My Best Friend's Brother Pt. 4

My Best Friend's Brother Pt. 4

The next afternoon Abigail and I were at Danni’s house, that morning I had earned a pop to the mouth for complaining about being too old for a babysitter. It was awkward for me being there at first, but Abigail jumped right in and started playing with one of their many exotic pets. Me and Danni went to her room to watch a movie and I laid in bed with her gingerly, trying not to lay right on my wounds.
“Danni, I didn’t wanna have sex with him. Really.” I started. She looked at me. “He raped me Danni.”
“I know.” She said.
My eyes got wide, “What?”
“He does it to Margot too.” She said quietly. “We do what he tells us to.”
“Has he done it to you?” I asked.
“No,” she answered, “But he’s put his fingers in me. I’m too fat for him to like.”
Danni was chubby, around 150 pounds, but in this case, I don’t think I would have minded being a little overweight.
We watched our movie and then made dinner for everyone. There was no more seats in the living room for me, so Bridget spoke up, “Why don’t you sit in Brandon’s lap?” She suggested. I was confused. “W-what?”
“You heard me, sit on his lap. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”
I looked over at Brandon, and he motioned for me to come to him, so, reluctantly, I did. I didn’t understand what was happening. Two days ago, Bridget flipped about me being near Brandon, and today she wants me to sit on him? I sat down on his lap with my bowl of instant mashed potatoes and instantly felt his cock getting hard.
Everyone had they’re eyes on the TV and didn’t notice that Brandon was slowly grinding his cock on me through our clothes. I ate my mashed potatoes quickly and climbed out of his lap. Margot and Eddie were getting ready to leave, so I started to walk away, but was stopped. “Hey,” Brandon grabbed my wrist; “You can put that up later.” He said, and pulled me down hard on his lap. I grunted in pain and felt his hands moving behind me, unzipping his pants. “Ma, Danielle, I need some alone time with Kylie.”
Eddie and Margot had left, and Bridget and Danni went to different parts of the house. “Oh my god, Bridget doesn’t even care!” I thought.
I felt his big hands reach around my hips ad unbutton my shorts. “Brandon, please stop.” Newly formed tears stung my eyes.
“Shut up.” He said. He lifted my body up and pulled my shorts and panties down a little. “No, no Brandon…” I could hear Danni talking to Abigail, and Bridget in the kitchen next to us doing dishes. I realized nothing was going to stop him. I felt his cock on my back, then he lifted me again and parted my tight pussy lips with his fingers and pressed his big cock head against my entrance. “Too big…” I said quietly, tears running down my cheeks, feeling him pushing achingly hard to get it in me.
“Fuck!” he groaned, getting aggravated. He grabbed my hips and jammed his cock against me, and with a “pop” the head pushed in. I bit my lower lip hard, trying not to cry out, but moaning in pain.
“Ohh shitt Kylie.” He laid his head against my back and inhaled the scent of my hair. He wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged my body as he impaled me as far as he could on himself. His denim jeans scratched against my battered bottom. He pulled out about half way and then tried to push back in, but there was barely any lubrication. “Ma! Bring me some of that dish soap! And come get these fuckin dishes!” He shouted.
Bridget came out of the kitchen opening to the living room with a bottle of green dishwashing liquid. “Mmm get her good baby.” Bridget commented, seeing me stuck pathetically on his cock, she handed him the soap and grabbed the dishes from the table next to us and left. I was desperately confused.
“Get up.” He said quietly, he popped me painfully off his cock and made me lay on the floor in front of him with my ass in the air. “Damn, I really did a number to that sweet little ass of yours.” He chuckled. He squirted the green soap all on my pussy and lined his cock up with me again, this time shoving in much easier, “Goddamn your pussy’s so tight Kylie.” He grabbed my shoulders and shoved in as far as he could, moaning loudly, “and your pussy is all mine. I took your cherry right? So now you belong to me.” He pumped in and out of me slowly, “ahh god…mmm, I almost busted…” he moaned.
Tears blurred my vision as I lay my head on the ground and Brandon fucked in and out of me. He put his arms underneath mine and pulled my body up so his cock fully sunk into me, “Owwie…ahh Brandon…” I cried and he hugged his arms around me and bit into my neck hard. “Ahh please stop Brandon!”
“Ohh shittt, ohh, mmm…” He squirted his hot cum up inside me, over and over, he ran his fingers through my hair roughly as he slowly fucked me, my pussy squeezing every drop of his cum inside of me involuntarily. “Ma! Bring me some duct tape!” He shouted, out of breath.
Still stuffed with his dick, I heard Bridget rummaging through the drawers. “Hurry the fuck up!” He yelled. Bridget rushed out with a roll of duct tape and looked down at my abused little body underneath her son. “Well?” He looked at her, “What are you lookin’ at? Get outta here!” She smirked at me and turned to leave.
“Wh-what are you doing?” I asked through my tears, hearing him tear a piece of duct tape off.
“I’m tapin your pussy closed.” He said matter-of-factly. “I’m gonna give you a fuckin baby, so your gonna keep my cum in you tonight.”
“B-but Brandon,” I began, “I have school tomorrow.”
“So? We’ll get you a nice hot shower in the morning.” I felt the sticky duct tape seal me closed. He flipped me on my back and straddled me, kissing my lips and neck gently. He looked down at me and smiled, brushing his dark brown hair from his glistening eyes.
He wiped my tears. “Its not that bad Kylie. Just cooperate and I wouldn’t hurt you so bad.” Brandon stood up and pulled my panties up, then stood me up and pulled my shorts down, in between my legs my small privates were throbbing in pain. Every inch of my lower body was swollen.
Brandon picked me up and walked me to Danni’s room, where her and Abigail were, and laid me in bed, running his fingers through my hair, then told the other girls to get to bed.

I felt a warm kiss on my ear in the darkness, waking me up. “Come on, time to wake up Kylie.” I heard Brandon say. It was so early, no one elses alarm had gone off yet. I looked to the clock as I crept out of Danni’s bed painfully and reluctantly followed Brandon.
“Why are we up so early Brandon?” I whined. He didn’t answer, but simply grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the bathroom and closed the door behind us.
“Get in the tub,” Brandon yawned and grabbed my hand again, “Wait, strip down first.” Achingly, I slid my panties down, and pulled my shirt off, exposing all of my body to him. “’kay now get in.” he said rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and pulling his shirt off.
I got in and stood against the cold tile of the shower wall, my body completely naked accept the gray strip of duct tape concealing Brandon’s cum inside of me. He leaned over and put his hand over my mouth tightly and grabbed the tape, tearing it off brutally and making me scream into his hand. His cum immediately began running down my legs and dribbling onto the tub floor. I felt disgusting. He turned the water on hot and adjusted the temperature just right, and pulled his boxers down too, and stepped in behind me under the warm flow of water.
I felt his big arms wrap around my body and travel down my thin tummy to my hairless privates, which were sticky from the tape. I felt him kissing and biting on my neck and slowly pushing his thick middle finger up inside of me, making me involuntarily moan and squeeze on his finger. “Mmm, you love it.” He whispered, biting my earlobe.
He grabbed some body wash beside us without removing his finger and squirted the pink soap down my abdomen and chest. Still, he fingered me, and rubbed the bubbling body wash all over my body, which was beginning to shake from the urge to cum.
“Fuckin cum for me you little bitch!” He said jamming his finger in me one last time before my body doubled over and my pussy squeezed tightly on him, crying out and cumming hard.
“Ha, I knew I could get you to cum for me.” He chuckled and lifted my body back up and pressed it against his and held me and kissed the top of my head underneath the water. “Stand still,” he put shampoo in my hair and proceeded to actually wash me.

After we were done with our shower, Brandon toweled me down and handed me my clothing that he had hand picked for me. A tight orange shirt, and a pair of short jean shorts. “My dad would kill me if I wore this to school!” I stated. He just laughed at me.
“Daddy’s little girl.” He taunted me, “Well listen up, you’re MY little girl now, and this is what you’re wearing.” He said very bluntly.
I took the clothes and put them on and waited in his room while he changed into his clothes. He combed my hair and pulled it back into a ponytail, paying special attention to it, like I was Actually his little girl.
This all had taken about an hour, and everyone was up and getting ready for school. Brandon always took his car, and the girls rode the bus. It took about 30 minutes to get to school. Brandon grabbed his keys. “Let’s go Kylie.” He said throwing my backpack at my feet and opening the front door.
I reluctantly followed.

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