Alyssa's Journeys

Alyssa's Journeys

As she sat alone in her drunken state of mind, Alyssa wondered what Johns reaction was to the text he had just received. He had a girlfriend and she knew that but it wasn't like he didn't cheat on her with other girls. 

Oh god Lyssa, you're acting like a real whore! She thought to herself. Suddenly She regretted ever sending such a racy, random text message. What if he happened to be with his girlfriend now? What if she saw it? 
She wanted to keep this a secret, if it did or did not happen. "Oh I should have thought this through!" She said aloud to herself. 
Her phone vibrated once. Letting her know the answer to all of her questions. She flipped her phone open "I want you to fuck me. " was the first text she seen. That was from  her. She was so nervous to read his reply her stomach was turning over. 
"Seriously? We can arrange that. " was the reply. 
Of course he was going to agree to it. She was a fresh 18, naturally skinny, perky 36Bs, long brown wavy hair that fell just underneath her breasts, tanned skin, soft facial features, long, smooth legs that stopped at her small, tight ass. Any man would be crazy to say no.
"When?" she replied back. 
That was a great question. When? They both always had people around      . John was in a relationship, and had another fuckbuddy that Alyssa knew of. Alyssa was fucking a couple of other young boys but only every once in a while. Both John and Alyssa had made quite a reputation for themselves but it was a small town and that was easy to do. 
Her phone vibrated again signaling Johns reply "There's a party in the field tomorrow night, maybe we could sneak off from there?" 
That was a good idea, one she wouldn't have thought of. "Okay, we'll figure it out then. " was her reply. The field was where they had all of their parties. She knew there'd be at least a hundred people there tomorrow night so John and her could slip off unnoticed. It was perfect.  Her phone buzzed again, John again "I've been waiting to fuck you, just couldn't figure out how to get around to it. " Before she could reply back, her body gave way to all the alcohol she had consumed that night and she passed out. 

All day the next day, Alyssa was so anxious. She wondered how big he was. Was it going to be any good? What if it was awful sex? The questions were never-ending it seemed, until finally it was time for her to get dressed for the party. She took a long shower, shaving her legs  and making sure her mound was completely smooth. (She learned early on that boys liked that) when she got out she let her body air dry while she blow dried her hair. She took her time getting dressed, making she everything looked perfect. She had picked out her tightest blue jeans and her most revealing top. As she looked herself over before leaving she thought to herself I'd fuck me. 
When she got to the party there was only a couple people there but she was always early so it was nothing new to her, besides the field resided in one of her lovers backyards. She had amazing memories in the field, including fucking underneath a truck during the prime time of a party. It was amazing no one had caught her and Jay that night. The truck was one that was backed up with it's tailgate facing the fire and it was the one playing the music so people were all around it. Jay was underneath fixing a wire to the speakers when the urge had hit her. She climbed under the truck and started to pull down his pants. She started sucking on his flaccid dick until it stood at attention. At that time she really despised oral sex. For some reason it was a disgusting thing to do and she couldn't bear to do more than get him hard enough to put his dick inside her. She climbed up his chest until their mouths made contact and he kissed her deep and hard, as soon as she kissed him back he started rubbing her everywhere his hands could get too, Jay was only 16 and still had the excitement of a young boy but to her that was okay because that was all she knew. It was cold out, well below 60 degrees and if your from Florida that's cold enough for jackets and jeans and sweaters so they were both dressed in full capacity. 
Jay climbed over on top of her and shoved his cold hands right down the front of her jeans, the cold felt so good on her hot, wet, shaved pussy she wanted him to keep playing with her slimy lips. But instead he pulled his hand out and started pulling her out of her jeans. She was used to young boys and their tactless ways of fucking and although she longed for a better fuck, the excitement of being caught at any moment she was still turned on by the whole thing. Once her jeans were around her ankles he forced his 7 inches inside her tight cunt. She gasped out in pleasurable pain as he pulled his cock out and rammed it all the way back in hard and fast. For about 5 minutes he fucked her very hard and very fast, it was hard to be quiet, she moaned and gasped as he fucked her relentlessly then he finished all over her stomach.

She hoped that John would be much better then the rest of the boys she had had sex with. Before people started to arrive at the party Jay had made sly comments to her and she considered sleeping with her usual partner but decided against it considering how bad their sex life had been so far. So when he asked if she wanted some of "Jays good ole dick" she told him she was on her period. She watched him sulk off and took another sip of her beer, scanning the crowd as she did. When her eyes landed on John she could feel herself get hot and wet. He looked so sexy standing there. He looked how she thought a man should look. He was 22 and always carried himself with plenty of confidence. At that moment she knew fucking him was going to be good. She walked over to where he was standing with a group of friends that were also her friends. She caught him looking her up and down as she walked over and couldn't help but notice the bulge in his jeans get a little bit bigger. "Hell of a poker game last night huh?" she said. From that he launched animatedly into the story of how she beat everyone at poker last night 9 times in a row and it being the first time she ever played. "How the hell she done it, I  don't know but she had to of cheated somehow. " After he said this he grabbed her lightly around the neck in a mock head lock and pulled her really close to him. He smelled so good. He smelled like a man should, like a man that takes care of himself should. 
After a while the group of people around them evaporated and they developed their plan. John lived alone and his house was not far from the field so she would announce that she was leaving and go straight to his house where she was to pull around back and wait for him. About 15 minutes after, he would head to his house behind her. The drive was nerve racking. She was so nervous and a million things were running through her mind. While waiting on John to get home she must've changed her mind a million times and the fifteen minutes she sat there felt like hours. He called her and told her to meet him at the front door since he was almost there. Her heart was already racing and when she laid eyes on him it only beat faster. They met at the door and his lips met hers in a deep kiss, their tongues were exploring each other as he cupped her small ass and lifted her up to the door. She wrapped her long limbs around his waist. She could feel his big dick stirring against her. She moaned as her pussy got wetter and wetter. He broke from her lips and started kissing her on her neck, he worked his way up to her earlobe, "I'm gonna fuck you real good." 
With that he sat her down so he could unlock the door. Once inside they didn't slow down a bit, her clothes were strung everywhere. She was very shy at first and he noticed it, here she was fully naked, with all of the lights on. Her small breasts were so perfect, her nipples were hard and erect, they were about nickel sized and dark red, her shaved, smooth mound was glistening with her own wetness but you could tell she was very nervous about all of this. John was still fully clothed but his erection was poking at his jeans. Surely she could see this, surely she knew she caused this. He stepped close to her and kissed her long and soft, "You have the perfect body, you are incredibly sexy. " 
"Really?" she half whimpered. 
"I wouldn't lie about it. I can't wait to fuck your brains out. " 

With that he took her down on the couch, taking his pants and shirt off as he did kissing her the whole time. His hand slid in between them and he began to rub her clit. She was so wet. "Oh, that feels really fucking great!" she moaned
He slowly slid one finger inside her "OH" she breathed. 
As he fingered her tight pussy she started to relax more and her breathing picked up. She was moaning and thrashing about "Please put your dick in me! I need it!!" she whined. 
He obliged and lined hisself up with her hole and began to enter her love cavity. She was so tight he could only get an inch into her at a time and everytime he thrust back inside her she moaned "Oh God!" finally he had all 8 inches inside her and he kept it still and lowered his head to her perfect little nipples. He licked the first one and drew the whole thing into his mouth. She gasped, and started to wiggle and squirm beneath him. "Oh John, please fuuuuuuccccckkkk meeeeee!" she squealed. 
With that he sat up and threw her legs onto his shoulders and started thrusting  into her tight twat as hard as he could. She moaned and grunted with each thrust. After a few minutes of his powerful thrusts, she could feel her orgasm building up, and John noticed it too. She started to flush across her chest and her breathing picked up considerably. Her moans got louder and longer "Say my name Lys, tell me whose gonna make that pussy cum. " he demanded. 
"Oh John, John John John! JOHNNNN!! Oh YES!" she screamed and he felt her juices spray all over his dick. He stopped pumping, "Roll Over. " he demanded. 
She had never been bossed around like this and she loved every minute of it. She rolled onto her hands and knees and arched her back, he smacked her little ass and left a red hand print "Oh" she said. 
He entered her doggy style and started pumping into her, hard. He was going to cum all over her little bitty ass. He kept thrusting as hard as he could, his balls were slapping against her cunt loudly and she was grunting underneath him. 
He felt a tingly feeling in his nuts and knew he was going to cum, when his seed started to spill he pulled out of her quickly and blew his load all over her ass. When he was done he grabbed a towel and wiped her cheeks off. She rolled over and he crashed on the bed beside her as they both lay there breathing hard. 
It was her who spoke up first "That was amazing!" 
"Yeah it was, please tell me this is gonna be a regular thing?" he asked, half begging. 
"Mmhmm. It was too good not to be!" 
They both laid there for a minute, Alyssa felt comfortable with him, too comfortable. She didn't like that. "I need to go. " 
She hopped up and started gathering up her clothes quickly. John stared at her for a little bit and was fixing to ask why so fast but she smothered him in a long, deep kiss and was out the door before he could say a word. 

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