Cuckolding-Escort: Cum-Guzzling Ettiquette

Cuckolding-Escort: Cum-Guzzling Ettiquette

In the past, I used to crave a bit of humiliation and would do some quite degrading things for kicks. I thought I'd compile a list of the 10 most depraved/pervy things I've done and write a short story about them each and post them on here.

The list:

10. Drank a girl-racer's piss-puddle from the floor of the car park.

9. Wanked off in a used-condom after watching couple fuck in same car park.

8. Me and some mates took turns spunking into our friend's sister's dirty panties.

7. Snogged a woman at a party after two guy's had spunked in her mouth.

6. Had sloppy seconds with a woman at a party.

5. Licked another guy's cum from girlfriend's pussy.

4. Paid an escort to let me fuck her with one of her client's used condoms.

3. Sucked a used-condom clean after watching a couple have sex in an alleyway.

2. Sucked ten used-condoms clean from a escort's bin in her bathroom.

> 1. Paid an escort to save all her customer&#039;s spunk in a jam jar for a whole week for me to drink. <

This story is the 1st on the list.


Ten Most Depraved:

True Story No. 1

Escort-Cuckold: Cum-Guzzling Ettiquette


"How about I collect a full week&#039;s worth of my customer&#039;s spunk in a jar for you and make you drink it all?" Posed the voluptuous, blonde-escort, somewhat mischievously.

"Fuck, yes!" I replied, completely blown away by her obscenely-salacious, but insanely-mouthwatering suggestion. Just the mere thought of her proposal had me salivating like a pathetic little cucked-up beta-sub.

Sophia was an exquisitely beautiful lady, in her early 30s. I found her on an online forum, where punters could chat and interact with escorts. One evening, she mentioned publicly in the main-forum, that she had been approached by quite a few guys, asking for her to empty her client&#039;s used-condoms into their mouths and that she had obligingly provided this service for them.

Of course, as you can imagine, this caused a huge uproar on the message board. Particularly amongst the alpha-males, who felt offended, at the perceived misuse of their superior DNA. Although she was heavily criticised, she claimed that, several of the guys who had publicly denounced her, had messaged her secretly and asked if she would do it for them (fucking hypocrites!!!) Needless to say, I approached her too.

Chatting in private, we got on really well. She was clearly an intelligent lady, with a very dry sense of humour. I explained to her that I had paid several escorts to empty their client&#039;s used-condoms into my mouth already, and that I was looking for something a little bit kinkier. Recognising that I was wanting something special and demonstrating a particularly depraved imagination, Sophia emailed me that evening with her fiendish proposal:

"How about I collect a full week&#039;s worth of my customer&#039;s spunk in a jar for you and make you drink it all?"

Sophia explained to me that she was going on holiday at the end of the next month and whilst she normally only met twenty or so clients a week, she would cram a lot more in before going away, to compensate for the loss of earnings. Meaning that she could possibly collect as much as fifty guy&#039;s sperm over a 7 to 10 day period, keeping it all fresh in a jar in the fridge, in the meantime.

I asked her how much she would charge to feed me a jar full of her customers&#039;s cum, whilst wanking me off into a client&#039;s used-condom. She gave me her price and I told her that I felt that, all things considered, it was reassuringly-expensive and agreed to her terms.

I was incredibly excited when the evening finally came. Not least because Sophia had been taunting me all week with messages about how delicious each day&#039;s sperm-load looked, swimming about in the jar. As I arrived on her doorstep, I was shaking like a leaf as it suddenly dawned on me, the vastness of what I was about to do: I was about to guzzle, anywhere up to fifty-loads of stranger&#039;s cum, all in one go!!! That was the equivalent of 4 or 5 soccer teams full of men!!!! The thought had my head absolutely reeling.

Fully intending to bail-out, I knocked on her door, desperately thinking of a good enough reason to excuse myself. However, I was in for a bit of a surprise when Sophia appeared. Bravely and quite mischievously, answering the door wearing a crotchless, black-lacy, see-through, body-suit, she presented her beautifully-shaven snatch to me, right there on the doorstep! Which was fully on display due to the fact that she was also COMPLETELY KNICKERLESS!!! Not only was it fully on display, but pretty much at my eye-level, given that her front-door was at the top of a steep flight of several steps.

"Hello, hello!" She boomed, in a surprisingly well-spoken accent.

"Oh, my fucking god!" I spluttered, genuinely amazed at her boldness.

"I bet you didn&#039;t expect to be greeted quite like that." She mused, as she ushered me in, closing the door behind her.

"Well, it wasn&#039;t so much that..." I joked. "It&#039;s the first one I&#039;ve ever heard talk!"

Sophia gave me a huge grin, evidently amused by my comment. Once through the hallway and into the living room, I finally got a proper look at her.

"Oh, my god! Look at you!" I gushed, complimenting her profusely on her radiant beauty.

"Everything okay?" She inquired, apparently feigning surprise at my incredibly positive reaction.

I was not prepared for how stunning and attractive Sophia was. On top of being elegantly tall (about 5&#039; 11" in her heels), Sophia was a jaw-droppingly beautiful lady, with an extremely voluptuous figure, who just simply oozed sex-appeal.

"I&#039;m a bit taken aback. I wasn&#039;t expecting you to be quite this stunning." I explained.

"Well, I do tend to have that affect on guys." She joked.

Without wanting to sound too shallow, the fact that she was so exquisitely beautiful, really helped me pluck up the courage to go ahead with this. Figuring that a spoonful of sugar would help the vile-medicine go down. And, besides I knew that if I didn&#039;t do this right then, I would probably never find another lady, willing to go to the vast efforts required. At least not at this price! Furthermore, I knew I&#039;d be able to look back on this experience for ever and cherish it&#039;s depraved-majesty.

"So, I suppose you&#039;ll be wanting to check the merchandise, then?" She posed, with a devilish little twinkle in her eye.

"I think I already have, haven&#039;t I?" I joked, referring to her cunt-naked demeanour.

She gave me a mischievous grin and urged me to come through to the kitchen. I followed her through, entranced by the seductive elegance of her movements. The black lacy body-stocking accentuating the line of her exquisitely-curved hips.

"I bet you&#039;re dying to taste all that delicious, creamy-sperm, aren&#039;t you?" She teased, en route.

"Oh god. Fuck yes!" I croaked, my mouth dry with nervous anticipation. Having now decided that I was definitely going through with this, after all.

The sheer thought of being so humiliated, by such an exquisite-beauty, in this incredibly degrading way, was making me feel incredibly light-headed. Once in the kitchen, she made her way over to the fridge, opened the door, reached inside and pulled out the "merchandise".

"Voila!" She exclaimed, jokingly holding the jar and gesturing in much the same way a model would do in some cheesy tv commercial.

I couldn&#039;t believe my eyes; the medium-sized jar was about two-thirds full of spunk!!! There had to be at least fifty guy&#039;s spunk-loads in there, I thought to myself.

"So, how about we play a game?" She taunted, with a wicked grin on her face. "If you can guess exactly how many tiny little sperms are in the jar, you can guzzle down the whole lot, free of charge."

"To the nearest trillion?" I inquired, with touch of sarcasm.

Sophia gave me a naughty little smile, confirming that our senses of humour were pretty much on the same wavelength.

"So, just how many guy&#039;s loads are in there?" I enquired, genuinely intrigued.

"There&#039;s well-over fifty spunk-loads in there." She assured me, with a wicked glint in her eye. "Possibly even sixty!"

"Really?" I asked, gulping hard.

"Though, when I counted up, it&#039;s actually only forty-six different guys; a few of which spunked more than once." She explained.

"Oh my god! You have been a busy girl." I replied. Just the thought of forty-six different-guys (four whole soccer teams) ejaculating one-by-one and some more than once, put me in a real cold-sweat.

Taking off the lid, she presented the open-jar to me so that I could inspect it&#039;s vile-contents.

"Fucking-hell!!!" I gasped, wrenching my head away quite violently as the surprisingly noxious odour hit my nostrils.

Sophia burst into laughter at my apparent over-reaction.

"It is a bit piquant!" She noted, with a mischievous grin.

"Piquant?" I spluttered. "It&#039;s fucking......!!!"

Unable to finish my sentence, I found myself sinking deep into my cuck-space. I had never in all my wildest dreams realised that it would give off such an obscenely-vulgar and yet incredibly intoxicating aroma. The fumes were so overpowering, I felt like I was going to faint. Noticing I was a little unsteady on my feet, Sophia reached forward and grabbed hold of my hair. Holding me steady, she placed the jar up to her own nostrils and breathed in deeply.

"Mmmmmm!!!" She teased, rolling her eyes heavenward in an orgasmic display of lust. "Fuck, that&#039;s making me wet! Feel my cunt."

Still holding the jar in one hand and grabbing my hair in the other, Sophia let me slip my hand between her plumptious thighs to her gorgeously smooth pussy. Gingerly easing a finger between her pussy-lips, I was amazed to find her pussy, absolutely dripping wet! Sophia placed the jar up to my nostrils. I breathed it&#039;s intoxicating scent deep into my nasal-passages, letting it fill my lungs. Feeling her beautifully wet-snatch whilst inhaling the fumes of all that jizz, made my knees feel incredibly weak. So much so, that they almost gave way.

"You okay?" She whispered in my ear.

I nodded.

"That pussy feel nice and wet?" She teased.

"Yes." I replied.

"Good. Down your knees!" She instructed. "Hands behind your back!"

Without batting an eyelid, I did as she asked. As I knelt before her, Sophia looked positively statuesque, towering over me; Amazonian, even.

"I want you to take a good look at my big wet, juicy-pussy." She demanded, thrusting her delectably-smooth pussy in my face.

I somehow resisted the urge to begin troughing at her succulent cunt-meat and just gazed at it&#039;s exquisite beauty.

"Go on. Sniff it!" She demanded, pulling my nose right up to her piss-flaps. "Sniff that wet pussy!"

I breathed in her feminine musky-scent deep into my nasal-passages.

"Smell good?" She asked.

"Yes!" I gasped, desperate to taste her wetness.

"I want you to think about all those men who slid their big stiff cocks in and out of that pussy to fill up this jar for you!" She taunted. "All forty-six of them!"

Oh, my lord! I thought to myself, gulping hard.

"This jar full of their delicious, yummy-jizz." She taunted, mercilessly.

Stepping back to give me a better view, Sophia placed a finger in the jar and collecting a tiny globule of sperm, traced it around the entrance of her mouth, like applying lip-stick and then, in an exaggeratedly sensuous manner, slowly ran her tongue around her lips, letting out a huge gasp.

"Mmmmm, delicious!" She gasped, with a seductive flash of her eyes. Suddenly my mouth was salivating like crazy.

What she did next, was one of the dirtiest and most insanely-horny things I have ever seen an escort do, ever. Sophia placed the rim of the jar up to her lips and then tipping it upwards, poured a generous portion of the sperm into her mouth, tipped her head back and gargled it around her tonsils, before spitting it back into the jar and licking her lips.

"Exquisite!" She exclaimed, with a huge gasp. As if she had been testing fine-wine.

I was in absolute awe of this woman!

"Eat that pussy!" She suddenly demanded, thrusting it right back in my face. "You don&#039;t get to taste one drop of this jizz till you&#039;ve given me an orgasm!"

I didn&#039;t need to be told twice. I immediately sank my face into her sex and began troughing at her succulent cunt-meat, sucking and licking as much juice as I could from her deliciously-soaked flaps. Sophia was like a woman possessed. She grabbed my hair, pulled my back my head and started rubbing her snatch into my face. It was an obscenely-animalistic gesture, given her particularly vulgar knees-bent stance and the aggressive thrusting of her hips.

My face was virtually jammed between her pussy-lips as she slid her cunt up and down on it, causing my nose to rub hard over her clitorous and then literally enter her fuck-hole, with each and every thrust. Whilst continuing to ride my face, the beautiful blonde escort, took another swig of spunk from the jar, seemingly for her own self-indulgent pleasure, gargled it and spat it back into the jar once more.

"Oh, god!" She groaned out loud, several times.

Sophia continued her full-frontal, labial-assault for a good few minutes or so, before grinding to a shuddering halt on my face with a convincingly loud and violent climax. After which, she simply pulled my face out of her snatch and stood there puffing and panting, taking a moment or two to regain her composure.

"Fuck that stuff is potent!" She gasped, trying to catch her breath.

If it had that effect on her, I shuddered to think what it was going to do to me. And, she had only tasted it and spat it out. I was going to swallow the whole fucking lot!!! Once Sophie had recovered she turned her attention back to me.

"You enjoy that as much as me?" She teased.

I nodded approvingly, still licking her pussy-juices from around my mouth.

"I bet you&#039;d love me to do that to you with a pussy full of spunk. Wouldn&#039;t you?" She inquired.

"Oh god, fuck yes!" I replied, somewhat pathetically.

"I&#039;ll bet!" She sneered. "So, you still think you can stomach a whole jar full of love-piss do you?"

"I...I don&#039;t know." I stuttered. Seriously doubting myself for a moment.

"Would you like a little taster?" She teased, with a wicked gleam in her eye.

"Yes, please!" I gasped, almost begging her.

Sophia dipped her finger in the jar, and stirred it around in the jizz torturously slowly; deliberating taunting me. Then, instructing me to pucker-up, she brought her finger up to my mouth and traced the watery-sperm around my lips.

"Go on." She whispered, urging me to lick my lips.

I somewhat apprehensively, ran my tongue around the semen-coated exterior of my lips and savoured it&#039;s vile-sweetness. My eyes reflexively rolled heavenward and I was immediately submersed by a tidal-wave of humiliation as I submerged deep into the depths my cuck-space. She was right, it tasted truly sublime!!! At that moment, I wanted, more than anything in this world, to guzzle-down each and every single sperm swimming in that jar.

"So,...are you ready for your cum-supper then?" She inquired, with a sadistic glint in her eye.

"Fuck, yes!" I gasped, desperate to be degraded by this exquisitely beautiful lady.

"You dirty-fucker!" She grinned.

Placing the lid back onto the jar, Sophia reached back into the fridge and pulled out a used-condom and began dangling it in my face. It was absolutely brimming with spunk!

"Here&#039;s one I prepared earlier!" She mocked. "Freshly-spunked. About two hours ago."

"Oh, my god!" I exclaimed.

"Now, as much as I know you&#039;d like to suck out all that delicious, creamy-sperm." She taunted. "This is for you to wank your pathetic-little-cock in, like we discussed."

I couldn&#039;t help but show my disappointment.

"And, to prove to me that you can follow my instructions. I want you to carry this upstairs in your mouth, with your tongue inside of it." She explained. "But, without swallowing a single drop of spunk. Do you understand?"

I gasped, somewhat taken aback by her torturously cruel suggestion, but nodded subserviently, all the same.

Sophia carefully placed the base of the condom into my mouth, instructed me to get my tongue inside and clamp my lips around it to secure it in place, so that it was dangling out like a huge rubber tongue. I must have looked completely ridiculous.

"Suits you." She smirked. "Now, I want to see the exact same amount of spunk in there when we reach the top of the stairs. Do you understand?"

I nodded, feeling incredibly foolish. The truth be known, although there was copious amounts of sperm in the condom, it was all down in the teat and my tongue couldn&#039;t reach it and so I couldn&#039;t taste a single drop, let alone swallow it.

"Right, come on Jizz-mop. Follow me." She instructed in imperious tones, making her way through to the hallway and up to the bedroom.

As mortified as I felt, climbing the stairs with another man&#039;s used-condom dangling from my mouth, swinging about and banging against the underside of my chin, I was again entranced by the hypnotic sway of the voluptuous blonde escort&#039;s hips and the rise and fall of her rippling buttock-flesh. She truly was poetry in motion. Once in the bedroom, she placed the jar on the dresser. Then she carefully removed the offending-article from my tongue and inspected it&#039;s contents; shrewdly scrutinising the amount.

"Hmmmm, that all seems in order." She said, draping the condom over the lid of the jar.

Next I was instructed to strip nude. As I complied with her orders, Sophia removed the expensive looking duvet from the bed.

"Things might get a little messy." She teased.

Stripping down to my cock and balls, Sophia approached and stood over me in a somewhat intimidating fashion, her hands placed on her hips. Once I was completely naked, she looked me up and down, inspecting my male-prowess, or lack of, with a subtle but quite visible smirk on her face.

"You couldn&#039;t even satisfy a penguin with a tiny little maggot-cock like that. Could you?" She sneered, making me squirm miserably.

"No." I replied pitifully, looking down at my feet.

She grabbed hold of my semi-erect cock and used it like a dog-leash to pull me over to the other side of the bed, stretching it out to it&#039;s limit. Once there, she picked up the cum-filled condom from the dresser and held it between her fingers as she wanked me to erection with her other hand. Then she very carefully placed it over the tip of my cock, slowly but surely easing it down the length of my entire shaft, causing me to gasp with pleasure as it squirmed inside of it&#039;s sperm-encased wrapper.

"It&#039;s about five sizes to big!" She smirked, caustically. "Isn&#039;t it?"

"Yes." I simpered, my face turning bright red.

"From now on, I want you to call me Princess Sophia." She instructed. "Do you understand?"

"Yes...Princess Sophia." I replied, rather subserviently.

The voluptuous blonde escort looked me up and down with pity.

"Well, no backing out now." She warned ominously.

"No, Princess." I mumbled, gulping hard.

"On the bed!" She snapped.

I did as Princess Sophia asked and clambered onto the huge king-sized bed.

"On your knees." She instructed, in an arrogant and domineering voice. "Hands behind your back!"

Again, I complied with her orders.

"Now, I hope you&#039;re going to be a good little cum-slut and drink up all of this delicious sperm-cocktail that Princess Sophia has painstakingly prepared for you!" She pouted, grabbing the jar from the dressing table.

"Yes, Princess Sophia." I replied somewhat nervously.

"You wouldn&#039;t want to disappoint me, would you?" She added.

I shook my head, dolefully.

Princess Sophia slowly, but surely, removed the lid from the jar, once again releasing it&#039;s noxious fumes into the air. Unfortunately, the moment the deliciously-vile aroma hit my nostrils, it caught my throat and I began coughing and spluttering.

"I hope I&#039;m not going to have to force this down your throat!" She threatened, coldly.

"No,...Princess." I stuttered.

"Good, because I want you to swallow every-single-tiny-little-sperm. Do you understand?" She asserted, in a heavily patronising voice.

"Yes,...Princess." I gulped.

"Right Cum-flannel, on all fours." She instructed, reaching forward, pinching my nose and gently easing me forward into the doggy-position.

Extending her arm behind me, she reached down in between my legs, grabbed my meat and pulled it so that it was sticking-out behind me. By doing this, she was able to hold the jar up to my face with one hand, whilst simultaneously sliding the sperm-filled rubber up and down my shaft with the other. Not only did it feel deliciously humiliating in that position, but the way she had my cock tucked up behind me, meant that every time she took a full-stroke of it, her fist slammed into my already squashed-up balls, in a quite masochistically pleasing manner.

"Go on!" She instructed, pushing the jar up to my nose. "I want you to get another good sniff of all that scrummy love-piss."

I placed my nose into the entrance of the jar and inhaled the pungent aromas deep into my nasal passages. Breathing in the outrageously offensive, but admittedly intoxicating fumes, I immediately began to feel light-head and weak.

"Mmmmm. Doesn&#039;t that smell absolutely heavenly?" Sophia whispered sensuously, into my ear.

"Ohhhhh! Yes, Princess Sophia." I gasped.

"Just think of all the hot sexy guys I had to fuck, to milk all of that sperm out of their balls." She teased. "Their cocks sliding in and out of my pussy. Their hands all over my body...mauling my tits and my arse-meat."

"Oh! God." I groaned.

"All that hot-jizz, boiling away in their balls." She continued. "Spunking deep inside me. Again and again and again! Filling up those well used-condoms."

My cock became hard as steel and I started salivating like crazy. So much so, that my mouth flooded with saliva and I began drooling onto the sheets below. Something that didn&#039;t go unnoticed by Sophia.

"Oh, my lord! You are just absolutely gagging to gulp down all this creamy-slop. Aren&#039;t you?" She teased, in partially mocking - partially seductive tones.

Overwhelmed by the simple fact that I was about to swallow the equivalent of four football-teams worth of spunk, all in one go, I became quite delirious and began bucking my whole body in a completely involuntary response.

"Yes, baby!!!" Jeered the voluptuous blonde escort, letting go of my cock and slapping my ass, in a mocking gesture. "Feels good to be a worthless cum-guzzling slut doesn&#039;t it?"

Clearly getting some sort of sadistic satisfaction out of torturing me psychologically, Sophia seemed hell-bent on increasing the intensity of my torment.

"You want a little taste then?" She teased, pouting playfully.

"Yes, Princess." I gasped, desperate get that dirty ball-juice in my mouth.

Sophia brought the jar to my face, only to pull it away as I pursed my lips and attempted to slurp up the sperm; laughing cruelly in my face each and every time. Her fiendish games only intensified the delirium, causing me to buck more and more wildly in response. Sophia laughed even harder.

"Aww, is Princess Sophia cruel for teasing you?" She mocked, in ridiculing baby-like tones.

I nodded frantically, my whole body going into convulsions. Sophia grabbed my mouth with one hand and squished-up my lips, which immediately caused me to stop bucking. Then she brought the jar to her own lips and took a swig of the sperm and came in for a kiss. As soon as her sperm-coated tongue entered my mouth, I just melted.

It was an incredibly sensuous kiss, adulterated only by the fact that she had her customer&#039;s sperm in her mouth. As we kissed, Sophia slowly drooled the smooth velvety jizz-load into my mouth, bit by bit. It tasted truly divine and not wanting to swallow it and lose it just then, I held it there as we continued snogging. It was a beautiful moment. Then as she pulled away, I slowly let the creamy liquid-filth trickle down the back of my throat.

"Was that nice?" She whispered softly.

"Oh, god yes!" I gasped, becoming consumed by a white-hot haze of cum-guzzling lust.

"I told you it was potent, didn&#039;t I?" She asked.

I nodded my head, frantically. Salivating like crazy.

"You going to be a good little cum-slut for Princess and swallow it all down?" She taunted.

"Fuck, yes!" I groaned, overwhelmed by an insanely strong desire to guzzle every single drop of her client&#039;s sperm.

Reaching behind and grabbing tight hold of my balls, Princess Sophia placed the jar of spunk up to my lips and began tipping it slowly but surely upwards, eventually causing a slurry of watery love-piss to swamp my waiting tongue. Oh, my fucking god! I thought to myself as the first sickly-sweet surge of jizz-water entered my mouth.

"Now, keep it in your mouth." She instructed. "I went to a lot of effort collecting all that; I want you to savour it."

As dirty as it was, it tasted truly fucking-heavenly; all syrupy-sweet, with deliciously-vile undertones of musky man-filth. And all I wanted to do was gulp it down, deep into my belly. Curiously, as I held the piss-watery spunk-juice in my mouth, it&#039;s noxious vapours seemed to rise up the back of my throat, catching in my nasal-passages and making my eyes water.

"Now, swallow."

I did as she asked and gulped the syrupy-juice down.

"Good little cum-slut." She whispered derisively, in my ear. Twisting my balls ever so gently, behind me.

"Did that taste good?" She teased, in a incredibly patronising voice.

I nodded my approval, my eyes rolling heavenward with lust.

"Again." She urged, raising the jar to my lips.

We repeated the process, with Princess Sophia again pouring the ambrosial-slop into my mouth, this time getting a lot more sperm in my mouth.

"Hold it!" She instructed, squeezing my balls a little harder.

Again, I complied with her wishes; savouring it&#039;s sublime texture and flavours. My mind was swimming at the thought of all the different types of men who had squirted their fuck to fill up that jar: Tall guys, short guys, slim guys, fat guys; alpha-males, beta-subs, chavs, thugs, businessmen, married men; black guys, white guys. The thought of devouring all their filthy-sperm was both nauseating and yet so insanely hot.

"You dirty-fucking jizz-guzzling slut!" She seethed in my ear as I held the spunk in my mouth, trying hard not to balk.


I did as she asked, letting out a huge gasp of satisfaction as I slurped the ambrosial-slop down my throat and into my belly.

"Good little slut. Princess is so pleased with you!" She mocked.

"Now, up on your knees. Hands behind your back." She instructed. I did as I was told.

Princess Sophia reached into the drawer in her bedside table and after rummaging around a bit, pulled out a teaspoon. Then, clambering back onto the bed, proceed to feed me three or four spoonfuls of spunk from the jar; one after the other; each one tasting even sweeter and creamier than the last; finally sucking the spoon clean herself, in an insanely-seductive manner.

By this point, there was probably about half a jarful left. Strangely, the spunk had started to separate slightly with the exposure to the oxygen and so a thin layer of see-through watery-jizz had developed on top of the creamy-white slops below. I couldn&#039;t believe that something that looked and smelt so abhorrent, could taste so damn good!

"Right that&#039;s enough messing around." Declared the stunningly voluptuous escort.

Reaching for her client&#039;s used-condom, Princess Sophia carefully placed it over the tip of my cock and then slipped it down the length of my shaft. Pulling and squeezing the rubber teet to coax the sperm down. Once she was happy that my prick was covered in her client&#039;s jizz, she gave it a little test-wank. The sensations were amazing as she slid it up and down the length of my shaft. Then, momentarily letting go of my manhood, she propped two of the pillows against the bedhead.

"Right, sit back!" She ordered.

Grabbing back hold of my condom-clad shaft, Princess Sophie knelt beside me, so that she could feed me the rest of the sperm whilst wanking me off into the used-condom. She also took hold of my hand and placed it on her beautiful plump-ass, encouraging me to grope and feel it, as she did the dirty-deed.

"Now, I don&#039;t want you squirting your worthless-seed in ten-seconds flat!" She warned. "Tell me if you are getting close, so I can stop."

"Yes, Princess." I muttered, subserviently.

The next ten or fifteen minutes were an exquisitely-torturous session of edging and sperm-feeding; reaching such levels of sensory-overload that I found myself constantly slipping in and out of my cuck-space, like breaking in and out of a fevered trance.

First, having placed the jar to my lips, Princess Sophia instructed me to sip the watery layer of jizz from the top, where the seminal-fluid had separated from the actual sperm. It tasted even more sickly-sweet than the jizz itself and without the slightly salty-edge. Then, urging me to take a big mouthful of the velvety-smooth orgasmic-cocktail, she carefully tipped the bottom of the jar up, causing a slurry of sperm to fill up my mouth.

"Unghh!" I mumbled as my mouth filled with cum.

"Mmmmm. Does that taste good?" She smirked, in seductive tones.

Unable to reply, I simply nodded my head.

"Don&#039;t swallow, till Princess gives you permission." She added, firmly.

I was in beta-cuck heaven, savouring the zinc-filled creamy-goodness in my mouth as Sophia began siding the used-condom, slowly but surely up and down the length of my cock, using her client&#039;s jizz as lube. Raising her bottom off the mattress and giving me access to her snatch, she let me slide my fingers in between her her pussy-lips and feel her wetness. Fuck she was soaking!!! Being so overwhelmed by the assault on my senses, it wasn&#039;t long before I felt my climax approaching. Unable to ask Sophia to stop, I began making groaning noises through my nostrils.

"You going to spunk?" She asked, rather curtly.

I nodded frantically and Sophia immediately let go of my cock. Once the urge to cum had clearly subsided, the stunningly voluptuous escort began sliding the used-condom up and down; taking me to the edge of climax one more time and suddenly stopping dead, before giving me permission to gulp the liquid-orgasm down my throat and into my belly.

I gave out a huge gasp of satisfaction. Giving me little chance to catch my breath, Sophia grabbed my face and squished up my mouth, placing the jar back up to my lips and urging me to take even more cum into my mouth.

"More, more!" She taunted.

With probably as much as five-to-ten different guy&#039;s spunk in my mouth, Sophia began sliding the cum-filled rubber up and down my cock again. Clearly wanting to push me to my limits, she made me hold this mouthful for what seemed close to about five-minutes, bringing me to the edge of climax several times. There was so much semen in my mouth, it was hard to keep it shut and, I could feel it all squidging around my tongue and tickling my tonsils.

I wondered how much of the sperm was actually still alive; having been frozen and thawed out in the fridge, I concluded that billions of them probably were. The thought that they were swimming about in my mouth and belly, angrily trying to find this beautiful woman&#039;s egg to fertilise, drove me insane with lust.

Evidently, feeling a little sadistic, Sophia instructed me to guzzle the mouthful of sperm, but explained that she wanted me to do it without actually swallowing. Urging me tilt my head back, relax my throat muscles and simply let it ooze down into my oesophagus.

"See how long you can hold it there in your throat, for Princess." She pouted, as she continued wanking me off into the used-condom.

It felt excruciatingly torturous, forcing back the gag-reflex, in an effort to keep such a large amount of sperm in my throat, but I wanted to please Princess Sophia so much, that I resisted the urge to cough or swallow for a good thirty-seconds or so. As tears streamed down my eyes, my throat began to go into convulsions, causing the jizz to rise and fall in my throat, like a yo-yo. Even so, I was able to hold off gulping for another five or ten seconds. That is, until an enormous tickling sensation forced me to cough, splutter and swallow, sending a considerable portion of semen back into my mouth and even up into my nasal-passages.

"Oh, my! You got some spunk in your nose?" Scoffed Princess Sophia as I snorted and sniffed. "Well, you&#039;ll just have to breathe through your ears!"

Giggling profusely at my misfortune, Sophia urged me to repeat the process.

"Again, again!" She chimed, her face beaming with an inane sense of moronic-glee.

I got a huge masochistic kick out of the fact that it wasn&#039;t just enough for Sophia to simply humiliate me by making me swallow all her customer&#039;s spunk, but that she also felt it necessary to make me suffer in the process.

The stunningly beautiful escort placed the jar back up to my lips and urged me to take even more sperm into my mouth than last time. As I tilted my head back, she instructed me to hold it in my mouth again, for a few minutes before gulping it down. She proceeded to wank my cock, edging me to another climax before cutting me off dead, once more. Curiously enough, I started to feel a cold wet feeling around my balls and figured that the sperm was now leaking out of the condom and all over me.

"Right, tilt back your head and hold that sperm in your throat." Ordered Princess Sophia.

I did as she asked. As I held my head up and trapped the jizz in my throat, Sophia dipped her finger in the spunk-jar and began rubbing some into each of my nipples in turn. I was able to hold the spunk in my gullet for quite a bit longer this time. Probably for a whole minute-or-so. Princess Sophia was suitably impressed. To increase my torment she resumed sliding the used-condom up and down my cock and slapped me across the face, several times. This time, as the coughing-fits commenced, I very nearly balked. Finally sending the jizz down my throat with little more than an acidic, stinging feeling in my throat.

"Right, one last time." Insisted Sophia. "But now, I&#039;m going to pour the whole jar in your mouth."

Holding up the jar, Sophia asked: "Think you can manage all that?"

There was a good inch of sperm left in the bottom; more than a whole soccer team&#039;s worth of spunk! Oh, my fucking god!!! I thought to myself.

"Fuck, yes! Let&#039;s do it!" I gasped, almost begging her to choke and drown me with her customer&#039;s sperm.

The following few moments were a perfect ending to what was probably the most exquisitely-depraved and beautifully degrading experience of my life. Sophia instructed me to tilt back my head and grabbing hold of my cock, began slowly pouring the last of the ambrosial-slop into my wide-open mouth; orgasm after liquid-orgasm.

As the salty-sweet jizz hit my tongue and slowly oozed it&#039;s way to the back of my throat, I braced myself for the impending deluge of fuck-juice. And, as Sophia continued relentlessly pouring the spunk from the jar into my mouth, it wasn&#039;t long before I found myself struggling to hold back the floodgates. Suddenly I became overwhelmed and began coughing and spluttering, much to Sophia&#039;s delight.

I was coughing spunk up through my nasal-passages and out of my mouth, something which could only be assuaged by swallowing hard, several times, to reduce the amount of jizz in my throat. I was somehow able to do this, whilst at the same time, keeping my mouth wide-open to receive even more of Sophia&#039;s customer&#039;s spunk.

"Stop swallowing so much!" She demanded, quite petulantly. "Try and keep it in your throat."

I did as she asked, allowing more and more jizz to well in my throat and holding off as long as I could before the gag-reflex kicked in again. Virtually drowning in spunk, I coughed a large-enough amount up into my nasal-passages, so that there was spunk literally trickling out of my nostrils!!! Princess Sophia was in hysterics at the sight of this.

Urging me to tilt my head further back, so that my tongue was completely flattened on the floor of my mouth, Sophia was now pouring the love-piss directly into my throat. As I coughed and choked, the insanely pretty escort&#039;s sadistic snickering, felt like rubbing spunk in the wounds and only served to intensify my suffering.

Somewhere in the midst of all this commotion, my own climax was triggered and I began spunking violently into the already-filled condom; an orgasm which was only partially ruined by the distress of my predicament.

"That&#039;s it jizz-mop." She jeered. "Empty those worthless balls!"

When I finished spunking my worthless-seed deep into the condom, Sophia still hadn&#039;t finished emptying her client&#039;s sperm into my mouth and so she just kept on going. Cruelly, forcing me to finish what she had started.

"Keep going." She insisted. "I want you to swallow the whole-fucking-lot!"

Having already climaxed, I did as I was told. Greedily guzzling the last of her client&#039;s love-piss from the jar. Once it was empty, she made me get my tongue inside of it and lick it clean, before using her finger to mop it up and wipe it across my mouth and face. But she didn&#039;t stop there. Pulling the twice-used condom off my cock and emptying it into my mouth, she demanded that I get my tongue inside that too and suck out the dregs.

"Oh, my! What a good little spunk-guzzling cum-slut you&#039;ve been!" She gushed, as she inspected the jar.

"Thank you, Princess Sophia." I jibbered.

"You&#039;ve done such a good job, I&#039;ve got a little treat for you when we get downstairs." She promised, somewhat cryptically.

As I dressed, I asked Sophia if she had ever carried out this &#039;service&#039; for anybody else and she told me that she had been asked two or three times, but on each occasion, the guy had chickened out, getting cold feet right at the last minute. Although fortunately, they had all still paid her for her wasted efforts. I felt quite proud that I was the first guy to actually go through with it.

She did say that she got guys asking for used-condoms to be emptied in their mouths on a regular, if not weekly basis. I told her that it would be my absolute dream to date an escort, so that she could empty her used-condoms into my mouth each and every day; she told me that for a small-fee, she could do just that. Unfortunately although I was tempted, the fact that we lived almost 50 miles apart from each other made this virtually impossible, otherwise I would have definitely taken her up on this incredibly tempting offer.

Once dressed and downstairs, Princess Sophia ushered me into the kitchen, reopened the fridge door and reached into the freezer compartment for my &#039;treat&#039;.

"Now I want you to make sure you eat it all up in the car, on the way home, so that it doesn&#039;t melt."

Sophia ceremoniously presented me with a spermaliciously-vile looking cum-popsicle, made from the frozen-jizz of a few day&#039;s worth of punters. She told me that she usually charged customers £200 each for the sperm-lollies, but that this was a freebie for being "such a good little jizz-mop."

I did notice that she had another four or five lollies left in the freezer and wished I had been able to afford to buy a few more. I asked her if she had ever thought of doing cum-slushies, too. She laughed and said that she might give it some thought.

"So, do you think you&#039;ll be back for second-helpings then?" She asked as we made our way back through the living-room.

"Fuck, yes!" I blurted out, gushingly.

I told her that it had definitely been the most exquisitely-depraved experience of my whole life. And that being such a ginormous perv, this was a huge compliment from me. I asked if next time, we could up the ante a little and add a little more bdsm into the mix. I told her how much I enjoyed a good ball-kicking and if we could combine that with the cum-feeding, I would be in cum-guzzling heaven. She said that she would have a think and get in touch.

"Right, cum-flannel." She teased. "You going to give me a goodbye kiss?"

"You sure?" I asked.

Princess Sophia gave me quite a sensuous kiss, apparently enjoying the taste of jizz in my mouth and adding a nice finishing touch to the end of a perfect evening.

"Later&#039;s, jizz-breath." She smirked, as we ended our embrace.

Unbelievably, after swallowing all that jizz, I was still hungry for more sperm and not wanting Princess Sophia&#039;s gift to go to waste, I began sucking it in the car on my way home. I didn&#039;t get far before I got a raging hard-on and ended up pulling the car into a lay-by and began wanking myself off as I sucked the frozen-spunk lolly; literally throat-fucking myself with it, until my tonsils became numb.

Sophia did in fact email me later, with a thoroughly fiendish proposal involving another jar full of her client&#039;s jizz; the resulting session, being almost definitely on a par with this one. I had intended to write that up as part of this account, but it got so long I thought it best to write that one up separately, later on, as part two, if I find the time.

The End (or is it?)

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