lost it after the third time he shot it into me. He filled me completely, so that when he did finally pull out, it dribbled down my ass some. He had his arms wrapped around my legs, which were still pressed together. He pressed his forehead against my feet, breathing heavy, and then rolled over onto his back next to me. I was also breathing heavy. We looked at each other and then smiled. He leaned in and then kissed my forehead. I bit my lower lip, and when he pulled his head back I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. Then he kissed me. I parted my lips and pressed my tongue against his. I started getting wet again. I could tell he was into it again, cause his member started standing again. It was almost eight o'clock, we didn't have to worry about anyone bothering us until noon tomorrow. I'll lave it up to you to imagine what happened until then...

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I've been babysitting for Mr. and Mrs. Jones for about a year now. They are always so good to me. One night they are going out to a big party in town. They had a few drinks before they left and they didn't put the liquor away. I decided to have a few drinks after the kids went to bed. Around midnight the phone rang, it was Mr. Jones calling to check in. I told him everything was fine. He said he would be home soon to make sure I got home ok. I told him there was no need, my...


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It was a few years ago when I lived in Amsterdam I got talking to a woman from the South of England on the Internet. We got on really well and often our chats turned to sex. Sometimes we would share our fantasies. After about 6 months of chatting she started telling me her deepest fantasies. One night she told me that she often fantasises about being watched while having sex. She said she would love to have sex live on the Internet or to go out dogging. Naturally what she had just said immediately got my cock hard. I decided...


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With my shoes and clothes in hand I walked into the woods wearing only my white underwear. My face felt hot with embarrassment, rage and something else I couldn’t put my finger on, or maybe I just didn’t want to. My dick was harder then it had ever been in my life and it seemed to be getting harder the more I thought about Jeff and Bob seeing my naked erection. I knew I had messed up by telling them to fuck off and running away like I did. Even though I just turned 13 I was still old enough to...


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