Debased and defiled

Debased and defiled


Grange Hall, the ancestral home of the Duke of Blundell, is a fine example of a late 16th century country estate, set in magnificent gardens, designed by Capability Brown, nestling six miles from Stamford, in the gently rolling Northamptonshire countryside.
It’s the venue for this years “Game and Country Fair” a gathering of horse aficionado’s, game fishermen, hunters, falconers, gun dog owners, shooters, marksmen and farmers alike, a true haven for those who’s tradition lies close to the countryside and all it offers - all pursuits catered for and actively encouraged.
Bounded by a perimeter wall and set in the heart of Rockingham forest, Grange is surrounded by Fineshade Abbey and grounds to the North, Wakerly Great Wood on the South and East aspects with the river Welland, completing Grange’s isolation to the West, only the local “Redkite’s” were free to wander it’s secret charms. A secluded place, it could even be described as “menacing” by some, only accessible by the magnificent ornate wrought iron gates sitting at the end of a long winding, tree lined avenue.
Little is know of the Duke, he by nature being an incredibly private individual, shunning publicity, but sharing his passion for the countryside, and field craft pursuits, indeed his string of “hunters” testament to his commitment to tradition.
It was however most unusual for the Duke to agree to the use of Grange and allow access to it’s grounds, this being the first time they had ever been open to the public, and even more remarkable, access to the great hall and house itself.
You had been enjoying the myriad of craft stalls with your husband, watching the Hawks and gundogs. There was a full programme of events from clay pigeon shooting, to fly casting and fishing techniques, show jumping and dog scurries. Whilst standing in the queue for tickets to view the house, you had decided that it would be best to split up, as the sign said the full tour would take over an hour, and hubby didn’t want to miss the waterside events, that settled you agreed to meet back at the car at 7.00pm.
You don’t notice the watching eyes, as you approach the ticket window, or see the young girl behind the desk being ushered away, her place taken by a grim looking old man dressed in countryside garb, complete with knee breeches and Deer stalker hat.
“I’d like a ticket for the 4.30pm tour please” you ask, the man scans a sheet in front of him “sorry” said the man “that’s the last tour and unfortunately it’s full, but if you want, I can ring the main house to see if you can join the tour that started five minutes ago” you pondered for a few moments, Grange would not be open again for a long time, if ever, and it was rumoured to have a fine art and ceramics collection, not to mention one of the finest collections of Orchids and tropical plants in the country, something you didn’t want to miss, and you were now aware you were holding up the queue, “Ok that’s fine” you reply.

The man busied himself on the telephone, after a brief conversation turned and smiled “that’s all sorted,” and he handed you a ticket, putting a large red X on the reverse side and refusing your attempt to pay saying “I have been instructed not charge you as the tour has already begun” pointing behind you he said “if you cut round the back of the cakes stall, through the small gate beside the maze, it will take you up past the stables, the main door is around the corner to your right, someone will be there to meet you, enjoy your visit”
Thanking the man for his kind efforts, you make your way as directed, whilst fumbling for you phone to tell hubby of the change of plans, only to be frustrated by a flat battery.
“Sod it,” you remarked to no one in particular, I’ll catch up with him later. With that you walk briskly on and shortly you find yourself in the sunlit stable yard, there were stalls on three sides most of them were empty, as the horses were out on a cross country event, all except one, a majestic looking Chestnut stallion, standing at least 16 hands to the shoulder, and unusually for a horse it had piercing blue eyes, the name plate on the stable said “Lucifer” you move closer and give it’s muzzle a good scratch, you’re rewarded by it pushing you hand for more attention, searching through your handbag you are rewarded to find a tube of “Polo Mints” a favourite of any horse, holding the mints on the flat of you hand, Lucifer’s rough tongue gather’s them up and you smile as you hear the familiar crunching .
“Not looking to steal him are you?” asks a firm, rather well educated voice, turning, you see an elegantly dressed very attractive woman in her 40’s “May I help you?” She looked displeased, “this is a private area.”
You feel your face getting redder with embarrassment “I’m sorry but I was directed this way for the tour” you fumble for the ticket, the elegant lady accepts it in here well manicured hand and studies the details her eyes widening upon seeing the red X, “I do apologise, we were told you were joining us, you’re somewhat late, I’m Lady Helen, the Dukes wife, and you are?”
“Jayne, Jayne Smith” you seem to be stumbling to get the words out,
“You may call me Elly, I’m pleased to meet you Jayne,” she replied offering her dainty well manicured hand in greeting, you accept and are somewhat surprised by the firmness of the grip, not to tight, but firmer than you thought necessary.
. “You like my horse” without waiting for an answer, she turned, walked away, and in a somewhat commanding voice said “well then Jayne Smith you had best follow me” as she disappeared around the corner.
The house was beautiful, high ornate plasterwork ceilings, Yew furnishings, thick carpets, there were paintings galore, display cases filled with all manner of antique jewellery, heavy velvet curtains, and plush couches and easy chairs, “there are 35 rooms in the house” Elly remarked, “ we’ll be meeting up with the tour in the armoury, at the moment there in the walled garden, admiring my Orchid collection, we have developed new strains, it’s taken years to perfect” with that she gave a knowing look to the old man, who you recognise from the ticket booth saying “I’m sure you’ll find them most interesting.”
Moving to the beautiful sunlit library, beckoning you to sit, Lady Helen rang a small silver bell, a manservant appears carrying a crystal decanter on a silver tray “Sloe wine?” she asks, “we make it on the estate, it’s very good” and without waiting for a reply nods to the butler, he pours you both a very large glass, “we’ll let the other’s move ahead before we set off.”
15 minutes and two very large glasses of Sloe wine later, you set off, upon rounding the corner to the Great hall, you are greeted by the sight of main party. “Damn it” said Lady Helen. The main party had returned early from the hothouse, there are now about sixty or so people queuing in the main entrance, to access the great hall, library, and the armoury, “we’ll detour around them “ with that Elly opens a small side door and says “we’ll take the short cut, mind the steps”
With that you follow her down the dimly lit narrow circular stone staircase, the ever present old man close behind, at the bottom you stumble, and fall against the Dukes wife, in the confusion you don’t feel the hypodermic needle in your thigh, you begin to feel strange, your hearing somehow more sensitive as the sound of Lady Helens spike heel shoes reverberated on the old stone floor “are you alright Mrs Smith?”
You are aware that the Duke’s wife is speaking to you, but it sounds strange, hollow and somewhat distant, your eyes begin to droop as your vision blurs, arms encircle your waist, you turn and see the old man, the darkness takes you as he slowly lowers you to the floor.
You didn’t see the limp form of the young girl from the ticket booth being carried into the rear entrance to the kennels. Nobody did anybody who shouldn’t have anyway.
“How long has she been working here” asked the Earl?
“Just today” came the reply from Simon Atkinson the Earls estate manager, or “Atty” as he was known to the other employees, a brute of a man with an evil mind and a deep disregard for women, the Duke liked and confided in him
“She came from that employment agency we use for casual labourers, Polish, only been in the country a week, “name” “Anna Pioski” Atty replied, “single, unattached, no family in the UK, was living in a hostel in Kettering, moved out four days ago, been living rough since then”
The Duke pondered for a moment “perfect, get on to the agency tell them she hasn’t turned up for work and are they sending a replacement, “that will throw them, she won’t be missed for a long time” he said to the ever attentive Atty, “just perfect, get her cleaned up and we’ll have a good look at her later, and then we can decide on what we want to do with her”. Both men allowed themselves a moment to savour what was in store for the young girl, the huge bulge in Atty’s trousers, dwarfed only by the grotesque monster concealed within the Dukes pants, testament of what was to come, “where are we with regard to the Smith woman?”

“All sorted Sir” replied Atty “we were just about to bring her in, she’s with your ladyship, and Tom, her files on your desk, her old man is waiting in “the room” we can start on her whenever you like.
The Duke nodded in satisfaction and walked away, heading for his private quarters to study the comprehensive file he’d had compiled on you, he had been watching you for weeks, ever since he noticed you shopping in the little market town of Stamford, he’d deliberately gone out of his way to “accidentally” bump into you as you left the small coffee shop in the market square, spilling the contents of your handbag across the floor, The Duke most apologetic for his clumsiness, helping you to retrieve the contents, picking up your driving licence he quickly scanned the details, before handing it back. Later, after a clandestine call to an old ex police force acquaintance, had revealed your address, he’d had you under surveillance ever since, he liked you. After a while they knew a great deal, and what they didn’t they intended to find out from you personally.
“Mrs Smith” can you hear me? A vaguely familiar voice asks, “Mrs Smith” you feel someone shaking your arm, slowly you stir, your body feels like a ton weight, you vision blurred and hazy, “Mrs Smith” your eyes begin to focus on your surroundings as you try to sit up, but can’t “Mrs Smith” the insistent voice continues, your confused and disorientated “Mrs Smith “you recognise the voice as that of the Dukes wife.
You try to focus on your surroundings but the darkness remains, you begin to panic, screaming and straining against the unseen bonds that are attached to your wrists and ankles.
“Mrs Smith” a much sterner voice commands, “stop it now, I order you to stop” it was the Duke himself. You continue to struggle when suddenly, someone gives you a sharp slap on the side of the face, you immediately stop, ”Much better Mrs Smith, We don’t want to hurt you more than is necessary, but you need to understand a few things.
“First, you will do as you are told, and do it immediately! Understand your predicament, you are completely vulnerable.”
“Second, no one is coming to help you, we have your husband, he is completely helpless, heavily sedated, he will stay like that until such time as we wish, he will remember nothing of his time as our guest, however the same can’t be said for you.”
“Mrs Smith in case you are wondering, we’ve been watching you for months, our frequent house searches gave us a lot of information, your likes dislikes and of course your sexual ‘interests’. We’ve seen inside your top drawer, the pictures, and the toys. Your husband was of immense assistance in this most interesting facet of your persona, he didn’t volunteer anything you understand, we drugged and interrogated him, he doesn’t know what he’s told us, it will be easy for us to detect if you’re lying, and we will punish you for lying, most severely.
“Mrs Smith, I am going to remove your restraints, keep perfectly still until you hear me tell you otherwise” at a signal from the Duke the rest of the men filed out of the room.
You hear the door close and the lock turn, you wait for an eternity before you hear the Duke through a speaker on the wall “very good Mrs Smith you learn quickly, remove the blindfold and you open your eyes”
You’re in a small room, no windows, the single bed you had been tied to was on the back wall, a small sink with a bathroom cabinet above and cupboard below in the corner adjacent to a single wardrobe, a flat screen television on the wall opposite the bed completing the sparse furnishings, the only other features were two doors, one either end of the room.
A small speaker crackles into life, “I think it’s time we made a start. Mrs Smith, sit down on the edge of the bed, switch on the TV. Failure to do as you are told will result in you being punished, nod your head if you understand Mrs Smith, you nod your head.
The TV picture shows a view similar to an very large examination room, stark white tiles, with lots of stainless steel sinks, drains and the like, there are various cupboards, cabinets, trays of equipment, stands, tubing, hoses, pumps, monitors, consoles and various other unknown machines, at one end is a huge glass window that extends floor to ceiling and wall to wall, it appears to be some sort of hothouse, you can see strange plants inside, along one wall are a number of what appear to be empty cages, the centre of the room is dominated by a complex padded examination couch complete with stirrups, restraints, and other arms, finally, along the back wall are 12 seats arranged in three tiers, cinema style.
Again the speaker crackles “Mrs Smith, we do hope you like the view, this will be one of the rooms you will be frequenting during your stay with us, there are others, all designed for a specific purpose, I wont bother you with the fine detail, you’ll find out for yourself in due course.” Your stomach knots, you tense as a feeling of fear and dread wash over you making you shiver, your anxious state does not go unnoticed, “Mrs Smith I see you are afraid, are you afraid?” You nod you head, “good Mrs Smith, I’m pleased, it heightens your senses, why do you think you are here Mrs Smith?” Your mind races, you know that something’s going to happen. “What do you think is going to happen in here Mrs Smith? Tell me what your thinking” You close your eyes visions of torment and abuse fill your mind the feeling of dread and fear increase so much that you’re shaking and crying. “Mrs Smith” the Dukes voice brings you back to reality, “I will tell you why you’re here, you’re here because” the Duke deliberately pauses, long seconds seem like minutes as he holds you on the edge of the unknown,” Mrs Smith your here to be raped and sexually abused in so many ways you cant imagine” You cry out. “Yes Mrs Smith raped and abused many times, and subjected to sexual depravation you could not possibly imagine, we are going to force you to do things and experience feelings like no others you have ever had before, you’re here to be totally sexually abused and violated, I will leave you with that thought, “Look at the screen Mrs Smith I draw your attention to the examination table, soon you will be it’s guest, good night.” The light in you’re room goes out, this simply accentuates the light from the TV, you see people in the room now, preparing the equipment for your debasement, you close you eyes and drift off into a fitful sleep.
Your awoken by the sound of the speaker “Mrs Smith, breakfast, you have 30 minutes” you raise yourself on one elbow and see a light meal of fruit juice and toast has been placed in your room, you also realise that other than your panties you were completely naked, they had stripped you during the night whilst you lay in a drugged sleep. Exactly 30 minuets later the speaker again jolted you wide awake. “Mrs Smith remove your knickers, and go through the door on your left, there you will find a small stool, sit on it spread your legs, face the cameras and shave your sex, do it now”
You listen in disbelief “I said do it now! Mrs Smith, you wont is told again” you hesitate turning your back on the cameras.
“You were warned Mrs Smith.” The door opens and three men in Doctors white’s and masks enter, you’re roughly bundled through to the next room, lifted onto the examination table, you’re blindfolded, your arms are pulled up behind you and tied, a large wide belt is tied across your lower tummy, and finally your legs are spread apart and strapped into stirrups.
Your knickers are cut away, then a sharp smack lands on your bottom, you struggle but the smacks carry on, your bottom is burning as the slapping continues, you are crying, the slapping stops, cold ointment is rubbed over your burning cheeks. You hear an aerosol being squirted
“Keep very still Mrs Smith.” the shaving of your sex commences then satisfied you are devoid of all hair, oil is massaged into your skin “very good, we can see you much clearer now.
“Mrs Smith you need to understand something, we are quiet callous you were told to obey us, you refused a direct instruction, you failed to comply, instantly, you were warned.
Your cheeks are pulled apart and a small nozzle is pushed into your rectum, lubrication fluid is pumped deep inside, the snap of examination gloves makes you tense.
“Mrs Smith I’m going to give you an anal internal. Push out as though you are going to the toilet, you stiffen” do it now or I will slap you again, you have 10 seconds to comply.”
You struggle to break free but to no avail, 5 seconds, you don’t want another spanking, 1 second, you relax. The finger worms its way inside, making you gasp, he begins to work his finger in and out, going deeper and deeper, probing everywhere inside your back passage then suddenly the finger is gone.
Your cheeks are spread again, “gentlemen come closer” says a female voice, you hear whispers, then something else pushing at your bottom, this time it’s bigger 6” long tapered to about 1” diameter at its widest, then quickly reducing in size to less than ½ diameter, with a “T” bar on the end to stop it from being drawn inside you, your anal muscle expands as its pushed further in until suddenly the wide part slips inside you feel your bottom contract and close around the narrow neck, locking around the plug, your bottom beings to warm up, then you realise it’s liquid. They’re giving you an enema, the machine pumps fluid deep into your bottom, distending your stomach, hands massage and work your lower abdomen, a finger gently circles and rubs your clit, the little nub swelling and reddening in response, the finger slips easily into your stimulated and wet sex, making you involuntarily clamp your vaginal muscles around your violator, the machine constantly fills and empties you, powerful drugs and pheromones designed to heighten your bodies reaction to stimulation are mixed within the fluid and to your horror you feel more involuntary spasm’s inside your pussy.
Look gentlemen she’s responding already” the lips of your pussy are pulled open and a trickle of woman juice runs out, the latex gloved finger pushes deeper inside, massaging your cervix, you bite your lip in an attempt to stem the sexual arousal your body is beginning to display.
The Duke continues to masturbate you, probing your G-spot, the pleasure rises as the expert probing of the Dukes finger continues to stimulate you, you’re breathing faster now, your nipples have become hard, you’re fighting the sensations, but your pussy spasms again.
“Very good Mrs Smith, very good indeed, it seems she’s enjoying this gentlemen, look at the amount of juice running from her pussy, I do believe she likes being forced” The Duke removes his fingers, stopping short of making you cum. Pointing to another old man the Duke says “clean her up, collect it all, you know what to do, use number 3”
You feel something probing inside you, it sound reminds you of the thing the Dentist uses to clear saliva from your mouth, it’s being used to suck up the juice both from inside your sex and that which has leaked out, the probing and sucking continues for a few more seconds until the assistant satisfied he had collected every drop, raises the small container for the Dukes inspection ”excellent, that will be sufficient, she’s surprised me, obviously she’s very responsive, use it immediately, whilst it’s still fresh, the old man scurries away to make the necessary preparations.
The enema machine finally empties you, the plug being eased out, your bottom opening up involuntarily as the widest part emerges and your anal muscles relax as it’s pulled free, unseen hands spread you open, a finger pushes at your bottom, and you go rigid.
”Relax Mrs Smith I’m going to make sure you’re clean and empty” you stay tense, smack, a slap hits the side of your face “ I said relax, now bear down on my finger and push yourself onto it” smack another slap” do it now or suffer the consequences, smack again, you push down, and the finger slips inside. The Duke probes in your bottom “clamp down on my finger Mrs Smith” you tense your muscles, “that’s better” “again but this time clamp down and push out as though you are going to the toilet” the Duke watches intently as you strain against his finger, he’s more than satisfied as he watches your anal bud push outwards, “very good Mrs Smith very good” satisfied with his examination the finger withdraws.
Suddenly your blindfold is removed, the intense light forces you to keep your eyes closed.
“Open your eyes please Mrs Smith” smack, “not fast enough I said open your eyes”
You open your eyes, the bright light above has been turned down, then the couch begins to raise you up into a reclining position, it’s then you see tormentors all in hospital whites, their faces covered with masks, at a signal from the Duke one of the old men pulls a small seat out from the bottom of the examination couch and lowers the bottom.
“Watch him Mrs Smith” you look in trepidation as the old man moves close to your parted thighs and lowers his mask, he grins, pulls the hood back from your clit and begins to lick, forcing the little nub to swell and throb, a rubber face mask is placed over your nose and mouth, a strong nerve stimulant is slowly pumped into you to heighten your sexual awareness.
With a look from the Duke, Lady Elly releases the waist belt; the effect is instant as you pump your hips up onto the tormenting tongue, your pussy spasming and churning.
“Excellent response! Now re-tie her” nodding to the old man the duke continues, “You know what to do, and see to it.”
The old man nods and swings a flexible metal arm over your hips and attaches a thick ribbed rubber dildo, taking care to connect up the air, water hoses, and the electrical contacts for the inbuilt pressure sensors and electrical stimulators. This was no ordinary dildo, it was capable of being inflated and it had warm water running through it, at exactly the same temperature as a real cock, it could also adjust to any woman’s responses in order to bring her to heights of sexual stimulation never experienced before, and to hold her is sexual agony until commanded to force orgasm’s from there tied and over stimulated bodies.
Your sex is spread open, and the old man fixes the head of the dildo as instructed. “Elly please begin” at that Elly begins to lick your clit, simultaneously probing at your bottom with her long latex gloved finger.
You’re becoming aroused again, you fight the sensation, but Lady Elly continues with her expert ministrations to your sex, you strain against the belt, your body involuntarily responding to the licking tongue,
you groan as you pussy swells and opens, leaking a small amount of juice from your sex, the sensors in the dildo detect the rise in moisture and the spasm of your vagina, and as programmed it pushes very slightly forward in response to the miniscule rise of your restrained pelvis, nestling just on the outside your lips. Lady Elly pulls the hood back from your clit and begins to lick more forcefully, your pussy spasms again as you fight to block the assault on your sex, another involuntary push from your trapped pelvis solicits a further reaction from the dildo as it starts to spread you open wider, Lady Elly holds the hood of your clit back whilst she attaches a small clear Perspex suction cup over your clit, and connects it to an ET312 sexual stimulation unit, simultaneously a vacuum pump sucks your clit inside the cup and begins a slow rhythmic pulsing, stimulating you to produce more fluids, the sensors respond to the fluid increase, as the dildo forces more of it’s thick mushroom shaped head, inside your sex.
The Duke speaks “Start the e-stim Elly, set it to orgasm and slowly increase the power”
You feel a pleasant tingle in your clit that slowly builds to a delicious intensity that has you straining against your bonds, fading away only to restart a few seconds later, you find yourself straining as the intensity increases, and relaxing as it drops away. The suction has been set to rhythmically throb and pulse in time with the estim, very shortly you feel the urge to push your pelvis up and down in time with the pulsing and electrical stimulation of your sex, you sigh as the pleasure waves start building, the dildo forces itself a little deeper, and even though your legs are tied in stirrups you find yourself relaxing and opening yourself wider to allow your rubber rapist easier access

The Duke nods to Lady Elly and they both watch intently as the power is increased, you groan and again push against your mechanical violator, that was the sign for Lady Elly to loosen the belt slightly, the restriction reduced you are unaware that your straining is allowing more of the monster to invade your sex, it spreads you even wider.
You are moaning louder now, the power goes up a little more, you hardly notice it but the effect on your sex is instant as you open wider, the belt slackens more as you push harder onto the dildo, this time you cry out as it buries its huge thick head in your sex, more power and the sucking on your clit intensifies, the belt is removed completely.
You now respond as they knew you would, you pump your hips up to embrace your mechanical violator, your vaginal muscles clamp down on its thick ribbed shaft, the warm water running through it makes it feel like a monstrous real cock.
Lady Elly slips her finger deep into your anus, adding to the delicious sensations coursing through your body, stimulating your sphincter causes you to force your hips up again on the thick rubber shaft, your pussy continues to spasm, you are leaking juice like never before.
“More” whispers the Duke. The old man starts sucking your nipples, as Elly increases the tempo of the finger fucking of your bottom, you gasp and lower your hips, the head pulls out, making a loud popping sound, more licking forces you to push up again, the monstrous cock buries it once more.
“Start the lubricant.” You feel the dildo swell as warm fluid is pumped deep into your sex, you lower your hips in an attempt to back away from the huge intruder, but to your horror the dildo remains locked firmly in place, the licking and finger fucking are relentless. It’s too much stimulation. You are craving release; the effects of the gas heighten your responses, hand presses down on your lower abdomen stopping you from moving.
”Be still Mrs Smith don’t move until I say so,” you nod your head “good relax”. A machine starts whining and the dildo begins to pulsate, inflating and deflating, each time it inflates a section just inside your opening, inflating it thicker than the shaft until it’s the size of a Tangerine, you moan at the sheer size of it “that swelling inside you is deliberately designed to dilate you. You will be internally stretched over the next 24 hours, the purpose will become clear in due course, for now however you will lie perfectly still, failure to do so will result in you being punished, understand?” you nod your head.
Power is then directed to the dildo, your hips slowly begin to react to the estim, trying to pump up and down, but the Duke holds you fast. At a nod from the Duke the gas mask is removed, your head begins to clear, and your situation is slowly dawning on you, you are being raped, abused, you’re tied, stretched open, all in full view of a room full of people, all intently watching your debasement.
The Duke speaks, “Mrs Smith you now have four choices, you may only pick one. Once your choice is made it will not be changed, understand?” again you nod, “Very good, alright these are your choices, but before you hear them understand this! You will not be released until we are happy with your, shall we say progress, remember that when you choose.
“Option one, you can elect to have the old men suck and fuck you in all your holes to continuous orgasms, you will be forced to swallow their ejaculate, and they all produce copious amounts. Two, you can have Lady Elly as your love partner, you will be required to French kiss her and eat her pussy to orgasm, she for her part will violate you with a huge strap-on dildo both vaginally and anally until you achieve multiple orgasms. Thirdly we can bring your husband in and force him to watch you, whilst we have him tied and you may watch us make him perform sex acts with men. We will of course be anally and orally violating him until he begs us to make him cum.
Finally you may decide to resist my little collection of machines, to the point that they overcome your resistance and inhibitions, and you enjoy your predicament. It’s your choice, but we would much prefer the latter, what’s your answer Mrs Smith?”
The constant use of your surname keeps the proceedings in a very formal, matter of fact and detached atmosphere, this you find most unnerving. You begin to cry and in a quiet subdued voice and with great hesitation reply “number 4.”
The Duke grins wickedly, he has won, he savours the moment, anxious to build on his hold over you he mockingly says “speak up Mrs Smith I can’t hear you,”
You reply slightly louder “number 4”
“Number 4, number 4,” laughs the Duke, “very good, then so be it,” the Duke removes all your leg restraints and the tummy band, “lie still don’t move until told, understand?” you nod your head.
Elly and the old men are beckoned away as the assembled crowd take their seats and begin to watch.
“Very slowly please Mrs Smith, I want you to push your pelvis up very slowly,” you strain against the thick head, “more Mrs Smith push more” you push again and feel the pleasure as the huge head spreads you open and sinks deep inside you tormented sex.
You let out a cry of passion as the monster awakens your desires, more moans as the dildo knot expands even more, putting exquisite pressure on your G spot forcing your clit to stand out even further
“That’s it; very good Mrs Smith, or now that was more acquainted, should I call you Jayne? Jayne I think. Yes lets get a little more personal shall we? Push for me Jayne, take it deeper” his fingers straddle the dildo as he pumps your sex from the outside, you moan louder. “Try to stop yourself cumming Jayne I want you to resist”
You fight the building sensations the but the incessant voice urges you on “More Jayne deeper,” you sigh as your sex clamps hard on the rubber rapist, the knot swells more, the sound of your sex squelching on the dildo fills the room, “nearly there Jean another two inches, come on push harder, you strain your hips up and push, the dildo hits your cervix.
You begin to shake, the dildo is much thicker than anything you have ever had forced in you by your depraved husband, the deep ridges on it’s shaft stimulate you like nothing before, that telltale fluttering in your groin grows stronger, your nipples stand out more as your chest and face flush with sexual excitement you cant stand it “don’t cum Jayne resist, don’t cum.”
You fight it but the Duke starts to rub your clit, he’s urging you not to cum but doing everything he can to do so, you stiffen.
“Not yet Jayne not yet” You’re held down, hands are everywhere stopping you from pumping your hips up and down the thick rubber shaft. The incessant torment to your sex has built your arousal to a level never experienced before, you’re wanting more, you know it’s wrong, but the churning in your womb together with the savage contractions of your vaginal muscles gripping tightly around your rubber rapist, know no bounds as Lady Helen forces your mouth open and begins to deeply French kiss you, her tongue is every where you respond as she pinches your nipples to puffy engorged hard points, Lady Helen breaks the kiss, “Oh God” you cry out “make it bigger” Smiling lewdly, the Duke asks “make what bigger Jayne? The dildo perhaps?”
“Please, the dildo, yes bigger please” your descending deeper into the Dukes world of depravity, and you know it .The Duke points, and the old man inflates the dildo knot even more. “Oh God oh God, its huge please let me cum.”
The sheer size of the dildo, together with the estim and suction to your tortured sex has you panting for release, and it’s proving too much, your body is producing copious amounts of lubrication and pre-cum. “Do you want to cum Jayne” asks the Duke “or shall we stop and resume a little later?” You scream” Oh God, let me cum! Rodger please forgives me, stop them! I can’t help it I don’t want to, please stop, oh God Rodger help me please.”
But Rodger couldn’t help, how could he, at this very moment, in the adjacent room, he was watching you on a large television monitor, whilst orally violating Anna Pioski as she lay strapped in an examination couch, she too had a massive dildo pumping in and out her swollen and sodden sex, the ever present old man sucking up and collecting the young woman’s juices, just as he had done to you.
“You see, your husband Rodger your loyal partner, it was he, he was the instigator of your predicament, he’d planned it all, your resistance to his request’s to try different sex practices over the years, to attend wife swapping, group sex and estimming parties had tried his patience for to long, now it was time for you to be ‘educated’. He was one of those in hospital whites that originally tied you to the couch, he’d been watching and enjoying your total debasement, he revelled in your cries for help, his over engorged penis throbbed and danced as he watch the Duke stimulate you sexually, his cock dribbling, testament to the sheer enjoyment he was deriving hearing you begging to be made to orgasm, filled him with joy, he knew you would submit. The question now was how far you would go in the search for sexual fulfilment. What else will you submit to?”
The Duke speaks “Jayne if you want to cum then open your mouth” you freeze, and let the words sink in. You are aghast. Suck a stranger’s cock, never! You clamp your mouth shut tighter, “so be it” say’s the Duke, he signals to the old man operating the dildo to cut the power, the dildo withdraws from your sex with a loud “pop” everything else stops! No stimulation, no estim, nothing, your sex is spread open with a special three point Higginsons vaginal dilator, once you are stretched open a large rubber ring, about 2½ inches in diameter with a ½ inch groove around the outside resembling a doughnut is push into the entrance of your sex, held in place purely by the muscles at the entrance to your vagina. It’s purpose? To hold you “open”, forcing your sex to contract onto the ring, keeping you in a high state of arousal, but not enough stimulation to let you orgasm, yet allowing free access to the inside of your sex. Cruel but very effective!
Lady Helen approaches with a Foley catheter and proceeds to slowly push it into your urethra, deeper until she sees dribbles of pee. The small balloon on the end is inflated, locking the catheter inside your bladder, she now attaches a large syringe full of a creamy white liquid to the other end of the tube, and slowly forces it’s contents deep inside your bladder, she places her fingers inside your sex, and nods in approval to the Duke, satisfied that your bladder is over inflated, the syringe is removed, and a small plug is fitted to keep your bladder in it’s swollen state.
The Duke rests his giant member against your lips, “Jayne now suck”
Your husband watches as you tentatively part your lips and taste the tip of the Dukes cock with your tongue.
“Deeper Jayne “the Duke pushes himself against your lips, and you open to allow him access to your mouth and suck lightly on the enormous head, “deeper Jayne” he says, and joy of joy hubby cums in Anna Pioski’s mouth as he watches you submitting to the Dukes meat as you allow the angry purple giant mushroom and more of his monster inside you, as you begin to bob your head up and down the shaft.
“Slowly Jayne” you suck harder and feel the Dukes cock stiffen, he signals to Lady Helen who holds your head firmly as the Duke quickens his fucking tempo; you taste the pre-cum.
The ring is removed and the dildo forces its way back in and deep into your sex, and immediately inflates to nearly 3 inches in diameter at the knot, you try to dislodge the invader, but you’re held firm. He’s coming now and as he does he forces two fingers inside your bottom, you let out a muffled scream of release and go rigid as you are pushed over the edge into a massive shattering orgasm. Juice and fluid squirt from around the dildo as the Duke’s massive cock pumps load after load of sperm down your throat.
You lie there totally spent, gasping for air, your tortured sex still spasming and clinging on to your “rubber rapist” dribbles of cum run from the corners of your mouth.
“Jayne it’s time for you to leave us, until later” the mask is refitted over your nose and mouth and soon you slip into unconsciousness as the old man complete with suction machine again removes all traces of your lubrication fluids and this time your milky white cum juice from inside your sex.
Number 3 was locked standing in an open box shaped framework that sat on top of a platform four feet off the floor, his legs spread open and strapped to the metal uprights, a gauze facemask covered his mouth and nose, his head held securely by a neck brace, he was struggling to free himself.
Lady Helen had followed the old man with the container of juice collected from your sex, at a signal from Lady Helen, the old man started to drip the contents of the container onto the face mask until it was totally sodden, the old man backed away as the struggling figure of number 3 suddenly stopped moving.

Lady Helen licked her lips in anticipation, and moved closer, bending forward to see more clearly as number 3’s hips began to move slowly back and forth, his breathing much faster and deeper as he inhaled the scent of your sex, a few droplets of pre-cum oozed from tip of his penis, Lady Helen couldn’t resist licking at the droplets as the effects of the pussy juice took hold, she was always amazed at the sight of number 3’s huge thick cock as it slowly grew until it was some eleven inches long and at least two inches in diameter, Lady Helen could see number 3 was still not fully erect, so she smothered her hands with lubricant, and holding number 3’s swollen testicles in her left hand, and firmly grasping the thick shaft of his cock in her right hand proceeded to slowly rub her hand up and down, number 3’s cock grew even bigger, and the dribble of pre-cum now turned into a steady trickle.
Lady Helen nodded to the old man, he fitted condom over the huge cock, it had a small hose fitted to the tip, the other end was fitted to the top of a large specimen bottle sitting on the floor, Lady Helen lubricated number 3’s anus and inserted a thick tapered probe deep inside until it nestled against his prostate, she then connected the probe to a small box with wires, and turning it on she selected “forced milking” with number 3 already in a high state of sexual arousal, the electrical pulses soon began to take effect as he began to pump spurt after spurt of cum and pre-cum into the bottle, each spurt accompanied by a savage twitching of his cock as his anal muscles kept contracting forcing him to orgasm, the milking of number 3 would continue for sometime.

To be continued?

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