Introduction To Sex Part 2

Introduction To Sex Part 2

This is the second part Introduction To Sex.
If you haven’t read the first part, click on my username and read part 1 first.

Both I and Tina went downstairs to join my parents and my Aunty Jane. They had stopped talking about the events of the year and there was food and drink on the table. As me and Tina started tucking into the food, my parents said that they were going to bed as they would like an early start in the morning to avoid the morning traffic. With the goodnights said all round, off they went up the stairs to bed. Aunty Jane seemed more than just jolly and I could tell that she had probably had a little more to drink than she usually would. Tina asked her if we could have a small drink of alcohol seeing as it was a special occasion. She said we could as long as it was only a small one. Tina poured all three of us a large glass of wine. I took a sip and it tasted like shit, but when you’re getting to drink something you shouldn’t, you sort of just drink it anyway.

Aunty Jane said she was going upstairs to change into her night clothes and was coming back down to watch a little television before going to bed. As soon as she went, Tina lifted her night dress up to her waist and asked my to lick her pussy. I wanted to but did I want to get caught by my Aunty or even worse what if my parents came down. I said “no put it away or we’ll end up caught.” Tina said “you can hear when someone comes downstairs because the top two stairs creak.” With that, Tina said she would listen out for the stairs. I really did want to but was it worth the risk ? Damn hell yes, there was no risk if Tina was going to listen out for the creaky stairs. She didn’t want to get caught either. I got on my knees in front of the chair and lifted Tina’s legs up. As her legs came up her pussy opened up slightly and I could see how wet she had become. I wasted no time and put my tongue straight into the little pink hole that was staring me in the face. In no time at all my whole face was sopping with the cum from her pussy. I used my finger to rub her clit while I was licking up, down and inside the slit of her pussy. I knew I was doing something right by the sounds that were now coming from Tina’s mouth. She was starting to let out little moans and groans and the odd oh yes. Time seemed to stand still as I worked my tongue and my finger around the beautiful little pussy that had just had its cherry taken away.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed some movement coming from the back of the chair. Tina hadn’t heard the creaks of the top two stairs because she was in a world of her own. The movement I could see was the door that led from the stairs into the room. The room where I was licking my cousin’s pussy. I shot back as fast as I could and fell straight onto my back. Tina suddenly snapped out of her own little world, stood up from out of the chair and pulled her night dress down. The door opened and in walked my Aunty Jane. She looked at us and made a giggling laugh when she said “I thought you two would have grown out of that by now”. For a brief second I wondered what she was on about, but then I knew. I took my eyes off the door and looked up at the ceiling, only the ceiling wasn’t there. What was there was 2 legs either side of my face and the wettest pussy you’d ever seen at the top of them. I must have looked like a dirty little school boy peeking up a girls skirt. Aunty Jane asked me if I liked looking at Tina’s panties but before I had time to answer, Tina had said that she didn’t have any on.

That was it, I was done for. I expected my Aunty Jane to go get my parents out of bed and tell them what a dirty little son they had, but she never. She just moved to the front of the chair where Tina had been sitting, and sat down. Tina and I both laughed. I think it was more of a relief laugh than a funny one. Aunty Jane then said to Tina “Why do you squat down and let him have a closer look at your pussy.” “Ok” Tina said, and with that she squatted down and pushed her pussy back onto my mouth. I could hear the both of them whispering although I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I wasn’t really bothered what they were saying, I was getting to lick pussy.

I had only been licking Tina’s pussy for a couple of minutes when she got up, moved across to the other chair and sat down. Aunty Jane looked at me and asked me if I enjoyed what I saw. I think she already knew the answer to that one, because my cock had gone into boner mode and was standing straight up clearly visible through my thin pyjamas. Aunty Jane continued “I think you two need to learn the cycle of life and the joys that come with it.” With that said, Aunty Jane slid down off the chair onto her knees by the side of me. She tugged at the top of my pyjama bottoms and pulled them down far enough to expose my erect throbbing cock. I started shaking, panicking, what was she doing ? I thought about stopping her but that thought didn’t last long. Aunty Jane beckoned Tina over to the side of her, facing her mother with me laid down between them. Aunty Jane then wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly started jacking me off.

Fuck me!! I’d now convinced myself that I had died and gone to heaven and found the back street where all the fucks are free. She started telling Tina how this is what boys like to do when they want to pleasure themselves and how they like it even more when girls do it or them. She wasn’t wrong either. She showed Tina how to go on, then told her to take over. Tina placed her hand on my cock and continued to jack me off. Pre-cum was now starting to leak from the end of my cock. Aunty Jane had noticed it too and explained to Tina that it was a sign that I was getting aroused. Tina already knew this seeing as she had seen it an hour earlier but I just kept my mouth shut. “It needs to be cleaned off, and this is how to clean it” said Aunty Jane, and with that she leaned forward and popped the head of my cock into her mouth. I could feel her tongue doing little circular motions licking up all the pre-cum. All of a sudden her mouth slid down over the full length of my cock, back up again and then back down.

The little feeling that builds up in your ball sack, travels up your cock and when it can’t take no more shoots cum out the end, had done its full cycle before she had got back to the bottom of my cock. Without warning, I was shooting hot streams of cum into my Aunty Jane’s mouth. She quickly took her mouth of my cock. But it was too late. I had emptied all I had into her mouth. She moved her mouth back onto my now wilting cock and released some of my cum back onto it. “That was a naughty cock” she said with a devilish grin on her face, but I think she knew that I was cumming before I did. She told Tina that she had swallowed some of my cum and had left some for her, on my cock. Tina lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth. I could feel her jaw tighten on my cock as she swallowed the few drops of cum that Aunty Jane had left there for her.

Aunty Jane told Tina to suck my cock and at the same time to lower her mouth up and down the whole length of my cock. Even though I was now soft, the sensation that I was having was making my toes curl. “Let’s see if you can get him hard again” Aunty Jane mumbled. I looked at her as she spoke and saw her lifting up her night dress which exposed a completely bald pussy. With the toe curling blowjob and the sight of my Aunty Jane’s shaven pussy my cock was starting to twitch its self back into hard on mode. Aunty Jane sat back down in the chair and from what I could see, I’m sure she was playing with her pussy.

My cock by now was hard, but nothing like the Iron bar hard it was earlier but never the less it was ready for action. Aunty Jane told Tina to take off her night dress completely. She pulled it up over her breasts and off over her head. The sight was amazing. Even now as a grown man that thought of my cousin Tina, just turned thirteen stood above you completely naked blows my cock off every time. Aunty Jane got back up out of the chair and told Tina she was going to show her how to enjoy a cock inside her pussy. Aunty Jane stood over my cock facing me and lowered herself down towards my cock. She took hold of it with her hand and placed the tip of it onto the entrance of her pussy. I could feel the heat on the end of my cock when she lowered herself and the whole of my cock went inside her. There was no friction or anything, it slid in as a hot knife would cut through butter and the heat of her pussy was now all around my cock.

She started to squat up and down slowly, taking my cock back to her entrance before plunging back down its full length, all the time explaining to Tina what she was doing. Five or six squats later she lifted herself up off me and told Tina it was her turn to feel a cock inside her virgin pussy. Tina looked straight into my eyes and although we never spoke we both knew that an hour ago that statement would have been true. I looked down at my cock and it was soaked with pussy juice from my Aunty Jane. Did she cum all over my cock ? I was proud at the thought I had made her cum. They swapped positions and as Tina lowered herself towards my cock, I felt Aunty Jane’s hand guide my cock to her entrance. Slowly she lowered herself down onto my length taking and inch at a time the rising back up again. Aunty Jane told her to take it bit by bit until she could get it all in. Tina’s pussy was just as hot as her mothers but it was definitely tighter and I could feel more heat as each inch went in. I was almost all the way in when I could feel that I could get no further in, something was stopping me. Aunty Jane told Tina it was time to lose her cherry and explained that the only thing that was stopping her now was her hymen. She told her to push down all the way and then stay there until the pain subsided. Tina pushed down all the way and I could feel my cock push through the barrier and into the other side.

Tina let out a stifled scream then just sat there impaled on my cock. Slowly she started up and then back down again until the pain had been replaced by pleasure. Her speed increased until she was at a rhythm that was comfortable for her. Aunty Jane had kept her hand near my cock the whole time and I could feel that as Tina was riding up and down on my cock, Aunty Jane’s fingers were rubbing Tina’s clit. “Cum for me Tina, let me see my baby cum” were the words coming out of Aunty Jane’s mouth between the deep breaths. I could see Aunty Jane’s other hand and it was between her own legs, pleasuring herself at the same time. At that moment, the ball sack feeling was telling me that I was about to make my own cum and I was getting close to the point of no return. “Aunty Jane, I cumming too” “Cum then baby, let both my babies come together”. I was almost there when Tina let out a moan and then arched her back. Her pussy tightened around my cock and sent me over the edge. Her pussy squeezed round my cock pulsing until every last bit of cum that I had left inside my cock, was squeezed out, then she slumped down exhausted on top of me. Now I know I had truly popped her cherry.

Aunty Jane asked us both if we enjoyed it. We were both to exhausted to answer so we both just nodded our heads. “Well your parents are going home tomorrow morning and your here for the rest of the week” Aunty Jane said with the most wicked of grins on her face. “Lets all go to bed and see what tomorrow brings”

Part three of this story is open to suggestions on what you would like to happen/see.
Would you like more incest with older or even younger ? Would you like the guy/woman next door ? The guy/woman next door older/younger daughter/son. I’ll leave it up to you the readers.
Please only post honest opinions on my stories.

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