It was a few years ago when I lived in Amsterdam I got talking to a woman from the South of England on the Internet. We got on really well and often our chats turned to sex. Sometimes we would share our fantasies. After about 6 months of chatting she started telling me her deepest fantasies. One night she told me that she often fantasises about being watched while having sex. She said she would love to have sex live on the Internet or to go out dogging. Naturally what she had just said immediately got my cock hard. I decided to take a risk and told her if she came over to Amsterdam I would gladly fuck her live on the Internet. To my surprise she immediately said “Ok then when can I come over?” We then arranged a weekend for about a month later. She said she would be coming with a female friend from London as she had never met me before. She asked me if I knew anybody who would be interested in her friend. She told me she didn’t want her friend to feel alone while they were in Amsterdam. At the time I was sharing a flat with a guy from back home. So naturally my flatmate was the first person I asked. No surprises when I tell you that he immediately said “fucking right I will do it. I would love to fuck her”. I said to him “How do you know she will be up for it”? He told me to ask my woman if her mate was up for it. Next time I chatted to my woman on the Internet I told her my mate was up for being with her mate but he wanted to know if she was up for a fucking also. She typed back “Fucking right she is lol”. “We both want a good fucking”.

Waiting a month for her to come over to Amsterdam was seemed like years lol. I couldn’t wait to meet her. On the day that they arrived my flatmate and I picked them up from the airport. We said the usual hellos etc and then headed of back to the flat. I got in the back of the car with my woman. My flatmates woman sat in the front. Once we got in the car my woman started kissing me and feeling my cock. I was rock hard immediately. I loved how forward she was being. She didn’t care that my mate could see her in the mirror. As we kissed my mate and her friend made small talk.

When we got to the flat my woman just looked at her mate and said “We only have 2 days let’s make the most of it. I am going for a good fuck see you later”. With that she asked me where my bedroom was and we both went inside. She dropped to her knees and said “Show me what you have got then”. She got my cock out (at the time my cock wasn’t pierced) and said “Mmmm lovely and hard” then started giving me a fantastic blow job. She sucked me off until I cum all down her throat. I love it when a woman swallows. I pulled her up and kissed her full on the lips. As we kissed each other we were slowly undressing each other. We got on the bed and carried on kissing each other. We lust lay there for ages kissing and feeling all over each others bodies. She was like me and loved being kissed on the neck and back of the neck. She then grabbed my hand and placed it by her pussy. She was soaking wet and my fingers easily slipped inside her. I carried fingering her until she had her first orgasm. Then she got up and told me as I was always going on about how good my pierced tongue feels she wanted to it in her pussy so she could see for herself. She sat her pussy on my face and I gave her a good licking. As I was licking her I wondered how my mate was getting on. I needn’t have worried as I soon heard muffled moans from his bedroom. That made my cock even harder. I carried on tonguing my woman. She suddenly got off my face and got all fours. She asked me to fuck her from behind. I didn’t need asking twice and threw my cock up her pussy. As I was fucking her she was telling me to call her a dirty slut and tell her how much she was enjoying taking my cock. Her dirty talk really turned me on and I was giving her pussy a really good hard fucking. After a while I warned her I was about to cum. She told me to pull out and shoot all over her face and breasts. I took my cock out and wanked my spunk all over her. She then used her fingers to eat every last drop of my cum. She then got up and went to her suitcase. She pulled out a big 10” vibrator put some batteries in and joined me on the bed again. She shoved the vibrator up her pussy and told me to fuck her with it. As I fucked her with the vibrator we lay there kissing. I fucked her to another couple of orgasms with her vibrator. She then told me she needed a rest so we just lay there for a couple of hours kissing, cuddling and licking each other.

About 5 PM we decided to start getting ready to go out. I went to see what my mate and his woman was up to. His woman was fast asleep. I discreetly asked him how he had got on and he said she was fantastic and great fuck. My woman told me she was going for a shower. I decided to join her. When I got in I started kissing her again and feeling her pussy. She leaned against the wall and we had a fast and furious fuck. We both came pretty quickly. We then got showered and got ready to go out.

We all went out about 7 pm and went to a restaurant for a meal. We then asked the women what they would like to do next. My flatmate and I naturally thought we would be going for a drink but the two women surprised us. They told me and my flat mate they would like to go to the red light area and see the prostitutes for a laugh. We took them along and had a look at all the women. They were both surprised at how beautiful the prostitutes were and said how sexy they looked. Their comments about how sexy the prostitutes looked got me thinking. They say great minds think alike, both My mate and I wondered if they were into women and maybe they played with each other. I decided to ask them. Sadly they said they were both only into cocks and had no bi-fantasies.

As we were walking around the red light area we walked past a sex show. Both the women wanted to go inside. My mate and I had been before but we thought what the hell lets see it again. We paid our money and went inside. The bar was a big square at the back of the club. I suppose that is to increase the amount of people who can sit at the bar. We sat at the back of the bar with our backs to the wall. After about 20 minutes the show started. It started off with a woman on stage playing with herself. She also got people out of the audience to lick whipped cream of her body etc. The next act was male stripper who played with himself, got women from the audience on stage etc. He had an enormous cock and both our women commented on how much they would love to be fucked by his big cock. The next act was a man and woman. They had sex live on stage, she sucked his cock, he ate her pussy, they fucked in various positions etc. The guy fucking the woman had an enormous cock also. Both the woman commented how lucky the woman on stage was to be fucked by such a big cock. As we watched them fucking I felt a hand start to feel my cock. It was my woman. As she felt my hard cock she kissed me on the neck and whispered to me that she wanted me to finger fuck her. The top of the bar had a sort of extended lip and gave us a bit of privacy. Also we were right at the back of the club so we were behind everybody in the audience. We also knew the barman could not see us. Mind you he probably would not have cared anyway. I am sure he has seen more than me fingering her. I reached my hand under her skirt. She was soaking wet from watching the sex show. After finger fucking her for a few minutes I noticed a couple of guys at the end of the bar were watching us. I told my woman but she said she didn’t care in fact it turned her on even more to know they were watching. I just thought well if you don't mind then I don’t mind. We carried on watching the show while I fingered her pussy. I fingered her to orgasm and pulled my fingers out. She then brought my hand to her mouth and licked my fingers clean. We watched the final 2 sex acts and then decided to go for a drink somewhere else as the prices of the drinks in the sex show were a rip off.

While we were going walking around the red light area we were all getting on brilliantly and were soon all laughing and joking. It felt like we had all know each other for years. My flatmate was one of those guys is very cheeky but can always get away with it. He was also very funny. My mate and I seemed to be having a private competition to see who could be the funniest lol. The chat soon got around to sex. My woman asked her mate “Did you have a good fuck then this afternoon?” Her mate replied that they had a wonderful time and started laughing. My mate just gave me a wink. My mate’s woman then asked my woman if my pierced tongue was as good I said it is (I have always loved my pierced tongue lol). My woman replied that it was and she was going to enjoy having it in her pussy again. We went around a few bars having a drink. Sometimes we would bump into people my flatmate and I knew. One time we were in a crowded bar and the women went to buy the drinks. That gave my mate and I a good chance to chat alone. Strangely we must of reached maturity as we never discussed what we had done with our women in the afternoon we just asked each other if we had a good time. We discussed the possibility of getting the two women to have a foursome (typical males lol). When the woman came back the chat soon turned to sex again. As we were all tipsy I decided to chance my arm and ask the two women if they were up for foursome with my mate and I. Sadly they said no but they may have surprise for us later. This got my mind thinking but I couldn’t think what the surprise may be. All the sexy talk had got all four of us horny again and we decided to head back to my flat.

When we got back we both went into our separate bedrooms. I was about to close the door when my woman asked me not to. She told me her mate was going to leave her door open. My woman told me she wanted to hear her mate being fucked by my mate as it would really turn her on. We undressed each other and got on the bed. We just lay their kissing and exploring each others bodies. It was obvious my mate and his woman couldn’t wait as we soon heard her mate telling my mate to fuck her harder. Listening to them fuck really got me hard. My woman gave me a kiss and asked me to get down on her pussy. She told me she wanted me to lick her out while she listened to her mate fuck. I thought that was so kinky. As I tongued her pussy we could every word they were saying next door. We heard my mate telling his woman things like what a filthy slut she was and how he was going to shoot his spunk down her throat and up her pussy. This must have been really turning her on because she was moaning very loudly. All of a sudden her mate shouted that she was about to cum. This set my woman off and I felt her pussy start to orgasm around my tongue. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed all her sweet juices. Once her orgasm had stopped she asked me if I still wanted to fuck her live on the Internet. I just said I am up for it if you are. She told me not only did she want to have live sex she wanted to find a guy or a couple who would tell us what to do. She said they can be the director of our sex movie and started laughing. She said it will be more exciting not knowing what we have to do next. During our sex chats she had already told me she enjoyed anal sex so I knew where going to have a lot of fun.

I got up and switched my PC on. We got on the web and logged onto a webcam website. We joined the chatroom and started to talk to a few people. After a while we got talking to an American guy who seemed pretty cool. I think he was about 45. We told him about my woman’s fantasy of having sex on the internet and would he like to watch. He said “Sure I would love to” I switched the cam on and my woman got up and went to her suitcase again. To my surprise and delight she pulled out another four vibrators of various sizes and shapes. We opened up a private chatroom and joined the American for more chat. We asked if he could see us on the cam ok. We told our American guy about her fantasy of being told what to do. We just told him “You tell us what to do and we will do it for you”. He just typed back “WOW this is awesome”. We told him we weren’t regular sex partners. We explained how we ended up together on the webcam and how we met each other etc. He said he found that an incredible turn on to know we were virtual strangers. We asked him if he had a microphone as typing would be a little bit hard from now on. Luckily for us he did.

We both switched on our mics and my woman asked him “So what would you like to see us do first?”. He asked her to let him see her suck me off. She just said “I bloody knew you where going to say that”. “You are a typical male” and started laughing. She did as the American guy asked, she got on her knees and started sucking me off. I made sure the American was getting a really good shot of her sucking me. She was teasing my mouth with her cock. Licking me up and down and occasionally taking the tip of my cock in her mouth. The American then started getting quite stern with her. He just suddenly said ”I told you suck his cock bitch not tease it with your tongue. Get sucking it properly. Show me what a slut you are”. She did as she was told and started giving me another fantastic blowjob. The American guy was telling her what a good mouth she had and how he would love to fuck her mouth. I know this was turning her on because every time he said something she sucked me harder and longer. He asked her to turn around and open her legs so he could get a good look at her pussy. He commented on how good her pussy looked and how wet it was. He then asked her to show him how she played with her pussy. She stopped sucking my cock and got on the bed. He then shouted at her “Who told you to stop sucking his cock bitch?” She replied “I thought you wanted to see me play with myself ?“. I do he said “But surely you can play with yourself as you suck his cock?”. She got back to sucking my cock. As she sucked my cock she reached under herself and played with her pussy. The American kept on telling her what a slut she was and how wet her pussy was etc. I warned her I was about to cum and asked her to stop as I didn’t want to cum yet. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. Then it was my turn to be told off lol. The American said to me “Who told you to stop?” “Get your cock back in her mouth now” “I want to see the sexy bitch swallow your cum” My woman carried on sucking me off. I warned her to get ready and let myself go. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and showed the American guy the remaining cum in her mouth. She then swallowed the lot. The American told her she gave a great blowjob and he wished he was with us in Amsterdam.

He then told us as he she had been such a good girl in sucking my cock I had to now lick her pussy for him. My woman sat on the edge of bed and I got on my knees. We did our best with the webcam to make sure he got a good view of me licking her pussy. My woman then asked the American if he had a webcam. He said he did. She asked him of he would mind putting his cam on and masturbating for her. “I thought you were never going to ask” he replied. He quickly got his cam on and it was obvious he had already been masturbating. I carried on tonguing my woman’s pussy while she watched the American guy wank his cock for her. She was telling him what a good cock he has and how she wants him to cum for her. That set him off and she told me how much cum was cumming out his cock. He told me to carry on licking my woman until she had an orgasm. From the moans she was making I knew that would not be long. As I felt her getting nearer to cum I got her to sit on my face so I would not miss a drop of her sweet pussy juice. I soon felt her legs begin to buckle. She moaned out loud as the orgasm hit her.

We then stopped for a moment and had another chat. The American guy said he noticed my tongue piercing as I licked her pussy. He asked my why I would disfigure my body like that. I told him I also used to think like that about body piercing then I found out why people get it done. I told him I was puzzled why people would get their tongue pierced as 99% of the time it is hidden. Then one day on the TV a programme came on about body piercing. I was about to switch over when I said to my mate “I don’t know why people pierce their tongues they are just idiots”. His next comment stopped me in my tracks. “You’re the idiot” he said. “They get it done for sex”. I asked him to explain. “Well think about it” he said. “The steel bar will stimulate the clit as you tongue the pussy and I am sure if a woman had a pierced tongue it would feel great on your cock” As I love giving oral sex I was immediately interested and decided not to switch the TV over after all. So I said to the American guy “In short I got my tongue pierced for giving woman oral sex”.

My woman then told me she wanted to fuck again. The American guy asked her if she had any toys. She told him she did and put out her 5 vibrators on the bed. He asked her to play with herself for him. She got hold of the big 10” vibrator. He started telling her what dirty slut she was again. He told her to fuck herself deep and hard. We both noticed he had started to wank himself again. As he wanked himself he carried on talking dirty to my woman. She looked so sexy as she played with herself. As I was doing nothing I was able to hold the webcam and move it right by her pussy. The American told me to move the webcam all over her body so he could have a good look. She warned us she was about to cum. The American guy asked to see her face as he loved to watch a woman orgasm. Her cheeks flushed as the orgasm hit her body. The American guy thanked her and told her she looks beautiful when she orgasms. My woman thanked him back.

My woman asked him what we had to do next. He told us he wanted to see us fucking. He asked my woman to sit on my cock and ride it. She got and my cock and rode it like a woman possessed. He told her how sexy she looked riding my cock. He was telling her how much she wanted my cock and what a slut she was. This was really turning her on (she told me afterwards). We carried in fucking until I shot my cum all up her in the condom. She got up and showed the American guy her wet pussy. We then asked what he wanted us to do next for him. He asked us if we were into anal sex (typical male lol). My woman told him she loved it. “MMMM good” he said. “Let me see him fuck your arse”. My woman got down and sucked me back to hardness. She then got some baby oil from her suitcase and rubbed it all over my cock and poured some down the crack of her arse. Once she was sure she was oiled up enough she got on all fours. I got behind her and slowly fed my cock up her arse. Once I was fully in we waited for a little while to allow her arse to get used to it. I started of giving her arse a slow sensual fuck but she told me to fuck her harder. The American guy was telling my woman what a filthy slut she was taking my cock up her arse. He told her to grab hold of a vibrator and shove it up her pussy. He said he wanted to see both holes filled. Once the vibrator was up her pussy she teased the American guy and told him things like “How good it feels with both holes full” and “How much she was enjoying being fucked up the arse” etc. As her arse was tight I was really enjoying the anal fuck. My woman warned she was about to cum. I told her I will cum alongside her. I asked her if she wanted me to shoot my cum all over her bum. I held back until I could feel my woman orgasm. Once I could feel the orgasm starting I pulled out and shot my cum all over her arse. We then both collapsed on the bed and had a god snog.

The American then told us he was sorry but he had to go. He thanked me and my woman for a great show. We also thanked him for helping out with our fantasy. My woman told him she loved him being strict with us. As we went to switch the webcam off we noticed a tab that said something like ”number of viewers” My woman and I had stupidly thought that as we were in a private chatroom with the American guy that our webcam was private as well. We thought only the American guy could see us. How wrong we were. When we clicked on the “number of viewers” tab we found we had something like 345 people had been watching us. My woman was over the moon. She had always wanted to be watched. Now she could say 345 people watched her.

We both needed a rest by then and just lay cuddling and kissing on the bed. After about 45 minutes of kissing she told me she was going to get my surprise. I had forgotten all about the surprise. My woman got up and called her friend. She asked her friend if she wanted to do the surprise. “Yes please” her friend replied.

I was still wondering that the surprise could be. Her friend came into my room and my woman left. I saw my woman going into my mate’s room. Then I heard the two women shout one, two, three surprise. I asked my mate’s woman what the surprise is. She told me the surprise is that she was going to fuck me and my woman was going to fuck my mate. She said “We won’t do a foursome but a separate swap is ok”. I found that a bit odd to be honest but thought what the hell. Besides “I also wanted to feel a pierced tongue. I may never get the chance to feel one again” my mates woman told me. With that she just pushed me onto the bed and sat her pussy on my face. She was grinding her pussy into my face asking me if I found her sexier than her mate. I found that a bit off putting and to be honest although she was a lot skinnier than her mate she wasn’t as sexy as her mate. I prefer my women to have a bit of meat on them. A woman should have womanly curves. She must of still be feeling randy from the fucking my mate gave her as it didn’t take me long to make her pussy cum. She had a different taste to my woman but she still tasted good. She then gave me quick suck. She then got up and bent over the chair. She told me to give her a good hard fucking from behind. She said to me that she wanted to see if I could fuck her harder than my mate. I told her I would do my best and laughed. As I fucked her from behind she told me to fuck her harder and faster. I reached under her and played with her clit. She was begging me not to stop. I could feel her beginning to cum. I was also ready to cum. I asked her where she wanted my cum. She told me to cum over her bum. I pulled my cock out and shot all her lovely arse. She gave me quick kiss and left the room. A few minutes later my woman came back in the room. She asked me if I had enjoyed myself. I told her I had but her mate wasn’t as good as her. She just laughed and called me a liar lol. We went back to bed and spent an hour or so just kissing and cuddling. We ended up falling asleep in each others arms. I was woken up in the morning by my woman giving me a good morning blow job. As you can guess the rest of the weekend was pretty much spent with me and my woman kissing, licking, sucking, and fucking each other. We never swapped partners again. My woman told me Saturday was one off.

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