During dinner with my husband Nathan and his son Nate I bought up the subject that I had been talking about with my girl friends starting with our promise to each other.

“Now we have promised total truth to each other” I said “Having coffee today, Natalie mentioned that she had caught her son and 3 of his friends wanking into her panties and reckons all boys do it So Nathan, did you do it as a kid?”

“Strewth, that’s a bit embarrassing to ask?” said Nathan

I looked at Nate quizzically as I knew he had sniffed mine but I was not his mum or sister.

He was very red in the face but he said “why don’t you start?”

I was a bit taken aback by that but resolved to lead by example.

“Embarrassing !! you have no idea, you know I lost my virginity to my Dad!!” I said.

They both looked at me in total shock as I giggled.

“OK, yes, umm, …. well, back when I was a girl I used to do the washing and would sniff them to see if they were dirty or not before chucking them in the wash as sometimes the clean ones and dirty ones were sitting on the same shelf in the bathroom because they hadn’t been put away.

Anyway, Dads undies were usually pretty manky after working and sweating all day at work but on Sunday mornings when he did the mowing he would jump in the shower afterwards and I found the fresh sweaty smell of them was really intoxicating.

I used to sniff them and play with my little pussy but felt something was missing so I started pushing my thin little deodorant can inside me until it touched my hymen while I rubbed my little nub but the can kept falling out so … one day I found if I squatted on top of the can to hold it in place while I rubbed myself it would stay there.

Then one Sunday Dad went into the shower but got a phone call and went to the kitchen in just a towel, I had been horny all morning so I raced in and grabbed his undies and was squatting on my unmade bed with the can in place furiously rubbing myself and was just about to cum when dad walked in.

I pulled the blankets up and scrunched down trying to hide his undies and myself at the same time but the can was there and punched right up me, I was in shock at the intrusion and small sharp pain and started to cry saying it hurts it hurts but it was more from embarrassment.

Luckily Dad hadn’t actually seen anything as I was too quick but he saw me holding my lower belly and rushed over to hug me asking what was wrong.

The weird thing was after the initial pain went It hadn’t really stopped my pleasure and with Dad holding me, the can inside me, dads smell and just the situation … I came for the first time!

Dad didn’t know what to do but heard my moans and thinking it was period pains said “oh, is my little girl becoming a woman?” I was so embarrassed I yelled at dad to get out so he kissed my head and left …

So I lost my virginity, had an orgasm and got mad at my poor Dad for causing it!”

Well, both boys started laughing in amusement and relief to find out I hadn’t actually had sex with my Dad.

I continued, “it gets worse, Dad went down and told mum and they talked for a bit as I could hear them while I cleaned myself up and I think Mum and Dad were getting a bit frisky as I heard some no’s and stop its etc then Dad headed for the shower while Mum called me.

She said we were going to sit down and have the birds and bees talk very soon but gave a me quick overview about periods and asked if I needed anything.

I’d heard the shower stop a few minutes before and as I walked back to my room I said no, just a shower and opened the door and walked in to the bathroom.

I vaguely remember mum yelling something but what greeted my eyes was a big glob of white stuff shooting from the end of a big long sausage then Dad tried to cover himself and slipped down the wall and the next glob hit him from his nose to his chin including his open mouth then a couple more landed on his belly.

I felt mum rush up and grab me but she froze then started laughing at Dad who was spitting and squirming trying to sit up and cover himself.

Mum stifled a giggle and said now was probably a good time for that sex talk and Dad just said “shit, I suppose so” and scrambled up.

I was mesmerised at his erection bobbing up and down with a long string of cum clinging to the end as he stood up letting it all show.

Mum guided me over in front of Dad who was looking very embarrassed then she grabbed his erection and said “this is an erect penis on its way back to its normal flaccid state”

I didn’t know any better and just grabbed the end of it too getting goo all over my hand, it felt warm and firm like a sausage in a bag.

Both Mum and Dad were shocked that I grabbed it and Mum said “your not supposed to grab it too … oh well too late now”

Dad was visibly uncomfortable when Mum said “feel how it seems like the skin and the firmness inside seem separate and not connected?”

I ran my hand up and down sliding on the cum then she said hold it tighter and I was amazed that the skin stayed still in my hand but it slid up and down the inside bit.

My squeezing and stroking it made more stuff come out the end and I giggled and slid my hand off the end getting more stuff on my hand.

Mum dipped a finger in some on his chest and rubbed her fingers together saying “feel how slippery it is and the funny smell to it.

I had a glob on my hand and fingers so rubbed my fingers together then lifted it to my nose to smell it and flicked my tongue out to taste it.

Mum and Dad were wide eyed with shock again but didn’t say anything.

Dad giggled and said “your mum doesn’t like the taste of it”

Mum stammered a bit saying “its not bad tasting I just don’t like it in my mouth”

I said “it hasn’t got much taste but its really slimy” and slurped my fingers clean which made both Mum and Dad gasp in surprise … they just didn’t know what to say and just ignored it.

“Did you like it Dad?” I asked innocently

Mum tried to Stifle a laugh at the recent memory and Dad was thoughtful for a second and pushed some off his face into his mouth to taste it.

“Yeh your right, it doesn’t have much taste”

I ran my finger up his chest gathering some on my finger and held it out to Mum, she looked at me then daggers at Dad and popped my finger in her mouth then rolled it round for a second and agreed. I noticed Dads penis started lifting up a little higher.

I scooped some more off Dad’s penis and held it out for Mum but she declined and turned on the shower telling dad to finish up so I could have my turn.

Mum turned away but I watched Dad wash then get out, she ushered him off and closed the door for me.

I had more cum on my hand so I carefully got undressed without getting it on my clothes and played with it, rubbed it on me and tasted it again before finally washing it all away and the slight red smear as well.

Mum got some books the next day and gave me the big sex talk, I told her I was really glad to get some hands on experience as it made it a lot easier to understand the books now.”

“Now that I have embarrassed my self its your turn” I said turning to Nathan

“lets leave until we’re in bed” suggested Nathan getting up to clear the table

The memories had gotten me quite horny so when Nate cuddled up behind me as I was washing the dishes I didn’t mind at all feeling him harden against me.

He lifted my dress seeing my naked butt and dropped his shorts to thrust his hardon into my bum crack, I reached behind and guided him to my hole then pushed back impaling myself on it with a very audible moan.

Nathan looked across and just shook his head muttering “you two are hopeless” then Nate stopped for a moment, I could feel him spurting inside me then he started again.

I reached down to run my fingers lightly across my clit remembering the feeling and smell of my Dad as I came with his grandsons dick spurting inside me again.

I looked over at Nathan and raised my eyebrows in invitation, he grinned, said fuck it then he stripped his work pants off, turned me to face him and pounded me against the kitchen sink while I wrapped my legs around him and hung on through two more climaxes until he dumped his load deep inside me and we collapsed in a heap on the ground exhausted.

Nate was standing nearby watching and playing with himself saying “that was so hot” then he somehow managed to get inside me through the tangle of limbs and with a few short thrusts added another load inside me … I was too tired to help or protest and just lay there and took it.

Eventually we got up and halfheartedly finished the dishes before a quick shower and we all relaxed in bed.

Nathan spoke up once we were settled “I only did it a few times but the first time was when my big sister and I were wrestling in the TV room in front of our parents one day and she had a sundress on, she managed to get on top of me and pinned me down, I could see up her dress but that was not anything unusual as we had never hidden our bodies from each other and often walked around nude or in just underwear.

I was trying to wriggle out and had wrapped my legs around her head and pushed her legs out when her panties made contact with my face, when I breathed in and smelt her fresh fragrance I got hard and it was up against her mouth, she went to yell at me but I was only wearing loose boxers and it pushed into her mouth muffling the sounds.

She clamped down on me to stop me pushing my dick further but it felt so good I started to thrust and came almost straight away while I pushed my face into her panties.

I let her go and she scrambled off me, her face was all red and she ran off and after thinking for a few moments I went to find her to apologise. Luckily Mum and Dad didn’t take any notice.

I stood in her room with my stiff little dick poking straight out, a big wet patch covering the front of my boxers almost crying in shame, my sister had taken her dress off and was standing there in bra and panties and I noticed a wet patch on the front of her grey panties.

I was stammering out an apology but her face softened, she held her arms out, and I rushed to hug her poking her right in the crotch with my stiffie, she didn’t flinch but held me firmly in her embrace.

I told her nothing like that had ever happened before and I don’t know why it did.

I had never had feeling like that before and my dick was as hard as a rock again trapped in the Y of her legs.

I couldn’t help but started a small thrusting motion again, she was crooning “its ok, its fine, its alright”

The heat in me was rising, sis was hugging me tighter as my dick pushed against her mound, then It did it again and I groaned out loud as I felt myself spurting against her pantie clad cleft, sis moaned and shuddered as she thrust against me a few times.

We both relaxed and stopped holding each other so tight “its ok but that should never have happened so don’t say anything to anyone ... it will never happen again” she said firmly

After that she was a little less free around me and I took to smelling her panties while I jerked of into Mums but that soon lost its appeal and I stopped.

We lay there in silence for a while reminiscing, I turned over to face Nate to see him just staring and lazily stroking his erection.

“Your turn” I said gently.

“Well, before mum got sick I’d heard about it in jokes and stuff but never really though about it as Mum and I often walked to and from the shower nude so I never though about Mum in a sex way … it was just natural.

Then when mum got sick my Aunt moved in to help and she walked around with just a dress and no underwear, wore sexy clothes and make up and stuff when she went out etc and I started to think about her in a sexy way.

I sniffed her knickers and got really turned on when I masturbated so kept doing it all the time.

She would often stay out all night and when I smelt them it was not as nice as normal … sort of smelt more like my hand after I had cum.

After mum passed my Aunt came home from shopping and went to her room to change, so I grabbed her fresh knickers out of the basket and after a sniff I put my willy in the little pocket and wanked off into them and put them back and went back to the TV.

Aunty was in the kitchen when she swore and mumbled something about forgetting something and the shop closing, she rushed into the bathroom then as she walked out she stopped and screwed up her face and wriggled then rushed off to the store.

I panicked and looked in the basket but the knickers had gone, she must have put them back on to go to the store.

I felt sure I was going to be in a lot of trouble when she got back

When she came back she dumped the stuff in the kitchen, didn’t even look at me and went straight to her bedroom. I could hear her moan and that funny rhythmic buzzing noise I sometimes heard late at night.

I knew she was going to scold me but wished she would get it over and done with and not put me through so much misery.

She had a shower then came over and I froze in fear, she kissed me on the forehead and went off to the kitchen to make dinner.

All night I waited for the explosion and sometimes half hoped she had not noticed, I went to the bathroom and checked the basket, her knickers were neatly folded up and when I looked the half dry mess was spread all over the gusset so she had to know.”

Nathan had gotten fidgety and spooned me with his erection so I wriggled my butt and reached under me to guide him in.

He knew just what I wanted and took it nice and slow to stroke in and out of me while we both listened to Nate and watched him stroking himself.

Nate continued, “A few days went by and I was beginning to relax, she had not said anything but I only looked in the basket, they always seemed to be on top so I never touched them.

Then the knickers were getting covered by clothes again and I could not help myself and started to sniff them while wanking into a tissue, Auntie then started to hug me a little more each day and her sexy ways soon had me throwing caution to the wind and wanking into her knickers again.

I often heard the buzzing and moans and when I looked through her stuff I found a vibrator so that’s what she was using at night.

When she wasn’t home I would stick the vibrator in my mouth and cum hard into her knickers.

I also discovered the knickers I had soiled were soggy with my mess and the smell of her was a lot more than usual.

One night her door was not shut properly and when I heard the buzzing I peeked around the corner, she had pushed the gusset of her knickers inside herself with the vibrator and was moaning like mad, I started wanking furiously and when I came I got careless and hit the door which swung open and she saw me, she squealed, ripped the vibrator out jumped up and ran towards me with those knickers hanging out of her and slammed the door shut.

She didn’t speak to me all next day and was very weird after that, then she went to the doctors and a couple of days later told me she would have to go back to her husband in Africa and so here I am still doing it and still getting into trouble for it.”

“your not in trouble for it here” I said as I bent down to take his erection in my mouth while Nathan picked up the pace and was soon grunting loudly as he pumped his juices into me. I rolled onto my back and Nate took the hint and entered me and managed to cum just after I did for a change.

The next evening as I was making dinner and Nate was behind me leisurely stroking his erection in and out of me, I stated that I reckoned I must be pregnant, Nathan asked how I knew as it was still too early to get any results, “well think about it” I grunted as Nate came inside me. I walked over to Nathan and took him in my mouth to harden him then mounted him and kept talking.

“you remember when I got pregnant with Becky and I just couldn’t get enough sex?, I wanted it all the time and it took all my willpower to not bang every bloke I saw … and now Nate is doing me 5 or 6 times a day, sometimes more, you are doing me 3 times a day and its still not enough”

Nathan quipped “maybe we could ask a few of Nate’s school friends over?”

I reached down dreamily and rubbed my self to a quick orgasm while Nathan stared at me in wonder saying “I think you would do them as well” then he moaned and thrust harder until he came not long after me.

I got off Nathan and went back to making dinner, “I do like the sound of that but keeping that sort of thing quiet would be impossible and I’m sure you would not like it either”

“Funny you should mention that” said Nathan “In the past I have masturbated to that vision in my head of Nate’s Mum and those three boys but lately I’ve come to realise that it wasn’t the sex I was upset about it was the fact that she cheated on me behind my back, If she had of asked me I probably would have found it thrilling, so, since I like watching you with Nate, I don’t think I would hate it watching you with someone else”

I was shocked and said “someone else or a few at once?”

“I know you love me and you love Nate but if it was only for sex and fun then I don’t think I’d mind either way” said Nathan

“I would like someone else inside me but I really don’t want to face looking at another lover” I said.

Nate had been quietly listening to the exchange and spoke up “perhaps like I’ve done a few times, when your asleep?”

“But then she wouldn’t know” said Nathan “but we could film it or you could pretend to be asleep or drugged?

“then I wouldn’t have to face them and if they thought I was drugged then it wouldn’t be something I would normally do so they would not want anyone to think they were a rapist so wouldn’t say anything to anyone, I like it” I grinned at both Nathan and Nate.

“Jake would do his own grandmother so I’m sure I could arrange something” grinned Nate “and you’d like him too, all the girls fawn after him”

“you sure you won’t mind” I said to no one in particular

“It would be so hot!” they both said in unison and so I grinned lewdly and dragged Nate to the armchair and wrapped my legs around him and whispered “Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

Nathan laughed and took over dinner duties while Nate pounded me into oblivion.

For the rest of the week I was on fire and almost wore Nate out but luckily for him school gave him a chance to recuperate.

Nathan was at work and my vibrator was not what I needed.

Somehow what I needed was to be needed and used, as much as the physical pleasure was nice it was only half of it.

I constantly fantasised about letting some stranger I was walking past get his rocks off inside me and with Nathans Blessing to do it I seriously thought about it but I did not want to be the one to ask for it, if some stranger had of asked I would probably have said yes no matter what he looked like!

Nate had asked Jake if he wanted to stay over but he had dates for Friday and Saturday nights so he asked a Geek friend of his who jumped at the chance, apparently Ben had not many friends and Nate liked him so he agreed to stay Friday night.

Nate apologised that he couldn’t get Jake and showed me a pic he had taken of Ben and himself that day and said I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to do anything and he would try Jake again the next week.

I assured Nate that looks were not a factor and I was looking forward to the night.

Friday night arrived and the boys arrived home from school and I told the boys to go have a shower and get into something more comfortable.

I was horny as hell and was rubbing my pussy every chance I got so I told Ben to go first and Nate could go next.

As soon as the bathroom door closed I bent over the armchair and Nate slipped inside me, I came almost instantly and came again when Nate did.

The door opened as Nate was doing up his zip and I stood and let my dress cover me hoping Ben wouldn’t see the cum running down my leg.

Nathan arrived home from work so I got dinner on the table not long after Nate emerged so I called the boys out for dinner and we had a pleasant time chatting around the table, Ben seemed a very likeable boy if a bit shy.

I teed Nathan up to say he was going to go out with the lads so I set the scene.

“If your going out with the lads I hope your not going to be chasing skirt” I joked.

“Your more than enough for me, you can come along if you want” Said Nathan.

“no I have a slight headache and because I haven’t been getting a good sleep lately so I might take a couple of pills and go to bed early, no doubt you will be home late?” I said

“yeh probably after midnight, how about I give you a quick massage before I go to help you relax” he said.

“now don’t you boys stay up too late and just call Dad if you need anything because you know how those pills knock me right out, come and check on me before you go to bed to make sure I can breath properly will you Nate?” I said.

Nathan and I headed off to the bedroom and we set up the video between two lamps on the mirror shelf overlooking the bed, with the room light off and the two lamps on the video could not be seen and the light was angled such a way as to seem muted but still allow plenty of light to capture the detail.

I practically raped Nathan with the fantasy running through my mind and was hoping I could act the part of an unconscious sleeper.

I had an extra frenetic Orgasm and was quite sure the boys would have heard it.

Nathan got dressed and arranged the single sheet to show plenty of leg and a bit of side boob then whispered to have fun and swaggered out to the boys.

“She should be out like a light shortly, I gave her an extra good massage so she was already very relaxed when I closed the door” winked Nathan “don’t forget to check on her in case she has a pillow or sheet covering her face as she could suffocate, I’ll see you guys tomorrow” said Nathan as he headed out to a friends place to spend a few hours.

Half an hour later I heard the Nate say they should go up to his bedroom and get on the computer, I grinned in anticipation and lay face down trying not to move.

Nate knocked, waited a second the swung the door open, I heard Ben gasp and Nate shooshed him and walked over.

He said we better move her a bit so she can breath and gave me a shake calling my name.

He shook harder and near yelled but I remained impassive.

He tried to roll me but not enough so he asked for Ben’s help and together they rolled me onto my back dragging the sheet with me.

I lay there exposed to Ben’s stare and his “oh fuuuck” painted a brilliant picture.

“wow said Nate” shaking me again “I can see her pussy”

He said to Ben “i’ll lift her leg up, see if you can pull the sheet free”

“what if she wakes up?” worried Ben

“Nah, she’s out to it, we could do anything and she wouldn’t wake up” said Nate as he grabbed and squeezed my bare breast “see, go on cop a feel”

I felt a tentative touch then a firm grab of my other breast followed by a “ooooh nice but its your Mum.”

“She not my real Mum, she’s my Step Mum so I don’t mind” said Nate

He lifted my leg and Ben pulled the sheet free then Nate spread my leg wide before lowering it again, “look at that” said Nate as he pushed my other knee to the side “Dad must have fucked her as his cum is still trickling out”

more oohs and ahhs were forthcoming then Nate set the bait, “you could fuck her and no one would notice as she’s already full of cum”

I heard a nervous giggle and heavy breathing.

“you ever touched a real pussy?” asked Nate in a hoarse whisper as I felt him start slowly running his hand up my leg, “go on, cop a feel”

Nate got between my legs and spread my legs wide then leaned down to stare at my pussy from so close I could feel his breath tickle my lips.

“here, have a good look” said Nate as he moved off to the side.

The bed shifted and I felt a new breath on my pussy with a lustful moan and a light touch on my inner thigh, “go on touch it”

I felt a soft light touch run up my leg and touch a lip before darting away, Nate shuffled closer and I could feel his breath on my belly “put your finger in, I want to watch” said Nate hoarsely

I felt a finger push between my lips but it was too high up to enter me but it rubbed under my clit and a shiver ran through me, Ben pulled his finger away But Nate said “see she loves it”

the finger returned and then I felt Nate’s two hands slide into my crotch and spread my lips.

Ben groaned and I was worried he was going to cum in his pants as he spotted my entrance and slid his finger inside me.

“Ooh Fuck that’s hot” groaned Nate “keep going”

the finger slid easily past one knuckle, then two, then I felt the knuckles of his other two fingers touch my lips.

“Try another one” said Nate in wonder

the finger came out and two slowly inserted in me

“is it tight? try another” said Nate a little bolder

three fingers were now sliding in and out, then I felt a fourth and when he pushed in his thumb hit my clit and an orgasm ripped through me and I couldn’t help myself and moaned as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over me.

Luckily Nate said “don’t move” as soon as he saw what was about to happen otherwise I might have grabbed his hand and pushed my quivering pussy on to it.

“Wow, you just gave her an orgasm in her sleep” said Nate

Ben was breathing very heavy now and started to stroke his fingers into me again.

“you ever fucked before?” said Nate

“n n no” stammered Ben

“well go on, do it, I wouldn’t feel right but your OK” coerced Nate

“go on you’ll love it and she won’t know … as long as you promise not to say anything to anyone ever!”

I was nearly cumming in anticipation as his fingers stopped moving, there was a pause and his fingers vacated my steaming pussy leaving me feeling empty.


my heart fluttered

I felt some shuffling then a touch on my belly then a touch as I felt a penis sliding through my slit to find the hole, he found the entrance and started to slide in when I felt the first of a series of spurts as he came, then finally lost his virginity and plunged all the way in.

As soon as I felt his sparse hairs touch my clit I again leaped into another orgasm and thrust against him, it was all I could do to not grab his arse and pull him tight inside me.

“Strewth, you made her cum again, keep going, do her again” said Nate excitedly

Now that he was in, all caution went to the wind and he started to thrust into me with some force, he laid on top of me and rapidly fucked me until I came again then his strokes got deeper and harder until he stopped and had a far more powerful orgasm than his first one.

I felt several strong spurts and joined him in a powerful orgasm.

Ben collapsed on top of me with his head beside mine, I was feeling so satisfied as I felt the closeness and warmth of him on me.

I heard a rapid fap fap fap and opened my eyes to see Nate looming over me masturbating.

I smiled warmly at him and opened my mouth, Nate shuffled closer and as he neared he managed to get the tip into my mouth and fired shot after shot into me. I had to swallow quick to stop it escaping then he sat back and tried to tuck himself away.

Ben groaned and pushed himself upon his haunches “oh wow, that was the best thing ever”

“you want a go now?” asked Ben

“Nah I can’t, its my Mum” said Nate with real sorrow in his voice

“Wow, look how much stuff is coming out”

Ben moved away and Nate again inspected me then started sliding a finger around and in me.

“you gunna do her again?, You may as well, might not get the chance again” said Nate.

“Sure you don’t want to do her?” said Ben “I won’t say anything if you do and its right there waiting!”

“nah, as much as I would enjoy it, it just wouldn’t seem right and I still have to live here, I wouldn’t be able to look her in the eye again” explained Nate

“yeh I get that, and I think I will do her again … as soon as I go have a pee” said Ben

As soon as Ben walked out the door Nate was in me thrusting away for all he was worth “diid yuoo enjjoy ittt?” asked Nate

I opened my eyes and just grinned at Nate

Before he could finish we heard the flush and Nate quickly pulled out and sat back but he had gone beyond the point of no return so as Ben walked in he kneeled over me and fired his load all over my pussy!

“so near, yet so far” he lamented

“Stop making such a mess” laughed Ben as he used his dick to scrape Nate’s cum into my pussy.

“See, you may as well have fucked her as her pussy is full of your cum anyway” said Ben as his now full erection pushed into me.

Ben was a lot different than Nate as this time he took his time and screwed me for almost an hour before finally coming.

My orgasm train was rolling along merrily and I had several more smaller orgasms

It seemed like they were finished with me as they covered me with the sheet and left me laying there with a soggy wet patch under me and closed the door to a small gap

I was too exhausted to move and drifted off to sleep only to be woken by a stiff dick thrusting inside me, I wasn’t sure who it was so kept my eyes closed and my body still until he had cum.

The orgasm train had departed so I didn’t cum again but was feeling the pleasure of being used.

I heard the toilet flush then their bedroom door shut and a minute later the door opened and someone got on the bed.

A penis was shoved roughly up me and Nate whispered “Fuck I need this!” and rapidly fucked me as fast as he could. I opened my eyes and hugged him smiling broadly as he came deep and hard in me then he gave me a peck on the lips and almost ran out the door, a few seconds later I heard the toilet flush and the door close.

I had almost drifted back to sleep when Nathan came home said goodnight to the boys and fucked me hard and quick adding his load to the mess, surprisingly he only went half soft before he was fully erect and fucking me with as much passion as he ever had.

I had been getting close to orgasm with the two boys in rapid succession and came twice more before Nathan finished and we both slipped into a peaceful sleep.

Next morning Ben had this weird grin every time he looked at me and walked around all morning with an erection he vainly tried to hide.

Saturday nearly killed me as I could only manage to find time for 2 from Nathan and 2 from Nate so on Sunday afternoon I “took another pill” while Nathan went “fishing”, Ben managed to do me 5 times in an hour and a half before he had to head home.

Nate rang Nathan to tell him Ben was just finishing me then ordered a pizza, Ben was almost still wiping his cock clean and walking out the door as Nathan arrived home with the Pizza, we all went to bed to watch the video and my boys took turns on me without stopping until well after midnight.

We all agreed that we were going to have to do this again! … soon!

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My stepbrother

I think its so sweet when my step brother Kevin gives his girlfriend his stuff. He's given her his favorite hat, which he is EXTREMELY protective of. Like, never lets anyone even touch it. He's always going on about how its perfect and it is practically molded to fit his head, and he gave it to her. He also gave her his favorite jacket and he always lets her borrow his lucky karma beads. These things have been his lucky charm for three years. He never takes them off and he hates it when people touch them. He would do anything...


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The Samurai Lovers

In medieval Japan, in the province of Yedo, there lived a young samurai named Ukyo who pined day after day for the love of the handsomely beautiful Uneme. To Ukyo, Uneme was as perfect of a man as he had ever seen. He was young, like him, only sixteen at the most and had the longest sheet of shining black for hair. His face was smooth, free of cuts, blemishes, and as soft as cream which made him look far more youthful that he really was. When he would practice with Samanosuke, another young samurai, Ukyo would watch, as his small...


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In the Middle of the Middle of September

For no particularly fascinating reason I found myself staying with my aunt Renee. In the coming month, I would either move back east or move into the condo my mother was in the process of buying, just in case I needed a little buffer time. 
I already knew I needed buffer time. I also needed the buffer time to fully explain the situation to her. I had at a certain point and time, figured out who I was suppose to be and the sooner I could get to that point and stop being who I currently was, the better for me...


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Every guys dream_(1)

Ever since I was a little boy I've always loved wearing girl's clothes. I remember going through my mother's lingerie drawer and trying on her panties and bras. I loved the way the silky sheer material felt against my body. As I got older I had less opportunities to indulge in my fetish until I got married. When my wife was away or at work I would wear her panties and bras while I masturbated. Luckily she was as tall as I was so the fit was pretty close. I would encourage her to buy plenty of sexy lingerie knowing that...


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Deployment Fantasy

I want to tell you all about my deployment to Turkey. I was lonely and didn't feel like doing the same as all the other guys. You know talking to girls back state side hoping that I could set something up for when I get back. I was in a room with 8 guys in 4 bunk beds, and I wanted to find someone who was stationed here with their own room. Maybe even a house. So I went to the yard sale group on Facebook and started looking through the members list for a friend. Who knows, maybe I knew...


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Chapter 3 of my series; Rachel comes to the front

Reading through this I have found some of the dialect from my area has snuck in,, so to save all the comments about spelling and grammar, I’ll explain it. We use ‘me’ in place of ‘my’ in some instances and our mother is ‘mam’, so when Rachel say’s “I fell off me bike” and “This is me mam” this is correct speak for her. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, that have got through. I was around 24 and Susan 20 when we married, in under a year I was made head ground keeper, due to Sid retiring, this gave me more...


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