My Live-in Maid - Indian widow's new life abroad.-07

My Live-in Maid - Indian widow's new life abroad.-07

My Live-in Maid - Indian widow's new life abroad.- 7

A Child widow Live in Maid goes abroad The Sensuality & Submission

In Part 6 you read

But here she is, giving up her chastity and acted out of lust in the bed of a young man with the age only of her younger brother, and even submissively recognize him as her new lord and husband, UNTHINKABLE.

This is an act of madness, Anu finally faces the fact that her actions would and will still be condemned in her village and she will be disowned and denounced of any honor as a woman.

Dismayed, Anu slowly pace down the wooden stairs, and looking out the window, I was there, sitting and reading.

She bit her lips, and decided that she is here, and that I have ¨ her, it is not her place to think of those things, all she needs is to be all I wish her to be, and that is her duty now.

And if it will give her some small happiness, then let it be this way for her feelings for me intense and her previous life offered nothing but harshness and loneliness.


Now Further

I half lie, half sit lazily in the sun, leaning against a large cushion on a bench that sits on the porch which looks out to the back yard garden. Holding a book in my hands, I read through the pages and enjoying the world of literature, I have a small round wooden table right before me with an empty tea cup sitting right on it.

I am just about to turn to a new page when I hear her foot steps at the door the open into the porch from the kitchen, startled I look up, she held a tray with biscuits and fresh tea with her.

"Tea and biscuit, Mr. Aamir," Anu said in her usual soft and exotic voice then place the tray on the small round table.

I caught her hand just as she turned to leave and have her sit next to me on the long and cushioned bench. I close my books after make a mark on where I have stopped reading then turned to Anu.

She sits with her legs closed and hands resting on her laps, I lean over and kissing her exposed shoulder, feeling her supple silken smooth skin against my lips. Anu stirred as she turned her head and cup my cheeks with her hand in a way that will not be mistaken by anyone who is not blind as family bond.

The love and sensuality now flow like tangible matter that can be grasped between us.

I spoke softly, "Join this moment with me Anu, embrace this world that I am offering you," Anu turned, looking at me with a new light and understanding, a soft smile curled upon her lips.

At that moment, in the glittering rays of golden sunshine love and sensuality had their best personification in this mortal realm of existence. Even I was taken in by such pure beauty, and a smile curled up on my lips as I pull Anu into my arms.

She rested her head on my shoulders as I brushing her long smooth hair with my fingers.

Her face is content and at peace, so was her mind, no longer was she in self doubt and confusion. The man she now lay against is her world now, and as she made such realization, the walls that imprisoned her heart crumbling down into ashes as gentle summer wind blow them afar.

I begin to fondle her large soft breasts and feeling she stirred as her body heating up to my touches, obediently her hands reach out and unzipped my shorts as she takes my raging cock into her soft hands.

I let out a moan as Anu takes my cock into her warm wet mouth and bob her head up and down, her wet tongue encircling my shaft as she sucked my cock with devotion. I moaned louder with every passing second that Anu sucks on my cock, my big hands slide into her blouse and squeeze her big tits.

Looking down at her, and I see her red bindi standing prominent in the midst of her forehead and I suddenly pull out from her mouth and rubs my slippery wet cock head against her bindi.

Anu gasped in surprise but lowers her head and let me roam wild to my wishes.

As I begin to undress her, Anu blushed hard like a little girl and plead that we go into the house and said in her small voice, "Steve, please go house in, I, do any you want, please, no outside."

Her face reddish with excitement and shyness, she is not used to being naked outside the house, but I would have no other way and she signed and nodded slightly as I undress her completely naked, and press her to lay down on the bench as I parted her legs and inhale the strong musky aroma of her womanhood.

My eager fingers parted her forested labia as I begin to kiss her flooding womanhood, licking and sucking gently, Anu moans, never has a man done things that I am doing to her now.

Her mind wheeled with every lick my tongue makes on her engorged clit; she knew she is aroused but now she is inflamed beyond reason, inflamed with lust. Her eyes closed as my insistent tongue pressing deeper and deeper into the tight fold of her pussy, licking and slurping up her sweet nectar.

I grinned and rubbed my thick shaft along her slit till my cock is slipper with her juice, then I smear my cock on her face, wetting her nose and letting her smell the strong musky nectar of her cunt. Her bindi is now covered in a layer of pussy juice, and she eyed me, with slight disapproval in her eyes like a sister caught a little brother doing something mischievous.

I laughed and then get between her thighs, thrusting deep up her pussy, pressing my cock in all the way to the hilt, until my crotch pounding against hers.

I lean down, squeeze her tits tightly together, and greedily sucking both nipples at once, her nipples are hard as I nibble them with my teeth, her breath shortened as I continue my relentless push.

Her hands holding on my head, brushing my hair with all her ten fingers as I thrust my cock deeper and deeper into her body, her back arched as her legs wrapping them around my strong body. We both grunted like animals, lost in the bodily lust, soft wind breeze against our hair as I groaned loudly and send waves of my seeds up her fertile chamber once more.

I slowly lay next to Anu, resting my body against her ample bosom and she encircled me with her arms, now accepting me as her man in life, she now has a new focus and someone to cling on to.

I on the other hand, grinned, my plan worked to its perfection, I will transform this Indian woman to be my perfect woman, submissive, devoted, sensual and obedient. I signed and rubbing her tummy with my palm she bit down her lips, thinking, and contemplating her thoughts.

"My period, my womanly period has not come, could it be. It is supposed to begin today, Could I be with child. No, no it is too early to tell, and put everything aside, no man is that potent, but, but Aamiris a young man, he is strong, so strong, oh god please guide me, what shall I do. What can a woman like me do."

Lazily, and reluctantly I raised myself on my elbow and looking down at Anu, "It is time to get dressed Anu," I said.

After we are once more fully dressed, I give her plump buttocks a squeeze and she look back with a glint of joy in her eyes, and I said to myself, "Naked Goddess indeed!" I take a look at the time, it is nearly 1:50pm, and I decided to go out for lunch, Anu agreed readily and was quite delighted to have a chance to sample some foreign food that she never had before.

I quickly garbed myself in casual clothes and Anu need not to change since she is already wearing her sari and blouse. Though she went into the bathroom and carefully cleaned her juice stained face, and when she wiped her forehead clean, she can not help herself but to think on what happened.

"Oh should I tell Aamirwhat bindi means to me. But, But he seems to like it so much, oh and mangal sutra, and maang, oh god he was so interested in smearing his, his potent seeds and my womanly juice on them, oh what should I do."

Her hand softly rubbed her slightly swollen belly, and smiled at the thought of my seeds growing fast in her, "Maybe, maybe if I tell him, he would not be, be so naughty, oh but how can I just ask him not to smear his, his seeds on the symbol of my, my chastity, since, since he already had my chastity."

Just when she was seemingly lose in thought, the sound of my voice calling her take her out of the trance like state and she quickly cleaned herself and come out to meet me at the front door.

While I drive to the restaurant street, I use one hand to control the wheel and the other rubbing her crotch, she instead holding my hand in hers and stroke my fingers, and said with a low voice, "Steve, you rest need, do, do not sex so much." I laughed and rubbing her hands and told her that I want to fuck her hard all the time.

Anu just blushed and give me a long speech half in English and half in soft exotic Hindi that I should rest and it would be her duty to take care of me, her husband and lord, though that part she said it in Hindi, and I have yet to managed to understand her on the Hindi part of the speech. Shaking my head a bit, I laughed and keep on driving to our destination, a Mongolian Grill restaurant.

The restaurant is a huge dome like building, all the staff there are dressed accordingly to Mongolian style, Anu looks around with great curiosity, and great admiration to the detail of Mongolian culture incorporated into the surrounding environment.

Though her family poor, but Anu received good education from a retired professor in her village, and that I am quite thankful of, for without education, Anu would be just another poor housewife and not the one I have so carefully chosen. I grinned, but all those education did not make Anu more independent, instead the professor made Anu more dependent and submissive to men.

I spoke briefly with the waitress at the entrance door and she lead me and Anu into a separate compartment, there are no chairs around, everyone sits on the floor that covered with soft carpets, rugs, and lean on cushions.

Anu looked around, felt excited to be able to sample Mongolian cuisine. I pick up the menu and spoke briefly with the waitress awaits our orders, then she left after shutting the door behind her and give us some privacy.

I pull Anu to me as I lean on a huge cushion and begin to fondle her, her face reddish again as she tries to regain her composure and telling me it is not appropriate for a woman to act in such disrespectful manner in public.

I laughed, and telling her that we are in a private space¡Khowever, when I have not even finished the last word of the sentence, the waitress open the door and bring in a tray of milk tea and appetizers with her. Anu, who uses this chance to escape my grasp, now sits up straight and throw me a glance of mixed feelings and I just grinned when I saw her face flushing and so was her entire body.

The waitress place a flagon of milk tea on the small wooden table along with the appetizers, specially prepared cucumbers, salads, and a thick lamb soup along with various sauces.

I pull Anu to me again and we begin to enjoy the milk tea with the appetizers, the cucumber is crispy with the sauces, and the soup is delicious with chunks of lambs flowing in the big bowls. Mongolian music can be heard and enjoyed by everyone in the restaurant and after the appetizer, the main course is up, a grilled complete lab, it sits on a huge silver plate and on the plate are two sharp knifes and forks.

The plate is held by two waitresses and they place it on the center of the room and bowed before they left us to our meal. I pick up the knife and teach Anu how to use it to slice piece of the grilled lamb and dip it in the sauce before eating it.

The lamb is juicy and tender, and the sauces make the meal even more enjoyable, the cucumbers and appetizer are never in short supply. Anu was startled at the whole grilled lamb at first, but soon begin to enjoy this rather special meal, and she faithfully begins to slice off pieces of lamb for me.

I chew on the tender juicy lamb and found my hands fondling Anu, and she would wiggle a bit but always let my hands playing with her as we eat our lunch. Anu ate the lamb with apparent joy as I drink the milk tea, it is very sweet and Anu appears to like this milk tea a great deal.

Together Anu and I devoured the grilled lamb and eat till our stomachs are so full; Anu rubs her belly and told me that she can not eat anymore. I laughed and nodded, saying I feel the same as well. Later after we have paid the bills, we drive home lazily in the late afternoon sun.

Anu sits quietly in the passenger seat and her palm rubbing on her belly as she begins to imagine what will it be like to feel a babe growing in her fertile womb, and what joy would it bring her.

She knows she is fertile, but years of marriage had not produced a child with her dead husband, and she was often sad and ashamed to be childless as it is very important in India for a wife to be fertile and bear many children.

Her thoughts wondered as her hands slowly sliding down till they covered her hairy crotch and she can feel the wetness of her body as her excitement and arousal grow. I turned slightly and smiled at Anu, then extend my right hand, slide into her sari and petticoat, my fingers first push the sanity pad aside and then thrust up her hairy cunt, Anu moaned, as her vagina muscles clenching tightly around my invading fingers.

Her hands holding mine as my fingers persistently and skillfully rub and probe her womanhood, rubbing hard against that little g spot in her while my thumb rub her clit hard. Her body heating up fast, she tried to keep herself steady but her body denied her that as her body reacted to an orgasm, a jet of thick cunt juice ejaculated from the depth of her pussy, wetting my hand and her petticoat.

Anu let out a loud moan, feeling her body wobble and like jelly as she lean back on the seat and turned to look at me, smiling a bit.

I pull my wet hand out her sari, and she begins to lick and suck my fingers and hand clean with her caring mouth and tongue. I went back on driving and as soon as we are inside the house, Anu ran into her room and strip naked, I followed shortly as she looks down her damp and wet crotch, her jungle of pussy hair now wet and all tangled together with her slimy juice.

"Steve, I shower needs," Anu said to me, with her head bowed, but I did not let her finish and take her to bed, spread her legs wide open as I begin to lick her hairy mound. Anu let out a loud moan as I licked along her slit and then pressing my hot tongue deep into her womanhood, licking and slurping up her juice, then sucking on her clit, nibbling it.

Her legs jerked and then wrapping around my head, her hands holding and brushing my hair as I devour and slurp her cunt.

Her body reacted to my tongue as she begins to orgasm over and over again; I keep on going till she cried out and plead me to let her rest a bit. Her dusky brown skin now reddish and her face flushed with a faint shade of red, I pull her to my arms and tell her that she is mine, all mine.

Anu smiled and speak in Hindi to me softly, I was puzzled and asked her to meaning of her words, but she just smiled and closed her eyes to rest. Her mind was anything but resting, what she just said was something could not yet say to me, she was yet still shy with this young man who has became her world.

The words she just said was, "Oh my young lord, to look at your young body brings me much joy, and I want to be the mother of your children my lord, let me be your motherly wife, let me be your elder sister, I will take care of you, my legs always open for you and I am fertile, accept me into your household, and let me be your woman, for I will serve you with the greatest devotion of a good Indian wife."


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