Workkout 07

Workkout 07

I really enjoyed being used by Jim. My ass pussy felt empty without his thick black cock inside. Sex with my wife was still satisfying, there was no question about that, but being with Jim was different. I'll admit to a fairly significant distraction in my life thinking about him. I was absolutely, 100% good with being used by him for his pleasure, being his bitch, or cunt, if you will. The pleasure I received, being used as a fuck toy by Jim was hard to describe, even to myself. My hole veritably throbbed with the thought and anticipation of being host to that magnificent black phallus. Sliding in and out, stretching and caressing the inside of my ass as it slid across my prostate.

Weekends were the hardest, neither of us could get together, I with my wife and family, Jim with his fiancé. It was Friday, I was on my way to the gym to work out, and, I hoped, going to his place afterward for a good fucking.

Arriving at the gym, I found that I had arrived first, Jim usually getting here before me. I began my work out, and was almost half done with my routine when Jim came in. He walked straight over to me, and stood nearby while I finished my set. Sitting up, I said hello, and noticed a somewhat troubled expression on his face.

"Hey" he said, "How're you doing tonight? Sorry I'm late, but I need to talk to you."

Expecting something bad, I told him to go ahead.

"Look, I had hoped we could get together tonight, after our work out...but I have a slight problem. Well, maybe not a problem, but it might be...Annette's at my place."

I can't lie, I was disappointed. I was so looking forward to some time with Jim. It was almost like an addiction.

"Before you get upset, she said it would be okay if you came over, and what we usually do...?"

I was relieved, embarrassed, excited, and dismayed, all at once.

"Wait, you mean she actually said, you and I could...even with her there?" I asked, somewhat unsure.

"Yeah, I know it sounds strange, but, you know, it's not like she doesn't know what's going on between us, and she HAS said it was alright, but I didn't want to surprise you, like the last time." He said.

I was torn. I wanted to be with him, I know I could survive if we missed a night of playtime, it was a question if I WANTED to miss the night. I'm not an exhibitionist as such, and even if we were in the bedroom while Annette was in the next room, wasn't it a bit weird to be fucking, while she was there, knowing what we were doing, maybe even listening to what was going on?

"I don't know, won't it be weird?" I asked.

He moved closer to me, and lowering his voice, said "Please. I really would like to get together. Our special man time. She understands, doesn't want to interfere with our play, I think it is pretty nice of her to allow us to do this."

I'm such a slut. AND, my penis was getting visibly tumescent.

"Okay," I said softly, "let me know when you're done, we'll go to your place."

We both finished our workout, went to the locker room, and showered. As usual, I looked at Jim's nakedness while we soaped up. As usual, Jim watched me watch him, with a smirk on his face. We dried off, and changed into our streetwear before heading out.

"You're quiet" Jim said.

"I'm nervous" I replied.

"Oh come on, you know it'll be alright, it's nothing we haven't done before, Annette's cool, so don't worry."

We walked the short way to his place, the door was unlocked, we walked in and were greeted by Annette, who, I have to say, looked very nice. She was wearing a kind of halter top, and low riding shorts. If I wasn't there to get fucked by her fiancé, I'd probably try to hit on her.

After saying our hellos, things were slightly quiet, as we both hesitated as to what to do next. Jim turned, headed into the bedroom, saying let's go.

I followed him, and realized that Annette was right behind me. Somewhat surprised, I looked at Jim, who looked at Annette.

"Oh. Is it okay if I watch my two most favorite guys get it on?" she asked with a smile.

Jim and I looked at each other.

"Okay. It's nothing you've never seen before." I said, beginning to undress.

Jim started to disrobe, as I went over to him, dropping to my knees before him, and began to play with his hardening cock. I liked stroking him while he still had his under pants on, enjoying the thickening tube push against the cloth.

My mouth watered at the sight.

I told you I was a slut.

I traced my fingers along the elongating tube forming under the cloth of his under pants. It thickened and ran toward his left side, like a snake emerging from its hole. Lightly stroking him, I felt it as he got thicker, and warmer. I could feel my own cock thickening.

I sensed something was near, and turning my head a few degrees, found Annette kneeling close to my right side as I played with Jim's cock. She seemed as fascinated as I was with his cock taking shape, getting thicker and starting to push out his underwear.

Soon, the large purple head pushed out at the left leg hole; a close look revealed that the hole at the end, with its tiny lips, had opened slightly, as if begging to be kissed.

I obliged. Pressing my lips, then withdrawing slightly to touch my wet tongue to his hole, brought a low gasp from Annette, closely observing my actions.

Pressing my lips to his cock, I gently reached up and began peeling his shorts down his leg. Predictably, at the instant it was freed, his cock popped out straight, bobbing somewhat with its new found freedom.

Continuing to draw his underwear down his legs, I captured the head of his black cock with my lips, holding it gently, as I began to lightly stroke the head with my tongue.

Jim moaned. Or was it me?

I felt Jim's hands holding my head in place, as his rigid member pressed further into my mouth. I felt Annette's hand come to rest on my bare back, lightly pressing against me, a slight, soothing motion as I sucked her fiancé.

It struck me that here I was, a married man, on my knees with a black cock in my mouth, being caressed by a very attractive, young black girl. The instant visualization made my cock spring to full erection.

The head of the black cock I loved so much touched the back of my throat. I pushed forward, the head lodging in my throat, spreading my throat wider, and filling it completely.

I LOVED the feeling.

Jim gently rocked his cock back and forth in my mouth, moving just enough to pop the head in and out of my throat.

I found the feeling erotic, I am sure Jim did also.

Jim still holding my head firmly, me on my knees sucking black cock, I felt twin hard nipples touch my back, as I simultaneously felt warm hands slide around my body, slim fingers caressing my chest as a warm body pressed against my back.

This was getting interesting, at some point, unknown to me, Annette had removed at least her top, and was pressing her hard nipples against me.

I was approaching sensory over load, but loving it.

Annette whispered in my right ear, her warm breath sending and additional tingle down my spine, direct to my cock "You think we can move from the living room into the bedroom? It might be more comfortable in there."

I was reluctant to stop sucking cock, even for a moment, but I was beyond any sort of rational thought, as she took hold of my arm, pulling me to my feet, and Jim's cock out of my mouth.

Annette led the way, me following her into the bedroom. She hesitated slightly, the net effect of which, was to cause me to stop, and Jim's hard cock poking me in my ass without warning, as he was brought up short also.

Not that I was complaining.

Annette turned toward us, saying "Okay guys, do what you want, I'm going to sit over here and watch." She moved to the far right corner of the room, by the entrance to the adjoining bathroom.

I'm afraid both Jim and I watched her sexy, naked ass as she walked away from us. Distracting. But, I was here to get fucked. Provide my man pussy for Jim's pleasure.

I looked down at Jim's black cock. It was rampant, stick upward at maybe a forty five degree angle, a drop of pre-cum glistening at his pee hole.

My mouth watered, imagining the taste.

I moved him towards the bed, I followed, lowering myself, my mouth going directly to the

Dark purple head of his cock. I needed this badly.

I took the head of his cock into my mouth before he was fully recumbent on the bed. He gave a low moan of satisfaction as he slid deeper into my mouth, then my throat. I took him all the way in.

I was happy.

I completely forgot about Annette being in the room, as I ministered to the beautiful black cock lodged in my throat. I lightly touched him, his nipples, balls, inner thighs, as I suckled on the hard meat in my mouth. Occasionally, I was treated to a salty drop of pre-cum.

Continuing to work him with my mouth, his hands came to rest on my head, guiding me up and down on his phallus. I took him all, deep into my throat. My lips touched the base of his cock on every down stroke. I wasn't in a rush, I wanted to savor every moment I could keep him in my mouth.

At some point, I placed my hands under his thighs, lifting his legs up and back over his chest, and proceeded to lightly stroke his taint, then went further to rim his tight asshole. I alternated between licking his crack, tonguing his hole, probing at his hole with my tongue, and placing my lips against him, surrounding the edge of his hole, and sucking. As I sucked, I worked my tongue, flicking it at his hole, bringing long moans of pleasure from Jim, usually accompanied by his thrusting of his ass towards my mouth.

It took not very long before his hole was relaxed enough, that I could force my tongue in a little ways, opening him up to almost fuck him with my tongue. Judging by his moans, my work was appreciated.

It was at this time that Jim sat up, pulling me up to him, placing his lips against mine, for a long erotic kiss with lots of tongue. This only served to enflame me more.

Jim placed me on my back, sliding down my body as he did so, to take my own cock into his mouth. I wiggled around on the bed so we could assume the sixty nine position, both happily sucking each other.

I felt Jim insert his finger slowly into my ass as he tongued the head of my cock. I loved being taken by his thick black cock, and knew he was prepping me to be fucked.

I relaxed, allowing Jim to insert a second, then a third finger into my ass pussy. I knew it wouldn't be long until I was providing his cock a warm tight hole to caress and squeeze his cock.

Once again, Jim pulled out of my mouth, and moving away from me, reached onto his night stand to retrieve a bottle of lotion. He flipped me on my stomach, and pumped a good sized glob of lotion onto his fingers, then plunging them into my ass. He added more lotion, and spread some on my ass cheeks to aid the passage of the thick cock that would be soon trying to stretch my hole.

Covering his own cock with lotion, he pulled me up on my knees. Without a word, he lined himself up, and plunged completely, balls deep into my ass pussy.

Used to his cock, I felt not a bit of pain, as he slid in. His balls light slapped against my hanging balls as he rested for a second, giving my whole time to adjust to his girth.

Slowly, he pulled back. The pleasure I felt was tremendous. In or out, I loved the feeling of being stretched open by that cock.

Jim grabbed me by my hips, pulling me back and over, his black cock still deep in my ass, until he was seated on the edge of the bed, me on his lap, facing Annette. My hard cock was pointing at Annette. I had forgotten she was even there. I looked slowly up into her eyes, noticing a very slight smirk on her lips, as I did so. Hmmmmm.

I lay back against Jim's smooth, hard chest, as he continued to pleasure my ass pussy with his magnificent black cock. I was thinking, if I had to lay like this forever, it would be very nice, indeed. Jim's hands and fingers were busy, his right hand palming my chest slowly, pinching my nipples just enough to add to the pleasure of the stretching my hole was receiving. His left hand was cupping my balls, fingers busy playing with my cock. I could feel a rumbling in my sex muscles, the ones at the base of my cock thinking about my impending explosion of cum, the ring of muscles encircling my ass pussy, and the muscles around my colon trying to decide how to best milk the cum out of Jim's Big, Black, Cock.

I closed my eyes, just enjoying the sensations assaulting my body, sometime later snapping my eyelids open at a new sensation on the tip of my hard cock.

I looked down, to see Annette's eyes gazing into my own, her naked body just now inserting itself between my legs, Jim's fingers replaced by her luscious lips on my cock. As I watched through lidded eyes, she continued to look at me as she slowly, sensuously, slid her lips down the length of my cock, until, with it firmly embedded in her mouth, she swallowed, creating a milking sensation on my cock.

I was precipitously close to shooting my load, but managed to hold off for a bit longer. Jim's cock was slowly sliding in and out of my pussy, my balls being lightly rubbed by Annette's chin.

I continued to lay back, savoring the feelings coursing through me, until my body could take no more pleasure. All too soon, with a flick of her tongue, and gentle sucking of her throat, I began to pour my load into Annette's mouth.

The resultant contractions of my ass pussy surrounding Jim's cock forced what felt like a huge load to bathe the inside of me. His moans of enjoyment accompanied by rhythmic contractions of his arm around my body.

I was sure that this had been the best orgasm of my life, my ass filled with beautiful black cock, my cock inside a warm wet mouth.

Annette kept nursing gently on my cock for a few minutes, making sure she had caught all my cum, Jim kept up a gentle thrusting, to make sure his balls had emptied also.

At that moment, assisted by her own fingers, Annette brought herself to a spectacular finish, her diamond hard nipples rubbing against my thighs as she did so.

As Annette withdrew away from me, I eased my way up off Jim's cock, my body shuddering with lingering pulses of pleasure as he slid his now softening cock from within me.

Annette stood up, her beautifully formed body naked for my viewing pleasure, she stretched, and asked "So, does your wife like girls?"

Hmmm. I'm going to have to think about this.

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