Revenge in China

Revenge in China

Jack was pissed off. Again.

Once again his Chinese employer had cheated him. Not only was his pay late, again, but the bastard had invented some bullshit deductions. Jack was ticked.

He had been in China just six months and gone through three employers. Every one of them had cheated him in some way. None had ever paid him on time. None had ever treated him in a friendly manner. They all treated him as a nothing. Just another foreigner to lure to China and cheat.

Jack had made up his mind. Tomorrow he would cross the bridge to Hong Kong, get on the next flight home and never return.

First, though, he wanted to do something. Get revenge for this appalling treatment. Smash a few windows. Break someone's head. He wasn't sure. Something. He had to do something to release the rage built up inside.

He entered the Chiwan subway station. He stopped to take his knife out of his backpack and stuff it into his deep pockets. Always a hassle. You had to put your bag into the scanner and they made a fuss over knives. They never scanned people, just bags. So you could carry any weapon hidden in your pocket. Really stupid security system. Trains start at 6:30am but security didn't arrive until 7:30am. Trains stopped at 11:30pm but security left at 10:30pm. Stupid.

Always the same. Three security guards in their nice black uniforms. One standing at attention telling people to put their bags in the scanner. Two behind the scanner watching the screens and trying to stay awake. Usually young lads and lasses. Probably their first jobs out of high school.

Jack hoped the bitch wasn't there again. A couple weeks ago she had hassled him over his knife. (He forgot to take it out of his bag.} Now she hassled him every time she was on duty.

Down the stairs he trod, grumbling about the escalators. Why did the subway only have up escalators, no down escalators. Dumb. Stupid. Just another thing to piss him off.

He bought a token to use in the subway and turned to the security crew. Oh crap. The bitch was there.

He approached, dropped his backpack into the scanner. The bitch smiled and said something. He grunted. No idea what she said. He picked up his bag. She smiled and shook her head. She said something in a sharp tone, still smiling. Oh Oh. Not good. A real cop came out of the police room and motioned him over. Another hassle. The bitch smiled.

The cop, very bored looking, took him into the police room, asked for his passport, asked a few routine questions and waved him out the door.

Jack didn't return to security. He didn't go into the subway. He went back upstairs. Fuming. Pissed off. This would be the last time that bitch ever hassled him. He would get his revenge on her.

He thought fast. It was 10:15pm. Security left at 10:30pm.

A plan popped into his mind. He grinned. Yes. A pleasurable revenge indeed.

Once before he had noticed her head to Exit D at 10:30pm. Jack stashed his backpack behind some trees, went to Exit D and waited. Waited for the young bitch in the starched black uniform. Waited for his revenge.

Promptly at 10:30 the girl came up the escalator. As she reached the top, Jack waved to her. Puzzled, she looked at him and strolled over. He grabbed her wrist, yanked her close, stuck the knife at her neck and whispered, “Obey or die.”

Her eyes opened wide. She gasped. She stared at the knife. She started shaking.

Jack added, “Shhh.”

She understood. She bit her lip. She nodded, staring at the knife.

Luckily no one else was around.

Jack slid the knife to her waist, gave her a light jab, put his hand on the small of her back and shoved her forward.

He guided her down a few side streets, across a dark park to an old building he'd discovered a few days before. The building was in the process of being torn down but many of the rooms were still intact and even had a bit of furniture including a few beds.

He guided her in and up the rubble strewn stairs. The third room had a bed. The window was gone so a lot of street light beamed in, lighting up the room.

He signaled to the bitch that she should turn around slowly a couple of times. Wide-eyed, staring, she obeyed. Turning slowly, always watching him. Obviously terrified.

Not bad Jack thought. Decent hips, not too narrow. He guessed the tits were around 36C but would check after the uniform was off. Age he guessed around 20 maybe less. Nice lips.

He knocked off her black security hat. Black hair was in a bun.

He motioned to her to remove her boots. She bent over and did so. No socks. Bare feet.

He inserted his knife into the top of her uniform blouse. Pulled the knife down the front slicing the blouse neatly open. The bitch shivered and shook. She stared at the floor knowing what he intended.

Jack was stilled pissed off at how she always hassled him so he slapped her face and motioned for her to remove the blouse. She let it fall to the floor and tried to cover her red bra.
Jack didn't care. He was already cutting through the waist of her black uniform trousers down to the crotch. It would have been easier to just unzip them but this was about revenge. He tugged on them till they slid to her ankles.

Now he observed his catch. Smooth skin, cute face, red bra, 36C, red panties.

Shrugging, he took his knife and sliced off the panties revealing her black, straight-haired pussy. Hips were smooth also. Her hand tried to cover her pussy as she stared at the floor.

He moved the knife up to the bra. Flick, one shoulder strap fell away. Flick, the other shoulder strap fell away. Flick, the bra cups parted. Her tits bounced as the bra fell away. Nice tits. Round, firm. Nipples of a good size.

Yes, this would be some sweet revenge.

Another slap on the face and he motioned her to put her hands at her sides and turn around again.

She stared at the knife, gulped and slowly turned. Nice ass. Not fat. Nicely rounded. Smooth legs and back. Boobs firm. Tummy firm. Bitch face crying. Pussy hair hiding the pussy hole. Legs shaking.

Briefly Jack wondered about her name. Probably on her name tag which was on the floor. He decided to give her a name of his own. He would call her SHIT.

He kicked her tattered clothes into a corner.

He ran the knife slowly up between her tits seeing her eyes going wider with fear as she watched the knife. He slid it down her back, in the crack of her ass and across her pussy.

He liked her reaction. Shaking. Tears coming down her cheeks. Just what he wanted.

Taking out his mobile phone he snapped a couple pictures then set it on automatic, and placed it on a nearby chair facing the bed. It would snap every 15 seconds.

Now Jack pointed to her and said, “SHIT.” He pointed to himself and said “Boss”.

She knew the word Boss. So she understood that she was “SHIT”. She nodded.

He slapped her face again, just because he felt like it, and motioned her onto the bed.

SHIT got onto the bed and laid down on her back. Jack slapped her again and yelled for her to get up. This time he positioned her himself. He made her get on her hands and knees on the bed facing him.

He said, “SHIT, you're going to like this.” He whipped off his shirt, slid his pants off as he watched and pulled off his shorts. His cock popped up straight and hard.

SHIT stared and shook her head, pleadingly.

Jack just slapped her face again, pointed at his cock, pointed at her mouth, pointed at the knife. The message got through. The mouth slowly opened. He shoved his cock in and started sliding it in and out. There was no resistance.

Jack reached forward and grabbed her ass, squeezing each half. He was starting to enjoy his revenge. He slapped her ass. He slapped each ass cheek in turn. Each time he slapped, he thrust.

SHIT said, “Mmmf.” and tried to pull back. That just got her a slap on each side.

Jack continued thrusting and slapping her ass cheeks enjoying the sound of the slaps as her ass slowly became red.

He pushed her legs apart, reached further forward and down. Then he slapped her pussy, hard. And again. Hard. This bitch would think twice before she hassled another foreigner. Another slap on her pussy. Another thrust into her mouth. Another slap on the ass. Thrust, slap. Thrust, slap.

Jack enjoyed this. His balls got tighter as his cock continued abusing SHITs mouth. Thrust, slap. Thrust, thrust, slap, slap. Suddenly Jack's cock could hold back no more. His foreign cum gushed into the bitches mouth. He kept squirting until his cock finally calmed down.

Jack pulled out and gave SHIT a hard shove making her fall over onto her back. He motioned for her to use his tongue on his balls by showing her his tongue, pointing at her, and pointing at his balls. Jack crouched over her face making sure his hanging balls slid over her face and settled on her lips.

Nothing happened. He gave her tummy a hard slap and wiggled his balls on her lips. The mouth opened. The tongue came out. The licking started.

Jack continued slapping her tummy, then switched to her tits. He slapped each tit in turn making them bounce. Making them go red. Making the nipples stand out. Making the nipples become puffy.

He pulled the nipples. Twisted them. Slapped them again. Took a long suck on each one.

Then he reached down further, past her reddened tummy to her hairy pussy. His fingers felt for the pussy lips, found them, pulled them apart. Slap. Slap. Slap. He slapped her pussy lips over and over. He wasn't going to let any part of her body get away without well deserved slaps.

He kept slapping her pussy as she started squirming and trying to push him off. That only earned her harder slaps. Back to the tummy. Slap, slap, slap. The tits. Slap, slap, slap. He squeezed the tits together so he could slap them together. He was amazed at how red tits and tummy could get on a yellow body.

He got off, flipped her over, sat on her back and started spanking her ass again. He was pleased that her ass cheeks were still red from before. When she started yelling he sat on her head forcing her mouth into the mattress and proceeded to start slapping her back.

SHITs entire body was going to be red, stinging and aching before he finished with the bitch.

Feeling his cock once again stiffening, Jack forced SHIT to get on her knees, legs apart, face still pushed into the mattress.

He grabbed her red hot quivering ass cheeks, pulled them apart to reveal her butt hole and rubbed his moist cock on the hole. He placed the tip of his cock into the crack of her ass at the hole. Slowly he started pushing in. In. In. He felt a sort of popping as his cock surged all the way in. SHIT was making a pitiful mewling sound. Jack didn't mind the sound. He liked it. He liked fucking her ass. He liked teaching this bitch a lesson she would never forget. Hassle him would she. Never again.

His cock pumped in and out of her tight ass. She mewled. She squirmed. She cried. He pumped. He slapped her back, he slapped her ass. He reached back and stuck his finger into her pussy. He finger fucked her pussy as he pounded his hard cock into her ass. Over and over.

He was barely conscious of the sound of his mobile phone camera clicking away.

He grabbed her hair and said, “SHIT, you like that. Sure you like it. You're just a bitch. You aren't worth SHIT.” He pulled her hair back so her mouth was no longer smothered in the mattress. Now he could hear her groans and whimpering better.

He didn't know what she was saying and didn't care. She sounded unhappy, she sounded terrified, she sounded like she was feeling pain. He was happy. That's the purpose of revenge.

His balls once again tightened as he fucked her ass. In, out, in, out. Finally, his cock shot another load. Up her ass. Filling her ass. He pumped until his cock finally went limp.

He pulled out. He was covered with sweat.

He looked down on SHITs body. It was red and shaking. She tried to lay down but as soon as she did he gave her a harsh slap. She stuck her ass back in the air and whimpered some more.

He strolled over to check his phone. The pictures were great. The angle was great. Perfect.

After perusing the pictures for a while he thought his cock sufficiently recovered to finish the job. He glanced over at SHIT. The bitch still had her ass in the air, afraid to move.

He took his foot, put it against her side and pushed her over.

“Okay, SHIT. Get ready to be fucked.” he said as he spread her legs, gloated over her shuddering, reddened body. Her boobs were puffy and red. His stomach had red hand prints. Her pussy, hidden under the pussy hair was probably puffy too. Happily, his cock was once again rigid. It was time to give that bitch some foreign seed.

Tears still came down her cheeks. She shook her head pleadingly. He knelt between her legs reached for her face and gave her a big kiss on the lips as he smiled at her just the way she used to smile at him.

Reaching down he spread her pussy lips, guided his pulsing cock head to the opening and rammed it in as fast and hard as he could. SHIT gasped. SHIT yelled out. Jack slapped her face to shut her up. He grabbed her tits and twisted and pulled. He pumped his cock in and out without restraint. He let his balls slap her pussy as he rammed into her over and over.

SHIT tried to yell again. Jack raised his hand to slap her. She stopped and bit her lip instead as he stared madly into her eyes.

He squeezed her tits more. Pulling them, twisting them, squeezing as his cock rammed into her sore pussy. In, out, in, out. His balls again slapped her naked flesh each time.

He sucked her tits. He kissed her neck, sucked her neck, made sure her neck was covered with red marks. Biting her tits he made sure he left marks there too. He wanted to make sure she remembered him.

He let his knife glide up and down her tummy, between her tits, over her tits, resting on her nipples, sliding along her neck. He enjoyed the sheer terror in her eyes.

He pumped harder. His cock in her pussy as far as possible. His balls continuing to smack her bare flesh.

Over and over his cock rammed her unprotected pussy as he twisted and pulled and abused her nipples.

Finally, he felt his balls tighten, he went faster, in out in out of the bitch pussy. At last his cock blew its load deep into her pussy. Blast after blast of foreign cum shot into her as Jack felt the height of ecstasy.

Eventually his cock slowed down and Jack felt his breathing return to normal. He watched the tears covering SHITs face. It made him feel so good.

Slowly he pulled out and looked down. There was blood on his cock. He grinned and whispered, “Hey SHIT. I hope you really enjoyed your first time.”

She just stared at the ceiling.

Jack wiped his cock on her leg, got dressed, and picked up his camera. He pointed at the camera, he pointed at SHIT. He put his fingers to his lips and said, “Shhh.”

More tears came as she slowly nodded. She understood. Tell anyone and he would make the pictures public.

He waved bye, walked out and left the bitch crying on the dirty old mattress.

Next morning he boarded his plane and flew home. He did wonder once or twice whether he might have a new son or daughter. He shrugged. Who cares.

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