Learning from a New Family, Chapter 2: Our First Shower

Learning from a New Family, Chapter 2: Our First Shower

Sarah’s eyes lit up with glee. “I’ve always wanted to try that! Hold on for just a minute, I have to find the keys to let you out!”

Before I could berate her for locking me up without knowing where the keys were, she was off of me and out of the room. I felt her absence immediately. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long for her to return.

“You locked me up without knowing where they keys were?” I questioned as she bounced back into the room. Then I did a double take. I had forgotten how beautiful her body was. Her nipples stuck out of her wonderfully perky breasts, practically begging to be sucked. I could clearly see her moist slit, still engorged from its recent fucking. I wanted her badly enough to forget my irritation.

“It all turned out fine silly, they were right where I thought they were. Now I want you to close your eyes and hold perfectly still as I let you out. Remember, you still have to do what I say.” The smile in her voice turned what could have been a disturbing remark into a kinky one.

I’d enjoyed the consequences of her orders so far, so I decided to follow this one. I relaxed into the bed and closed my eyes. I focused on keeping still as I felt her climb onto the bed. I felt her lean over my body, and then I heard the click as one of the handcuffs released. She gently pulled my wrist out of it, and then kissed it where the metal had dug into my skin during my throes of pleasure. She kissed all down my arm, and across my chest, before kissing up my other arm. She released that handcuff too, and kissed my wrist gently.

My breathing sped up as she kissed down my arm, and down my chest. I felt goosebumps forming all over my body as her kisses came closer and closer to my dick. I felt it slowly go erect in anticipation, but she kissed down my leg instead. She released the cuff on my ankle, and then kissed it. Then she kissed up my foot to my toes.

One by one, she sucked and licked each of my toes. It tickled a bit, but it also turned me on for some strange reason.

When she kissed back up my leg, my breathing turned ragged. Her hand caressed my dick, and brought it to her mouth. She licked up and down it a few times, before she kissed lightly kissed the very tip. I almost cried in disappointment when she continued on down my other leg so that she could finish setting me free. After she removed the final cuff, she played with those toes, and again I found myself surprised to enjoy it as much as I did.

I wanted to spring up and embrace her, but I obeyed her command, and stayed still. I found it manifestly unfair that she had been able to touch me everywhere, but I had not yet had a chance to feel her smooth alabaster skin under my hands.

I felt her tug at my hand. “You can open your eyes now.” I opened them to see her smiling face. Her skin seemed to glow with pleasure and excitement. Her cheeks were flushed a deep red. I had never seen a more beautiful woman.

She tugged at my hand again, breaking me out of my reverie. “Come on, we’re showering. Unless you plan to lick me clean.”

Before I could tell her that I actually rather liked that idea, she tugged on my hand again, and dragged me out of bed, and into the washroom. It felt weird to moving. All of muscles felt loose and languid, but I felt strangely powerful.
She pulled my arm tighter to her, so that we were holding arms like an old fashioned couple. I think she may have skipped a few times between the bedroom and bathroom. Together we stepped over the threshold into the shower. And of course we immediately broke into uncontrollable laughter. After all, we were two naked kids, and we were treating taking a shower together like some big formal occasion.

Sarah recovered first, and turned the water on. I had never realized how narrow the cone of water in a shower is, and how close two people have to stand to be under it at the same time. From standing that close, it’s only a short leap to kissing, and suddenly we were, and the wonderful warm water was surrounding us as her tongue and my tongue met, and parted and met again.

And I could hold her this time. I held her tightly, as if I never wanted to let her go, and softly, as if I was scared of breaking her. I was surprised how something so simple could feel so important.

It was minutes before we stopped kissing, but they felt like glorious hours. We rested our foreheads together for a second, and just looked into each other’s eyes. Sarah’s were very large. I wondered if mine were too.

Sarah’s smirk told me I was about to get a new order. “Since it was you who got me so sweaty, it’s you who can clean me off.” She reached behind her, and grabbed a bar of soap, which she placed into my hand.

My breathing quickened as I rubbed soap over my hands. I suppose I could have used the bar, but I was looking forward to touching her. I passed the bar back to her, then slowly and gently soaped up one of her arms. Her breathing began to quicken as well, especially when I took the bar back, and covered my hands with soap again.

Her breathing only got faster when I soaped up her other arm. I was enjoying myself immensely, and didn’t intend to give her a quick finish. “Wash the soap off them while I get ready to do your back.” She nodded, and turned away from me, while I slowly worked up a sea of suds in my hands. I tapped her on the shoulder, before passing her back the bar. She groaned as I massaged the suds into her shoulders, and then worked them down her back. I stopped just above her ass, and then worked over her back once again, massaging the skin.

I heard her start to moan, and saw one of her shoulders moving rapidly. I must have excited her enough that she didn’t want to wait. I decided to switch tactics slightly. I took the bar of soap back from her, and instead of rubbing it into my hands, I rubbed it all over her pert ass. Then I worked the soap in with my hands, kneading and massaging the skin until it was perfectly clean, and flushed red.

I did the same thing with the backs of her legs, and then worked soap around to the front of them. My face was pressed up against her butt, so I took the opportunity to give it a small love bite. She squawked and spun around, placing her pussy right in my face. Her hand was furiously working her clit.

Figuring it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, I pushed aside her hand, and forcefully kissed her pussy lips. Her hands quickly found the back of my head, but I broke away before she could get the release she craved. “I need you to keep your hands away from down here while I clean it.” My downturned head hid my mischievous smile. She had made me wait for my orgasms earlier, now I was returning the favour.

She practically shook with impatience as I worked the soap into my hands, and then gently rubbed it around her groin. I was careful not to get any inside of her slit, because I had heard that it could be painful. Of course, this meant that she had to endure the tantalizingly close touch of my hands without the pleasure of direct stimulation, which was an added benefit to my thoughtfulness.

After I was done with her groin, I worked my way up her stomach. She tried to touch herself again, but I pointed out that I needed to be able to soap up her chest, and I couldn’t do that with her arm across it.

I was enjoying my newfound power immensely. Sarah bit her lip as I soaped up her shoulders, and the spaces all around her breasts. I smiled at her blatant need. I understood why she had enjoyed having me helpless as much as she did. It was exhilarating to have this much control over someone.

I revelled in the control as I began to wash her breasts. I did them one at a time, and washed them with slow and delicate care. First a light coat of soap, just enough to make her gasp with the sensation of my hands. Then I would rub for a minute, eliciting more gasps and moans. I finished both with a very light squeeze of her nipples, which caused her to close her eyes in pleasure. She was panting when I finished.

“There, now you’re clean!” I beamed at her, and she had to smile back. I read anticipation in her smile. Clearly she was planning some payback.

“Yes, but you’re still not. I think I should start with your hair. Kneel down, will you?” I complied, and I heard the sound of shampoo squirting. Then I felt her firm grasp on my head. She pulled my face into her pussy as she began to knead the shampoo into my scalp. Seeing her intent, I began an oral assault on her beautifully exposed slit.

As I licked around the edges of it, she kneaded the shampoo roughly into my head. Somehow she managed to contrive to pull my face closer and closer into her snatch, almost as if she couldn’t get enough of my frenzied licking.

When I began to flick her clit with my tongue her hands froze completely. Her whole body just went rigid, and I could feel the tension of stomach against my forehead. As the water fell around us, she began to violently scream as she came all over my face. I frantically licked up her juices, trying to taste them as much as I could before the shower washed them away.

After that, her shampooing became gentler. As she finished up with my hair, I gently licked inside of her pussy, probing deep in an attempt to lick up the juices the water hadn’t washed away. When she ordered me to stand up so that she could rinse off my hair, I pulled my tongue out reluctantly, after giving her lips one last lingering kiss.

She pushed me in front of her, so that the water could rinse the shampoo out of my hair. I enjoyed the sensation of itrunning down my face and body, as I enjoyed the sensation of Sarah gently running her hands through my hair. Once that was finished, she began to wash the sweat off of me.

She was firm with her washing, and that made it all the more enjoyable. She started with my shoulders, and I felt tension I did not even know I was carrying leave me as she continued her massage. After my back, she did my arms, and I enjoyed her treatment of them just as much.

She didn’t bother making me turn around. To soap my chest she reached around me. I felt her breasts press into my back, and her hot breath on the nape of my neck. It wasn’t until she gentle tweaked my nipples, like I had hers, that I realized that I might enjoy having them played with just as much as she did.

As her hands drifted lower, my knees went weak. At some point, her hands had stopped washing me, and started to caress me. Right now, they were definitely caressing my legs. Which, while it felt amazing, did little to address my urgent need.

I reached for my dick, with the logic that it wasn’t going to stroke itself, but she immediately stopped me. I suppose I was paying for making her wait for her pleasure. I couldn’t bring myself to regret it.

It felt like hours before Sarah was satisfied with the cleanliness of my legs. My innate ticklishness, and intense arousal meant I was on the verge of falling over when her hands found my penis, and began to slowly stroke it.

I couldn’t help letting out a low moan. I felt her begin to crawl between my legs, and then I felt her mouth on balls. The only thing keeping me from falling over in pleasure was the thought that if I did, I’d probably crush her. And while I wasn’t thinking straight enough to understand why that was intrinsically a bad outcome, I was aware enough to realize she’d probably stop if I did.

So I kept my balance when her mouth closed over my cock, and I managed to shampoo her hair when she asked me to. I took my cues from how she had shampooed mine. While before, I had been helpless to change the pace of my blowjob; this time I could guide her head. She did have her hands on my waist, probably so she could push back against me if I became too enthusiastic.

She licked all over my cock, and I found a rhythm with her. With gentle thrusts, I drove my cock in and out of her mouth. Once, she leaned into a stroke, and I moaned as the back of her throat gripped my dick. I think she gagged, but she didn’t stop.

I still felt a moral obligation to tell her I was about to cum, even if she had ignored my past warnings. I was shocked when my breathless cry of “I’m going to cum” caused her to stop. What had I done wrong?

She looked up at me, and she must have noticed the fear in my eyes. She stood up, and put a hand on my chest. “I want you to come inside of me.”

My fear for myself vanished pretty quickly after that, although it was quickly replaced with concern for her. Words kept spilling out of her mouth, a torrent she seemed unwilling, or incapable of stopping.

“I had to have control of you earlier, but I can’t always have control, and I feel safe with you, and I need you to help me get over this. I want you to take me here, but I want you to hold me back while you do. I might struggle, but please don’t stop. I want you, I just need to learn to let go sometimes.”

I didn’t like the sound of this. I was still new to sex, and I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing. When she took control, I didn’t have to worry, but what if I did it wrong? “But what if I’m hurting you? What if I’m screwing up or you need me to stop?”

She bit her lip. “I’ve heard of people using a word for that sort of thing. How about if I say ‘Waterloo’, you’ll stop. Otherwise, keep going, even if I struggle, okay?”

I nodded soberly. Part of me wondered if I would be able to keep going. Part of me wondered what it would mean if I enjoyed her struggles.

She paused for a second, and then leaned towards me, and kissed me aggressively. My tongue found hers, and our bodies melted together. Where our skin met, I felt like I was on fire.

I cupped her face, holding it close to mine. As our kiss deepened, my hands began to wander over her body. This is what I had been denied last time. I stroked her breasts. I wrapped my hands around her ass, and pulled her tight to me. One of my hands fondled her slit. I felt her wetness mingle with the wetness of the shower.

Her hands roamed over my body too. They grabbed my ass, stroked my cock. The pressed against my skinny chest, at the same time pressing me away, and desperately searching for contact.

She raised her hands above her head, and asked me to hold them there. I did it one handed, while the other hand continued to stroke her body. I could feel her excitement in the way she reacted, in the way her moans resonated in my head, and in the way she kissed me with increasing passion.

We were breathing heavily. When she begged me to enter her, it was between panting breaths. I kept my hold on her wrists as I slowly pushed myself inside of her. My other arm held her waist, and drew her into my thrust. She struggled against my grip on her wrists, but not against my entrance.

If her arousal and need weren’t so obvious, I would have found her attempts to free her wrists terrifying. But she met my every thrust, and we built up a steady rhythm. Her obvious enjoyment alleviated my fears, and I found myself enjoying this different dimension to sex. I fully understood why she had enjoyed handcuffing me so much.

There had been enjoyment in being powerless, but I also enjoyed having some of the power. It felt just as good as it had before. As our pace increased, our breathing became even more uneven and desperate. It felt like every thrust drove me deeper and deeper, and I was filled with an all-consuming need for more. I needed to be inside of her. I needed to be as deeply inside of her as possible. From how hard she was thrusting back, I think she needed me inside just as much.

Every nerve in my dick was firing at once. Each thrust rocked me with waves of uncontrollable pleaseure as her tight pussy wrung every ounce of bliss out of my overstimulated nerves. The pleasure built and built, until it was the most intense thing I had ever felt, and she was screaming and I was screaming and she was biting my shoulder, and her pussy was squeezing my dick, and I was coming inside of her, and her body was devouring it and her struggles stopped and I released her arms, and they found my ass and dug in and pulled me even deeper.

It took minutes under the warm waters of the shower for the pleasure to subside.

She cried afterwards, and I held her as we stood under the fountain coming from the showerhead. She shook a lot at first, but that slowly subsided. I didn’t really know what to do, or how to feel, so I held her tightly, and stroked her hair. As the water became lukewarm, she murmured, “I love you.”

I thought about how I’d felt since living here. I thought about the time we’d spent together, the books and stories we’d traded. I thought about how her mind worked, how when she was looking for a word to express what she’d feel if she could take no more, she had settled on the last battle of Napoleon, and I thought about how I had read about that battle for the first time in a book she had leant me.

“I love you too.”

She broke the embrace, and shut off the water. When she stepped out of the shower, she looked lost. Not knowing what else to do, I grabbed a towel, and with all of the tenderness I could muster, dried her body. By the time I got to her head she was smiling. She took the towel from me, and dried her hair.

After she had dried me off, and witnessed my slowly growing erection, her smile was a mile wide.

“What do we do now?” She asked.

“Well, now that we’re clean, I saw we get all sweaty again.”

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