Tracey - Photo Shoot

Tracey - Photo Shoot

This is for Richie who inspired me with Tracey

None of my stories are intended to offend so please read the description before reading the story as this will usually contain any warnings.

This is a story of gang sex with a somewhat unwilling lady as her partner for the night views the events with some excitement.

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Tracey – The Photo Session

There is always something good about taking photos of beautiful semi clad women and this was no exception. A friend Tracey had agreed to do a photo shoot with me when I had seen her earlier in the day. We agreed that I would pick her up from her house at around 7 and drive out to a secluded wooded area of the town. I had convinced her that the light was better at that time and asked her to dress to impress.

As Tracey came out of her house and approached the car I could see she had done exactly that, as I looked at her tight top clinging to her curvy body and the tight white leather mini skirt looked awesome. Her heels clicked down her path and she opened the car door and peered inside.
“Hi!” She smiled, her lips reddened with lipstick. “All ready?” I nodded with a smile trying to avert my eyes from her chest and she climbed into the passenger seat as her skirt rode up her smooth tanned thighs.

I looked across at the raven haired beauty sitting alongside me, her eyes dark and mysterious. “Seat belt!” I reminded her and watched as she slipped it around herself fixing it on the side. The belt cut between her breasts and made them appear even bigger that before as I tried to avert my eyes once again and started to drive.

We reached the park in good time and after I had collected my cameras out of the back of the car we walked slowly towards the shaded tree area. I noticed some teenage boys playing with a ball in the field opposite and could see them taking in the wonderful view, the view that was Tracey walking along beside me. Her long shapely legs were in full view from the mini skirt down and the sunlight was catching the whiteness of her clothing. My cock had been semi hard ever since she walked out of the house and was still in that state as I set up my equipment and my ‘model’ for the evening started to pose. The first few shots were strictly professional but I was keen to see more and encouraged Tracey to show more of her skin, which she reluctantly did. Neither of us noticed that the teenagers has stopped their football game and were now approaching the wooded area where Tracey was leaning against a tree and easing her leather skirt slightly higher to show off her pink thong beneath.

I snapped away quite happily and my excitement was now starting to get the better of me as I urged Tracey to turn around and show off her breasts. I knew as soon as she turned that she had no intention of doing this and we started to argue. I had told her earlier in the day that I wanted some ‘nice shots’ and ‘nice’ to me meant erotic and stripped, whereas clearly ‘nice’ to her meant something completely different. I tried to reason with her and at one point decided to take the hard line, so to speak.

“Well if you’re not going to show me some tit, then you can get a taxi home!” I blurted out, in the hope that this might persuade her to lift her top.
“Well fuck off then!” Tracey almost screamed at me angrily as she grabbed her handbag and started to march off into the woods alone thinking she was heading to the nearest road.
“Shit!” I cursed myself. “Tracey, don’t be daft…………….listen I’m sorry, I’ll give you a ride home. Just come back.”
She heard but decided to ignore me, muttering something foreign under her breath.

I watched as she walked deeper into the woods, her heels almost sinking into the soft ground beneath her which made her beautiful leather clad bum wiggle. I started to pick up my equipment and heard a noise. Thinking it was Tracey come back I looked up just in time to see one of the teenage boys from earlier flick across the path in front of me, then another further up towards Tracey moving and skirting between the trees.

I walked cautiously towards Tracey keeping my distance and she turned a corner to walk towards the sounds of traffic which led even deeper into the woods. The light was fading now and I caught sight of a shadow ahead of her in the bushes. Without any intention my cock twitched.

“Hey Missus!”
Tracey stopped in her tracks, startled to hear a young man’s voice from within the trees. The tall dark haired man showed himself and smiled. “You all alone tonight then?”
“No!” Tracey stated defiantly and looked back to see if I was following. “I’m, um………..with a friend. I’m just waiting for him to catch up with me. She started to walk back in the direction she had come and a blonde youth suddenly stood in her way smiling. “I’m Adam!” He said with a grin.
“Sure looks like you’re alone, don’t it boys?” Said the first youth as he walked up behind Tracey and another 2 teenagers appeared either side of her.

All were scruffy and all were leering at Tracey’s curvy body.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Said an ugly ginger boy in spectacles as he walked forward and ran his hand over Tracey’s curvy bum cheeks through the material of her leather skirt. A panicked Tracey turned and tried to move away only for Adam to suddenly run his hands up over her front, feeling her huge soft braless breasts as he did.
“Listen boys!” Tracey pleaded. “I am with someone; he’ll be in here soon!” She looked around alarmed. “Richie!” She called out.

I stood away from her and behind a tree but with full view of the events that were taking place. Perhaps I should have gone forward to save her from this ordeal and should have answered. But something was preventing me from doing so. I stood silently watching. That something was rock hard in my trousers.
“Please don’t hurt me. Richie will be here soon!” Tracey said as a tear ran down her soft cheek in fear.
“Listen to big tits!” Said one of the boys mockingly to his friends. “Perhaps she’s not in the mood?” He turned to look at the 3 other teenage lads. “Well what should we do now?” He grinned as he spoke. “Perhaps we should let you go then?” He walked towards Tracey. “Or, perhaps not!” He paused as he circled her. “Listen to me bitch, we are in the mood and looking at you sexy lady, we are really in the mood!” He turned back to the others. “What do you think boys? I nice gang bang of the slag with the huge jugs?”
“No please, don’t!” Tracey said helplessly through tearful sobs.

“Oh………….. please don’t, please don’t!” The ginger boy repeated in a patronizing way. Another man stepped forward and looked at her. He placed his hands directly onto her breasts squeezing the nipples hard as he did and smiled. “Take your clothes off now, and you either do it or we will!”

He stepped back and waited. “Do I have to do it here?” Tracey sniffled nervously looking around. “Isn’t there somewhere we could go? I have money, I can give you money if you want!”
“Just fucking strip!” The man repeated. “But leave the skirt, I love that leather look!” He grinned.
Slowly Tracey lifted her top over her head and reaching under her skirt she pulled down her pink thong.
The look on the teenagers’ faces as they walked around her was one of pure lust and excitement as they leered at her gorgeous curvy body from every angle.
“See?” Said the ginger youth. “I told you she was fucking hot!”
Adam grinned. “She sure fucking is! What do you think Tim?”
A black haired lad came forward, his black greasy hair in his eyes. He reached down and grabbed his obvious bulge through his jeans and smiled. “I love fat tits man, and she’s got big fat tits!” He laughed. “So we gonna fuck her or look at her!”

Adam stepped in and looked at Tracey. “Dance for us slag, like they do in the clubs and in the films, you know like a stripper!”

Knowing that she had no choice, Tracey started to dance reluctantly in the woods. The lads were clearly thrilled and I was too as I stood out of sight in the trees taking in every movement of my ‘model’s’ body as she moved between the boys seductively.

“Like a stripper I said!” Adam repeated and she started running her hands up and down her semi-clothed body. They went from her thighs up to her bum running up over her stomach to cup each of her heavy breasts before going back down again.

Her perfect large nipples were starting to harden in the chill of the evening as she moved turning to face all the boys in turn as she did.
“Bend over so we can see you better!” Adam said.
Tracey turned her round bum towards them and bent over, slowly sliding unveiling her tight pink arsehole and carefully trimmed pussy to the boys.
Impulsively all the teenagers’ reached out and began to feel her. She tried to pull away but was pulled back as they all laughed.
“Damn she feels soft!” The ginger boy said.
“Her skin’s burning!” One man added.
“Yeah!” Adam piped in. “Burning with rage!”
She suddenly pulled away and looked back at them all furiously, tears now streaming down her face and smudging her makeup.
“Stop fucking pretending that you’re not enjoying it bitch!” Said Adam aggressively, “And do as you’re fucking told!”

Tracey looked at him. “What do you want now?!” She stammered.
“Well?” Paul leaned back against a tree. Cocking his head to one side and with a grin on his face he casually stated. “How about our dicks in every hole you've got!”
“Fuck man! Yeah!” Another teenager shouted. They all just smiled from ear to ear and Adam cracked his knuckles.
“Get on the ground with your arse in the air!” Came the next command. Fearing for herself she obediently did so feeling the soft grass and leaves under her bare knees.
“Now!” The greasy teenager leaned down to her face. “Look nice and sad for us!” He grinned. Tracey didn’t need to look sad. She already was sad and looked up at him with a pitiful puppy dog look. Her eyes were now reddened with tears.
“Perfect!” He smiled with a wicked look on his lips.
He flicked off his shoes and pulled off one of his mouldy looking socks. Leaning down he kissed Tracey on the lips shoving his tongue down her throat. But pulling out he stuffed the sock into her mouth as deep as it could go. Tracey gagged, her face wincing at the flavour.

“Nasty!” One teenager commented, laughing. “But I like it!”
“So!” Ginger asked. “Who's going to go first?”
“Who has the biggest cock?” Said another.
All the boys unzipped themselves and pulled out their hard members and Tracey looked at each in turn. The greasy boy had the biggest by far, which, like his hair, didn’t look it had been washed in a while. But Tracey eyes lit up as she could see it was over 8 inches and thick!
“You can’t do that!” Ginger stammered. “He’ll just fucking stretch her cunt and it’ll be like pissing in a bucket for the rest of us!”
“True!” Adam said, grinning. “Smallest first then and you last, big knob!” He directed his final remark to another boy who grinned back.
“By then she’ll be swimming in spunk!” He smiled and looked back at Tracey. “You’d like that wouldn’t you Missus?
“So!” Stated one teen. “Me first then?”
He started to remove his belt and Tracey looked at him cautiously.
“Turn around Mummy!” He stated and the other boys laughed. “Now bend over!”

Tracey knew she had no choice and leaned forward from the waist with her full round bum cheeks sticking out behind her. She felt Johnny small hand on the crack of her bum before suddenly feeling him push his thumb up into her arse. “Okay, Bitch! No mercy!” He giggled.

Tracey yelped as she felt a belt slap hard down onto her bum cheeks and tears appeared in her eyes running down her cheeks.
“Let’s DP her!” Adam was suddenly saying and stood directly in front of her grabbing her bum cheeks and lifting her body up before shoving his hard cock up into her wet pussy.
“Hey this was meant to be my turn!” The first teen objected.
“You fuck her arse then, you little poof!” Adam replied.
Dropping his belt to the ground he guided his small thin cock and removing his thumb replaced it with his cock into Tracey’s arse. She moaned as she felt Adam’s larger cock slide deep into her and he started to lift her against himself. Tracey also felt the pain that was the other small cocked boy trying his best to hump her bum. Reaching around her cold body he grabbed her fleshy breasts and started to pull at her nipples.

As much as she hated what was happening to her, the nipple tugging was sending nerve signals around her body which were starting to feel nice inside. Despite the attack Tracey started to relax as she felt each boy cum in turn in each of her respective holes. The boy at the back pulled out and Adam allowed her back to the ground only to be replaced by the other boys in a line awaiting their turns. The greasy boy stood at the back stroking his monster cock slowly.
“Knees bitch!” The third teen said. “Titty wank me off with dem fine fucking fun bags of yours!”

Tracey obliged so expertly up and down on his wet shaft before he moaned loudly and she watched as his cock exploded deep inside her cleavage shooting his cum all over her heavy breasts.

The greasy boy now stood in front of Tracey, his cock waving menacingly in front of her. Tracey simply looked at the cock then up at him…….. and smiled.
“What can I do for you then?” She grinned.
“Get up and stand against that tree!” He pointed and she did as she was told.
He approached her and pulling her skirt up around her waist placed his hands under your buttocks. He lifted her up and onto his pole as he leaned into her pushing you against the tree. As he started to fill her wet cunt and rub himself against her G spot Tracey knew that, despite her trying to quash any feelings she might have, she couldn’t hold on for much longer. He started to pump into her slimy hole in long slow motions, hard and thick. Tracey’s orgasm built as the greasy teen boy filled her cunt perfectly and her breathing quickened as she leaned into him moaning gently as she did. Moments later he was forcing himself faster and faster and her body tensed as the electric shocks shot from nerve ending to nerve ending and the orgasm that had been threatening ripped through her body. Seconds later her own spurting juices were mixed with his own cum as he was shooting deep into her.

He released her and allowed her feet back to the floor. He looked at Tracey and grinned. “Turn and face the tree and don’t fucking move for the next ten minutes. Understand?”

She obeyed and heard the boys dress and start to walk away talking excitedly about their ‘conquest!’ After the ten wait she went to move and suddenly felt a hand on her back pushing her into the tree. Tracey started to panic trying to turn to see who it was and felt a naked body slide directly behind her. She felt the warmth of the man’s skin against her and felt soft lips brush a kiss over the nape of her neck. She relaxed slightly as hands slid their way around the front of her body and she felt the obvious shape of a cock hardening and pushing against her back. The lips kissed her neck and cheeks softly and delicately, whilst she relaxed feeling the man leaning into her.
Tracey had no idea who it was but was relieved that this was a much more gentle love that she was now experiencing. The hands and fingers slid their way over her tummy and upwards until a hand closed over each of her fat breasts tweaking her nipples softly as they did. She moaned unconsciously and pushed her bum back towards the stranger. She felt the cock, now rock hard snaking its way between her thighs and she eased her legs slightly apart to allow it access to her dripping cunt.

Before it entered her, she suddenly felt the man move and lower himself down her curved back, his hands now on her thighs as his lips and tongue made kissing and licking motions down her backbone and across her full bum cheeks. His tongue was now on her thighs as he pulled gently on her hips making her lean forward. Then Tracey felt his tongue slide under her and across her dripping pussy. The stranger was lapping at her cunt that was full of her own cum and that of others. She gasped as his tongue and lips reached between her creamy thighs to close over her hardened clit and start to suck at the same time sliding 3 fingers up into her tight wet hole. Her breathing increased as the lapping tongue between her legs licked and sucked at your clit aswell as lapping at the mixture of juices exuding from your tight wet dripping cunt. She reached down and squeezed on one of her breasts hard, clamping the rubbery nipple between her fingers to pull on it as she felt another orgasm approaching. With her other hand she reached between her legs to feel the soft hair on the head of the stranger and practically pulled him deeper into herself.

The orgasm came suddenly and her juices squirted from the lips of her pussy as she moaned holding her nipples hard. The mouth licked and drank at the momentous occasion tasting the sweet nectar that he had created within her. Tracey felt him move and stand close behind her. Their bodies were tight and his thick rock hard cock was between her soft thighs once again. She attempted to push her bum back towards him in the excitement of the moment.
“Fuck me!” She gasped as she bit down on her lip as her orgasm started to subside. “Please, please fuck me!” She pleaded and she felt his strong hands close over her on her big soft breasts squeezing her hands against her fleshy mounds. He pushed gently and she gasped again as she felt his thick cock head push its way slowly into her soaking wet cunt lips. She gasped again and moaned as the stranger leaned into her, pushing her into the tree as his cock snaked its way up into her body until she finally felt the tickle of his pubic mound against her bum cheeks.

Then he was sliding out again, just to the tip of his cock head, before plowing back into her, more forcefully this time. Then back out as slowly as before and then back in.
“Yes, yes!” She gasped to the stranger as she felt his strong arms intertwining her wonderful curvy body as he held her tight. “Yes!” She repeated as she felt his manhood increase in speed. Her cunt ached so badly to be fucked harder.
“Fuck me! Fuck me, yes!” She begged now almost uncontrollably. The stranger pulled her body even more tightly into his and she felt his speed of pumping increase until another orgasm was suddenly approaching and her breathing increased. This time she allowed it total freedom to cum hard and fast and her body gyrated against the tree. The stranger was now fucking Tracey hard and fast and deep as she came with a moan and scream. Her pussy canal tightened around his thick manhood just as it expanded and exploded in a series of hard shots of cum deep into her. He shot over and over again, each time pumping in deeper and deeper until finally he slowed his pace and leaned into you.

Tracey felt soft wet lips on her neck in a light kiss before moving to her ear.
“Stay still to 10 minutes!” The voice whispered. “I’ll let your friend know where you are!”
The voice sounded strangely familiar to Tracey as she obeyed the instruction. The man was suddenly gone but 10 minutes later; I came around the corner to see Tracey fully dressed and sitting on the ground.
“Thank god I found you!” I grinned in the darkness helping her up. “You could have been attached or anything in here at this time of night!” I led her by the hand back towards my car. “Are you okay?” I asked as I opened the car door for her.
“Yes!” She smiled at me. “I just sat and waited for you!” She lied.
“Awe that’s good, and listen thanks for the shots tonight!” I said. “I got some great shots and will email some over to you tomorrow!”

And I did…………….but only the shots that she had seen me take. And I still get hard as I think of eating her pussy out and then fucking her hard against the tree and she didn’t even know it was me.

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