It's cookie time!

It's cookie time!

"Jesus! My nipples! They are OUT!" As she drove her minivan, Abby Carter looked down at her chest in a panic.

The 25-year-old blonde had forgotten to put on a bra before dashing out of the house. Abby wore her comfy-but-threadbare Eminem concert T-shirt she'd had for a decade. As a result, her large breasts bounced freely whenever she hit a pothole, and her nipples showed clearly through the thin cloth.

Abby's long blond hair was pulled into a careless ponytail. Flip-flops and way-too-tight cutoff shorts completed her inappropriate outfit.

"Why didn't I remember earlier that I have to pick up Emma's Girl Scout cookies today!" Abby wailed to herself. "Now I have to meet the Girl Scout leader dressed like THIS!"

The young mom shivered thinking of Mrs. Moffatt, her daughter's perfectly proper troop leader. The ever-smiling Suzanne Moffatt looked like something out of a Betty Crocker commercial, with a beauty-parlor hairdo, starched blouses and sensible shoes. Mrs. Moffatt and the other moms from the troop were overly polite to her, but Abby always felt like these power moms disapproved of her.

"I'm too young. I'm too blond. I'm divorced. And my tits are too big," Abby thought to herself, hiding a smile. "And now I'm going to show up looking like the slut from Mrs. Moffatt's worst nightmares."

Abby suddenly flashed back to the night 10 years earlier when she got her Eminem T-shirt. After the concert she and her boyfriend Tyler had parked at the lake and climbed into the back seat of his dad's big car. Tumbling on top of one another, they laughed and kissed and undressed each other. Abby could vividly remember looking up at the starry sky through the car's back window as Ty spread her trembling knees wide apart. The teenagers had never gone this far before. Ty looked in her eyes as he opened his mouth wide and covered her quivering pussy with his lips. He slowly licked, dipping his tongue into her wet slit, tasting her. As Abby wound her fingers in Ty's curly hair, he moved his mouth up, rooting for her clit. When he found it and began suckling, Abby gasped. Ty had continued his insistent sucking while Abby mindlessly humped his face, lost in pleasure.

That was the first night she had come. With someone else, that is.

"Ty, Ty, Ty, you sure knew how to suck pussy." Abby blushed at the memory. The young blonde shifted in her seat, unexpectedly aware of her hardened clit inside the tight shorts.

Looking down at herself as she parked in the Moffatt's driveway, Abby noticed her nipples were now erect, and much more obvious than before her little mental trip down memory lane. She sighed, shook her head, then giggled.

Walking up the sidewalk, Abby tried hunching her shoulders to minimize her jiggling breasts, but they refused to be shy, sticking out high and proud. "Oh well. At least I'm here when I promised," thought Abby, standing up straight as she knocked on the door.

"Why Abigail, how nice to see you!" Suzanne Moffatt, said brightly, showing all her capped teeth in a wide smile. "Do come in!" Mrs. Moffatt's eyes carefully avoided Abby's big tits. The young blonde walked into the living room, which was piled high with stacks of Girl Scout cookie boxes. The spotlessly clean room looked like Martha Stewart just finished decorating it.

Abby shuffled her flip-flops, breasts swaying. Her nipples pointed straight at Mrs. Moffatt. "Sorry; I just ran out of the house."

The older mom flashed another toothy smile. "Why dear, I understand! I'm a mess myself!" Mrs. Moffatt touched her flawless brown flip. "And look at me! I might as well be in dungarees!" Mrs. Moffatt wore a navy blue blazer with matching navy blue slacks. Her tasteful silk blouse was topped with an understated strand of pearls.

"Do you have Emma's cookies ready for me to pick up?" asked Abby.

"I sure do! I have 100 boxes set aside for each Brownie to sell in the next few weeks," said Mrs. Moffatt.

Looking around as if she didn't want to be overheard, the older mom lowered her voice. "This year there is a CONTEST! The first Girl Scout in the county to sell all 100 of her cookie boxes wins a trip! The winner and her family travel to Washington D.C. to be presented with a special ‘Awesome Achiever' medal from the Girl Scout Council president!" Mrs. Moffatt was practically salivating. "Of course, my own Judith has already sold 84 of her boxes, so with any luck tomorrow after school she'll sell out and be officially declared ‘Awesome'!" Mrs. Moffatt crossed her manicured fingers in front of Abby's face.

"Naturally, if little Emma wants to attempt to win, she's, ah, welcome to try!" Mrs. Moffatt had a pitying look on her face, as if picturing Abby's dreamy 6-year-old Emma duking it out against her own aggressive 8-year-old Judith.

Seething, Abby stood still, clenching her fists. "You, you, you ... BITCH!" she nearly spat out loud. The young mom was consumed with an irrational desire to wipe the smile off Mrs. Moffatt's carefully made-up face.

Mrs. Moffatt helped a silent Abby load her van with stacked boxes of cookies. The older mom waved merrily to Abby as the blonde drove away. Little did Mrs. Moffatt know, Abby was plotting her next move.


Back in her little home, Abby dug through the boxes stacked in her closet. After a few minutes, she triumphantly hoisted three green items: a pleated skirt, a felt beret and a sash covered front to back with colorful badges. She'd found her old Girl Scout uniform from high school!

Soon Abby stood in front of her full-length bedroom mirror, feeling a little silly. Her uniform looked different now. Although Abby weighed only a couple of pounds more than when she was 17, she was much curvier now. The short pleated skirt hugged her round hips, and came down to just a few inches below her panties. The diagonal sash now draped snugly over a plump over-sized breast instead of the budding teenaged tit she had before. The perky beret sat on top of her blond head.

A vision of Mrs. Moffatt's pitying smile flashed through Abby's mind. The young mom narrowed her eyes, set her jaw and hardened her resolve. "I'm not letting that, that ... CUNTSICLE and her awful daughter win Emma's ‘Awesome Achiever' award!" Abby told herself, cocking her beret at a jaunty angle.

After calling her girlfriend and arranging that she'd pick up Emma after school, Abby got busy. She had cookies to sell.


Abby drove her van to a just-opened subdivision nearby, and parked at the very back, near the new construction. She hoped new homes meant people new to the neighborhood. People that wouldn't recognize her.

As she stepped out of the van, Abby smoothed the green skirt over her hips and adjusted the sash on her plain white buttoned blouse. She pulled up her green knee socks and retied her white Keds. Abby left her dark blond hair loose to fall down her back, ending at her waist. She was ready to sell.

The homes on one side of the street were finished and lived-in; the other side had half-constructed houses. Abby walked up the sidewalk to the first occupied house, and rang the doorbell. She plastered a smile to her face. A tired-looking woman opened the door, a baby on her hip. "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies!" Abby asked brightly. The woman looked down at Abby's breasts and short skirt, and grinned.

"Sure honey, I'll take a box of Thin Mints," she said.

After handing over the cookies and collecting the money, Abby smiled as she walked away. "One down, 99 to go!" she thought.

As Abby walked to the next home, she heard a whistle, and turned her head. Across the street, two construction workers stood in the open garage of an unfinished house. The muscled young men were smiling.

"Hey little girl, are you selling cookies?" yelled the taller of the two. "We could sure use a sweet snack." The second guy laughed and punched the first in the shoulder.

Abby stopped, frozen. She was about to walk forward, ignoring the workers, when a vision of Mrs. Moffatt gleefully announcing her daughter Judith's award flashed through her head. "NO! Turn around, Abby, and SELL THOSE COOKIES!"

Abby turned around and walked across the street, toward the grinning construction workers. As she walked across the dirt yard, they stared at her sweetly bouncing breasts. Abby entered the garage, looked up into their dirty faces, and smiled. "Would you guys like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?"

The taller guy looked at his blond co-worker, and stroked his bare tanned chest. "What do you think, Marc? Do we want this little girl's cookies?"

"Oh, I think we do, Greg. I'm hungry for a treat." Marc grinned at Abby wolfishly, his teeth very white. His blond hair was pulled back in a short ponytail.

"Well, they are $3.50 a box, and I'm anxious to sell as many as possible," said Abby, thrusting her chest forward.

Greg ran his fingers through his dark hair, and lazily looked down at her breasts. "It might convince us to buy your cookies if you were wearing a proper uniform. That blouse is not regulation Girl Scout attire."

Marc's face took on a mock-serious look, as he nodded sadly.

Abby thought for a second, face burning, then said softly, "You are right! I'll take care of that now."

She started lifting off her sash, but Marc interrupted her. "No, leave that on."

Abby tugged her shirt out from her skirt waistband, and slowly unbuttoned it. She slipped the cotton blouse off her shoulders and onto the sawdust-covered floor. The young mom stood before the men in her bra, her sash still in place.

"You know, Greg? I don't think Girl Scouts wear that kind of bra, either," said Marc, grinning broadly.

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" Abby squealed to herself. Heart pounding, the young blonde reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. She slipped the satiny straps down, and held the cups in place over her full breasts. Abby could feel her erect nipples through the silky bra.

"Let's see your cookies, little one," said Marc softly.

"Just a look, then you have to buy my cookies, OK?" Abby said breathlessly. She didn't want the young men to see how excited she was. How wet she was.

After the men nodded, Abby lowered the bra and tossed it onto her blouse. Her large tits bounced softly against each other. Abby's sash rose and fell with her heavy breathing. Her pink nipples grew thick and long under the two men's gaze.

"Shake ‘em for us," Greg breathed. "Then we'll buy."

Abby surprised herself. She was more than happy to shimmy, joggling her breasts for the smiling men. Her pussy was impossibly slippery under her little skirt. The blonde reluctantly stopped herself and covered her tits with her hands. "OK, OK, time to pony up. How many boxes of cookies would you like?" Abby bent over, grabbed her blouse and put it on, buttoning with trembling fingers.

The two men looked at each other sheepishly. "Well, we don't get paid until 5, so we don't have much cash now. We can take a couple of boxes each."

Sighing, Abby sold the two workers their Do-Si-Dos and Samoas, collecting the payment.

"Don't forget us, little girl," teased Marc, his white teeth flashing. "Come back after 5 and we'll buy all the cookies you have to sell. Just be prepared to show us that can-do Girl Scout spirit."

"We'll be hungry," Greg added, licking his lips.

"Hmmmm, we'll see ...," thought Abby.


Abby walked to her van, got in and sat down. She tossed her bra in the back seat, and took a deep breath. The young mom hadn't been this aroused in years. Her clit was literally throbbing, and her panties were soaked. Abby was tempted to slide her hand over her pulsing clit and finger herself to orgasm right then and there. She shook herself. "I have to sell these cookies!" she reminded herself.

Smoothing her blouse over her bra-free tits, Abby got out of the van and walked to the next house. Knocking on the door, the blonde smiled and prepared her sales pitch. The door opened.

"Mrs. C? Is that you?"

Startled, Abby focused on the hesitant young man in front of her. Stepping from the doorway into the light, a tall teenager smiled at her. "Is that really you? It's not Halloween, is it?"

"Jesus, it's Jeremy! From the grocery store!" Abby thought, dazed. The tanned young man standing before her used to bag their groceries, before going away to college the previous fall.

"It's great to see you, Mrs. C! You look, you look ... so pretty ..." Jeremy's eyes had dropped down to Abby's chest. The Girl Scout sash covered one breast, but the other pressed firmly against the white cloth, revealing not only the obscenely erect nipple, but the darkened areola surrounding it. Jeremy's gaze quickly lifted, as the teenager looked Abby in the eyes. When the blonde gazed back at him, parting her lips, Jeremy's cock swelled in his jeans.

"Would you like to buy some, ah, cookies, Jeremy?" whispered Abby, glancing down at Jeremy's chest, then down to the bulge in his jeans. "I have 95 boxes to sell. Do you have 332 dollars? And fifty cents?"

After a beat, Jeremy gulped. "I have that much. I've been saving for a CD player for my car. But instead, ah, I might like some cookies." His prick rippled. "I'm just home for spring break."

"Are you here by yourself?" breathed Abby.

"Yes, ma'am," whispered Jeremy. "Please come in."

Dreamily, Abby walked in the house. Jeremy closed the door and followed her, watching her short skirt swaying. In the middle of the living room, Abby turned around.

"Is there somewhere we can go so I can sell you my cookies?" Abby said quietly. "This is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong," screamed the responsible voice inside her. "Fuck him silly," said the bad girl voice, apparently the stronger of the two.

"Sure, my room is right through here," said Jeremy in a husky voice.

They walked down the hall to a messy, masculine room. A big blue quilt covered the bed, which was scattered with Playboy and Penthouse magazines. After shutting the door, Jeremy quickly picked up the magazines, and stammered, "Oh! So sorry. Let me just pick these up."

"Do you like looking at those naked girls, Jeremy?" asked Abby. She sat down on the edge of the cleared bed. "Would you like to see me naked?" She put her hands on her breasts, squeezing her nipples through the thin cloth. Abby rolled the fat buds between her fingers, pulling on them.

Jeremy silently nodded, his eyes locked on her breasts. He stood in the middle of his room, looking down at Abby.

The blonde scooted to the middle of the bed, kicked off her Keds and peeled off her knee socks. Smiling at the tall teenager, she unbuttoned her blouse for the second time in an hour. Abby pulled off the shirt, throwing it playfully at Jeremy. She kept her sash on. Abby's hands cupped her heavy breasts; her fingers again pulled on her long pink nipples.

"So Jeremy, do you like my tits? Do you like watching me pull on my nipples? See how they look like fat pencil erasers?" Squeezing her nipples tight, Abby held them up for the teenager. "Would you like to give them a good suck for me?"

Breathing hard, Jeremy slid next to Abby and tentatively licked her right nipple. When the blonde moaned, he slipped the hard tip into his mouth and began to suck. Abby gripped the back of Jeremy's head.

"Suck harder, Jeremy! Milk me!" Abby panted.

Jeremy obeyed, increasing the suction, Abby's nipple deep in his mouth. His jaw worked. When he switched to the other nipple -- nudging the sash out of the way -- the sucked nipple was a shade darker, much longer, and tingling. Jeremy's hands kneaded the creamy skin of Abby's breast as he suckled.

"Nice, so nice," breathed Abby when he lifted his head. "You have such a talented mouth. Would you like to lift my skirt and see my panties?"

"Oh yes," whispered Jeremy. He grasped the bottom hem of Abby's pleated skirt, and slowly inched it higher, exposing Abby's small white panties.

"Take off my panties, Jeremy," Abby ordered softly.

"Yes ma'am." The teenager gently hooked each side and began to pull the panties down. As he did he revealed Abby's furred mound. Jeremy quickly pulled the panties off, noticing how damp they were.

"Mmmmm, see my pussy?" purred Abby. "Did you know I was a real blonde, Jeremy? Would you like to see how wet I am?"

In response, Jeremy rubbed his young face on her mound. Abby spread her legs wide for him, and he settled between them. He held her puffy lips open with his thumbs, and thrust his fat tongue deep into her slit. The teenager nuzzling her clit with his nose as he fucked her cunt with his tongue, lapping her juices.

"Ooohhhh, Jeremy! Your tongue! Aahhh!" Abby mewled, wiggling against him.

Jeremy moved his wet face up and wrapped his lips around Abby's aching clit. Slurping, he sucked the bud, hard, harder. Abby humped back in time with his sucks, clenching her ass cheeks rhythmically. Just as she was about to shudder and come, Abby pulled Jeremy up to her face, kissing his sloppy mouth.

"I taste so sweet, don't I," Abby panted, licking the inside of his mouth. "It's time to fuck me now. Give me that big teenaged cock."

Jeremy kicked off his jeans and held himself above Abby, pressing his prick against her gaping slit. Abby spread her legs even wider, and grabbed Jeremy by his lean ass. She humped forward with her pussy and thrust him toward her at the same time, impaling her sex around his cock. His large balls lay against her small ass for a moment, then he started to fuck her.

"Ahhh, yes, good boy," whispered Abby, grinding against Jeremy's thrusting. "Hump me good. Make me sore. Fill me up."

Jeremy began fucking with more intensity, slipping his dick in and out of Abby's wet tight hole faster and faster. He pinched her nipples, then reached down and pinched her clit. That did it; Abby went over the top when Jeremy firmly squeezed her red hard tip. Jeremy continued to pinch and twist through her shuddering climax. As Abby reached her peak, he thrust once and held it, as his prick reached deep inside her cunt, releasing his cum.

Panting and sweating, the two lay in a heap on Jeremy's bed. Abby began giggling, and kissed the young man on the cheek.

"You are so sweet! What a lover you are," said Abby. "Any girl would be lucky to get you."

"Oh Mrs. C.! That was so, so AWESOME," gushed the young man, his smooth cheek pressed against her Girl Scout sash.


The next morning, Abby drove her minivan to Mrs. Moffatt's house, whistling happily. In her purse was a fat envelope with $350 stuffed into it. Abby smiled. "‘Awesome Achiever', indeed!" the young mom giggled, as she pulled into the driveway.

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