Apple IS the teacher...

Apple IS the teacher...

Apple parked her car about a block from the beach, and strolled towards where her friends said the party would be. Rebecca had invited her earlier in the week, and said that she had some friends she “really wanted her to meet,” whatever that meant. Apple was just looking to get out of the house after a long week, so any excuse worked.
The party was at Rebecca’s friends beach house, and was rolling pretty good by the time Apple showed up. She had gotten on the beach about a half mile up, and walked to the house from the beach side, enjoying the smell and the ocean breeze. It made her happy and sad at the same time. Happy just to be enjoying the moment, a little sad that she had no one to share it with.
As she approached the house, she noticed that a lot of people were out around a bonfire, just enjoying the beautiful summer evening. Rebecca was outside, talking to some people, and ran up to meet her, giving her a big hug. Rebecca had known Apple had a tough week, and wanted her to relax and kick back for a while. She went off to get Apple a drink, and Apple began idly watching some of the other party guests as she waited for her friend to return..
One couple in particular caught Apple’s eye. He was tall, obviously in shape, with a tight shirt that really showed off his well-defined, hairy chest. On his arm was a perky little blonde, with a great body, especially her ass. Apple’s eyes lingered a little bit.
Apple was no stranger to appreciating a woman’s body. While she hadn’t had any lesbian experiences, she had always been curious. Her and Rebecca had shared one evening a few months ago that almost ended in sex, and the thought of that night brought warm memories back for Apple, and a pleasant warmth between her legs as well.
As Rebecca returned with a strawberry dacquirri for her friend, Apple shook herself out of her reverie. Too late, since Rebecca had caught her staring and followed her eyes to the object of Apple’s attention.
“Oh, cool,” Rebecca said. “Those are my friends that I wanted you to meet. C’mon,” and before Apple knew what was happening, she was being dragged over to meet them by her friend. Introductions were passed all around, and Apple felt strangely at home.
He was Allen, and his girlfriend’s name was Cindy. They had been together about a year, and were living together. Apple thought they were just the nicest people, and everyone seemed to click. Before Apple knew it, an hour had passed with her new friends and she was on her third dacquirri.
The wine was going straight to her head. She was relaxed, and comfortable, and (she admitted) a little horny, watching Cindy hang on Allen’s rugged frame. She excused herself, feeling a little hungry and headed towards the food inside. Cindy promised they would catch up later.
Inside, Apple was struck by the simple yet stylish design. A nice buffet was laid out on the table, and she helped herself to some chocolate cake and sat on the couch, another dacquirri in her hand. Next to her was a nice looking guy, and they struck up a conversation. His name was Tony, and he was in town visiting a friend of a friend, and just ended up here at the party. They talked for a few minutes, and Apple felt drawn to him, especially his eyes. They were a deep, deep brown, and the more he talked, the more they danced.
While they talked, someone turned on the TV, flipping around to find the score of the game, and let out a whoop. “What’s this? Seems like the owner has a taste for the porn channel!” she heard someone say.
Sure enough, as Apple and Tony turned to the screen (along with everyone else in the room) they were greeted by the site of a stunning brunette, totally nude, and obviously in the throws of passion as she rode her male lover’s face to a screaming orgasm. “That was probably fake,” Apple quipped, a little embarrassed.
“Yeah, but none the less motivating,” answered Tony, obviously also a little embarrassed, as he tried to adjust his plate to hide the bulge in his shorts.
Maybe it was the alcohol, but something was coming over Apple. “You didn’t find THAT arousing, did you?” knowing full well the answer.
“Uh, well, I…” he stammered. “It’s just that, well, I have never been able to make a woman scream like that, especially with my tongue. I mean, I know it’s a movie and all, but that would be awesome if I could get a woman off like that!” Tony may have had a few drinks as well, because he seemed too shy to be talking about this.
“It’s all in the technique, you know,” Apple said, feeling like a teacher with a student. And then, she figured, what the hell? “C’mon, let’s go for a walk.”
Grabbing Tony by the hand, they sneaked upstairs, finding a guest room. There was only a single bed, but it would be adequate for Apple’s purpose. She closed the door behind them, and hiked up her short skirt. She was feeling playful and sexy and in control and HORNY all at once. She pulled her panties to the side, and showed off her neatly trimmed bush, and by the look in his shorts, Tony noticed it too.
“Ok, pussy licking 101, class is in session.” She stripped out of her panties, and sat on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide as she lightly fingered herself. She was just starting to remember how long it had been…
“Well, you can’t make me cum from over THERE, silly,” she said to Tony, and he closed the distance between them and went down on his knees, inches from her moistening pussy. “Well, anytime, lover,” she smiled.
Tony had LOTS of enthusiasm, but unfortunately not a lot of experience, and he dove into her pussy like he was attacking an ice cream cone. “Whoa, boy, GENTLE. KISS it first.” Tony slowed down, and began planting wet kisses on her pubic mound and lips.
“Ok, now a little tongue. Tease my lips.” Tony did as he was instructed, and was obviously a quick learner. She could feel his tongue part her pussy folds, slowly working up her crease and down. She reached down and stroked the back of his head, and gently began rocking slightly. With the other hand, she parted her upper lips, so he could see her hardening love button.
“Flick my clit, but gently,” she instructed, and when he did, a slight moan escaped her lips. “Oh, yeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss,” she moaned, and encouraged by this, he began to flick faster. Showing a little initiative, he stuck a finger into her pussy, as he continued to work her clit, and she moaned even more. This guy was DEFINITELY a quick study…
She wanted to give him what he hadn’t had, and she pushed him away and told him to lie down. He obeyed, and as he did so she lowered her VERY aroused cunt onto his waiting lips, and gasped as his tongue entered her. Inexperienced or not, she knew this wasn’t going to last much longer. As she looked down, and saw those brown eyes between her legs, she started bucking her hips faster and faster, the animal in her trying to escape. She was actually going to cum all over this stranger’s face.
“Oh yes, keep going, keep going…” and her breathing quickened as she ground down harder. It was exquisite, the feeling of this man’s tongue deep inside her, her clit stimulated by his nose.
“Oh, oh, YES,” she cried, as her orgasm took her all over. “I’m CUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNG!” She couldn’t stop bucking her hips, and ground down on his face for what seemed like forever as the spasms swept over her. Finally, they subsided, and she was able to roll off of him.
“Wow, that was INTENSE,” her student said, happily licking her cream off his lips. “Thank YOU.”
Apple looked down and saw the bulge in his shorts, and couldn’t let him leave without returning at least some of the pleasure. “Not so fast,” she cooed. “Stand up.”
Tony stood up, and Apple got to her knees. She undid his pants, and a good sized, circumcised cock popped out. Apple took him into her mouth, teasing the underside of his shaft with her tongue. With one hand she jerked him into her mouth, with the other she played with his balls.
Apple didn’t know what came over her, but she wanted cum, and she wanted it NOW. She sucked for all she was worth, jerking him off the whole time, and in a matter of seconds, she knew she had achieved what she was looking for.
Tony’s breath came faster and faster, and he started bucking his hips to meet her jerking motion. “In my mouth,” Apple heard herself say, and got what she wanted. Soon Tony yet out a muffled yell, and his cock began spurting hot sticky cream into Apple’s mouth. She kept jerking him and sucking him, savoring his sweet taste as his cum filled her mouth, trickled down her throat, and also escaped her lips. She swallowed, and looking up saw those brown eyes behind the nicest smile she had seen in a while.
“Thank you,” he said. “That was wonderful.”
“Yes, it was, and you’re welcome,” popping his cock out of her mouth. “ We should probably get back downstairs, but I expect that the next woman you are with will be a little happier. Now, why don’t you go downstairs, and I’m going to go clean up a bit.”
Tony tucked himself in, and Apple excused herself to the adjacent bathroom, where she straightened herself out. Only then did she realize how naughty she had been , and frankly, she loved it.
She finished straightening up, and walked out of the bathroom. Smack into Cindy, the pert blond from before.
“Apple, we were looking for you! Allen and I wanted to know if you wanted to go for a ride?”
“Uh, sure,” Apple replied, trying not to look like she had just been swallowing cum ten minutes ago. “Where we going?”
“You’ll see. It’ll be fun. PROMISE.”
Something about the way Cindy said “promise” made Apple almost wet again. She followed Cindy downstairs, and into Allen’s Bronco, waving to Rebecca on the way out.
They drove for a few miles, down a nice stretch of the coastal highway, stopping at another VERY nice house, with a private, secluded beach.
“Apple, on the back porch, there is a cooler. Can you bring it down to the beach while we get things set up?”
Apple got the cooler, wondering what exactly they were “setting up,” (and at least partially hoping it was her!). She didn’t have to wait long, as she walked down the moonlit beach, she saw her two new friends laying out on a huge blanket, listening to the waves. They looked totally relaxed, and, oh by the way, were totally naked. Apple couldn’t decide which perfect body to stare at first, or longer.
While she was debating, Cindy caught her staring and explained, “Rebecca told us you might be interested in a threesome, and were a little curious, so here’s your chance!” Apple was dumbfounded, but also excited. First she rides some stranger’s face to a soul-splitting orgasm, then she sucks him dry, and now THIS. Wow, her social life was really looking up.
“Well, honey, are you in?” asked Cindy. One more look at Cindy’s perky breasts in the bright moonlit sold Apple on the idea, and she immediately got undressed. By the time she was naked, Cindy had her lips wrapped around Allen’s cock, which was above average, but not a monster. (Just right for ass-fucking, Apple’s conscience whispered to her). Apple joined her new friend, and soon both were working on the rapidly stiffening member. Cindy worked the shaft, and Apple let her hands and tongue roam to Allen’s balls, which felt incredibly heavy. She tongued his sack, and the two beauties working on him soon had him standing at full attention. Cindy was already raring to go, and mounted her boyfriend, at the same time coaxing Apple up onto his face. For the second time that night, her cunt was gloriously ravished by a stranger, and she loved it. While Allen fucked Cindy and Apple rode his face, the two women exchanged long, tongueful kisses.
Apple lost track of all the different things they tried. Allen could fuck for hours, and there was no telling how many times Cindy came. At one point, Allen was doing Apple doggy-style while Apple’s tongue plowed Cindy’s pussy. Cindy came so hard Apple thought she would NEVER stop shaking.
Finally, Cindy got down on all fours and stuck her delicious ass in the air. “C’mon, Allen, give me what I need. Fuck my ass, baby.” Seemingly out of nowhere, Allen’s hands were filled with a condom, and lube. As he prepared himself, Apple suddenly felt the urge to get ass-fucked like she never had before. She said, “Allen, I’m the new girl, and I think you should fuck MY ass first!” and got down on all fours as well.
Cindy, always the good sport, said “Honey, she’s all yours. I can wait.” And scooted under Apple so the girls were now in a 69. As Allen’s tool entered her anus, she gasped with shear pleasure, and almost came right there. He went slow at first, building up a rhythm as she got used to him. HE FELT SO GOOD. And then she felt the wonderful sensation of Cindy’s tongue in her folds as her ass was good and thoroughly fucked. She was in heaven! She lowered her face into Cindy’s muff, returning the favor. As the heady smell of Cindy’s sex engulfed her, she knew she was on the brink. With one more powerful thrust from Allen, one more lick of her clit from Cindy, she exploded. “I’m CUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!” She screamed as she buried her face between Cindy’s legs again. She spasmed two or three more times, and suddenly she was spent.
“My turn! My turn!” Cindy yelled with delight. Without even her knowing how it happened, Apple was now on the bottom, watching Allen fuck Cindy’s tight ass for all he was worth. She watched as his hard shaft sank all the way into her pink asshole, and she found the energy to reach up and alternately tongue Allen’s balls and lick Cindy’s pussy. Cindy was so turned on that her pussy was literally dripping with juice, and Apple lapped up every drop, sending the blond into another shrieking orgasm.
Allen had had enough. He pulled out of Cindy’s ass and stripped off the condom. Laying on his back, he pulled Apple on top of him in a reverse cowgirl, with her back on his marvelous hairy chest. She felt his cock part her lips and slide into her moist pussy. Cindy got between their legs and licked both balls and clit. Allen stroked faster and faster, and Apple felt herself building to her third orgasm that night.
“Oh baby, Oh baby, Oh baby. HERE IT COMES!”
And with that, Allen pulled out of Apple’s box and shot a huge load of cum all over her pussy, and on Cindy’s face, who was still busy licking away. Allen’s cock spewed four or five jets of cum, much of which landed on Apple’s pussy. Cindy greedily lapped it up, cleaning off Apple’s ravished slit with her tongue. This renewed attention was just too much, and Apple came as hard as she ever had in her life, nearly passing out.
Exhausted, the three collapsed together into a cozy pile, and drifted into sleep. Apple wondered what the morning could possibly bring.

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