Curious Siblings (Part 4)

Curious Siblings (Part 4)

Alice obediently did as I asked and laid down, all without breaking eye contact with me. I could see the lust in her eyes. She was completely consumed by her body's natural desires.

I stared at her body as she laid in front of me. Scanning every bit of her with my eyes. Her tan skin glowing with the rays of sun coming in from the window bouncing off of her. Her light brown nipples perfectly perked up in the air. I knelt by her feet and began to run my hands up and down her legs. Teasing her, rubbing the inside of her thighs getting as close as I could to her young pussy before pulling back. Alice was biting down on her bottom lip doing her best not to squirm off the bed as I did it.

“Mmm, does it feel good Alice?” I asked

“Ughh Michael, it feels so good… please don't stop”

After enough teasing I began to slowly caress her tiny pussy. Spreading her juices around her, rubbing on her little clit. Alice quietly moaned with each circle motion I did around her pussy.

“Mmm more Michael.. I want you to do more”

“Oh Alice.. Anything you want little sis, tell me what you want me to do next”

I knew exactly what she wanted but was really enjoying hearing her say it.

“Ugh Michael.. Will you please lick my pussy”

Those words struck me like a lighting bolt. Despite cumming just minutes before I was instantly hard again. I wanted to taste her so bad.

“Mmm.. absolutely baby sis, i'm dying to taste you”

Alice released a slightly louder moan when I said that. Unsure how to start, I bent over and began to kiss her upper thighs. Starting around the middle of her thigh and slowly working my way up. I could smell her scent as I began to inch closer and closer to her wet little slit. Finally I arrived and stuck my tongue out and gave it a slow lick from the bottom near her taint to the top of her clit. Alice’s leg began to shake the second my tongue touched her.

“Oh my god Michael!, that feels sooo good”

Like I was holding a popsicle I continued to lick her pussy up and down, spreading her lips with my tongue as I passed through them. She tasted incredible, and her scent triggered my animalistic behavior and sent me on a frenzy on her pussy. I couldn't get enough of it, I began to bury my face in her and licked every inch of her pussy.

Alice's moans began to get louder and louder so she grabbed a pillow and covered her face with it to keep mom from hearing anything from the other room. I knew Alice had to be close to finishing. Her back was arched up away from the bed and her peach fuzz on her body was raised in the air with goosebumps.

“Mm does it feel good littl…” I began to ask but had my head pushed back into her pussy before I could even finish my sentence.

“YES, don't stop. I'm about to finish!”

I complied and continued to slobber all over her pussy. My mouth and tongue had gone numb from licking her up and down but it wasn't going to stop it. I grabbed on to her hips and pulled my face as deep as I could into her and began to suck on her pussy.

“Holy SHIT” Alice said as I did that. And Alice never cussed so I knew she liked it.

“I'm finishing Michael”

I sucked on her lips harder and harder while sticking my tongue inside of her. My face now completely covered in her juices she began to buckle.

“Uh Uh Uh” Her breathing and moaning continued to increase.

“Ahhhhhhhh” Alice grabbed on to the back of my head and pushed it hard against herself as she was in full orgasm. She had my hair clamped tightly in her fingers and I kept licking until she let up. Alice began to wind down but still laid motionless like she was in a state of shock. I lifted my head and stared at her smiling.

‘Well..” I remarked

“Michael, that was incredible… I have never felt something so incredible in my life..” She responded.

I was overjoyed. I loved the taste of her on my face and wanted to lick her for the rest of my life.

“Michael, did we just have sex?” Alice asked me

I was familiar with the word but truthfully didn't 100% know what counted as sex. I had a puzzled look on my face and stared back at Alice.

“Umm.. I'm not sure Alice.. If we did.. I certainly loved it”

Alice stared back at me.

“That had to be sex. Mom and I were watching a movie one time and the two people took their clothes off and went under the bed and the girl said it was incredible.. That had to be it”

It made sense to me as she said it but I still wasn't sure. The thought of asking mom about it crossed my mind but I wasn't sure if it was a good idea.

“I'll find out and let you know,” I reassured Alice.

“Deal” she cheerfully responded.

“Well, we better get ready before mom catches us, why don't I go take a shower first” I told Alice.

Alice agreed and began to put her panties back on and return to her bed.

Still naked, I quietly opened the door and headed towards the bathroom. The coast was clear and mom's room was still closed so I was confident that she hadn't heard anything.

I went in the bathroom, turned the water on as hot as I could handle and simply rested underneath the heat of it. My dick was still raging hard but I didn't have the energy to do anything with it. I just rested.

After a while of just sitting in the shower I heard a knock on the door.

“Alice, is that you?” yelled from outside the door.

It was my mom, but she thought it was Alice in the shower. I didn't tend to take too long usually so she must have thought it was her. I also didn't usually shower so early if I didn't have to.

“It's Michael, Mom,” I responded.

“I really need to pee, can you please open the door”

I felt a bit of panic remembering the previous night between us. I felt a wave of excitement come over me as I realized I still had a boner.

“Yeah, one sec mom”

I stepped out of the shower and unlocked and opened the door. I made sure not to rush to quickly back into the shower and casually walked back like it wasn't a big deal. Mom walked inside.

“Sorry Mikey, I really need to pee and couldn't hold it.”

The curtains were blue but were mildly see through looking out from the inside. I saw as mom dropped her panties to her ankles and sat on the toilet.

“Sorry, I hope this isn't too weird Michael, I just really needed to go”

“It's fine Mom, I don't mind. Besides, you saw me naked yesterday so I think we can handle this..” I responded. Knowing that the comment was sure to invoke a response.

“Yeah.. I guess that's true..” Mom responded.

She finished up and stood back up. She then headed towards the door and closed it.

“Michael.. I wanted to chat with you about yesterday, you sister is still asleep so let's just do it now..” Mom nervously remarked.

I got worried, maybe I was in trouble after all.

“Ok, what's up mom?” I responded from inside the shower still.

“I just want to make sure you’re okay with what happened last night.. I may have taken things too far but I just wanted to help you” She responded.

Again relieved that I was in the clear I responded:

“Mom, you didn't take things too far I don't think.. I really appreciated your help” I warmly responded.

I noticed as mom walked up closer to the she shower.

“Ok Michael, you would tell me if you were uncomfortable right?”

“Of course I would Mom”

“Ok son, good. Now, I need to take a shower too and get ready for work.. Are you don't yet..?”

“Oh.. sorry mom.. I forgot you had to work today. Yeah uh… i'm almost done.. Just need to wash up real quick”

“It's fine Mikey, don't rush.. I know we haven't showered together in a long time but seeing as I saw you naked yesterday, do you mind if I just jump in with you?” She asked

As if my dick wasn't hard enough, now it was throbbing again. She had seen me naked but I hadn't seen my mom naked in years. I began to shake from the excitement.

“Umm, yeah mom, that's totally fine, hop in” I responded, doing my best not to sound like I was losing my shit.

I watched the silhouette of my mom bend over and remove her panties, then lift her shirt off over her head. I saw her hand come through the curtains and there she was.. Stepping inside the shower with me.

“Wow” I said subconsciously as I first laid eyes on her voluptuous tits. Immediately after, I turned around.

“Sorry mom, I didn't meant to stare”

She laughed.

“Its okay Michael, I would have been offended if you didn't” She gleefully responded. “You can look…”

I slowly turned around facing down at her feet and slowly worked my way up her body. She had tan skin like Alice, with light brown hair. Despite not being much taller than Alice, her thighs were meatier and her hips framed her body like an hourglass. Not trying to stare too long I quickly glanced at her pussy as I raised my head. She had much more pubic hair than Alice, but it was neatly shaped into a triangle over her pussy lips. Skipping her chest I looked up her face to try and be modest.

“Wow mom, you have an incredible body…” I said.

“Thank you baby. Not bad for a 36 year old huh?” She said while chucking again.

I nodded no, frozen, like a kid at a candy shop for the first time.

“Well Michael, I was thinking last night after you left about how I needed to be here for you to teach you about puberty since you don't have anyone else to teach you.. And well, I thought a good learning exercise would be to show you the woman's body.. What do you think?”

Still frozen I did my best to spit out my response..

“Umm, yeah mom.. That would be very helpful..” I stuttered every word out.

“Okay, I know you're a little embarrassed so i'm going to close my eyes and let you look at everything you want”

I was in heaven. Alice looked incredible naked but my mom was a woman. First I stared at her boobs, they were so round and perky, and her nipples were perfect. Larger than Alice’s but much more proportionate with her boobs size. I was dying to touch them but didn't want to push my luck. Next I looked at my moms pussy. Her pubes were like an arrow pointing down at her pussy. Her lips were puffier than Alices, and her lips stuck out a little further. Her clit was also stuck out a little more, it looked like a little button just over her lips. I stared for at least 5 minutes when my mom finally spoke.

“Have you got enough?” She asked, with her eyes still closed.

“Well Mom, I could realistically stare at your forever..” I responded

She laughed and opened her eyes back up. Glancing down at my boner she said:

“Well based on the look of that, you really liked what you saw” She said as she gestured at my penis.

“Haha yeah.. He's been hard since the moment you walked in the bathroom, but now it feels like he's going to explode”

“Slow down there cowboy, do you have any questions about Mommy's body you’d like to ask?”

I thought about what I could ask, I obviously knew a little more than she knew but I still wasn't going to pass the opportunity to learn more.

“Hmm.. Ok, I do have a question.. When I play with my dick it feels really good, do girls play with their vaginas too? And does it feel good also”

“Well of course they do Michael, masturbation is normal for both sexes to do”

The word sex caught my attetnion again. I remembered what had happened with Alice and I knew I needed to ask mom about it. But I wanted to wait for that one a bit.

“Umm, okay, that makes sense.. But umm.. How does a girl do that?” I asked, taking a leap of faith.

“Umm.. well, there are a variety of ways a girl could masturbate…”

I wasn't 100% sure yet, but I thought I could see my moms pussy glistening like she was wet. Her demeanor told me she was just as horny as I was.

“Hmm, like how?” I eagerly asked.

“Well Mikey, it would probably be easier if I just showed you…”

Now I was 100% sure she was just as horny as me and I couldn't believe it. I was the luckiest kid on the planet.

“Wow, really?” I asked

“Yes… pay attention…, this is my clit” She put her fingers on her pubes and pulled up to highlight her clit area. “I can rub it with my fingers like this” She began to do circle motions around her clit.. Releasing a moan as she did it…. She then moved her fingers down towards her lips, “I can rub my pussy from top to bottom like this…” she rubbed her lips, parting them with her fingers, Now I knew she was soaked… “Or lastly, I can stick my fingers inside my pussy and go in and out with them…” She placed two fingers inside herself and began to move them in and out. This time, tilting her head back and moaning even louder.

I was glued to her every move.

“Wow Mom, that looks incredible.. And it looks like it feels really good for you..”

She continued to play with herself and she nodded yes.

“Do you mind if I jerk myself too? Watching you play with yourself has made me really horny and I'm not sure I can hold it anymore..”

She looked at me and squinted her eyes.

“Hmm.. I have a better idea… I want to know if you were paying attention sooo… why don't you play with Mommy's pussy and I can play with you? That way we are both satisfied.. Does that work for you..?”

I was through the moon hearing her say that.

“Umm, of course Mom.. that sounds like a great idea..” I cheerfully responded.

“Okay baby, show me what you learned then..”

I stepped closer to my mom, my boner nearly touching her and reached my hand towards her already soaked pussy. I started with her clit like she had shown me and began to rub small circles around it.

“Like this..?” I innocently asked.

“Oh yes baby.. Just like that..” She moaned in response

Then I moved my fingers down and began to rub her lips. Her juices stringing from my fingers to her opening. I used all 4 of my fingers to rub her entire pussy up and down.

“Omg baby, yes, just like that”

She was so lost in the moment that she hadn’t even touched me yet but I didn't care. I could cum without even being touched with how excited I was. I knew she was going to lose it once I put my fingers inside. I stepped to the side of her to have a better angle and reached my middle and ring finger inside of her, with a hooking motion I began to tug back and forth, reaching in my memory when I had fingered Alice and how much she liked it.

“Oh FUCK Michael” she released “You’re going to make mommy cum”

With her legs buckling she reached over and grabbed on to my throbbing dick. She began to violently stroke it back and forth while I continued to finger her pussy.

“Oh baby don't stop, I want you to make me cum and want you to cum on mommy”

The words alone could make me blow my load.

“Oh god Mommy, I'm going to cum” I moaned loudly.

“Yes baby!! Mommy is cumming too, cum on mommy… cum on me baby” She moaned as she continued to tug hard on my cock.

I couldn't hold it any longer. I began to shoot my load, with each spurt bouncing off her stomach.

“Yes baby.. Cum.. cum all over me”

I continued to blast all over her, some reaching as high as her tits. Still doing my best to finger her while I came.

“Oh baby it's my turn.. Keep going.. Tug faster” She pleaded.

I tugged up and down as hard as I could, my arm completely numb already.

“Oh baby i'm going to squirt.. Baby don't stop!!!” She yelled

“Ahhhhhh Ahhh ahhhhh fuck…. Ahhh” She yelled as she began to squirt all over my hands and arms. I saw where Alice got it from. It was just as incredible to watch as the first time as I saw it happen. I slowed down and rubbed the outside as her orgasm winded down.

“Omg Michael.. You are an incredible student.. I haven't came that hard in years...:” she said panting. “Look at your cum all over mommy's stomach and tits”

“God mom, you were incredible too. You make me feel incredible.. And I love that you squirted all over me too..does that always happen” I asked

“No baby, just when it feels really good, so you should be proud of yourself”

Satisfied with my answer I smiled.

“Ok baby, I really need to get ready to go to work”

“Ok mom” I began to walk out of the shower, “WAIT. I have one last question….”

“Yes son, what is it?”

“Was that sex? Or.. what is concidered sex..?

“Oh baby.. , no that’s not sex.. That's just playing with hands… I’ll have to tell you more about sex later….”

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