The Samurai Lovers

The Samurai Lovers

In medieval Japan, in the province of Yedo, there lived a young samurai named Ukyo who pined day after day for the love of the handsomely beautiful Uneme. To Ukyo, Uneme was as perfect of a man as he had ever seen. He was young, like him, only sixteen at the most and had the longest sheet of shining black for hair. His face was smooth, free of cuts, blemishes, and as soft as cream which made him look far more youthful that he really was. When he would practice with Samanosuke, another young samurai, Ukyo would watch, as his small lean muscles would flex with each swing of his kendo stick. His hair, pulled into a ponytail, would whip from side to side as he swung, flecks of sweat would bead down his small feminine body. Ukyo could not control himself and would ignore his own training to watch Ukyo.

Samanosuke was older than Ukyo, perhaps nineteen, and was one of the more skilled swordsmen in the castle. He was also Uneme's lover and a good friend of Ukyo. Samanosuke was a rougher in comparison to Uneme. His hair was pulled back in the samurai topknot, his face was scarred slightly, and his hands were rougher and calloused. He was taller and more muscular than Uneme or Ukyo but he too was beautiful in his own right. What made him even more desirable was the fact that him and Uneme took pleasure in each other’s company and that there wasn't a samurai around who was not jealous of his romance. Among the many jealous eyes was always Ukyo who'd watch as the two exchanged loving glances or if Uneme would flag Samanosuke down to walk beside him.

Samanosuke was not a fool and knew that there were many who envied him and lusted after Uneme. He also knew that his own close friend, Ukyo, also adored the beautiful boy, but Samanosuke was jealous of his love as well.

For over a month, Ukyo's consumption of food ceased, due to his deep pining for Uneme, that eventually left him bed ridden. Many of the samurai came to visit Uneme hoping to cheer him up, but none could. Samanosuke would visit a few times a day and would watch as his close friend's conditioned worsened. While sitting beside Ukyo and trying to give him tea, Uneme walked by his room and peered in, his face was somber and he too was as worried as Samanosuke. Samanosuke watched as Ukyo's conditioned improved just by watching Uneme. When Uneme departed, Ukyo returned to his pitiful world. Samanosuke, however, knew what caused Ukyo such pain. It was love for his Uneme. Leaving Ukyo's side, he went to speak with his lover.

Later that night, Uneme positioned himself alongside the bed of Ukyo and knelt down beside him. He placed his hand, lovingly on Ukyo's and clasped it gently. Ukyo turned his head, embarrassed, but he did not dare to let go of the hand he had wished to hold for so long. Uneme rested his head on Ukyo shoulder, the sweet smell of perfume flooded Ukyo's nose and it made him pine even more for Uneme. This was the closest he would ever get to him and Ukyo believed that Uneme was doing this out of pity not out of love. For no man could ever be honored enough to be loved by such a beautiful young boy. Ukyo still could not look at Uneme who proceeded to uncover Ukyo exposing his toned chest. Before Ukyo could interject, Uneme stretched his arm over Ukyo's chest and held him in his arms.

"You were always in my heart Ukyo," Uneme said softly, "I just never had the courage to tell you." Ukyo could not believe what he had heard. The most beautiful boy in Yedo was in his bed and he had confessed to loving him. "Perhaps," Ukyo thought, "I'm taking his charity too far. He does not love me like he loves Samanosuke." Ukyo blurted out, "What about Samanosuke? Isn't he in your heart?" Ukyo turned his head towards Uneme; the sweet, soft-spoken boy had tears rolling down his cheeks. He slowly caressed his cheeks and brushed a tear away with his thumb. Uneme smiled shyly stared into Ukyo's eyes. "I love Sam," Uneme replied, "But I also love you. If you were to die so would a piece of me." More tears rolled down Uneme's face. The once pale complexion was now red from tears. Placing his hand on Uneme’s cheek, Ukyo leaned in to kiss the boy he had pined for. If Uneme were to reject him surely he would commit seppuku or force himself to lie in bed until his heart no longer ached. He moved his lips closer to Uneme's and felt relief when Uneme slowly kissed him back. He moved his tongue gently in Uneme's mouth and Uneme returned it, opening his mouth slightly and then pulling back on Ukyo's bottom lip.

"I have loved you for so long..." Ukyo said feeling all the weight of sorrow lift from him. "I have wanted to kiss you since the first moment I laid eyes on you."

Uneme smiled, placed his head on Ukyo's shoulder and danced his fingers along his chest. "So you do love me..." Uneme said quietly as he started to kiss Ukyo's neck. "Will you promise me you'll get better so you can show me how much you love me?" Uneme kissed Ukyo's lips once more. "You will never have to hide your feelings for me anymore."

"What about Sam?" Ukyo replied.

"He knows I love you. Sam loves you too. All three of us can love each other... Will you promise me you'll get well?" Ukyo nodded and Uneme kissed his forehead. "When you're well," Uneme cooed, "I'll show you how much I care for you." Uneme smiled, released Ukyo's hand and slid the paper screen shut behind him.

A few days later, Ukyo was up and about, patrolling and training with more vigor than ever before. When Ukyo emerged from his quarters the first person to greet him with a hug was Uneme followed closely by Samanosuke. The three of them did their patrols together, trained together and loved together. For Ukyo, there was no greater moment in his life.

Late one evening, while resting on his tatami mat reading poetry by the light of a lantern, Ukyo heard a soft knock outside his room. He put his book down; stood up and slid open the door to see Uneme wearing a pink silken floral kimono smelling sweetly of perfume. Uneme walked in, shut the sliding door and grabbed Ukyo’s hand. Pulling him down to the mat, he leaned in and kissed his lover softly on his lips. Uneme’s perfume wafted gently by Ukyo’s nose and he was entranced. He kissed him back, pulled back Uneme’s kimono to his shoulders and slowly pressed his lips against his neck. Moving gently down his shoulders and chest. Uneme moaned slightly and he leaned back. Ukyo placed one hand behind the small of Uneme’s back and brought him closer to him. His lips still kissing his soft sweet smelling body. Uneme smiled, his almond eyes sparkling, his pitch-black hair gleaming slightly of purple highlights. Uneme ran his hands up Ukyo’s worn kimono and untied his belt and pulled it off. Uneme pressed his soft lips on Ukyo’s chest slowly moving down towards his chest where he sucked ever so gently on his nipple. He looked up, smiling and continued to suck and kiss Ukyo’s chest. Uneme ran his hands up Ukyo’s back and straddled him so that the two of them were face-to-face, mouth-to-mouth. Uneme removed the rest of his kimono and to Ukyo’s surprise he was naked. Uneme smiled shyly as Ukyo looked his body up and down. His dick was not big, smaller than his anyways, with a patch of black pubic hairs just above his cock. The rest of his body was smooth and flawless. His flat stomach had hipbones that stuck out slightly and a perfect round butt. Uneme said quietly, “Do I look as wonderful as you have hoped?” Ukyo smiled and drew the boy towards him, pressing his lips into his and tasting Uneme he replied, “If the seas were ink I couldn’t write about how beautiful you are.” Uneme smiled sweetly as he pulled Ukyo’s hiragana off. He ran his hands down Ukyo’s stomach and then placed his mouth over Ukyo’s ever-bulging cock. He started by kissing the head, gently, and then licking the shaft. He looked up approvingly at Ukyo who, even if Uneme were horrible at sucking dicks, would never tell him so. Ukyo arched his back slightly and ran his hand through Uneme’s hair. Uneme opened his mouth wider and slowly moved his head up and down Ukyo’s shaft, his mouth wrapped tight around his dick. Ukyo could feel no better pleasure. With each slurp and smack Ukyo groaned slightly as the boy samurai sucked harder and harder. His hand caressing his balls. “Ohh.. Uneme,” Ukyo groaned, “Let me suck you too… uhhh… please… let me.”

With that, Uneme turned to face the opposite way and both samurai turned on their sides. Uneme’s dick was small but firm. Ukyo was lost in Uneme. He wrapped his mouth around Uneme’s dick and began to kiss his shaft and suck hard and deep as Uneme was sucking his own dick. Both boys groaned as the other sucked, neither stopping until Ukyo finally grunted and released his hot cum into Uneme’s mouth. Ukyo continued to suck Uneme for a few more seconds until Uneme finally released his own sweet tasting boy milk. Uneme licked Ukyo’s head clean and then turned around to kiss Ukyo who was sweating. He pressed his lips against his and pulling back a strand of his own cum with him. Uneme smiled and then collapsed beside Ukyo, his hand over his chest as he caressed his sides. Ukyo, so enamored with the experience said nothing.

“Do you know how long I have wanted to do that to you Ukyo?” Uneme said softly. “I was training when I was nine and I seen you. I wanted you to notice me but you never did. Whenever I’d look at you, you were always facing the other way.”

Ukyo opened his mouth to speak but he could not find his words. Uneme continued without a reply from Ukyo, “I always thought—He doesn’t like me. He doesn’t notice me, but Sam noticed me. But whenever I was with Sam, I had always imagined that it was you I was with. It’s silly of me to tell you this,” Uneme said with a girlish air about him, “but I wanted you to know that…” Ukyo kissed his head and that was enough of an answer for Uneme as he rested his head on a muscular groove between Ukyo’s chest and shoulder. His arm draped over Ukyo’s chest. Ukyo could still feel Uneme’s dick, still wet with cum, as it pressed against his thigh.

Uneme came back the following night. This time smelling of lavender as the two of them made love with the lantern off. Uneme came in, with his usual one knock, and made his way towards Ukyo’s bedside. The two kissed and played with each other’s cocks until they were hard. Uneme made sure to spit heavily on Ukyo’s cock before slowly lowering himself on it. “His ass is sooo tight,” Ukyo thought, “as the shadow of Uneme lowered himself slowly on Ukyo’s throbbing cock. Uneme winced and said, “I want you to fuck me Ukyo… please… fuck me.” Both boys were upright, Uneme leaning back on Ukyo’s cock, as Ukyo trusted his hips up forcing his dick deep into Uneme’s ass. “UH,” Uneme grunted as Ukyo continued to thrust his cock harder and faster. Uneme balanced himself with one hand while stroking his own cock with the other. Ukyo’s hips trusted up and down, his cock sliding faster and faster into Uneme’s ever widening hole. Uneme eventually fell back as Ukyo began to fuck him harder and harder. Uneme placed one leg on Ukyo’s shoulder and the other pressed firmly around his waist as Ukyo trusted. Uneme continued to jack himself off until finally his own creamy cum shot onto his chest. Ukyo still continued between groans, moans and grunts and finally cam hard into Uneme’s ass. Ukyo leaned over Uneme’s chest and gently lapped up his lover’s cum before kissing him. This night, however, Uneme did not stay with him. “I promised Sam.,” he said softly as the boy and the scent of lavender left the room with thud of a sliding door.

Uneme was only slightly jealous of Sam and what had happened. Every other night, Uneme would sleep with Ukyo and the following night, would return to Sam. On a night when Uneme would return to Ukyo there was a gentle knock on Ukyo’s sliding door. He pulled it back to see Uneme. Uneme opened it wider and there was Samanosuke. Both walked in.

“I thought,” Uneme said quietly hiding his face slightly behind Sam, “we could all three be together. I hate leaving you alone Ukyo when I am with Sam and I cannot bear to leave Sam when I am with you. Can we try this—for just one night?”

Ukyo looked over at Sam who seemed more than willing to join in and he nodded in agreement. Uneme’s face lit up and soon the three of them were making love. Uneme took the position between Sam and Ukyo. Both young men were standing as Uneme began to suck their dicks. Switching between the two. Sam placed one hand on Uneme’s shoulder and the other on Ukyo’s chest and began to rub it slightly. Ukyo placed his hand on Sam’s chest and leaned it to kiss him. Sam’s face was rough, not like Uneme’s, but his tongue was soft as it explored Ukyo’s mouth. He pulled back and kissed him again. Uneme was still sucking the two of them, having a lot more trouble with Sam’s much larger dick. Sam smiled at Ukyo, “You kiss nice.” He said as he leaned in for another. For Ukyo, there was no better pleasure. He had never experienced this kind of romance, this kind of lovemaking. It is said that the love between two men strengthens bonds, and he knew the bond between the three of them could never be broken—not with what they were doing. Eventually, Sam was ramming his huge dick in Uneme’s ass as Uneme slowly sucked away at Ukyo. His mouth running down his shaft occasionally stopping to let out a moan or a groan when Sam went deep. After an hour, Ukyo released a jet of cum down Uneme’s face and Sam pulled out in time to shoot the biggest stream of cum Ukyo had ever seen. It shot up Uneme’s neck and traveled to his stomach where the leftovers were starting to form a pool in Uneme’s bellybutton. Uneme scooped up his lovers’ cum and ate it. He then sucked the leftover cum from both their dicks and the three of them collapsed in a heap on Ukyo’s straw mattress. The three of them would always sleep together after that night. Neither would be without Uneme.

There was another who envied the love triangle of Uneme, Ukyo and Sam. He was a captain who has been watching Uneme for years. There was a time when Captain Shyuzen Hosono had his way with Uneme. When he was a mere boy, Shyuzen would rape Uneme, often forcing him to drink his cum or to be brutally fucked. For Uneme it was humiliating. Shyuzen would often look back on these times as a fond reminder of how he first had the boy that everyone envies. When he first seen Uneme, he was kind to him and Uneme reciprocated. One night, Shyuzen pulled the boy into his own room and brutally raped him. As Uneme lie crying, Shyuzen would plunge his dick deep into the boy’s small ass, tearing and ripping it as he forced himself in. When Uneme would shout in pain, Shyuzen hit him with the butt of his sword knocking him unconscious. Oftentimes, he would leave the boy in a pool of blood and cum. As Uneme grew older, he found company in other samurais who were much more skilled than Shyuzen. Shyuzen still craved the boy whom he had once fondled and humiliated.

Even now, Shyuzen would remind Uneme of what he could do to him and all Uneme could do was turn away. One autumn day, Shyuzen made a comment that sent Ukyo into a rage. Shyuzen had mentioned to his peers how pitiful Uneme was and how horrible of a warrior he must be since he could not defend himself as a boy. Ukyo, wanting nothing more than to cut the stupid grin from Shyuzen’s face lunged at him but was punched across the face by his guard. Shyuzen smiled and said in his deep voice to Uneme, “Maybe if I kill him tonight I can replace him. Hmm?” Shyuzen laughed and walked away with his guards describing in humiliating detail of how he used to force the child Uneme to have sex with him.

That night, Uneme was not going to allow such disrespect to continue. To humiliate him was one thing but to humiliate his lover was another. He dressed in his finest kimono, the floral one him and Ukyo made love in the first time, and wore his katana and wakazashi before rubbing perfume on him. It was the sweet floral one that Ukyo and Sam adored. He then walked to Shyuzen’s quarters, a ways away from his and walked boldly up the stairs where two of his guards were waiting. With swift precision, Uneme’s sword slid up the crotch of the guard and, like a razor, up through his chest and out splattering blood across the stone steps. With his smaller wakazashi he placed it firmly in the other guard’s neck and released it in a bloody wave. He opened the door to see the Captain praying and said in his soft girlish voice, “Your sword Shyuzen. Pick it up.” Shyuzen turned around surprised and picked up his sword. “Wanting me to pleasure you again boy?? Liked it the first time, hmm?” Shyuzen laughed and said menacingly, “When I am through with you I’m going to kill Ukyo and Samanosuke too. Such disrespect boy…” and then charged at the calm Uneme. Their swords clashed and Uneme rolled forward missing a swift frontal attack from Shyuzen. Shyuzen spun around with a spinning sword maneuver, in which Uneme blocked gracefully. Shyuzen lunged, his sword missing Uneme’s body but going straight through the long sleeves of his kimono. Uneme spun, pulling the katana from Shyuzen’s hand leaving him unarmed. With a quick plunge of his own sword, Uneme beheaded Shyuzen sending blood over the rice paper screens and all over Uneme. The rest of the castle heard the commotion and was speechless to see the beautiful Uneme covered in blood. Uneme said boldly in his usual soft voice, “My actions will not be questioned for tomorrow I shall commit seppuku.” And the morning came…

It is tradition that a Samurai commit seppuku if they do not wish their actions to be questioned. The Daimyo did not ask Uneme why he killed Shyuzen. The boy was going to kill himself in front of everyone to show that his honor was still intact. It is tradition to write a poem before killing oneself in the style of seppuku and Uneme wrote this:

“The flowers wait for the next spring;
Trusting that the same hands will caress them.
But the hearts of the men no longer will be such,
And only you will know that everything changes,
Oh, loving poor men.

With these, his final words, Uneme pulled out a blade, covered in a white fabric exposing only a few inches of the blade. He ran the blade across his stomach from left side to right side, trying hard not to lurch as his body quivered with pain. He ran the blade from the opposite side, trying hard not to wince or cry. Trying to be brave for Ukyo and Sam as they watched helplessly. Finally he waited for the Kaishaku to cut off his head and end his misery. Before this could happen, Ukyo rushed out from the crowed and knelt beside his lover. “I go wherever you go,” Ukyo said smiling at Uneme as he too plunged a sword into his own stomach. The two lovers sat bleeding as the kaishaku chopped off their heads. First Uneme’s and then Ukyo’s. The castle was dark for the next few days. Samurai would bury their comrades who loved each other and gave them a special grave. Shyuzen would get no such respect. With his lovers gone, Sam sunk into a depression and finally committed seppuku in front of their graves only two weeks after their death. He was buried with them, the three lovers to sleep together forever.

To this day, the graves of the three samurai lovers still exist in Japan. On the headstone reads Uneme’s poem. A testament to honor and love among the samurai.

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