Vitamin G pt. 2

Vitamin G pt. 2

God did I sleep well. Waking up around 11 A.M, a nervousness quickly ran through me.

What if the drugs didn’t work? I thought.

Working my way upstairs, I snuck into the kitchen, past my sister's door. Didn’t hear a peep out of her room. She must still be sleeping.

Pouring me a glass of milk and a bowl of cereal, I chomped down my breakfast. Jesus was I hungry.

After a little while, I could hear my sis walking around her room, making her way to the restroom.

Timing myself to walk past her, back to my bedroom, I made my way down the hall.

God, she looked like a train wreck. Glancing up at me, she quickly walked passed me, not saying a word, just as usual.

“Jesus sis,” I said turning around, “You look like shit.”

“Oh fuck off,” she mumbled as she made her way into the bathroom, legs wobbling. “I had a rough night.”

As the door slammed closed, a wave a relief flew through me.

God did I feel good.

The fucking rush of last night’s escapades made me feeling fucking on top of the world.

What can I say, my body was still pumped full of endorphins and lustful rage.

I never thought I could ever do something so, so nefarious. Did I seriously just become a rapist overnight?


As the day went on, I got a call from work, asking if I wanted to come in for a few hours this evening to pick up some of the slack of a call out.

Not really having any extra plans for the evening, other than planning on more ways to use my sister, I accepted.

Throwing on some gym clothes (Yeah, I work at a gym), I grabbed my bag and threw my little baggie of pills in one of the compartments.

Hey, you never know when these will come in handy… Might as well always come prepared...

Getting into work, they really just needed help running the front counter. You know, checking people in and out and such. It was a pretty simple job, just greet the regulars and point towards the barcode scanner. On occasion, we’ll get a newcomer and I’ll just greet them and hand them over to the manager in the office. Pretty simple shit.

It’s been a few months since I’ve had to work the front desk. Lately, I’ve mainly just been a personal trainer.

With it being the evening on a weekend, the place was pretty dead. Maybe a couple dozen people inside working out, and one or two people popping in every 30 minutes. This gave me quite a bit of downtime to just fuck off.

Going through the computer, looking at photos of the people that have recently checked in today, I started reading through the profiles we had on them. It seems the system had been updated recently, and it added a new custom field that’s viewable by employees only.

When the patron scans their card, a profile pops on the computer at the front desk along with their picture.

It gives quite a bit of information about them. Especially in this new custom text field.

Seem’s the guys that normally work the desk have way too much fun with it.

Going through some of the profiles of some of the people here now, I read some comments such as… “She’s fucking single!’ or “She's a regular at Patty’s pub down the street”. Or even, “She’s a total slut, buy her a drink and she’ll pay out.”

The past few years, we haven’t had many girls working the front desk, that sure as hell shows, especially now, since the update. Our manager is pretty laid back and lets us run some of the day to day, so he really doesn’t give a fuck if nothing gets out to our patrons.

As the evening progressed, this one younger gal came strolling in about 30 minutes before we closed, and god damn was she a sight for sore eyes. Standing at just about five and a half feet tall, her body was as thin and toned as a marathon runner with tits the size of cantaloupes. Her tight yoga pants hugged her ass perfectly. Her top revealed her incredibly toned abdomen, while her tits were literally screaming to be unbound. To top it all off, her dirty blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail with her hair flowing down halfway her back.

I know I’ve seen her before, outside of the gym, but I just couldn’t place from where.

As she walked past the front desk, tapping her member card against the barcode scanner, her profile popped up on the screen in front of me.

Glancing at her name, I quickly stood up uttering, “Welcome back Rachel!”.

“Thanks,” she replied in passing continuing her way into the gym.

Fuck was she ravishing, I was fucking infatuated. I was transfixed. I wanted her. I needed her.

Looking through her profile on the computer, I noticed she was 23, lived right down the street, and, from the subtle text in her comments field, my supervisor's wife.

“ROBS WIFE. DON’T FUCKING TOUCH.” read the comment.

That’s where I must have met her. A few months ago I went to a party at Rob’s house.

As my mind slammed on the brakes, the outside world coming to a halt, a little observation crossed my mind like a subway reader board.

...Rob’s away this week at a conference… ...She’s probably home alone…

Coming out of my fixation, I shook myself back into my surroundings, as if waking out of a dream.

Getting up from the desk, I walked around the gym, making ‘rounds’ through the isles.

As I passed Rachel, I couldn’t help but take a glance at her every moment I could.

Continuing to walk the floor, my mind raced. I checked Rob’s schedule to see exactly how long he would be gone for. Looking through the printouts, I found his name. He wasn't scheduled to come back until the middle of next week.

“Good,” I thought. He’s still gonna be gone for a few more days.

My mind started scheming, putting pieces together.

She was fucking home along for the next few days… My shift here was ending in about 30 minutes… She lived close, real close, like a 5-minute walk… Doing the math in my head, I figured if I were to drug her on her way out, she wouldn’t start to feel its inebriating effects until she was already home for a good 5 minutes or so.

And that, well, that brings me to my next conundrum, how to get her the drugs…

Doing a quick scan around the front desk, my answer stood out like a neon sign. There were a dozen or so small bottles of after workout supplement drinks we’ve been promoting for the last few weeks. Fucking Perfect. These things always flew off the desk when we set them out.

Taking a count of how many people were left in the gym, I grabbed 9, one for myself, well, Rachel, and 8 for the folks on the floor. Opening up the one I set aside, I crushed the pill and mixed in the powdered remnants.

Placing this special bottle in a unique spot, I set the rest on the counter, passing them out to patrons as they left.

With still about 20 minutes until closing, I continued fiddling around the desk, running my patience dry. God did I want to fuck her brains out. My mind was running in a thousand different directions

Sure, I may have been a bit tired when I started my shift, but it's amazing what an energy drink and sexual desire will do.

As the clock ticked 8:55PM, all of eight people were still in the gym, four of which were patrons. Clicking on the intercom, I made an announcement that was gym was about to close, and politely let people know to start their workout cooldown.

As people started making their way out, I was sure to pass out a supplement sample to everyone. They’re always quite the hit, not one refusal.

When the clock finally passed 9 o’clock, my shift was over, and Rachel was the only one left in the gym. Making my way towards her, I kindly let her know, “Hey Rachel,

As 9 o’clock finally came around, Rachel was the only one left in the gym. God was she at it. She was hitting that machine like there was no tomorrow. Her tits were just begging to be let free from their restraints. Fuck was it a sight.

Starting to walk towards her, I kindly stated, “Hey Rachel! We’re getting ready to close.”

Looking up at me, she smiled, “I know! Just cooling down!” she started as she started slowing her workout.

“No worries,” I replied heading back to the front desk to gather a few of my things.

Turning off the computer along with filing a bit of paperwork, I grabbed the two remaining bottles and met her in front of the desk.

“Don’t forget your free sample!” I said, tossing her a bottle. “After a workout like that, you’re gonna need it!”

“Thanks!” she quickly responded, slightly out of breath, “Sure do.”

Opening the door for her, she started walking back towards her place.

Watching her leave the parking lot, I saw her start chugging it.

Heading back inside for a quick minute, I noticed she left her water bottle. Running up to her machine, I grabbed it and darted my way out of the gym.

Running up from behind her, I quickly let out a howl, “Hey Rachel! Ya left your water bottle!”

Slowing down my sprint beside her, I handed it over.

“Oh thanks!” she replied in kind.

“No worries, ya live down this way?” I asked in an upright tone.

“Yeah, just a few blocks down,” she replied sincerely.

“Oh cool, yeah, I just live a few more blocks down,” I responded earnestly. “Mind if I walk with ya?”

You see, it was pretty damn dark down this road, and a few nights ago, there was a drive-by shooting, so I’m sure a woman like Rachel, wouldn’t mind someone walking on her side. And you see, I may look jockish, but I look pretty damn innocent and my kind demeanor normally makes people feel pretty damn welcomed. So hey, I have that working on my side.

“Oh yeah, that’s fine,” she replied.

Trying to get a little more information out of her, just to confirm that no one else would be home, I started some small talk.

“You’re Rob’s wife, ya?” I asked innocently, “He having fun at that conference?”

“Sure am!” she responded in kind, “Haven’t heard from him much, so I'm sure he is.”

“That’s cool,” I said laughing. “He’s back, what, Tuesday?”

“Yup,” she answered, “I just can’t wait for him to get home. This is the first time I’ve had the house to myself since we’ve gotten married.”

Bingo. That was what I was digging for. Home alone. Hot damn, tonights a go.

Glancing at my watch, I had about 10 minutes until my miracle drug kicked in.

Coming up to her driveway, I noticed an old bright red stingray in the driveway.

“Oh damn!” I exclaimed, pointing at the car parked in the driveway, “That Rob’s stingray he’s been bragging about the last few weeks?”

“Sure is,” she said laughing.

“Damn, he’s always talking about that car at work,” I replied, “Here, I’ll walk ya up.”

“Oh, so kind of ya,” she replied giggling, “Thanks.”

As we walked up the stairs, I could tell her body was starting to slow down a bit.

Opening up her front door, she turned back towards me and replied, “Thanks for the walk back.”

“No worries,” I replied, “Gotta make sure the boss’s wife gets home safe!”

“Thanks again!” she replied giggling, walking in.

“No prob!” I replied turning around, pretending to make my way back down the stairs, taking a quick glance around the neighborhood.

Just as the door was closing, I quickly turned back around and darted for the closing door.

Rushing inside, Rachel let out a startled squeal.

Kicking the door closed behind me, I ran up to Rachel, wrapping my hand around her waist and mouth.

“Shhhhhhhh,” I whispered into her ear squeezer her body even closer to mine, “Shut the fuck up.”

As her muffled screams continued, I pushed her up against the doorframe entering what seemed to be the living room. Making a quick scan of the room, I noticed all the blinds were already shut.

“Get the fuck off of me!” She mumbled through my palm as her arms thrashed around, trying to break free of my hold.

Moving her into the living room, I threw her onto the couch. Throwing myself on top of her, pinning her legs with mine while grabbing both of her wrists with one of my hands, my other hand made its way under her tight sports bra, gripper her tit with vigor.

“Stoooop!” She wailed, eyes tearing up, “Don’t! Pleeeeease!”

I could feel her body start to give up some control as the drugs started making their way into her system, weakening her.

Pulling her top off, I wrapped it around her wrists, keeping them together over the top of her head. With her perfect cantaloupe sized tits now free from their bound restraints, bouncing among her chest, defying gravity as any silicone enhanced bust would. I grabbed them both with the palms of my hands, grasping them with a solid squeeze.

“Fuck you have amazing tits,” I uttered as I firmly kneaded them in my hands, “Rob buy these for you?”

“Don’t! Please!” she whimpered quietly, “Please stop…”

Sliding down her torso, sitting on her legs, my hands made their way to her shorts, ripping them down her legs, keeping them at her knees.

“Don’t fight it, Rachel,” I commanded as my hand made its way to her perfectly shaven pussy, caressing her folds with my middle finger.

As her body became even more sluggish, her struggles slowed.

Getting up off the couch, I pulled her legs up, and folded them over her torso, wrapping her shorts around the back of her head like loading a slingshot.

With her body nearly folded in half and her legs spread wide, her cunt stood out like an actress in a spotlight.

“Pleaaasssssee! Doooon’t!” she stammered, sluggishly unable to get out of her makeshift restraints, “What, di-did you do-o to m-me?”

Plowing my face into her perfect cunt, I moved my tongue through her folds, gliding it up and down through the now moist crevasse.

Replacing my tongue with a finger, I whispered to her, “I know you’re starting to enjoy it, Rachel, Just accept it, baby.”

Letting out of moanful whimper of a cry she tried to fight the forwarding pleasure filled attack.

With my cock straining beyond belief in my shorts, I quickly pulled them off and kicked them away along with my shoes.

Plunging my face in between her legs, my tongue quickly attacking her enlarged clit.

“Noooo!” she shrieked as her body started to tremble, “Don’t, p-please!”

Standing up, I quickly moved her head towards the arm of the couch, hanging it over the edge.

Standing in front of her, my cock jutting out over her face, I reached down and gripped her throat, commanding her, “Open up, fucking suck it bitch.”

As her mouth slowly opened, my grip on her throat loosed as I slid the tip of my cock into her warm inviting mouth.

Plunging my cock in deeper, she began to gag. Gripping her throat harder once again, I forced my cock further down her throat, blocking her airway.

Her body trembled as her body ached for oxygen. Continuing my thrusts, I watched as my cock bulged out from her throat with each plunge. As her face slowly started to turn blue, I pulled myself out as a wave of webbed saliva poured out from her mouth.

With her body now finding it even harder to move, I walked around the couch and pulled her ass to the edge, holding her legs in the air.

Looking down, her fear struck, wide-eyed face continued begging for me to stop.

Aligning my aching cock to her perfect cunt, I quickly slipped the head of my cock into her warm pussy.

As she let out a cry of pain and pleasure, my hand reached for her mouth once again, obstructing her vocalizations.

God was her cunt fucking tight. I really had to drive myself into her just get the tip in. As I slid in further, her outer walls grasped the shaft of my cock as if I was being compressed by a trash compactor.

Pressing onward, deeper into her, she continued to scream, as I stretched her inner walls further.

Keeping myself deep within her, my hands grabbed her waist, pulling her on to me even deeper.

It was like nothing I had ever felt before. A warm tightness that was consuming my cock.

Pulling myself out, I started thrusting into her repeatedly, gaining momentum with each plow.

“Fuck yesss,” I moaned out, “Your fucking cunt feels fucking fantastic!”

As her moans of pleasure started overtaking her fearful cries of agony, her eyes started rolling back into her sockets.

Gripping her waist harder, I continued pulling her deeper on to me with each thrust.

Pulling myself out, I grabbed her shorts in between her legs and threw them to the side, freeing her legs.

Laying her flat on the couch on her back, I straddled her once again, holding her arms above her head.

Looking into her eyes, I thrusted my cock deep into her as she gave out a wail of a cry.

Continuing my thrusts, my lips moved along her neck, sensually biting every few inches, adding on to her pleasure.

I could feel it, she was giving in. Her powerless, nearly immobile body, finally accepting its titillating fate.

“That’s it, Rach,” I told her as my hands explored her voluptuous tits. “Just enjoy it…”

As my hand traveled across her body, I couldn’t help but notice how soft and clear her skin was. It was as smooth and clear as a mountain's like on a windless day. As my hands passed over her breasts, her nipples hardened beyond belief.

Letting off a mournful cry, I could feel them as they dug into the palms of my hands.

“What I say?” I whispered into her ear, rolling her nipples in between my thumb and index finger. “I told you you’d fucking enjoy it. How about we have some real fun now?”

Pulling my cock out of her raging cunt, I flipped her over and slid her down the couch so her legs were dangling down to the floor over the armrest.

With her ass now in perfect attention, I gave her cheek a hard slap, waking her slightly more from her semi-unconscious state.

Watching a red handprint slow emerge, my hands spread her cheeks wide as I rubbed the shaft of my cock in between her wet folds.

“Pllll…. Pllll,” she muttered, “Pllllease no more…”

“No more?” I roared as my cock continued slivering between her folds, sending a twitch of pleasure through her core, “We’re just getting started babe, just enjoy it!”

Without any hesitation, I plowed my cock deep back into her as she let out a sharp moanful cry.

Keeping myself deep inside of her, I moved my hips around, stretching her hole further, massaging the depths of her cunt.

As her whimpers softened and turned more into moanful breaths, I continued my thrusts.

“Fuuuuck” she moaned in a repetitive mumbled tone.

“That’s it, Rachel,” I said grabbing ahold of her waist as her moans grew louder.

Running my hands up her back, I grasped her shoulders, pulling her upward, arching her back.

As her head bobbed around, her roarful moans continued to grow.

“That's it, baby!” I howled, “Take that cock!”

Moving my hands downward, I wrapped them around her waist, pulling her up off the couch, bent over still impaled on my cock.

“F-fuuck!” she murmured through a screamed, “Oh - my - god!”

Holding up her weight, I continued bouncing her on my length cock, slowly making my way to the table behind me.

Leaning back, pulling her further up, I slammed her down onto the table. Slightly pulling out, I grabbed ahold of her left leg, and flipped her onto her back, while the first couple inches of my cock spun inside of her.

Grabbing ahold of her other leg, I spread them apart, giving me ample access to her pussy for deeper penetration.

With her eyes still open, I could see them start to roll back as she let out another rourous moan.

Through the moan, I could hear a subtle, “Mooooore” escape her bumbling lips.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” I said as I continued thrusting deep into her. “I knew you’d enjoy being my slut for the night.”

As her breathing grew more rapid and her body tightened, I could tell she was about to cum.

Speeding my pace up, the table shook violently as a vase tumbled to the ground, shattering across the other side of the dining room floor.

“Yesss, Yesss, Yesss!” She screamed as her body started trembling uncontrollably.

I could feel her cunt tighten around my cock as wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through her.

“Fuck! Yes!” I moaned preparing to blow my load deep into her, “God you feel fucking fantastic!”

As she rode the wave of pleasuring coursing through her body, dopamine and adrenaline flooded her veins, waking her from her semi-conscious state, regaining momentary consciousness.

“Fuuuck! YESSS!” she roared as her arms flailed around in the air.

Unable to hold back any longer, my cock throbbing beyond belief, I plowed deep into her one final time as I shot my load into her depths.

Breathing heavily, her head fell back onto the table, as she let go and let her plateauing orgasm consume her.

Through an overexcited slur of a breath, she started to beg, “Pl-pleeease! Again! U-use me!”

As those words rang through my ears, my cock quickly stiffened back up once again, ready for more.

Pulling my cum infested cock out of her snatch, I tossed her around on the table onto her stomach, watching her legs fall to the floor.

Standing right behind her, I gave her ass a hard slap as she let out a dwindling squeal.

Running the length of my cock through her cheeks, I grasped her waist as I said grinning, “Ever had that nice ass of yours fucked before?”

With my cock still drenched in our juices, I pressed my head against her tight rosebud of a hole.

“God you're fucking tight,” I said as I tried to slip the head of my cock into her, “Guessing this is a first…”

“Fuu-fuuuuck!” Rachel moaned through a semi-unconscious plight as the head my cock slowly slipped past her sphincter with a gratifying pop.

“Fuck!” I moaned as her tight ass gripped my cock with vigor. “God fucking shit you’re tight!”

“Aahhhhmmmm” she moaned in a nonsensical craze.

Pressing onward and deeper, I had never felt such tightness before. Needing some more lubrication, I pulled myself out, fighting her strained sphincter, only to leave her gaping. Quickly plowing back into her tight cunt to lube myself back up, the sudden plow shot a spasm through Rachel’s body.

With my cock once again dripping from a mix of my cum and her moist snatch, I quickly advanced back into her tight ass. Gaining momentum, I clenched her waist with a forceful grasp, digging into her skin as I pushed further into her, smacking my balls into her cunt.

Her moans continued like a broken record with each deep thrust, keeping on beat with the smack of my balls against her ass.

Feeling the need to release once again, I slowed my pace as I repetitively pulled my cock nearly all the way out before ramming back into her, keeping it nestled deep inside.

After a good minute of this, my cock cumbersomly slipped out. Instead of plowing back into her ass, my cock ran downwards, back into her tight warm pussy, causing Rachel to let out a loud ghastly squeal. The sudden change in holes made me ready to cum.

Grabbing ahold of her arms that were laying across the table, I pulled her up, arching her back as I shot my load deep into her.

Unloading stream after stream, I noticed she was out. Her body slump and dead to the world.

Pulling my cock out of her oozing hole, I made my way back to the living room, grabbing my phone out of my short’s pockets.

Taking a few quick pics of my newest prize, I gazed around the room, engineering a plausible narrative for when she woke.

Gathering all of my things, I got dressed grabbed all of my belongings.

Walking past Rachel passed out on the dining room table, I emptied a couple of bottles of wine into the sink, keeping the emptied bottles on the counter. Dirtying up a couple of wine glasses, I put them on the kitchen peninsula.

Contemplating whether to just leave her on the table or take her up to her bed, I decided on putting her on the couch in the living room.

Keeping her clothes together, I laid her across the couch. Gazing across my conquered pray, I watched as my cum slowly leaked down her leg.

Doing one final pass through the house, making sure I didn’t leave anything, I left through the back door.

It was an amusing walk home. The encounter of the last few hours replayed through my head over and over. I was hooked on this feeling of power and control.

Making way down my driveway, my mind quickly honed back in on my sister. I wanted to fuck her. Hard. I wanted her lucid while I fucked her. I wanted her screaming, no, begging for more.

When I used the drug on my sister the other night, she didn’t remember anything hours leading up to when I actually drugged her. I was going to use this to an advantage. And hey, who knows, maybe she’ll really love it.

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