One fine day…moments in our barn: “The Barndance by Phyllis and Roger

There was something in my youth that I will always remember. We had a barn that before winter we would load up with alfalfa for the animals. The day the load arrived was always fun with all the strong-looking masculine guys unloading the alfalfa bales and stacking them up inside our barn. I’d admire their muscled bodies heaving and sweating in unloading and then piling up the bales. And they looked at petite and pretty me in my housedress all innocent, the breeze blowing the soft fabric to outline my lithe body. Their looks were lascivious and made me sweat, too…my own feminine secretions cooling my thighs, if you know what I mean…juicy wetness making me shiver and feel naughty, the air cooling me down there. Their smiles let me know what they were thinking and I smiled right back. I imagined one of them, or even more than one of them, jumping off the truck, pushing aside a bale, pushing me down in the barn, ripping off my housedress and ravishing my young body, spreading my legs, exposing my wet cunt and then hot fucking! joining our two sweating bodies in heat and lust. We would be like hungry animals in coitus and full body release. Our eyes would embrace each other and we would have sex like wild creatures. The animals were in the field when the unloading occurred but they would smell the alfalfa, wander up to the barn, eager to have something to eat even though they could forage still in the field. Then there was my little donkey that spent a lot of time with me in the barn. Next to my dog he was my very best friend…my best friend in more ways than one.

He was an undersized donkey and was my favorite; he was kind of my pet and he would nuzzle me all over, pushing at my waist as I would groom him, comb out his mane, pet him all over. When I combed underneath his long dark cock would ease out. It was an amazing thing to see and feel. I loved stroking it. I had to use both my hands. It was warm and dripping as it responded to my hands..

One day, after the alfalfa had been delivered and stacked, and my imaginary lovers had departed, I was still hot and feeling naughty. My little donkey and I were in the barn…me stroking, combing him and him nuzzling me. I was in front of him playing with the bits of his mane coming between his ears, his head down for my attentions, his beautiful cock already dangling. Our family dog was wanting his turn.

The three of us then alone and private. I had closed the barn door. The barn was so wonderfully aromatic with all the new feed and I inhaled deeply and continued my stroking. Wondering if the workmen would have stroked my cunt before fucking me. My dog loved attention as did my donkey. And, if I can reveal one of my dearest secrets…can I?…I guess I will if you promise not to tell:

My secret is this. I had long ago discovered my own sexuality and my sexiness with animals. I was fascinated with their “tools” as I called them and they were excited by my “charms” as I called them. Their tools and my charms excited each of us accordingly and there we three were in the sweet smelling barn one afternoon in the fall when my parents were shopping and the scene in the barn was very quiet and intense…me combing and stroking my sweet donkey and my loving doggie coming up behind me, nuzzling me, his nose under my dress, probing, wanting his share of attention. My imagination hot and my body exuding its sexiest scent. Doggie licked my naked legs giving me shivers.

Donkey was nodding his head and doggie came up behind again nodding his snout up under my housedress, that delicious cold nose anointing my ass and cunt with a cool and stimulating nose snuggle. I jumped with surprise but then he hit me there again and I settled down, opening myself. Then that awful beguiling, totally irresistable tongue swiping from my clit, past my lips and up between my ass cheeks. I bent over hoping for another lick and wasn’t disappointed. It made my body fill with feelings that made me shiver again; made my eyes close; made my breath gasp and wait for another long, hot doggie tongue lick and there it was again. I stood on my tiptoes in a delight and hoping for more.

My sweet, loving doggie tasted my spend and wanted more. I kept grooming my donkey which leaned down its head and nuzzled me on the front. He had caught the scent my doggie had aroused.. So there I was, being licked and nosed from the back and from the front. I was all dizzy, my knees getting weak as I felt a growing arousal and rising heat in my body. I held on to my donkey’s ears…keeping his muzzle at my waist. What a long thick tongue he has! I released his ears and lifted my housedress over my head…I was now a Venus, or an Eve or Lady Godiva; my naked body hot and being nuzzled and licked all over…the exciting tools of my sweet animals playing with and licking up my charms, and I felt so naughty at what was happening and the scene of the three of us in the aromatic barn. My knees were weak and getting weaker with each doggie lick. I rubbed my breasts which made it all a dream and I kept thinking how alone I was in my privacy with my privates the focus of all the arousing action. I held down my donkey’s head…gripping its ears as it then licked and savored every part of my cunt…I felt I was a human feeling being and every feeling of my humanness coming alive.

It was Heaven on earth; Heaven for me in a quiet, odorous barn…all the licking was sending me some place where my ears were filled, my tongue thick in my mouth, my body alive and pulsing…emotion, lust, was building in me and I released on my doggie’s tongue, wetting his long tongue with my body fluids but I needed more. The donkey licked me! Two hot tongues and my eager cunt. In all my glorious nakedness and all my body’s spend I stumbled to one of the alfalfa bales, put my housedress spread on it and leaned down, lifting my bottom for more attention…my bottom was just high enough for donkey to approach.

I looked back and donkey’s beautiful cock was dangling out. I wasn’t the only one aroused. It was his turn to nuzzle me with his cold nose. He straddled the bale…his hooves on either side. I had positioned my body perfectly on the bales. My cunt was open, ready…I pulled at his mane and he stepped forward…I felt his furry chest move over my back…I reached to hold his cock…it was hot…I was hot…it was ready…I was ready and put the thick tip at my dripping cunt…rubbing it against my wet cunt lips…this was a time for that tool to taste of my charms…

Donkey licked my naked back and I pulled at his long tool and he entered my body…”OH!” I cried, holding, desperately wanting more. I got more. Donkey moved into me, slowly until he was firmly in me, my cunt spreading, his cock planted, the walls of my body nurturing his length…first tentatively then more movement…a deeper thrust as nature took control of the animal, I lifted for more…both our bodies hot…my mind on fire…my body on fire and more thrusting, me lifting…I felt its length and then….”UGH!” I grunted…its length filled me. I was a body electric, my tongue thick again as I could only grunt and lift, grunt and lift. I inhaled deeply, my lungs filled with the odor of alfalfa, my body filled with the heat of animal-cock and I released, completely and released again with each stroke…I was his instrument to play…I lifted and spent and felt his cock fil me with cum, making me cum again...I was somewhere else...every part of my body and soul in utterly breathless delirium

For those moments I was gone somewhere in ecstatic reverie. Time was altered and then I began to calm and cool as his cock relaxed, slipping out of me, his spend and mine oozed from me onto the bale of hay and down my legs, cooling…all along my legs to my little feet…I shivered again returning to consciousness. My doggie came in for some licking and then my donkey moved away and was licking himself down, nibbling one of the bales.

Was I ready for more as the donkey cum ran down my legs? I was spread and open…I could feel my cunt lips pulsing down…I was still hot…and the doggie…he, too, needed release as he licked on my legs and…AHHH!! YES!!!…up my legs to where I was still hot…I moved down from the bale and rested on the floor…presenting myself in all my naked glory to my sweet dog's tongue…he was still licking…I looked back…his cock was hanging out and swinging but I just kneeled and waited. I didn’t wait for long as my horny, thirsty, lusty dog was ready to make a move, and did, and I was again impaled this time on a doggie cock…his cock needed me…I needed his frantic cunting and fucking and in a moment I was giving him my guttural grunts, his front legs gripping my waist, and my face buried in my hands, his thrusts pushing me against the hay on the floor the odor of which filled my lungs and turned my mind and body into another frenzy of emotional release and then complete exhaustion.

I didn’t care; I was sated; my whole being completely released and relaxed; my cunt and thighs so wet and cooling my body…I was dizzy and in a daze and breathing again. I rolled on my back and looked at the roof of the barn, turning my face to see my pets licking and licking some more…I felt naughty and the thought occurred to me there wasn’t anything better in the world than “taking care” of my animals. It was our big secret and my lips were sealed. Their’s also!

It was so very stunningly quiet in the barn that afternoon even though inside it had been fire and electricity…our own personal lightning…I had experienced "the little death" and then it was cool. I had been somewhere, not only in the barn, but somewhere that had filled me with sexual delights that only the gods will know. I thought of the muscled sweating workers and how would they compare to my wonderful animals…I decided to find out the first chance I got.

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