The Harem of the Emperor - Part 2

The Harem of the Emperor - Part 2


I awoke the next morning with my empress draped over me from behind. Her lithe arm hugged my chest and I felt her nipples against my back.
I had married Rayne for political reasons, the growth of my kingdom required the annexing of an adjacent one, practically the same size as Marad. Though my generals assured me that the capitol could be captured and the land added to mine, the costs in blood were too great for me to stomach. A marriage was arranged that would join our two empires, but in effect Corlan was simply brought peacefully under my hegemony.
Thought the marriage was arranged, over the ten years of our marriage she had become one of the few women I really cared about. She was twenty years younger than me at 30, and had given me three children who would someday inherit the empire. They were being tutored now, in Corlanum. Rayne was slender and pale with bright red hair, breasts small and high, and firm buttocks.
She stroked my muscular pectorals and nuzzled the back of my neck.
“Did last night's survive?” she whispered behind me.
“She did. I'm looking forward to her life in the citadel.”
“Mmm, make sure to tell me all about it.” I rolled over to face her and enveloped her in my arms. Her frame was small in my arms, more petite than the majority of my women, and I believed she got off on the idea of being with one so powerful, both politically and physically. We kissed passionately, rolling around the large feather bed in enjoyment of each other's bodies. She tore her head away from mine to speak.
“You know what I want, Dom,” she said using her private pet name for me. “I need you to fill me.” I rolled over onto my back. My muscles ached from the workout I'd given them last night. Rayne gently removed my arms and shimmied her hips out of the loose silk pants she slept in. Around her chest she had a rap of a gauzy material that covered her breasts but did nothing to hide them from sight. She mounted my hips and slid my erect cock into her slit. She bounced happily on me as I relaxed on the bed. Rayne's hole was small and tight, befitting her small body, and gave me pleasure like few others knew how.
“Oh my emperor! My king!” she yelled out as she rode. “Do what you know I want.” It was ironic that the one woman who's life I couldn't take was one of the most obsessed with her own death. I started on her tits, pulling down the silk and groping her small breasts. Satisfied that they were still there, I put my hands on her throat.
“Yes! Do it!” Rayne screemed. I began to tighten my grip and deny the empress of air. Her vagina released a wave of juices. Her hands pried at my forearms, but I knew that she would be displeased if I let up on the pressure. Her pale skin took on a bluish tint and her eyes bugged out grotesquely. On the verge of blacking she orgasmed on my cock. Rayne's legs gripped my hips like a vise and her pussy convulsed around me. I grunted and shot my load into her. My crotch bucked against her softness as I came. Rayne shuddered and her eyes closed in ecstasy. I gave her air and tossed the unconscious woman off of me. She looked peaceful and contented lying on the pillows, filled with my cum.
“Sleep tight,” I said as I stood up.
My schedule today was pretty typical. It would begin with a walk through the streets of Maradrim, in my youth I could maintain loyalty with a sword and my strength, but in my age it was more important to cultivate the image of being a man of the people. My servants had selected for me a gold and purple tunic with a scarlet cape. They figured that the outfit was not too flashy as to make seem aristocratic, but rich enough to strongly enforce me as an emperor. I donned my crown. It was a simple band of a rare metal that was light, strong, and shined silver. A sorcerer seeking my protection had claimed to have conjured it out of a volcano. Emeralds, sapphires and moonstones were bewitched to hover over the band and slowly spin in a circle. A great emperor had power over the laws of nature as well as the laws of men, so I was always sure to surround myself with those skilled in the magical arts.
My coterie and I set out from the citadel and proceeded south through Maradrim. The public was always overjoyed to see me and yelled out from the mob for me to bless their babies, visit their shops, and obtain my kingly advice.
The 24 years I had ruled the city had been good to its citizens. They were safe from invaders and my city guard strictly enforced the laws of the city. With my armies bringing in new lands every year there was always a flood of new goods into Maradrim, and everyone seemed to get rich off of travelers, merchants, and smugglers. Suddenly, a young girl emerged from the crowd looking panicked.
“Emperor Domitian,” she panted. “There's been an accident. My Mother needs you.” The woman was in her late teens or early twenties, with dusky skin and exotic features. Her breasts spilled out of her low bodice from the exertion of running to find me.
“Why? What's happened?” Normally I would dispatch the city guard to any kind of local disturbance, but the girl's sex appeal intrigued me. I took a step towards her.
The girls pained expression transitioned into a grin.
“Her land is being savaged by brutes,” from her delicate hand sprung a wicked knife, seemingly conjured from nothing. “And she has a tyrant that needs dispatching.” She gracefully lunged at me with the knife. I felt my old combat instincts returning, my hand grabbed the woman's wrist and broke it with one twist, the knife I caught in mid-air with my other hand, before she could scream in pain I had spun her around and had the knife to her throat. It was a sinister piece of steel, curved and black.
“Might your mother be the Witch of Gyre?” I hissed at her. She only gasped in shock at my reflexes and at her broken wrist. My bodyguards were only now moving to control the crowd and isolate me. “Answer me!” I said, forcing the knife lightly into the skin of her throat. The assassin stayed quiet. My blood was running hot and my cock pushed into the assassin's flesh from behind. I decided then that this bitch would be mine before I killed her.
I located the nearest building and stormed inside forcing the woman ahead of me, it looked to be a wineseller's.
“Everyone out! Emperor's business,” I shouted. The merry patrons hushed up and ran for the exits without further provocation. A guard of mine slammed the door. I lifted up the assassin by her neck and slammed her back onto a table, sending wine glasses and bottles rolling onto the floor with a crash.
“Tell me who sent you,” I asked again, knife to her throat. “Or you die now.”
“Our Lad sends a message,” she answered spitefully. “Withdraw your troops and leave Gyre or you and all who follow you will die painfully.” She punctuated her threat by spitting on the arm that kept her pinned.
“I would give you a return message, but you'll never see your lady again.”
I ripped her bodice apart. Her tits spilled out and spread back against her chest, healthy and full. The skirt yielded easily when I forced her legs apart. I pulled my cock out of my breaches and drove it into the woman's cunt. She screamed in pain at the brutality.
“You rapist scum! You will die at the hands of my mistress!” she yelled at me, but her words hardly penetrated my bloodlust. Enraged, it didn't take more than a dozen strokes for me to erupt, ejaculating torents of semen into my protesting captive.
With a roar I pulled back the dagger and plunged it into the assassin's left tit, through her ribcage and into her heart. She looked at the knife sticking out of her chest in shock, not imagining that I would kill her while still pumping her full of seed. She coughed up a burst of blood, thrashed against the table, then fell limp and dead. I finished cumming with a shudder then staggered back. My heart was pounding and I felt out of breath. This is the usual response from being attacked, fucking someone, then killing them, all in less than five minutes, I collapsed into a chair.
The door opened with a bang and in rushed Marcus Thornton, my most trusted advisor.
“Emperor I came from the citadel when I-” he stopped when he saw the beautiful, dead, wench lying bleeding and violated on the table. “Well I see it's been taken care of,” he finished.
I slowly stood up and put myself back together.
“She was sent by the witch, Marcus,” I said.
“Really? Oh dear. Well I guess she is dramatic...” the small, fey man trailed off looking at the naked corpse.
“This one won't go quietly.”
“Well we always knew that, my lord. The witch did promise to skewer us and feed our bodies to all the citizens of Maradrim. And then there was those heads that flew around the citadel eating servants.”
I snorted. “Tricks.”
“But she wouldn't make a move this dramatic unless she felt her back against the wall. Our campaigns must be taking a toll.”
“I hardly see how. For every soldier of mine that falls she makes him walk again in her army.”
“Don't lose hope. We must be getting to her.” I didn't answer, only setting my jaw in frustrated determination.
“I suppose this expedition is over then. Will you be meeting your generals tonight?” I swept my cloak around me and stormed out of the bar.
“Not tonight, Marcus. I need to feel something die.”


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