Claire's Becoming

Claire's Becoming

She was trained to be a slave. Her name was Claire, her new master just calls her a bitch or cunt and other dirty things.


“Claire!” her boyfriend called upstairs. “Are we still goin’ to that party tonight?”

“Yeah!” she yelled back, “Go out to the car, I just need to grab my purse and piss.”

She heard the door shut, she went to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet, rubbing her thighs when she’d pulled down her mini skirt. Claire’s only intention was to make herself wet, her boyfriend was huge when he got hard and without her “natural lube” he wouldn’t fuck her.

She put her thumb on her clit and two fingers in her tight hole. She worked herself for two or three minutes, she was even moaning. Maybe that’s why she hadn’t heard the door reopen downstairs, or why she was oblivious to the footsteps coming toward the bathroom.

She felt ready to cum, so she, reluctantly, she pulled her little skirt back up- she wore no panties. She glanced at herself in the mirror.

Claire was a little vain, she adored her juicy 48D breasts and her luscious big ass. She was skinny, and she loved looking at her self sideways in the mirror, her tits and ass looked like two speed bumps on a flat road. She ran her hands over her tight ass and moaned again softly. She loved to be spanked, she loved bondage and slave role play. That was how she’d met her boyfriend, Mark.

Her pussy throbbed as she thought of what they’d be doing tonight. Mark had just brought a riding crop and tonight she was a horse. She ran her hands over her body one more time before opening the door. A set of hands grabbed her arms. She screamed.

“No need for that,” a man’s deep voice with a southern accent said softly in her ear. “ain’t nobody gonna hear you now. Poor Mark tried stopping me from comin’ in, boy didn’t know what hit him.”

“What did you do to him?” she cried, tears streaming down her face. She struggled to break the man’s hold, but he was strong, he now had both of her wrists in on of his hands and was groping her chest with the other.

“Ain’t no need to worry about that you pretty little thing.”

“Who are you?!” her voice broke, she hung her head, knowing that it was pointless to fight.

“I’m your master now,” he said, his hand moving down her body, getting under her panties.

“No!” she cried.

“Don’t try fightin’ me now,” he said, his voice was commanding. “You’re mine.”

He beat her and raped her that night. He killed Mark. He kidnapped her. She woke up the next morning sore with bruises. He’d been bigger than Mark, and she was relieved that she’d been wet- if not, he could have torn her.

She’s been counting the days. She’s been his pet for almost two months now. He used her whenever he wanted, he had other pets too: Stella and Susana.

Claire had learned to like what he did to the three of them. He’s trained her well, and she was a quick learner. She remembered her first night in the house.


He’d put a collar on her. It was baby pink, there was a metal ring for a leash to be hooked onto. She was sitting obediently at his feet, not moving just as he’d instructed. She didn’t have clothes on, she felt exposed. He’d just called Susana and Stella to come meet there new playmate.

They were twins, both of them had fantastic bodies, neither of them were covered either. What they lacked in ass was made up in tits. Claire estimated that they were in the DDs as far as bra size, their bodies were tan and shiny with oil, or maybe sweat.

“Hello master,” they said together. “We did as you asked.”

“Good, good,” he said. He stood up, and he was at least nine inches taller than the girls, who all stood close to 5’4. “Describe it for me.”

“We masturbated at first, Sir,” they said, still talking together in monotonous voices that reminded Claire of the slave she’d become. “But we didn’t cum, just like you asked. After that, we 69ed until cumming on each other’s faces. We rubbed each other’s juices on our bodies, then we liked each other clean and kissed.”

“Show me how you kissed,” he instructed.

They didn’t hesitate at all, the girl in the red collar, Stella, massaged her twin’s breasts.. Susana, who was wearing a collar a shade lighter that Stella’s, was groping her sister’s ass. Susana inserted a finger into her sister’s tight ass, which he took note of. They locked lips, obviously swapping saliva by the wet noises. Stella pinched Susana’s nipples and she moaned. Susana was pounding her sister’s ass with two fingers and Stella was moaning right along with her sister.

He put one hand on both of their asses, rubbing them, he put three fingers in each of their pussies and the moaned, squirming. “Keep kissing,” he commanded, they squirmed more.

Claire wondered if now was a good time to try to slip away, but she didn’t know her way to the front door in this huge house.

“You can cum now,” he said, both girls sighed and shuddered as they came in unison on the Master’s hands. They struggled to stay standing as wave after wave of orgasm overcame them, but they held each other up.

He took his fingers out of them, and they immediately started kissing his neck.

“Thank you, Master,” they said together between kisses.

He nodded, and both of them stopped, standing at his sides rigid as soldiers.

“Come here you dirty cunt,” he said, eyes on Claire.

She came forward.

“Clean off my hands,” he said.

Claire was horrified. She hesitated, and Susana looked scared.

“Did you hear me?!” he said loudly. “I told you to clean my hands!”

Claire started licking his fingers, the twins looked nervous at his sides. When the only thing left on the Master’s hands was her saliva, Claire stopped.

“You filthy bitch!” the Master yelled, slapping her across the face. Her eyes watered. “Did I tell you to stop?! Did I?!”

“No,” she said in a small voice.

He raised his hand, ready to strike her again. “No. What?”

“No, Sir,” she said, turning her eyes down.

He lowered his hand. “I didn’t think so.”

He snapped his fingers at Susana and then pointed at Claire. “Clean her up,” he instructed. “Take her to the room. Her pussy in shining. She likes this. But don’t let her cum, keep her on the edge. This is her punishment.”

“Yes, Master,” Susana said.

“When you’re done, tell her about her new life. You’ll be staying with me for now,” he said to Stella. He turned back to Susana. “Do not come back here until I call you.”

She nodded, taking Claire’s hand and leaving her sister and the Master alone.

Susana led Claire through a labyrinth of hallways, finally stopping at a locked door.

“Where are we?” Claire asked. Susana ignored her. “Hello? Do you hear me?” Susana didn’t reply, instead, she tugged Claire inside the room after she unlocked the door.

The room was elegantly furnished, a queen-sized bed with fluffy pillows and a pink comforter against the wall. The carpet was white and soft.

“Lay down,” Susana said to Claire.

“Why are we here?” Claire asked. “Who is he? What’s going on?”

“I said lay down,” she repeated.

“No, I-”

Susana grabbed her wrists and dragged her to the bed, she pinned her down to the bed. “I said lay down.”

Claire was in shock, she hadn’t realized how strong this girl was.

“Spread your legs.”

For fear of violence, Claire silently obeyed.

Susana moved down the bed, she lowered her face so it was between Claire’s legs.

Claire hadn’t realized until now, but she really was very wet. Her clit was throbbing and her pussy ached for attention.

Susana went to work. Her tongue flicked in and out of Claire, her thumb rubbed her clit feverishly. Claire moaned and squirmed, wrapping her legs around Susana’s shoulders and tangling her finger’s in her hair. Susana quit flicking her tongue in and out. She ran her mouth all over Claire’s soaking pussy. She kissed Susana’s hole better than she had kissed her sister. Her thumb never let up on Claire’s clit. Claire could no longer tell where her body ended and Susana’s tongue began. Susana’s well practiced tongue was running all over ever part of Claire’s insides it could reach. Claire was so close, right on the edge...

Then Susana stopped. Her mouth came away from Claire’s hole and her thumb stopped working her nub. Claire could feel all the sexual tension built up inside her, her legs squirmed and she started to move her hands to finger herself. Susana’s strong arms pinned Claire’s wrists down.

“You are not to disobey the Master,” Susana said. Claire craned her neck to her to reach her lips up to Susana’s, but she failed. She let her had fall back down on the pillows, her pussy was aching with the tension.

“Please,” Claire pleaded. “He doesn’t have to know. Please finish me off.”

Susana smiled a devilish smile. “Okay, but you have to do something for me first.”

Claire nodded feverishly.

Susana sat back and spread her legs, they were in the air. Her glistening pussy was exposed fully for Claire, who was a bit horrified. She’d never touched another woman, let alone ate one out. But wasn’t she the one who’d been dying to- who was dying to- kiss Susana to get off?

Claire pushed that aside. She leaned her face toward Susana’s hole, she breathed in deeply, it was a beautiful smell. She ran her tongue up the length of Susana’s slit, a little disappointed by the taste, but still liking it. She lapped eagerly at Susana’s juices, ignoring the taste but making sure she filed her lungs with the smell every chance she got.

“You can do better than that,” Susana said, she had an almost bored look on her face. It was then that Claire realized just how slowly she’d been working at Susana’s pussy.

“I mean, if you don’t want me to help you then go right ahead with that pace.”

Susana’s words reminded Claire of the nearly painful ache in her slick pussy, she replied by all but attacking Susana’s love hole. Her tongue worked furiously over the folds and flicked vigorously in and out of her hole. One hand came up to Susana’s right breast, teasing the nipple. The other began having fun with Susana’s swollen clit.

“Ah,” Susana moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, yes! That’s it, oh God, fuck yes! Oh, harder, faster, oh!”

Susana had began squirming, her pelvis was moving in a grinding motion on Claire’s mouth.

Claire stopped, wanting a little bit leverage to get something she’d always wanted. Susana was panting hard and she moaned loudly when Claire stopped. “No,” she moaned, her voice was seductive and beautiful. “Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Love me forever, you’re so good.”

“Oh, I will,” Claire said. “But I want you to do something for me.”

“Anything,” Susana moaned, her hands started toward her pussy, but Claire held them away and Susana didn’t resist. “Please, anything, just don’t stop.”

“Talk dirty to me, Susana,” she said. “Say the nastiest things you can think of. Call me bad dirty names.”

Susana agreed without hesitation. She was dying to be finished off, her pussy was throbbing harder than Claire’s at the moment.

Claire got right back to work, but not as hard as before, wanting to make this last.

“Oh, yes, you fucking dirty bitch!” Susana moaned, quite loudly. “Eat my pussy like you’ll never fucking fuck anyone again. Don’t ever stop you fucking whore. You know you love my fucking taste. Oh, fuck! That’s it! Right fucking there you dirty wet sloppy fucking cunt. YEEEEES!”

Claire had been nice, she put two fingers, which was all she could fit, in Susana’s pussy and started working that over furiously while her tongue and teeth ate Susana’s clit. It was swollen to the near point of pain. Claire wondered briefly why Susana wasn’t cumming, she knew she must be enjoying herself quite a bit because her words had become senseless moaning.

“Cum you dirty bitch!” Claire said, shaping her tongue to fit Susana’s erect clit.

“Oh FUUUUUUCK yes!” Susana screamed and moaned, putting both hands on Claire’s head and pushing her pussy forcefully to Claire’s face as wave after blissful wave of orgasm washed over her. Claire’s nosy was pressed against Susana’s nub, she tongue buried as deep as it could go in her pussy as her juices flowed free. And Claire didn’t quit when the orgasm started, she kept moving her tongue and wrinkling her nose so it kept teasing Susana’s pussy. Claire moved both hands up to Susana’s sensitive tits, unrelenting in her work on Susana’s nipples.

Susana was obviously multi orgasmic. It had been at least thirty seconds since she starting cumming, and Claire began to suspect that she’d been trained to cum until she was either dry or the touch on her privates stopped. Claire, almost unwillingly, took her mouth away from Susana’s still flowing hole.

She leaned back and admired what she’d done, Susana’s back was arched and she found Susana’s fingers working her own asshole in a vain attempt to keep her orgasm going. She finally began to calm down, but her back remained arched because her finger remained in her ass. Claire pulled that finger out, laying down on her back and lowering her new friend’s hips toward her face, which she’d carefully positioned so that when Susana obliged, her mouth was on her ass crack.

That’s when the door swung open. Neither girl noticed until it banged on the adjacent wall.

“Thought you could get away with this?!” the Master screamed.

The rest of that night had been hard. The Master punished both girls. He’d tied them up and forced empty wine bottles into their pussies until the necks of the bottles were deep inside them and half the base of the bottle was too. He made them sit their until they filled the bottles up with piss and cum and whatever else it took. At first, neither girl thought it was much of a punishment because he played with their clits and nipples to make them cum and piss. But when both bottles were filled he handed Claire Susana’s bottle and visa versa and simply commanded “Drink.”

When they were finished, Stella came back out an all three girls were given more instructions.

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