Exclusive First Time Interview_(1)

Exclusive First Time Interview_(1)

Catherine raced into the tv station running late for the staff meeting. After the meeting her news director pulled her into his office. Catherine had done a report on a suspected tryst between the mayor and his chief of staff. She blew it wide open. It was pretty much all she covered for a good couple of months. The news director told her that the station manager had recieved a phone call requesting her to do an exclusive first time interview with John Malone. The news director continued providing Catherine with background information on John Malone;

John Malone a self made Billionaire. CEO of Multinational Malone Industries.
Texas Political Power Broker, Phililanthropist, Divorced five times, Currently married to a beautiful chiniese model, singer, Director of an International Charity, and Philianthropist.
A Womanizer, Real Estate Mogul, and Defense Lawyer.

This will be the lead story on our news casts and will bring national attention to you as the reporter that got the only interview. Catherine called me to arrange an interview time. Surprisingly, I seemed like a very polite, intelligent and well-spoken man. Actually, she quickly got the sense that I looked forward to meeting her. I asked her to join me at my Fort Worth condo for brunch tomorrow. Once Catherine got off the phone, she was looking forward to meeting me. Her curiosity was running wild. She was going into this assignment as a professional, and she had to uncover everything that she could about me.

She rolled into my office promptly at 10 a.m. A rather polished and stylish receptionist let me know that Catherine was here to see me. Actually, she was gorgeous – in her early 30's, impeccably coiffed blonde hair, tiny waist, surgically enhanced breasts, and a dress that stretched tight across them that probably cost as much as much as I made in a week. It made Catherine wonder how she qualified to get this job, she was grateful to have a female employee nearby as backup. Catherine was offered a cappuccino. She really needed a heavy-duty dose of caffeine. She worked straight until three in the morning doing the background work and prepping for the interview. Catherine was sure that she looked as much of a wreck as she felt. It didn't help that she ran out of time to put on her mascara before she ran out of her house to check in at her desk and then haul out here as fast as her Ford Focus could push itself.

Today was not one of those days to put off her grooming and put her commuting heroics before everything else in the name of dedication to her work. I didn't look anything like a younger Hugh Hefner in a satin smoking jacket as she imagined. I wasn't like any kind of lounge lizard that spent just as much time trolling for chicks in the singles bars as I did rattling my gold chains when I jerked off in the men's room every time I struck out. If anything, I had this very proper East Coast look and a confidence that was as attractive as my tall, solid and muscular build. I had a sparkle in my eyes and my smile that went along with polite and cheerful persona.

She had to remind herself that all she had to do was act as a professional and that her looks didn't and shouldn't matter to me. It was best that she didn't look as if she needed to impress me. She had to ask some pretty tough questions, and, yes, juxtapose my personality and presence against my questionable reputation. She asked me how I got into real estate. I said it was something I could do well as I could practice law. Even with an Ivy League education, I said it was tough to build a successful law practice that would let me live the kind of lifestyle to which I wanted to be accustomed. I said something vague about bringing in a seven-figure income. She asked to back up my claim. I showed her a full year's worth of MLS sales records that showed a list of sales that backed up my claim.

I was tight-lipped about my wife who was only mentioned as, " Malone is married," in the bio of my press kit. After years of experience, she knew the best story was in the detail that was practically ignored and swept under the rug. She couldn't eek her name out of me or what she thought of my reputation. There were no pictures of her on my desk like there were of me and Steven Tyler, Neil Young and Steve Jobs – all of whom had purchased houses from my real estate group.

" I enjoy being surrounded by beautiful women," I said. " I came to realize early in my life, I needed to have sex several times a week. It is impossible for me to not to have sex three or four times a day." Catherine was not expecting to hear " I could only have so many affairs around town." Instead, I asked her, " How long has it been for you? How many times a day?"

" That's a totally inappropriate questions," She said. " You have no problem prodding me about my marital relations," I said. " Of course I don't," She said. " It's my job to get the answers that aren't offered easily. You don't talk about your wife, your clients, not to mention the time you've spent womanizing. When you're not selling multi-million-dollar homes, running your companies and practiccing law. A man in love with his wife doesn't have time to indulge in things like that by himself. What does she think of your womanizing?"

"That's very astute of you," I said. " I see how that makes you such a good reporter. What did your boyfriend or husband think of all that time you spent checking out my sex life last night?" She couldn't think of how to justify that question, let alone if she should answer it. " The bags under your eyes are a tell-tale giveaway," I said, interjecting my pondering pause. " I know you just got the assignment yesterday, and you seem overly well-prepared for this interview." She blushed and she was embarrassed, not just because I made mention of her, droopy eyes she was trying to keep open with her third cup of cappuccino, but because deep down, I called her on her own lack of sex life. There was none. She broke up with her ex-boyfriend two years ago and there hadn't been anyone else since then. Did she have to admit that, or was it that obvious?

" Tell you what, let me make up for my rude inquisition by continuing this conversation over lunch," I said. " My treat. I'm not trying to buy good press, but you look like you could use it and I'm hungry. Besides, we really haven't even started talking about me and my success." She let me drive, which was a good thing. I drove a brand-new Porsche 911 Carrera that I bought in large part on a whim. I had too much fun tearing up on the road. Or maybe it was for the thrill of making her scream when I started pushing it to 110 miles per hour on the freeway. It was fair enough. My driving habits and my financing were going into the story. " How many speeding tickets have you had?" She hoped I could hear her question above the wind that raced through our ears."

" I'm one away from getting my license suspended," I said. " I like living on the edge."
I'll say. That quote was a keeper. I took her to a bistro in the next town that reminded her of a place one might find in a small village in France – dark green walls, antique-looking tables and chairs, lace window treatments that trimmed the windows, and wrought iron chandeliers that hung from the twelve-foot ceiling. I said I wasn't trying to buy good press? Ha! She had to cover this bill now. If the story was that important to my editor, he'd approve the expense.

" Tell me, what do you think of me?" I asked over glasses of a very fresh tasting Chardonnay I insisted on ordering for us. " I like you, I'm intrigued with you," She said. " You are not anything at all what I expected." " You're bright, educated woman. Is it something you imagine, me being your lover ?" I asked. There I went again. She wasn't going to give me the information I was looking for. She just said, " Yes," and let him wonder if that lover was a possiblibilty. It was none of my business. " That was my intent," I said. The wine had finally lowered her guard. " It's been a long while," She said quietly. I gazed into her eyes and reached for her hand across the table.

" How would you like me to spend some time with you?" I waited patiently for her answer. The longer I waited, the more time she had to contemplate her answer. It was all wrong and totally against her personal and professional ethics, but he was an attractive older man, smart, charming, and was doing a hell of a job seducing me.
" There's a luxurious B&B down the road," I said. " It's the kind of place I always imagined taking a smart and beautiful woman for an afternoon getaway. We could bring the rest of the wine, order dessert to go, and ..." " I'd like that," She cut in.

I smiled, Catherine giggled. At that point a business lunch had turned into a decadent afternoon tryst, something that had always been a fantasy of hers. I paid the check and we walked out to the car hand-in-hand. We were adults who were breaking a number of rules, or, as I put it earlier, living on the edge. Luxurious wasn't the word for this place we checked into. Our room was furnished in antiques and opulent bedding. The sheers that hung over the tall windows muted the mid-day sun and shadowed us from the sins we were about to create. Catherine just stood and stared in awe that she didn't even start thinking about how she would start off this forbidden rendezvous that she allowed herself to get into.

I turned Catherine to face me and cupped her chin in my hand gently so she would look at me. " I understand that it has been a very long time since you have been with a man. I know you have never been with a older man. If you don't want to see me again after today, I'm cool with that." I looked at her seriously. " If you decide to continue our relationship as friends and not as lovers, I'm cool with that also." I let go of her chin and kissed her fiercely. " You're stuck with me, Catherine. The only way you are going to lose me is if you tell me to get the fuck out." Catherine met my eyes, her own filling with unknown emotions. She gasped as I kissed her, returning it and pressing close against me. " Good to know," she murmured, " but what about your wife," she said, smiling softly.

" Glad to hear that, my wife is secure with our relationship." I murmured as I brought her back down for another heated kiss, letting my hand run over her body. " You have no idea how much I wanted this interview." she whispered, her hands shaking slightly as she slids them down my chest. " At first, it was just curosity, and then I got the interview...and then I got to meet you." she murmured, her lips at my neck again. She nipped at my skin as her hands slid under my shirt, humming softly at the feel of my skin beneath her hands. " Promise you will be gentle." she whispered, her tongue darting out to taste my skin.

I growled softly at her touches, my hands sliding up under her top. " No promise on being gentle." I drew her shirt off over her head and leaned forward to bury my face into her cleavage. I turned slightly to bite her breasts hard enough to leave an impression of my teeth. She dragged her nails down my chest as I buried my face against her cleavage.
She has never experienced something almost primal in her life. Lightly, her nails scratched at the back of my neck as she watched me. Reaching around, I unhooked her bra freeing her breasts. " Fuck, I want you so bad, Catherine," I purred against her skin. My hands become rougher on her. I unbutton her pants and tug them down along with her panties. " God, you are fucking beautiful." I murmured as I looked up at her.

" I'm yours to take, slowly and gentle. " she moaned. She arched her back, pressing herself against me. A soft whimper left her as my hands become rougher, and she bites her lip as I stand up. She steps out of her pants and smiles at me. " I'm glad you think so," she said softly. She steps closer to me, her eyes flashing with reluctance and fear.
I growled as I run my hands up her legs and then around to cup her ass. I leaned forward to nip hard at her neck. " Tell me what you want, Catherine," I murmured. " Tell me what you want me to do to you this afternoon..." Catherine smirked slightly, a soft hum leaving her when I nipped at her. " I'm not sure if I want to continue." She murmurs. I nipped at her neck again as I growled at her words. Towering over her as a predatory look came into my eyes. " Oh you're mine, Catherine." I yanked my shirt off and moved my hands to my belt. " You...bed...now..." I growled as I discarded the rest of my clothes before following her.

She feels the wetness pooling between her legs at my growl, feels it more at my look. Her breath caught, and she bit her lip, watching as I stripped. She took a step back from me, wanting to turn and leave then I growled out my order. " Please," she whispered, making her way to the bed. I waited for her to climb onto the bed and stalked after her very reminiscent of a lion. I crawled on the bed and continued to move towards her until she was pressed against the headboard. Growling softly I roughly pulled her legs wide apart and thrusted into her hard. " So fucking tight," I groaned as I set a hard pace, not giving her body a chance to adjust to my size. " OMG..John..Please your to big..take it out."

There was a bit of fear in her gaze as I backed her against the headboard, and she bit her lip as she fought not to panic. A soft gasp left her as she feels the headboard, and she whimpered when I pulled her legs apart. A scream was torn from her, " OMG..John..
Stop..Stop..Please you are to big..it won't fit " as I filled her in one hard thrust, her back arching from the headboard. She wrapped her arms around me, keeping her legs spread wide for me as she begins to try moving with me, cries leaving her each time I thrust into her. " Oh God..You are hurting me..Stop..Please..Take it out." I adjusted the angle of her hips slightly. I smirked at her cries as I slam into her. Her tightness was keeping me from
impaling my cock deep in her.

" Oh! Catherine, your so tight. My God, ssssoooo tight!' I pull completely out of her.
Then with the head barely touching her lips again, I drive my hips forward using all of my might. For a brief moment, her lips resist, and then split to allow the hard thick rod to enter her, slamming through her tight vaginal canal and driving itself all 9 inches in on the second thrust. A young woman is not meant to be stretched like this, I wasn’t surprised at her whole body jerking in response to the white hot pain of the thick instrument slicing into her small tight young pussy as she emitted a screech " OMG! OMG! AAAAAHHH! ". She screeched " AAAAHHH! TAKE IT OUT! AAAAAHHHH! " Pulling back several inches, I see lots of blood covering my cock, and dribbling down on to the bed. Then I drive forward again, slamming the head right up against her cervix. I draw back and start slamming into her with long hard strokes as she howls pitifully " OMG! AAAAAHHHH! AAAAAYYYY! AAAAHHHH! ". The feel of her unprepared and tight pussy milking my cock sends shivers of excitement through me as I relentlessly slam into her .

" My Catherine," I growled. " I love how you take me, I love hearing you scream for me." I bit her lip hard before I claim her mouth as my animalistic nature starts to come more to the surface. " Yours," she whispers, her nails digging into my shoulders, her legs hooking over my hips. She feels herself falling fast toward the edge and moans " OOOH..OOOH " as I bit her lip, tasting the barest hint of blood when we kissed. She was as rough as she could be with me, her nails digging in, scratching as her hips rocked against me. She loving the way I took her, loving the marks I left on her. It wasn't very long before she again screams " OMG..AAAAH..AAAAH...AAAAH..AAAAH," her release washing over her causing her muscles to clamp down on me.

Growling in satisfaction as she screamed out her release, I increase my pace. I tore my mouth away from hers and start to kiss and nip down her neck. " Talk to me Catherine...tell me how it feels," I urge right before biting down where her neck met her shoulder, shaking my head a bit as I did so. Her hand slipped to the back of my head, pressing me closer against her. " I love the way you fuck me, John," Catherine moaned. " I have never been fucked this rough and hard. No one has stretched me and fill me like you do," She murmured. " I love wearing your marks..." She cried out again as I hit a sensitive spot, her nails digging into my shoulder again.

I gnawed on her neck until I broke skin. Her words caused another growl to slip from me. I raised my head to look at her. " I'm going to fuck you every which way this afternoon, Catherine. I'm going to claim every inch of you, including that gorgeous ass of yours." I abruptly stopped to slowly withdraw from her. I reached over to place a pillow between her head and the headboard. " By the time I'm done with you, you won't be able to walk or sit down." I growled again as I slammed back into her with enough force to move her forward. I withdrew again only to repeat the process over and over, each thrust becoming harder and deeper.

She moans " aaaah..aaah..aaaah..mmmmmm," her eyes flashing with lust and other emotions at my words. When I stopped and withdrew, she cried out. " No....No more please," she begged. A sigh left her as I reached for the pillow, and a flare of excitement went through her. She screams in delight " OOOH..OOOH..YES " as I slammed into her, causing her to hit against the headboard. She gripped the sheets beneath her, her head thrown back in pleasure as I quickly pushed towards a release. There was nothing sweet or gentle in the way that I took her. My thrusts were brutally hard and rough, my fingers bruising her flesh where I gripped her hips. I looked at her, my eyes wild and the smile I gave her was like one would give their prey. " Scream, Catherine. Scream for me..." I demanded, each word accentuated by a hard thrust. " Now!"

Her hands were on my arms, fingers digging in harder with each thrust. She could only take what I was giving her, not really having a choice. She cries out with each thrust AAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHH! PLEASE STOP! Pleeesssse Sttttttoooopppp! ", and the look I was giving her awoke something in her. Her eyes darkened even more, and at my demand, she screamed out my name " JOHN..OH GOD..JOHN..No More," her nails digging in and piercing the skin as her orgasm tore through her, her body trembling and jerking from the intensity.

" That's my Catherine," I purred as her muscles clenched around me. I growled not ready to give into my own orgasm yet and after bringing her back down I withdrew completely. I got up and moved her so that her ass was at the edge of the bed. " Hold your legs as far apart as they will go," I demanded as I sank back into her with a growl. I slid my hands up her torso to her neck where I gently squeezed, watching her carefully.

Catherine's cries faded to soft moans and whimpers as I bring her back down, and her hands slid up, arms wrapping around my neck. She gasps as I withdraw, suddenly feeling very empty. She bites down on her lip, doing as she was told and moaning with pleasure as I filled her again. She watchs me as she feels my hands at her neck, another soft gasp leaving her as I gently squeeze. Her eyes darkened again, but she didn't flinch, trusting me completely. Running my thumbs along the front of her throat, I smirked at the look in her eyes and how they darkened. " Like that Catherine?" I whisper as I squeezed a little bit harder before releasing. " I love how you will let me do anything to you," I thrust hard into her again.

She moaned at my thrust, her hands sliding up my arms again. " I trust you," she whispers, crying out as I slam into her again and again. " Good girl," I growl as my thrusts start to get faster and rougher. "I love how you let me fuck you." I drive as deep as I can into her. I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer at the rate I was going. " Come for me again, Catherine," I whisper. It was getting more difficult to keep her legs spread for me, and she could feel herself start to slip again. " John..." she whispers, her words getting cut off. She bites her lip, her nails biting into my skin as her breathing is rapided. Her nails dug in harder as her orgasm hits her hard and fast, her legs wrapping around my waist as her body jerks against me. Instead of screaming, she gasps as pleasure courses through her.

I thrust wildly into her, I give one last brutally hard thrust and spills my cum into her. I collapse on top of her. " You do realize you're in trouble for not keeping your legs spread apart, don't you baby girl?" I purred softly with a smirk. Catherine screamed " OMG..John " as my release triggered another of hers, and her legs tightened around me. Again, she whimpered as I withdraw, only to smile softly as she ends up curled up against me. She purrs softly, looking up at me. " I couldn't help it," she murmured softly, leaning up to press a kiss to my jaw. " Then again, I can't say that I dread trouble from you," she chuckled softly.

I arched a brow at her as the predatory look returned to my eyes. " Oh really now?" Before Catherine could react I had her flipped over onto her hands and knees. I pulled her towards the edge of the bed, still on her hands and knees and stood behind her. I slowly eased myself into her with a moan. " uuuuh..uuuuh." I grabbed her hips and started to thrust lightly into her, knowing the slow pace would just torment her. Her body was trembling as I pulled her to the edge of the bed, and a moan " aaaah..aaaah..mmmm " slipped from her when I eased myself into her. She pushed back on me, loving the feel of my hands on her. She bits her lip as she fights to keep with the pace I set, wanting me thrusting harder into her. She looks back at me, her eyes dark and filled with emotion.

The look she gives me was my undoing. I held her eyes as I started to slam harder into her, my fingers on her hips digging in more. " God, you feel so fucking good, Catherine." I groan. This mere slip of a woman had wormed her way past my defenses and I knew now that I could never give her up. Catherine cried out in pleasure " AAAAH..AAAAH..OO
OOH..OOOOH " as I thrust harder into her, desire and heat flaring within her. " So do you, sexy," she moans softly. Her hands curled into the sheets as she rocked back against me, taking me as deep as she could.

I reached forward and fisted her hair. Using my grip on her hair I pulled her back on me as I thrust into her harder. I loved how she took everything I gave her and still wanted more. I loved how I didn't have to hold back with her. I growled her name " Catherine "
as I became more animalistic, more primal in my taking of her and it showed in my rough hard and wild thrusts. She jerked against me when I pulled her back by her hair, adding to her desire. Her cries grew in frequency and volume each time I thrust into her harder and harder. " OH GOD..OOOOH..OOOOH..AAAAH..AAAAH..AAAAH." I growled her name,
" Catherine " a shiver went through her causing her muscles to clamp down on me as I pushed her towards the edge of climax again. " Fuck, John...." she moans, her voice hoarse from her cries. She grips the sheets harder, her body on the brink of orgasm. I didn't let up as her orgasms hit. " OMG..AAAAH..AAAAH..YYYEEESSS..AAAAH..AAAH "
I was lost in the feel of her at the moment. I pulled out long enough to plunge my fingers into her, coating them with her honey. Then I slammed back into her as I start to work a finger into her ass. " Oh yes, Catherine, I'm claiming all of you," I purred.

Catherine whimpered as I withdrew only to moan as my fingers plunged into her. " oooh..
oooh..mmmmm." She moaned softly only to scream out when I slammed back into her.
" OMG..JOHN..OOOOH." Words were beyond her as I worked three fingers into her tight ass, and she could only relax against me, lost in everything I was doing to her. Purring in satisfaction as I feel her relaxing, I worked the fingers slowly into her and finally three fingers. I knew that I had to stretch her if she was going to be able to handle me due to my size. As I thrust into her I would withdraw my fingers only to thrust them back in as I pulled back. I kept moving my fingers, trying to keep my patience.

" Come for me,Catherine," I demanded as my fingers got rougher, spreading them to stretch her further. I thrusted harder into her. " Come for me and then beg me to fuck your ass." She whimpered as she feels me stretching her more. When I thrust harder into her, it was enough to send her spiraling over the edge, my name leaving her on a scream. She bucks against me, causing my fingers to drive in deeper, and she was lost in a wave of pleasure. " Please, John...please fuck my ass. I want you to claim all of me. Please, baby...I need you," she begs.

" I love the sound of you begging me," I growled as I withdrew from her completely. I pressed my cock against her rosebud and slowly started to work myself in. Even with all the stretching I had done before it was slow going as I didn't want to hurt her. " Fuck," I groaned, "...sooo fucking tight..." She softly whimpers and moans " aaah..aaah..oooh..oo
oh," and she fights to hold still, knowing I was going slow for a reason. Another shiver went through her, and she moans again, " ooooh..ooooh..aaaah..aaaah," turning her head to the side. " God...you feel so good," she whispered, biting her lip as she slowly rocked back onto me.

Finally I had myself fully sheathed in her and I moaned softly. " That's my Catherine, taking all of me like that." I knew she was probably as stretched as she could be at the moment. When she rocked back against me, I groaned " UUUG..UUUG " and started to
thrust slowly in and out. " You're mine, Catherine.." I growled, " Don't ever forget that."
She gasped as I pulled her hair, tilting her head back, a shiver of desire and pleasure went through her. " Only yours" She whispered, as I thrusted in and out of her.

I gave her hair another hard tug. " No man can fuck you like I do, fill you like I can, satisfy those urges like I will," I growled. I feel her body relax more and I thrust slightly harder. " Talk to me Catherine, I want to hear how it feels..." My pace increasing slightly as I start to get lost in the feel of her, in the way she feels and the sounds she was making for me. I was keeping the animal in me at bay by sheer force of will, wanting to make sure she was fully ready for when I let it loose on her. Catherine's eyes closed in pleasure as I tugged on her hair hard again. She rocked back against me, emotions flowing through her. " There's no one but you," she moaned, finding it difficult to talk as I increased my pace. " No one does to me what you do." Another moan slips from her lips. "OOH..AAH."
" I love the way you fuck me, the way you use me for your pleasure. I love that you don't hold back and you push me past my limits...I love...." She cries out as a bolt of pleasure surges through her. " Fuck....no one gets the responses from my body that you do..."

I groan softly, " That's because no one understands your dark urges like I do, Catherine...no one but me can give you the fucking the way your body craves." I feel her body relaxing more and I growl " Grrr..Grrr " as I withdraw only to plunge back into her, not as hard as I wanted but harder than before. I reached up and raked my nails all the way down her back and ass. " God, your ass feels so fucking good, Catherine," I groan as thrusts become harder. " No one ever will," she moans softly. A scream was torn from her as I thrust hard into her, and she moans again at the feel of my nails dragging down her skin. She rocks back against me, meeting my every thrust. Her body tightening as I thrust harder into her, and she moans softly, her sensitive nipples rubbing constantly against the sheets. She can feel herself spiraling closer to the edge, almost overwhelmed by the sensations.

" Let go for me Catherine," I whispered, clenching my jaw. My control was at the near end of my restraint and the way she kept moving against me was making it harder for me to stay in control. I withdrew almost completely only to thrust back into her hard and rough, wanting to make her scream again. As she rocked back against me, hitting me just right between her movements and her screams my control finally snapped. The animal in me came roaring to the forefront and with a large growl " GGGRRR..GGGRRR," I grabbed her hips and yanked her back on my cock so I was buried as deep as I could get in her. " Fuck," I growled as I pulled her up by her hair so she was on her knees. The way I continued to take her was primal, my hands rough on her tits, my teeth digging into the back of her neck. She really couldn't move much as I thrust wildly into her.

She screams out " OMG..JOHN..OOOH..OH GOD..IT HURTS..PLEASE JOHN," as I slam back into her hard, pushing her forward. She rocked back against me, cries leaving her as she sprialing closer. " Oh, God," she cried out, whimpering as I pulled her up by her hair. Her arms wrapped around my neck, holding her flush against me as I became even rougher on her. When her orgasms hit, she screams again " OMG..JOHN..JOHN..OH GOD," my name falling from her lips as she feels me claim her over and over again. I damn near roared when I feel her orgasms and it pushs me fully over the edge. I pulled out and pushed her roughly back down on the bed face first. Spreading her legs roughly apart, I slammed myself back into her tight ass, pinning her to the bed with my weight. Wrapping her hair around my fist I pull her head back to look into her eyes. " Mine," I growled crushing her lips with mine. The kiss full of teeth and tongue, the metallic taste of blood mixing in as my teeth cut her lip. After one final vicious thrust, I did yell " YYYES..YYYES..Catherine," as I erupt like a volcano sending jets of cum into her.

Catherine cries out as she falls onto the bed, moaning as I slam back into her. She was flat on the bed, and another cry leaves her " OH GOD..JOHN..NO MORE..PLEASE," when I pull her back by the hair. The look in my eyes woke something up inside her, and at my growl, a shiver goes through her. She returns my kiss, moaning at the taste of blood mixed in. She comes again, her cry lost in my kiss before my own release again hits. She collapses back onto the bed, her breathing heavy as I bring us back down. I was very gentle as I withdrew from her and rolled off of her. I was panting and my body covered in sweat. Never before had I let myself go that completely. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her forehead. " You are amazing, Catherine," I whispered as I looked at her, emotion shining in my eyes.

She gives me a weak smile as she curls up against me, her hand curling against my chest. " If you say so," she chuckled softly, looking up at my with love shining in her eyes. Her voice was hoarse and her throat was raw, she was happier than she could ever remember. " I hope I didn't truly hurt you," I whispered. I got up, giving her a sweet kiss. " I'll be right back." I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Once the water was hot enough to my liking, I came back to pick her up into my arms. I stepped into the shower with her and chuckled. " Better than the first time we were in the shower together, hmmm?"

" Do you want me to stop?" I whispered with a chuckle, already knowing the answer. I continued to circle it before finally rubbing it directly. " I do love to watch you fall..."
" Please stop..John..I'm sore." she begged, pressing herself against me. She kept her gaze locked on me as I continued to tease her, causing soft moans to escape her.
" oooh..oooh..oooh..mmmmmmm." She pulled me down again for a hungry kiss, crying out
" OMG..OOOH..OOOH..AAAH..AAAH..AAAH," as I pressed against her pearl, pushing her even closer.

It didn't take much longer for her orgasm to rush through her, causing her to scream out my name. " OH GOD..JOHN..OOOH..JOHN." Once we were done cleaning up in the shower, I carried her back to the bed and she hummed softly, slipping her arms around me. She pressed soft kisses along my jaw, smiling when I laid her down.

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Breeding Lord Ablington an heir

I was idling the day away waiting for lunch when I heard the dreadful news, Alan Lord Ablington had fallen from his horse at Monday morning’s hunt and was quite dead. Tommy Goodfellow had stopped by on his way to Abbotsford on that Tuesday morning to tell us as he knew of my former acquaintance with Lady Ablington I felt a mixture of emotions. Lord Ablington had recently wooed and then married my childhood sweetheart one Miss Amy Merry of whom I remained immensely fond, one could not blame her, Ablington owned most of the village and plenty more besides while...


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Cindy looked in the mirror and after staring at her out sized form for several seconds, broke down in tears as her rolls of fat began shaking gently in time with her sobs!!! While she wasn’t really tall, she packed a very hefty two hundred fifty five p?}?ounds on her large boned frame, and as she sobbed away, her huge breasts, that hung nearly to her waist jiggled back and forth as the tears rolled down her cheeks all the way down to her nipples!!! It had be so long since she’d had a man that she once joked to herself...


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Linda and Bobby and Aunt Jen, part 2

They were nude, in Aunt Jen’s kitchen, actually on her countertop, and Bobby was bring Linda to climax again. They were surprised when Jen stepped in and completely unexpectedly said, “Well, what do we have here? Looks like you are enjoying yourselves.” Bobby said a little defensively, “You said we could come over anytime to play and that is what we are doing.” “Don’t worry. I’m not upset. I was just surprised when I began hearing moaning from my kitchen. Are you two finished now?” “Not even close”, Linda said smiling. “Would you like me to leave you two to your...


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My stepbrother

I think its so sweet when my step brother Kevin gives his girlfriend his stuff. He's given her his favorite hat, which he is EXTREMELY protective of. Like, never lets anyone even touch it. He's always going on about how its perfect and it is practically molded to fit his head, and he gave it to her. He also gave her his favorite jacket and he always lets her borrow his lucky karma beads. These things have been his lucky charm for three years. He never takes them off and he hates it when people touch them. He would do anything...


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The Samurai Lovers

In medieval Japan, in the province of Yedo, there lived a young samurai named Ukyo who pined day after day for the love of the handsomely beautiful Uneme. To Ukyo, Uneme was as perfect of a man as he had ever seen. He was young, like him, only sixteen at the most and had the longest sheet of shining black for hair. His face was smooth, free of cuts, blemishes, and as soft as cream which made him look far more youthful that he really was. When he would practice with Samanosuke, another young samurai, Ukyo would watch, as his small...


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Give Me Some Sugar Part 1 - Rochelle's Tryout

​ Life sure is funny is how it plays out. I have never been a religious man, still am not, but I did listen to the Joel Olsteen guy when the times were bad. He was so positive, that helped, but he also talked about how God could make up for decades of crap, in just a few years through super natural increase. Like I said, I am no Christian and am agnostic about the existence of a deity, but I have to agree that in the least, life can make up for a lot of misery very quickly. In fact...


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In the Middle of the Middle of September

For no particularly fascinating reason I found myself staying with my aunt Renee. In the coming month, I would either move back east or move into the condo my mother was in the process of buying, just in case I needed a little buffer time. 
I already knew I needed buffer time. I also needed the buffer time to fully explain the situation to her. I had at a certain point and time, figured out who I was suppose to be and the sooner I could get to that point and stop being who I currently was, the better for me...


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Every guys dream_(1)

Ever since I was a little boy I've always loved wearing girl's clothes. I remember going through my mother's lingerie drawer and trying on her panties and bras. I loved the way the silky sheer material felt against my body. As I got older I had less opportunities to indulge in my fetish until I got married. When my wife was away or at work I would wear her panties and bras while I masturbated. Luckily she was as tall as I was so the fit was pretty close. I would encourage her to buy plenty of sexy lingerie knowing that...


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