The Battered Lamp Seven: The Jealousy of the Witch

The Battered Lamp Seven: The Jealousy of the Witch

The Battered Lamp
by mypenname3000
Chapter Seven: The Jealousy of the Witch
Copyright 2014

Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Monday, January 18th – South Hill, Washington

“So this is the wife?” Britney asked when she opened the door of Kyle's car.

“Yeah. Aaliyah, this is my best friend, Britney.”

The Genie smiled, turning around and extending her hand into the rear seats were Britney squeezed in next to Chyna. Fatima was on the other side, crushed against the door. It was tight having three people in the back seat, and Kyle's little sister didn't seem pleased about the arrangement. Britney stared at the hand for a moment, then took it.

“You are the cause behind everything that has happened?” Britney asked.

“I am,” she answered with a smile.

Then Britney sniffed deeply, and glanced at Chyna. “Is she a wife, too?”

“No. Concubine.” Kyle answered.

His friend just nodded, her eyes unreadable behind her thick glasses. “And you still intend to keep dating Christy?”

Kyle thought Britney was taking this very well. She was a very calm, placid girl, the type that preferred to go with the flow so long as that left her undisturbed to study. This morning, before they left for school, he had wished that everyone except Christy, Britney, and Fumi would accept Kyle's relationships with Aaliyah, Fatima, and Chyna as the most natural things in the world. He could have included those three, but he just didn't feel right messing with the minds of the two women he loved and his best friend.

“I am,” Kyle answered her question. “I love Christy as much as Aaliyah.”

“And me,” chirped Fatima. “Right, big bro? Or were you lying about that as I sucked your cock.”

Kyle winced. He wanted to ease in Christy and Britney on the whole fucking his sister part. The rest of the world would find it acceptable, and he could only hope that his friend and girlfriend would be as understanding. It was a long shot.

Britney nodded, completely nonplussed. “I had sensed it on Friday. So three loves, Kyle?”

“Four!” giggled his sister. “He's sweet on this Japanese chick. They had a date on Saturday. She's so sexy!”

Kyle flushed, and glanced back at his friend.

“You should dump Christy,” Britney declared. “She is wrong for you. You have these other women, why do you need her?”

“Have you ever been in love, Britney?”

“No. I have yet to meet the right one.”

He sighed, “Then how can I explain it to you?”

“You have a point. But that does not change facts. Christy will break your heart.”

Fatima laughed. “No she wouldn't. She's in love with Kyle.”

“Yeah!” Chyna added. “She didn't have a problem with us. Master even shared me with her on Friday.”

“Fine. Just be careful, Kyle. Trust me.”

Kyle frowned, wandering just why Britney didn't like Christy. He liked his friend, but if she kept acting like this, there would be problems. As much as he liked Britney, he loved Christy, and he would choose his girlfriend over his best friend any day of the week. He almost asked her, but with the other women in the car, he wasn't sure he could pry it out of her.

Christy was waiting when Kyle pulled into the school's parking lot, her face lighting up when he pulled up. Then she frowned as all the women piled out of his car. Kyle grabbed Aaliyah's hand, and walked over to her.

Christy gave Aaliyah a single glance, her eyebrows tightened, then she took a deep breath. “Kyle, there's something I need...”

“Let me just talk first, okay,” Kyle quickly said. “There's a secret I've been keeping from you the last few days that we need to talk about.”

Fear paled Christy's face, her eyes flicking at Aaliyah.

“This is Aaliyah.” Kyle's stomach roiled, and he forced himself to say the next part: “She's a Genie.”

His girlfriend blinked. “A what?”

“I'm a Djinn,” Aaliyah answered. “I can grant limited wishes for Kyle.”

Horror filled his girlfriend's eyes for a moment.

“There's more. When I freed Aaliyah from her bottle, I also entered into a marriage with her.”

A strangled gasp escaped Christy's throat, then she froze. He reached out, squeezing her shoulder.

“I fell in love with her, too.”

“Oh, Goddess,” Christy gasped. “Oh, Goddess.” Her breaths came in ragged pants, faster and faster, and her face turned red.

“Breath, Christy,” Kyle said. She wasn't taking this as well as he hoped. “Calm down. I still love you. I just learned there's more room in my heart to love other people.”


“After Thursday, I was so relieved at how accepting you were of me and Chyna. And then on Friday, you even joined in.” He stroked her face. “I love you, Christy. And I love Aaliyah. I don't want to give either of you up. I know this sounds selfish, but I love you both. I want to be with you both.”

Christy looked at Kyle, then at Aaliyah. “I don't know...”

“I would be honored to share him with you,” Aaliyah smiled. “He has a generous heart. There's enough love in there to encompass the both of us. And I hope we can become close as well.”

“You mean...” A blush suffused his girlfriend's lips.

“Kyle tells me you're bisexual?” Fatima had explained the concept to Aaliyah last night.

Christy nodded.

“Well so am I. We can satisfy each other whenever Kyle is dallying with others.”

“Others?” Christy asked.

“He is a great man with a powerful destiny,” Aaliyah answered. “And great men have appetites that must be satiated. There will be other wives, and women like Chyna. His concubines.”

“How many wives?”

“Four,” Kyle answered. “Four women I love, and who I hope love me and can share me with each other.”

“Are you Mormon, Kyle? Do you want to move to Utah, or something?”

Kyle knelt down and produced a ring that Aaliyah had conjured last night. The Genie and Fatima wore similar engagement rings. He took Christy's hand, and her expression became even more bewildered.

“I loved you the first time I saw you. I want you to be my wife, to be my love. You were the first girl I ever loved, and I want you to be with me for as long as we live. I just ask that you find it in your heart to share me with Aaliyah and the others.”

Christy's eyes teared up. She glanced at Aaliyah, then back at him. “I...I...Yes. I don't want to lose you, Kyle.”

He slid the ring on her finger, then stood up and she kissed him, tears running down her cheeks. When he broke the kiss, Aaliyah swooped in and captured her lips. Christy tensed, then relaxed, and kissed the Genie back.

“We should celebrate,” Kyle grinned. “Blow off first period and have some fun.”

“We'll get in trouble,” Christy gasped.

Aaliyah laughed. “Just say the W word, and I'll make it happen.”

“If it's about sex, Aaliyah's powers can accomplish miracles.”

“Sex? At school?”

Kyle frowned. “We did it last Friday. Don't tell me your shy after you pounced on me Saturday night outside on that street. You ladies have awakened desires in me that can't be bottled back up.” He grinned. “Hell, I don't want them ever bottled up. Aaliyah, I wish that no-one notices our absence or notices us making love.”

Aaliyah grinned, and knelt down, lifting up Christy's skirt. “Done,” she purred, then yanked down Christy's panties.

“Oh, fuck!” Christy gasped, then leaned against the school building as Aaliyah devoured her pussy. “Oh, wow, she's good.”

Kyle gave her a kiss on the lips. She didn't resist as he slid his hand under her shirt, and gently groped her breasts. “I love you, Christy.”

She melted against him, moaning slightly, then whispered back her love. Her hand slid down his stomach, and rubbed against the bulge in his crotch. She smiled. “I missed this yesterday. Family time was so boring without you.”

“I want you to live with me, Christy,” he whispered in her ear, as her finger drew down his zipper. “I want you to be my wife tonight.”

“Yes!” she gasped. He pushed up her bra, and thumbed her hard nipple. “Tonight! But my parents!”

Her hand reached in, pushing down his boxers and pulling his hard shaft out. “Aaliyah will take care of it right now. I wish it.”

“Done!” Aaliyah's response was muffled by Christy's thighs and skirt.

Her hand stroked him. “I want this in me. I missed your cock. If I have to share you, I guess I have to take any opportunity to feel it in me.”

“I want to fuck your ass.”

She hesitated, eyes fluttering with desire. He pinched her nipple between his finger, bringing a gasp. “Yes. Do it. I wish my ass is lubed.” Her eyes widened. “Oh wow, that felt weird.”

“She's all ready, my husband.”

Christy turned, and he lifted her skirt and saw Aaliyah's dusky hands spreading her pale cheeks apart. Her brown asshole glistened with lube. He smiled, and pressed his cock gently inside her. She arched back against him.

When he buried all the way inside her, he whispered, “Look at all of them. They can't see us, they don't know we're fucking just a few feet away.”

The area was still busy as students arrived, but thanks to Aaliyah, none paid attention to them. Kyle watched them, his eyes lusting after pretty girls as he pumped his cock inside his newest wife's ass. He wondered which of them were submissive, open to being dominated by him and forced to be his concubine.

“Yes, it is!” Christy moaned. “Are you staring at the girls.”

“I am,” he answered. “They're so pretty. I love you, Christy, but there are going to be other women I fuck. Other women I keep like Chyna.”

“Other women you love?” she asked, a bit bitter.

“No. I think four's enough women to love. But even if it's a thousand, I would love you all the same. I want you and Aaliyah and the other two to be happy. The other's I just want to fuck. And you can fuck them, too. Pick a woman walking by, and Aaliyah can make her yours to play with.”

Christy turned her head, watching their classmates stream by. Kyle kept pumping her ass, Aaliyah's hands massaging his balls as she licked at Christy's pussy. He could feel her ass tighten on his cocks as she stared at leggy Patricia Mathewson, star of the school's volleyball team. A gorgeous blonde, with a tight, athletic build and small breasts.

“We could share her,” Kyle whispered. “You could eat out her pussy while I fuck you, then I could kiss you and taste her pussy on your lips.”

“Did Aaliyah turn you into this, Kyle?”

“No.” He slowed his thrusts, savoring the feel of her tight ass. “Deep inside, I always had these thoughts. Aaliyah merely showed me I didn't need morality's restraints anymore. I don't want to hide my true desires from you, and I don't want you to hide yours.”

“So you'd be okay with me fucking another guy?”

He licked her ear. “As long as you don't love him, you can have all the fun you want. Just remember who your heart belongs to.”

“Oh, fuck!” Christy gasped. “Her tongue, your cock! Oh shit! Oh, Kyle!”

Her ass felt wonderful as she came, squeezing and massaging, milking the cum out of his balls. He sped up; the soft cheeks of her ass slapping into his groin. She gasped and panted, another orgasm trembling through her.

“So you want to hear my deepest fantasies!” gasped Christy.

“Yes!” Kyle answered. “I want to fuck my mother.”

She glanced over her shoulder. “Wow! That's so fucking nasty, Kyle!”

“I want you to fuck her, too!” He captured her lips in a kiss. “What's yours?”

“I want to piss into a woman's mouth! I want her to be degraded and dirty.”

Christy tensed in his arms, then he heard water splashing and a muffled gasp from Aaliyah. “Are you pissing on her?”

“Yes! Drink it, whore! Drink my filthy piss!”

Kyle pictured the stream of yellow pouring from Christy's brown-furred cunt into Aaliyah's lush lips. It was such a filthy sight, and hearing the urine splash and Aaliyah swallow sent his balls into overdrive. He erupted in her ass, burying himself deep and holding her tight.

“Oh, Christy!” he groaned. “You nasty, wonderful woman!”

He could feel her cumming a third time, calling Aaliyah a filthy whore as she rubbed her pussy on the Genie's face. She bucked and gasped, then slumped in his arms. He held her, supporting her, as her orgasm left her week kneed.

Aaliyah popped her head out. “That was...different.”

“Did you like it?” Kyle asked.

“I kinda did, my husband.” A blush darkened her cheeks. “Once I got used to the surprise.”

“Would you drink my piss, Christy?”

Christy glanced at him, her eyes wide. “Yes, I would,” she answered, sounding surprise. “I think I would like that. Do you...”

He nodded.

She sank down, his cock popping out, and she knelt before him. She sucked his cock into her mouth, still dirty from her ass, and waited. He relaxed his bladder, straining to piss. His cock was hardening, making it harder, and Aaliyah watched him with dark eyes.

“Do it!” his Genie moaned, her hands frigging her pussy. “Piss in the little slut's mouth! Make her drink your dirty pee.”

He sighed as the piss streamed out. Christy swallowed, yellow leaking out the corners of her mouth. Her hazel eyes looked up at him with love as she submitted to his degradation. Aaliyah slumped to the ground, cumming loudly as she watched him pee into Christy's mouth. The stream died down, just a few last squirts came out. His cock was rock hard.

He gripped his wife's head, and fucked her mouth. His balls slapped Christy's chin. Her hands wrapped around him, squeezing his ass, and urging him to fuck her faster. Aaliyah draped herself across Christy's back, reached around, and fingered Christy's pussy as she buried her face in Christy's curly, brown hair.

Kyle knew the only thing that would make him happier was including Fatima and Fumi. He pictured all four of his women kneeling before him: gorgeous Christy, graceful Fumi, impish Fatima, and sultry Aaliyah, each ready for his cum. Christy was the last obstacle to his dream. On Wednesday, after his second date with Fumi, he'd bring her home and introduce her to his other wives and ask her to join.

As he erupted into Christy's mouth, he knew what Fumi's answer would be.



Chrsity didn't know what to do.

That bitch Genie had ruined her boyfriend, transforming him into some out-of-control sex-fiend. She couldn't focus at all in second period, and third period was turning into the same. What was she going to do? She couldn't lose Kyle. She loved him, and needed him to rescue her from the coven. But she couldn't share him. That was just wrong. She barely tolerated his relationship with Chyna. And that one wasn't his fault.

And neither is this one. It's that damn, slutty Genie! She wanted to claw the bitch's eyes out, but she had controlled herself. She sensed she would lose Kyle if he forced him to choose. Thanks to Ms. Franklin's molestation, she had become quite adept at hiding her true feelings. Though she had loved it when Kyle fucked her ass, she had hated the bitch munching on her carpet. That's why she pissed in the little bitch's mouth.

Christy knew she could share a woman with her...what was Kyle now? Her fiancee? Her husband? She could share a woman with her husband—in fact, she burned to share other women with him—but she wanted his heart all to herself. Aaliyah had to go, then he'd go back to his old self and love only her.

When third period ended, she knew what to do, and headed for the biology classroom.

On the way, Braiden accosted her. “Hey, Christy. I need to talk to you.”

“What?” she demanded. “I'm busy. DECA stuff can wait.”

“It's about your sack-of-shit boyfriend. I saw him Saturday night on a date with another girl. She was blowing him in the theater.”

Aaliyah was the sort of slut that would blow a guy in the middle of a room. Braiden had a disgusting grin on his face, and she knew exactly why he was telling her this. She sighed, getting really tired of Braiden's constant passes at her. The asshole used to be Kyle's friend, until he started hitting on her. She loathed him so much. “I don't care, Braiden! I love Kyle, and I don't care what skank sucked his cock! And I'll never go out with such a loathsome toad as you! So stop trying to get in my panties!”

His face paled, then red suffused it. She didn't care, and just pushed past him.

“I love you, Christy!” he shouted.

“Well I loathe you!”

She rounded a corner, and left the disgusting creep behind, bursting into Ms. Franklin's classroom. The redheaded teacher smiled at Christy from her desk. The teen shuddered, that smile was full of possessive ownership. She so wanted free of the coven, but that could wait. She needed the coven right now.

“I need to speak to you in private, Ms. Franklin.”

The teacher glanced at the students filing in. “Let's go in to the lab, okay.”

The biology lab was adjacent to the classroom. Made of rows of work benches, each with a built in sink and natural gas spigots for the Bunsen burners. Ms. Franklin locked the door leading to the classroom, then looked concerned at the teen. Christy realized that she most look like a sweaty mess after practically running here.

“What's wrong, Amber?” The teacher always used her coven name.

“I found the Genie!” she blurted out.

“Where?” Greed burned in Ms. Franklin's green eyes.

“She's here at the school.” Christy took a deep breath. Once Aaliyah was gone, everything would go back to normal. “Aaliyah Unmei.”

The teacher frowned. “The new Sophomore transfer? I just had her last period. She's your boyfriend's wife, right?” The teacher's look became incredulous. “No, you're his fiancee now, right?”

“Yeah.” Christy frowned. How did she know that?

“That girl couldn't be the Genie,” the redheaded teacher dismissed. “I sensed no power from her.”

“She is!” Christy insisted. “Don't you think it's weird that Kyle has a wife and a fiancee? And let's not forget Chyna, his concubine. When did you last hear of anyone having a concubine? This isn't bible times!”

“What's so strange about that? Kyle is a great man, and their allowed to have more than one wife, and all the concubines he wants. I can understand that you're jealous. So just break up with him, but don't try and tell me that slip of a girl is a Genie.”

“How did you know we're engaged? He just proposed to me this morning. And I haven't told anyone?”

The teacher frowned. “Someone must of told me.”


“I can't remember.” The teacher's eyebrows furrowed. “How odd. I'm sure I heard one of your friends...but you said you didn't tell anyone.”

“And is there any other person in the world that you think should have more than one wife?”

Ms. Franklin frowned, thinking. “Well, no.”

“Then what makes Kyle so special?”

“I...I don't know. He just is a great man.” The teacher frowned more. “Why do I keep saying that?”

Christy slammed her fist on the table. “Because Aaliyah is his Genie. He made a wish that everyone would accept his relationships!”

Her teacher stumbled back, slumping onto a lab stool. “I'm under her power? She messed with my mind? But...but I didn't feel a thing!” For a moment, she sat there, staring at Christy, her jaw hanging open, and then the greed returned to her green eyes. “I didn’t feel a thing. Oh, Goddess, she has that much power. We need to plan. Tonight.”

“Yes,” Christy nodded. The sooner Aaliyah is gone, the sooner I can have Kyle back.


Kyle was on cloud nine when third period ended. Christy was willing to share him!

Between that happy news, and the knowledge he could have any girl he wanted, made focusing in class a lot harder. Sure he could have any girl, but he didn't want to force them. He wanted them to be willing; he wanted them to submit. Just like Shannon Coel had yesterday. A submissive girl he could dominate and fold into his harem.

It was far more satisfying that way.

But which girls were those? He stewed about it all through gym and English.

Since and he and Britney shared English, they walked to the cafeteria together. They didn't get far when Aaliyah appeared out of nowhere, hooking his arm and leaning her head on his shoulder. “How's your first day going?”

“It is an adjustment,” she answered. “Though Ms. Franklin seemed nice.”

Kyle grinned; he had the beautiful, fiery-haired teacher last year. “Yeah, I liked her when she taught me last year.”

His wife laughed wickedly. “I bet you more than liked her.”

“Fine. I jerked off thinking about her.”


Fatima ran up and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him with fiery passion. A few passing students sniggered, but none seemed to think it was inappropriate that his younger sister kissed him so thoroughly—Aaliyah's wish in action.

“So how did she take it?” Fatima demanded, bouncing on her heals like she was standing on hot coals. “Did she says yes? Please say she said yes!”

“She did.” Kyle's grin was broad as his little sister whooped for joy.

“I'm going to eat her pussy so well!” she exclaimed. That prompted a few more sniggers and looks from the other students. “I'm so happy. Christy is the best!”

“Come on, she usually beats me to the cafeteria.”

A wife on each arm, Kyle threaded through the hallway. A few of the guys gave him thumbs-up, and a few of the girls had bright cheeks and slight smiles. That gave a Kyle an idea. “Aaliyah, is there a way I can see which girls are submissive. Ones that aren't in love, or have boyfriends or girlfriends.”

“The type of girl you can dominate, like Ms. Coel?” Aaliyah asked, her lush lips pursed in a naughty grin.

“You're such a horndog, big bro!”

“Yeah. I want to add a few more concubines, I guess.”

Aaliyah nodded. “I'm glad you are taking this serious, my husband. You will be a powerful man one day, and powerful men need to prove their strength by having a large harem.”

“Well, that's my wish.”

The auras appeared around every girl. They ranged from the deepest maroon to the lightest pink, with every shade of red between. “The pinker the aura, the more willing to be dominated the girl is.” Aaliyah pointed out a slightly chubby girl that Kyle didn't know. “See how pink her aura is, it's almost white. You could easily make her yours. But that girl over there with the bright red aura, she'd be very difficult. Anyone darker would be impossible.”

“You are the best, Aaliyah.” Kyle gave her a quick kiss.

They reached the cafeteria, and it was bustling. Chyna waved at them from a table that already had trays of food. She knelt before Kyle and his wives when they arrived. “Master! I have gotten you and your wives their food.”

“Thank you,” Kyle answered. More eyes were on them, and he noticed the girls that seemed to be blushing and smiling were the ones with pink auras, while the girls that looked disgusted had the red ones.

“You are such a lucky guy,” Corey, one of his friends, said as he sat down at the table. “How did you get so lucky to have two hot wives and a sexy slave.”

“That's three hot wives,” Christy chimed in, her face a little flustered. “So this is your other wi—” Her eyes widened when she realized it was his little sister.

“Christy!” squealed Fatima. His little sister let go of his arms and enthusiastically kissed Christy. That brought a lot of cat-calls and wolf-whistles from the boys in the cafeteria. “I'm so glad you accepted.”

“Y-you're one of his wives?” Christy gasped, choking on her words. “B-but, your his s-sister!”

“So?” Fatima asked. “I've loved him longer than he's known you. And thanks to Aaliyah, I get to share him with you.”


“You get two Unmei's to make love to,” Fatima continued. “Double your pleasure, double your fun!” She paused, like she was waiting for someone to say something. No one did—she sighed in disappointment. “Anyway, I can't wait to eat your pussy. Thanks to Aaliyah, I've grown to love it, and Kyle says you taste delicious.

Christy flushed, and Kyle pulled her down onto the bench next to him. “She came on to me,” he whispered into her ear. “I guess I've always loved her deep down, I just never wanted to admit it.”

“It's incest, Kyle.” She still sounded like she was choking on a fish bone.

“It's love!” declared Fatima, her voice full of fire. “I love Kyle, and he loves me. You accepted his proposal, you're willing to share him, so what's the big deal?”

“I...” Christy looked helpless, then sighed. “I do love him. I can't lose him so...”

“So you'll let me eat your pussy?” Fatima asked, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

Christy collapsed under Fatima's stare. “Yes. I guess I can find out if you're as good as your brother.”

Lunch was a lot of fun. Kyle had Aaliyah on one side and Christy on the other, both smelling sweet, and their bodies warm as they pressed against him. Fatima plopped herself on Chyna's lap and made the concubine feed her. Britney sat next to the pair, reading from a text book. His other friends laughed and joked, and bemoaned their lack of beautiful concubines.

When lunch ended, Kyle had drafting, another class he shared with Britney. His eyes kept falling on girls with pink auras. He wanted to find the next girl for his harem. A blonde. None of his wives or concubines were blonde.

He spotted one as they neared their drafting class. Alexina.

“I'll catch up,” Kyle muttered to Britney, his attention focused on the blonde girl and her lovely face set with green-eyes and red lips. Her aura was a light pink, not as light as the chubby girl, but still someone looking to be taken in hand.

Britney glanced at Alexina and shook her head. “Do you not have enough women, Kyle?”


“You should dump Christy, and marry Alexina. She will not break your heart.”

He wanted to ask Britney why she seemed to hate Christy so much and pry that secret out of her, but Alexina walked by, and her rear was quite shapely beneath her tight jeans. He reached out and grabbed her hand. “I need to talk to you, Alexina.”

“Oh, what?”

Britney just shook her head, and headed into the classroom. Kyle made his wish; no-one would interrupt them. He took her and pushed her up against the locker. She squirmed, opening her mouth to object; he silenced her with a kiss. She froze, then struggled harder.

“Stop resisting,” he whispered when he broke the kiss. “You know you want this.”

“Please, stop!”

“I can look at you and tell. You're a submissive slut that wants some strong guy to make you his toy.”

She shook her head, curls of blonde hair—streaked with pink highlights—danced about her head. “No. Please, Kyle.”

He froze for moment. Maybe Aaliyah was wrong? What if the girl doesn't want this? He stared into her green eyes. She blushed, licking her lips. Her struggles seemed to lesson and her eyes went downcast. No, he could see how much she really enjoyed this. Her hips wiggled, pressing her groin against his hardening cock.

“Please. Someone will see us.”

Kyle slid his hands down her side and unbuttoned her jeans. They were tight, and it took some work to shove his hands into her crotch. Her panties were cotton, and damp around her pussy. He grinned, and rubbed her.

“I know you want this,” he hissed. “You're a naughty slut that just wants to be told what to do.”

“I'm a good girl,” she protested. “I don't want that.”

“Then why are you so wet?”

“No I'm not!”

He jerked his fingers out, moisture beading on them. She smelled tart. He shoved his finger under her nose; nostrils flared as she inhaled. “Then what's that on my finger. Smells like pussy juices to me.”

“Please!” she moaned, her lips smiling. “Don't do this.”

He shoved his hands down her jeans and into her panties. Her bush was soft and damp. She gasped as he shoved a finger inside her warm depths. “If you really want me to stop, then say, 'Kyle, I'm not a submissive slut, please remove your finger from my vagina.' Say that, and I'll stop.”

His thumb pressed on her clit, she moaned a second time.

“Say it, and I'll stop making your naughty cunt feel this good.”

“Kyle,” she whispered. “I'm not a sub-submissive slut, p-please remove....” He slipped a second finger inside her, pumping them rapidly in and out of her juicy sheath.

“You didn't finish. You have to say the whole phrase.” He paused, kissing her neck. “Unless you are a submissive slut.”

“No, I'm not!” she moaned.

“Then just say the phrase!”

“Kyle, I'm not a sub-sub...oh, god!” Tears glistened in her green eyes. “Please, stop!”

“You know how to make me stop!”

His other hand slid under her purple top. Her breasts were tiny, even though she was a Senior, and her little A cups that didn't need a bra for support. Her nipple felt tiny beneath his fingers, a little pebble for his fingers to play with.

“You're a submissive slut, aren't you?” he demanded, pinching her nipple. “Just admit it. Ask to be my concubine, and I'll treat you just like you've always fantasized about alone in your bed. I'll make you my slut. I'll degrade you, humiliate you. I'll make you mine!”

“Yes!” she moaned, bucking against the lockers as she came. “Yes! I'm a submissive slut! Oh, god! I've always thought about it! It makes me so hot just thinking about being used by a strong man.”

“Then you'll be my concubine?”

“Yes! Do whatever you want to me!”

“Get on your knees and suck my cock like the bitch you are!”

She dropped to her knees and unzipped his jeans with great haste. Her green eyes shone with lust, and she kept licking her red lips. She stared in awe at his cock, then engulfed it with her mouth and sucked him like her life depended on it. He leaned back against the locker, stroked her blonde hair, and savored the girl's mouth.

“That's it, dirty whore!” he groaned. “You're a good cocksucker!”

Her tongue swirled around his tip, and then she bobbed her head. Her hand shoved into her pants, rapidly frigging herself. He enjoyed her blowjob for a few minutes, until he felt his balls boiling. He roughly shoved her off his cock.

“On your knees, then beg for me to fuck you like the dirty bitch you are!”

She shoved her jeans down her hips, followed by a pair of white panties. Her ass was flat and pale, and her pussy was easily visible through her downy, gold pubes. She had fat lips that, dark red, surrounding the pink of her gash.

“Fuck me like the dirty bitch I am!” she moaned, looking at him. “Please, Kyle!”

“You're my bitch forever, right?”

“Yes!” She wiggled her ass at him. “I'm so horny! Please! I've never been so horny in my life! Use me as your fuck toy! Cum in me or on me, I don't care! Just fuck me!”

He knelt behind her and shoved his cock into her tight hole. He savored her spongy flesh as he pounded her cunt. His balls slapped against her clit, and she howled like a wild animal. He grabbed a lock of her blonde hair, pulling on it as he rode her tight ass.

“Fucking whore!” he groaned. “I want to feel you cum on my cock. I love feeling a dirty bitch cum on me.”

“Yes!” she moaned, slamming her hips back. “Fuck me harder! I'll cum! I'm so close! Oh, god! I've never been fucked this hard!”

The empty hallway echoed with the slap of their flesh, and their animalistic grunts. He fucked her hard, just like she begged, and she quickly arched her back and came hard on his cock. Her cunt squeezed down on him, making her canal a wonderful paradise to plunge into.

“That's it, my dirty, little whore! You came because I treated you like a bitch!”

“Yes!” she screamed. “I'm your dirty bitch!”

He pulled out of her and yanked her hair until her cheek rubbed against his cock. Then he jerked his fist furiously up and down his greased shaft. The pressure grew and grew and grew, then he erupted on her face. White strands streaked across her cheek and and forehead, dripping thick down her face. Another blast landed in her blonde hair, and the final one landed on her purple blouse.

“You're going to wear my cum all day, bitch!” he grunted—with Aaliyah's wishes, he felt invincible. He could live out whatever perverted fantasy filled his mind. He didn't have to bury them in the depths of his soul because of society's judgmental rules.

“Oh, god, everyone's going to see.” Her lips curled into a slight, pleased smile.

Kyle grinned at her. “And you'll tell them exactly whose cum it is, won't you.”


He nodded. “After school, I'll speak to your parents and have them sign a concubine contract so it'll be official.”

“Yes, Kyle.”

“Master,” he corrected.

“Yes, Master.”

Kyle pulled her to her feet and helped her pull up her jeans. They walked into drafting class; Mr. Wilkie was not pleased that they were late. “Miss Kendrick, you will wash your face clean this instant!” their teacher bellowed.

“I can't do that,” she answered, wilting beneath the teacher's demands. “I'm Kyle's now. And he wants me to wear his cum proudly.”

Mr. Wilkie's face went red and he spluttered. “That's it! We're going to see the Principal this instant!”

Kyle gave the teacher an insolent grin. “Will we?” Aaliyah, I wish to be out of trouble with Mr. Wilkie.

*I can't change that now, my love,* her worried thought sent back. *It's too late. You've been caught.*

Kyle groaned, he was learning all about Aaliyah's limitations as he marched behind the teacher. So I have to make a wish not to get in trouble before I have my fun?

*Yes. Oh, I hope it's not serious?

Kyle had a sinking feeling it would be as he looked at the glowering face of Mr. Wilkie.

Principal Burke was a distinguished looking man, his black hair just graying, and in great shape for a guy in his fifties, or even his thirties. And he did not look pleased, especially when he saw what decorated Alexina's face.

“I'm surprised to see you here, Kyle,” he spoke.

Kyle flushed. “Sorry. Alexina and I...well, she's my new concubine. And I'm afraid we got carried away.”

“And that's why your semen decorates this young woman's face?”


“He won't let her clean it off,” Mr. Wilkie interjected. “The little degenerate—”

Principal Burke cut him off with a wave of his hand. “I'll take care of this Brooks. Get back to your class.”

“Fine.” Kyle could hear the teacher muttering under his breath as he left.

Principal Burke's eyes fell on Kyle, and he shrank in his chair. “I'll have Alexina clean herself up. She shouldn't be in trouble, she was just obeying me.”

“Of course. Go clean up and head back to class, young lady.”

She gave Kyle a fond look, then retreated out of the class.

The Principal stared at Kyle, his brown eyes felt like augurs boring into him. Kyle squirmed, running a hand through his black hair. Finally, Burke spoke: “Kyle, I know it's hard at your age to resist your hormones. And having women at school with whom you have a sexual relationship can be quite a distraction, but you can't do those sorts of activities at school.”

“Of course, Principal Burke. I'm sorry.”

“These activities should be saved for the privacy of your bedroom, not our school.”

“I am really sorry, sir,” Kyle muttered. “It won't happen again.”

The Principal nodded. “I should suspend you Kyle, but you've never been in trouble before. So I'll let you off with a warning. This time.” His voice grew hard.

Kyle nodded, “Of course, sir.”

“You're a good kid, you have a fine future. And it starts in High School. So keep those hormones under control.”

“I'll do better, sir.” Next time I'll make sure I don't get caught, Kyle blinked, realizing he missed what the principal just said. So he nodded, and took the Principal's proffered hand, wincing; The old man had an iron grip, and he felt a warm flush of shame. All those years of martial arts, and the fifty-year-old had a better grip.

“How's your wife settling in?” the Principal asked.

“Aaliyah seems to be fitting in fine, sir.”

“Good, good. She seems like a great girl. I'm thrilled to have her at the school.” A sly grin appeared on the older man's lips. “Just keep it in your pants, okay.”


“Okay, you can head back to class.”

Alexina waited outside for him, her face still damp. She hugged him, and he felt a little better. “I'm sorry,” she whispered.

“It's not our fault. I just got carried away.”


Christy walked into the biology lab after school. Ms. Franklin and the rest of the coven waited. They stood in a circle, and she took her place between Opal and Sable.

“What's going on?” Sable asked. “I thought we weren't supposed to meet at school.”

“Amber has news,” Ms. Franklin answered, looking at Christy.

“The Genie is the new girl,” Christy said.

“Really, Lexie?” Onxy asked.

Christy blinked. “Who?”

“Lexie Lyndon, I think. She's a brunette with curly hair. She started today. I have chemistry with her.”

“No. Aaliyah. Kyle's wife.” She grimaced, hating to say to call the Genie that. The stupid slut is stealing my Kyle and I am not going to stand for that!

“Oh her?” Garnet piped in, running a hand through her thick, black hair. “She's in my gym class. She seems so...normal.”

“Amber has convinced me,” Ms. Franklin added. “So we need to figure out how we're going to capture her. Ideas?”

“I have a plan.” All six other members of the Coven looked at Christy as she explained how they were going to capture the Genie and drain her powers. Christy wasn't sure what would happen to Aaliyah after that. They wouldn't kill her, right? She'd just go back to being a human.

And then Kyle will go back to his normal self and love only me!

To be continued...

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