Me and Zac

Me and Zac

My name is Taylor. I’m 21……in high school I was a running back on the football team. I was 5’9” 190 lbs. pretty well built with dirty blond medium length hair blue eyes and not a care in the world. I was gay and everyone knew for years, that wasn’t an issue, everyone was very cool about it and my boyfriend zac and I had been in a relationship since we were 15. Zac was almost 6 feet tall and 190 lbs. with baby blue eyes and short red hair. He was muscular but not defined so he was strong and looked like it but was a little thicker which was hot as hell because I think being ripped is kinda gross. We were in a serious relationship but sex was few and far between because we both lived at home and didn’t have many opportunities. At the beginning of our senior year I was months away from turning 18 and we had just won our homecoming football game. I had 179 yards rushing 41 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns in a 34-27 game. We had gone out to eat as a team and on the way home I dropped zac off and started home. I was just exiting the highway going only 35 miles per hour and it hit. A semi swerved into my vehicle and pinned my car to the side of a wall. I was in the hospital for two months and had both of my legs amputated just above the knee, my ribs broken, my right hand shattered, a severe concussion, and major internal bleeding. My life was over, or so I thought at the time.
I did physical therapy and they explained that with prosthetic legs I could learn to walk again. I went home by December and a therapist was sent with me to help me relearn how to do daily tasks. I was not progressing very well with anything because I was so frustrated with my life and dealing with lawyers over the accident……to sum things up (because I don’t like going into great detail over what I went through) I graduated in the spring and the case against the company the semi worked for settled out of court for a large sum that I prefer not to divulge, but I was set for life. My house was horrible to live in so I bought my own and the therapist stayed with me to help me learn how to live on my own. The house was built custom so I could do everything from the height of a wheelchair and standing so I could eventually work up to using prosthetics correctly.
Zac moved in with me and the therapist also taught him how to help me out if need be and she left me with her phone number in case I needed anything else. All of this took place and the house was built and everything was purchased and set up for me. Zac and I were officially on our own by October just over a year after the accident. I was amazed at how quickly the settlement came but the driver had been drinking so they were eager to resolve things and I couldn’t believe how quickly the house was designed and built but money talks I guess. So we were on our own. Zac was going to take college classes part time to keep busy and pursue a career even though he didn’t need to. I was going to try to learn how to walk again and in the mean time I was going to learn wheelchair sports. We had it all planned out by our first night alone. Our first night is where the story really starts….
“well babe, how doe it feel to be done with that therapist babying you?”
“great, I’m glad I can just take care of myself now without someone telling me what to do.”
“yeah, but don’t get too proud, if you need help just tell me and I’ll do whatever you need.”
“I know, but all I wanna do right now is curl up on the couch and relax” zac just smiled and walked over to the couch as I pushed my wheelchair with him. We got to the couch and I just fell out of my wheelchair onto the couch and turned myself around leaning againt the arm rest with my ‘legs’ up facing the other end of the couch. “come on, if there’s one good thing that came out of losing my legs, it’s that you fit perfectly on my lap now without my legs getting in the way haha” he laid down in my arms and my partial legs just held him straight like armrests in a snug chair while I wrapped my arms around him. I was just wearing basketball shorts and a tank top and zac was wearing sweat pants and a white t-shirt.
Zac was slouched down with his head laying on my lower chest and he put his hands on my thighs. I reach my arms underneath his armpits and pulled him up to me. Zac turned his head toward me and I pressed my lips to his. We didn’t waste time before our clothes were on the floor and we made our way to the bedroom.
I laid on top of him as we kissed. I began kissing down his chest. I was rubbing my cock as I lowered my head to his and engulfed his shaft. He was 5 inches and fit perfect in my mouth. He immediately grabbed my head and forced it down on him. I gagged for a second before swallowing a few times and zac proceeded in fucking my face. “yeah suck that cock bitch” zac guided my head up and down on him for ten minutes before pulling me off.
Zac got up to him knees on the bed and threw me down on my stomach. “you ready for this”
“oh yeah”
he pulled my waist up so I was standing on my stumps as he licked my hole and then pressed up behind me. He had easy access since my legs weren’t in the way as he pushed his cock inside of me. He pushed in and grabbed hold of my sides. Pulled out and then slammed in “AHHHHHH” I screamed out
“mmmmm take it” he slammed into me again and again and again as I grunted and screamed “OHHH GOD”
“you like that ccock?” I moaned in approval “say my name bitch, beg for my cock”
“OH YEAH FUCK ME ZAC FUCK ME MAKE ME YOUR BITCH AHHHHHH ZAC ZAC ZAC FUCK ME ZAC” I was now leaning on my elbows pushing myself back into his cock.
He rammed into me one more time pulled out and threw me back down and rolled me over. He didn’t waste time and engulfed my cock. He made it half way down my shaft before he went back up. Bobbing his head rapidly on my 7.5 inch cock for five minutes. I was getting close and he stopped and rolled over. I got on top of him and guided his cock back to my hole as he grabbed my cock tighly in his hand and began pumping. I sat on him and began riding while he jacked me. Both of us sweating heavily I was leaning over him with one of his arms held behind his head the other jacking me off. I sat straight up and put my hands on his thighs behind me for support, my ‘legs’ firmly at his sides as though I were standing as I bounced on top of him. “yeah baby, ride that cock” I clenched up and began to cum as he continued jacking me. My cum shot all over zac’s body and I felt his cum flooding inside me.
“mmmm clean me up….lick this cum off of me” I slid down and began licking my cum off of zac’s stomach. I licked my cum off of his chest and off his nipples. “mmmmm suck my nips babe, lick em off” I flicked my tongue on his nipples and continued licking up my cum mixed with his sweat. He rolled my over and held me down as he began kissing me, our tongues met and we made out while we caught our breathe.

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