My sex deprived new husband_(0)

My sex deprived new husband_(0)

He was coming home from work soon and he was raging. It was from hormones and longer hours at his job and the fact we hadn't fucked in weeks. I was insanely tight and horny, and had been trying to get him horny enough to fuck almost every single night but he had been at work for so much longer, he was tired and long, rough sex wasn't really possible.

One day I couldn't take it anymore. I knew what he liked though, and I checked the time. I had two hours until he came home. If I didn't make dinner. Forget food. I wanted his meat. I picked his favorite outfit that he liked on me – barely anything, lace red and black.

I was so horny it hurt, my crotch was sore and itchy and I felt it running through my legs and up my bloodstream. I was in the middle of changing into some lingerie when he came home early. Of all the days for him to come home early, it was today. I had planned on preparing the room but now, forget it. i knew it was going to rough but i didn't care. I slid into the lace right when he came in and he just stared at me. His eyes moved all over my short, five foot figure. I wanted him so bad and he knew it. I was ready to seduce him under my gaze. I started moving towards him, but I didn't have to. He ran at me and forcefully started kissing me and biting my lips. I dug my hands around his dark red shirt wanting it off. Instead he shoved my hands off his body and held them behind my own. His grip hurt. But I wanted more than just his touch. His hands pushed me against the bed, holding me there. He was reminding me that he was in control. He was my daddy. My ruler, I was under his control. I was his slut, his slave and we liked it that way. He dug his hands into my flesh and controlled my every movement. He bent me backwards and dragged his tongue over me he reached my clit and simply breathed on it, no physical touch at all. I squirmed and he smiled. He knew how badly i wanted it. He knew how horribly he was teasing me.

His grip got tighter around my wrists, his nails digging in. He spun me around into the nearest wall with a crash. He pushed me into the brick wall, my perky, 34 D breasts hurt from the impact. He lifted my bubble ass and toyed with my tight clit just with his little finger. I tried to get on him and he pulled back, “Wait, baby,” he whispered, “you'll need to earn it.” I was starting to shake.

I wanted him inside me so bad. I spun around and pushed my head over his shaft faster and faster until I felt him growing wider. His meat bulging and growing firmer. He grabbed my hair and controlled my mouth, face-fucking me until I gaged. “Did I say you could stop? No. No gagging,” he barked at me, his little sex toy, his little slave, his concubine.

I couldn't take it anymore teasing. i leaned back on the bed and spread my legs into a perfect straddle. “Please, daddy, i need you so bad,” i was almost crying. I needed him. Every vein and inch of his girth and his length. I reached down to feel myself but he yanked me off and against the wall once more.

“Don't cry or you'll be given something to cry about,” he growled yanking on my hair. He touched the tip against me and I tried pushing him in again. He wouldn't let it. Instead, he took the lube off his dresser and lubricated himself before ramming himself into my ass. I screamed a blood curling high pitched scream, wanting more than just anal. I felt my soft skin break and i screamed again, before he slapped my thigh getting me to stop.

Then he picked me up and threw me on the bed. He rubbed his fingers on the outside of my pussy, making me quiver for more. “Daddy, please, please, please go inside me,” I pleaded.

“Beg for it,” he told me, cracking a smile, enjoying my pain. “Beg for your reward, my little slut.”

I screamed. “Daddy please, i want you in me, i want you inside me, fuck my pussy, daddy fuck me hard, make me scream for more.”

He touched my pussy with his tip and rubbed it barely over my lips, “louder,” he ordered. “Like I'm never going to give it to you, ever.”

“DADDY, PLEASE, I WANT YOUR DICK INSIDE ME! PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!” I was crying now. I wanted it all inside me. Everything, all the way.

He rammed inside me causing me to cum as soon as he did, my juices flowing all over him. He went faster and faster. I moaned his name. I cried for more. I begged him to stop, hoping he'd keep going, knowing it made him hornier. He didn't stop. He kept going and going, i came so hard he was forced backwards but he didn't come out of me. He was getting close, i was getting tighter he tapped me twice and i spun around, sucking his sweet release out of his shaft i loved it.

We fell back on the bed exhausted between the blankets and pillows. “Thank you for fucking me, daddy,” i whispered and kissed his cheek, as I ran my hand down his chest.

He held me close to his bare chest and ran his fingers through my hair. “I needed that,” he said, running his hand over my face.

I said two words as I closed my eyes, feeling his heart beat. "I know."

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