Sally Awakes - Chapter 02

Sally Awakes - Chapter 02

My mum and dad go on holidays leaving me in the care of family friends. It turns they may want more than looking after me.

I lay on the bed in shock. It was bad enough that I got caught masturbating. When Sid caught me I had to let him perform oral sex on me but now his wife wanted her turn. I admit I enjoyed Sid’s attentions but I wasn’t keen of Sue also performing oral sex on me.

“Please Sue, I can’t do this” I cried but she wasn’t listening. She dropped her head into my crotch and began to lick me as her husband had done. Again I complained and asked her to stop. Sid climbed onto the bed beside me. “You liked me doing it didn’t you Sally” he said, already knowing the answer. I could only nod. My body was betraying me as I spread my legs wider and began to moan. “That’s it sweetheart” said Sid “let your inhibitions drop. Yes Sue, eat that tasty pussy”. Turning to face me he urged me to play with his cock, now only inches away from my face. It was fully erect and about 7” long. I hadn’t seen a cock up close before and I was fascinated.

Reaching out I wrapped my hand around it and Sid moaned. I could feel another orgasm building as Sue paid particular attention to my clit. She eased one then two fingers into my pussy. Suddenly I began to tremble. “Oh God I am cumming” I wailed. Sid took advantage as I orgasmed and pushed his cock into my open mouth. My muffled squeals echoed around the room. “Yes baby, that’s it. Suck my cock while you cum” Sid moaned. Sue, having gotten me off, lifted her head. “You were right darling” she said to Sid “her pussy really was sweet”. Sid moaned as I gagged on his cock. “You can stop sucking Sally because now I am going to fuck you” Sid said.

I was mixture of fear and excitement. Fear as I thought he would hurt me but excitement at finally surrendering my virginity. Sue sat back watching as Sid slowly began to slide his cock into my soaked pussy. I was so glad he was being gentle and my body began to welcome the intrusion. “Oh God” I moaned as I felt him opening me up. Sue moved up the bed and kissed me. “Relax honey” she said but I was anything but relaxed. Inch by inch Sid pushed into me until he was fully inserted. Hesitating for a moment or two he then began to thrust back and forth. I started to moan with pleasure. Sue urged him on. “Yes darling” she whispered “fuck that tasty little bitch”.

I don’t know how long he lasted, maybe 5 minutes or was it ten? My brain had ceased to operate normally. My head was spinning, my body trembling and I was in heaven. Why had I waited so long to have sex? If I had known it felt this good I would have given myself much earlier. “Oh Sid” I gasped “do your worst” and Sue echoed my words. He began to pound me furiously and then groaned as he came deep inside me. Several groans later he pulled out and lay beside me puffing and panting. Sue again began kissing me and this time I kissed her back. “Did you enjoy that sweetheart” she said, looking at me. I could only smile and nod my head as I slowly came back to earth. Sid stood there watching us embrace. “Come on Sue” he said “come to bed and get me hard again. We will this little lady get some sleep”. They left me lying on the bed, still naked and in raptures.

So it was that my cherry was popped and although my pussy felt tender I went straight to sleep. Sue came in the next morning and woke me up. “I wish I didn’t have to go to work today” she said “I would ring our bosses to say we are sick and I would make love to you all day”. I smiled. I would have loved that but duty calls. All day I thought about the two of them making love to me. Sue and her obviously well trained tongue and Sid and his lovely big cock. “Stop day-dreaming” I heard someone shout but it was hard to concentrate. I thought 5pm would never come.

I got home to find Sue in the kitchen preparing dinner and Sid busy in the office on his laptop. “Hi honey” Sue called out “have a shower. Dinner will be about an hour”. I stood under the shower letting the water cascade over me. I felt between my legs and I was still a little tender but not too tender that I couldn’t make myself cum. I dried myself and slipped on tracksuit pants and a T-shirt. I stared at me reflection. The T-shirt showing my erect nipples. I wanted last night to repeat. Sue noticed immediately I walked into the lounge. She giggled “are you sure you want us again tonight?” she asked “oh very sure” I replied and this time it was me who initiated the embrace and the passionate kiss.

Just then Sid came into the lounge. “I hope you two ladies are not forgetting dinner” he said with a laugh “there will be plenty of time for that after we eat”. Sue returned to the kitchen. I looked down at Sid’s growing lump in his jeans. My heart fluttered and my pussy tingled. He saw where I was looking. “Yes sweetheart it is getting hard watching you and Sue. I can’t wait to get those clothes off you” he whispered and straightened himself up. Just then Sue yelled out “come and help me dish up Sally”. I went into the kitchen. “Is his cock hard” she said “he is so easily aroused. So am I, if I was to tell the truth. I want to feast on that sweet pussy to see if it tastes better tonight”.

I kissed her, telling her I wanted it all again. “You will get it honey” she said “but let’s get dinner on the table first before Sid starts to complain again. I think he will need to keep his strength up if he is going to make both of us happy each night”. I grinned thinking about Sue and I being serviced by him “I hope so too” I said, suddenly realising that I still had 26 days left to enjoy them both. Maybe having baby-sitters was not as bad as I thought it would be. We sat down and had dinner but I think each of us was thinking about what to do afterwards. I helped Sue do the dishes and clear up. I could see her nipples even though she had a bra on. Mine were so hard they were almost poking holes in my T-shirt.

I walked into the lounge and sat on the couch. Sue sat down beside me and we began to fondle each other. Sid sat back in his chair. “Take her top off honey” he said to Sue. Then it was the tracksuit pants. He licked his lips and he watched Sue get undressed. Sue and I began to finger each other. Sid undid his pants and his cock pointed at the ceiling. “Don’t stop ladies” he said, his voice rasping with emotion “I want to watch you get each other off”. It didn’t take long. I was so surprised that I was enjoying touching and being touch by another woman. In one day I went from being heterosexual to bisexual. The funny thing was it felt so right. Finally Sid stood up “come on Sue, bring that little girl and let’s have some real fun”. I was so ready for that.

Taken into the main bedroom both Sid and Sue began to undress me. Of course they had a grope as they were doing it. Once naked I sat on the bed watching them undressed. Sue was turning me on but the sight of Sid’s hard-on had me trembling. They pushed me down and as Sue buried her head once again into my crotch Sid insisted I learn to suck cock. It was cool as his moans told me I was doing it right. Sue then got me on my hands and knees and I licked my first pussy as Sid came up behind me and took me doggy style. He held my hips and pounded my brutally. I loved it. Back in my room I thought about what was happening. If mum rang and said they would be away eight weeks instead of four I would be so happy. I had so much more to learn.

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