Christmas at the shore- part 5

Christmas at the shore- part 5

Please read the first four parts to understand the story, it's sort of complicated. Enjoy, and this may be the last part, so let me know if this must continue.


I walked into the kitchen to meet whoever was supposed to be coming downstairs, and it was Kelly. She was looking through the fridge, getting some milk. She gets milk at night a lot. Probably should have thought of that tonight.

“’sup.” I said.
“Getting some milk.” She grunted.

I walked out of the kitchen, and gave a thumbs up, kind of like a false alarm. I lay back down next to Lisa, but I was too tired to do anything. I passed out quick with my arm around her.

After we ate lunch the next day, the parents went out to Lunch on the boardwalk, and I gave Kelly and Natalie a ride to the shops. We had the house to ourselves again, which the parents probably figured would be dangerous, but I guess they didn’t care. I walked into the kitchen after parking, to find all of Lisa’s friends bags packed up. I guess they were leaving soon. I walked into the living room, which was clean from last night. I headed upstairs to the loft, where they were all just sitting around, watching tv or something. I took a seat on my bed next to Matt, who was on my computer doing nothing. Lisa was laying down taking a nap, and the three girls were sitting on a sofa I brought up, curled up watching a chick flick on tv. Matt got up for to grab a water, so I moved the computer on the floor, and kneeled on the bed, and nudged Lisa.

“Hey, Lisa. Lisa.” I said, hand on her shoulder.
“Wha… yeah, yeah. Hey.” She replied.
“Morning.” I said.
“It’s snowing.” She said.

It was. It got pretty dark for Noon, and flurries fell. It was cool to see at the shore. I lay down next to her, head in my hand. She kissed me, and I pulled the covers over me, to snuggle in. We made out for a few minutes, but when I took my shirt off and threw it, I instantly turned to look at the three witches. They looked unperturbed, focused on what they were doing. I looked back at Lisa, who smirked. We kept going at it, and I took her shirt off and my sweatpants. She lay straight back, and I rolled above her, knees on each of her side. I slid her panties off and my boxers, and pulled the covers to my shoulders for cover. I lowered my head to her crotch, and licked at her clit. I licked harder and harder at it, slipping it in now and then. Her hands went through my hair, and pulled when I went faster.

“Shit, Joe. Shiiit-“ she whispered. I brushed my lips against her clit, and licked. The harder she pulled, I could taste more juice flowing out. She began her climax, and pulled my hair straight up. When she finally finished, my tongue was all the way in. I looked back up, and kissed her tummy, legs, and pussy. All of that action got me hard, so I leaned up to her, lined myself up, and entered. She threw her head back, mouth agape, and sighed. I thrust forward slowly, pacing myself. I put head on her covered boobs, and she put her hands around me. She dug her nails into my back, so I went faster. She was crazy tight, she felt better than any time I had sex before. Her hot snatch was unbelievable to experience. I looked down to see me enter, which was awesome to watch. It was like I was in a dream, watching my dream happen. I always wanted to sleep with a girl like this, like classic sex. I started to kiss her again, and she put her hands around my shoulders. I fucked harder, but tried to keep it quiet so I wouldn’t be rude.

“I love you—aagghh-“ I whispered in her ear.
“Same.” She said back.

She lifted her hips as I pumped the hardest could. We were going to come together.

“I’m coming!” I said.
“Me too—OHH!”

We came together, like it was meant to be. I started to kiss her neck and chest, while she played with my hair. She got out of bed a couple of minutes later, pulling her panties up before, of course. We got dressed together, and she walked out to go to the bathroom. She closed the door behind her. I checked my phone quick, but before I could leave the room, the three witches stood in front of the door, blocking me out. I wonder what they wanted. I sighed, sat on the couch, and crossed my arms. “No.” I said.

“You have a choice?” said Cassie.
“Are you going to betray Lisa like this? Just fuck Matt, for God’s sake.”
“He’s a douchebag. Get on the bed.”

Cassie walks over and punches me in the face. Legit punch, too. I covered it with my hand, walked over to the bed, and sat down.

“Lay down.”

I lay down, and they start to tie me to the bedposts. I sat up, and they all pulled their pants off. I watched as the ring leader pulled mine off, threw off my boxers, and got in front of me. She grabbed my dick, and forcibly blew me. She wanted to get me hard, quick. She looked me dead in the eye, trying her best. I looked away at the wall, focusing my mind on not getting hard. I heard the shower running, ruining my hopes of Lisa intervening. I couldn’t help it anymore, and I was stiff as could be.

“You’re gonna love this.” Jane said.

Cassie gets up, lowers her panties, gets back, and sits on my lap. She tries to kiss me, but I did my best not to kiss back.

“You might as well try and enjoy it.”
“Naw, Lisa’s my girl. I love her too much.”

She grabbed me with her left hand, sat up, and lowered herself onto me. The other two girls sat on either side of me, kissing me all over, and playing with Cassie. Cassie started to bounce, and took her shirt off, braless. Her tits began to bounce, and I started to watch. I yanked my hands in their knots, to no avail. I smacked my head against the headboard, and closed my eyes. Cassie bends forwards and kissed me, and I couldn’t hold back. I made out with her reluctantly, while she rolled her pelvis in a circle, which felt great, admittedly. She threw her hands in her hair in a really sexy way, playing with her long blonde hair. I watched my trapped cock get toyed around, until Cassie came hard. Cassie got up, and Jane untied me. Cassie went over, locked the door, and Jane bent over the bed. I stood behind her, slid my cock inside, and stood there motionless. Jane did all of the work, and I watched her. She was incredibly sexy, her brown hair looked great on her back. Cassie and Dina stood behind me, running their hands all over me and Jane. I held her hips, doing nothing else. Jane arched her back up, angling her body against mine, hands on the back of my head. My face was buried in her hair, and I started to fuck back. Her slammed back as hard as she could, until I came on her back.

“Hey, that was mine!” Jane said.
“Hell, no it wasn’t.” I replied. I walked over to the sofa, rubbing myself again. Dina walked over, pushed me back against the sofa, and sat on my lap, back facing me. I widened my legs, and Dina held me in her hand, lowering herself onto me. She was the tightest of the three, and I could’ve came there. She started as fast as she could straight away, wanting me to come. Cassie and Jane sat on either side of me, kissing my chest. I held Dina’s hips, letting her bounce on me, until she rocked back and forth on my dick. I sat back, ready to explode.

“Gonna—come.” I said.

She went rapid fire on me, until I couldn’t handle it. I went to pull myself out, but Cassie blocked my hands from moving. She held me back!


I came in her. Shit. I definitely didn’t want the chance of her getting pregnant, especially a slut who raped me.

All three of them thanked me, as I sat there, dumbfounded of what just happened. I sat there, scared if Lisa would be told a lie. I got up, cleaned myself off, and got dressed as they walked out of the room. Lisa walked in a minute later, towel covering her. She closed the door, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I lied.
“Good. Because I need you.”

She sat next to me, kissed me on the lips, and took off her towel. She layed on her chest on the bed, feet up. I took off my clothes quickly, and got behind her. She lifted her butt in the air, and I beat myself off until I was hard enough, and entered her. Her wet body was so sexy, I loved her. I started to fuck her, hovering over her, kissing her neck, while she lifted her ass and fucked me back. I watched myself go in and out, and she grabbed my head, kissing me back as we passionately made love. I slowly fucked her back, until she came. When she climaxed finally, I started to feel the twinge, and I upped my pace big time. The faster I went, we moaned together louder and louder the closer I got and the harder I went. When I was about to blow, I slowed down more and more, finally blowing it hard in her. She put her towel back on, and got on top of me. We lay there forever, just slowly kissing.

“When those whores finally leave, let’s never stop. 24-7.” She said.
“Deal.” I said.

They left an hour later. They all kissed me on the cheek goodbye outside, but I didn’t hug them goodbye or anything. I hated them, even though they were sexy and tight as hell. They drove off in the escalade, finally gone. Matt came back from the doctor’s from his MRI with his mom, who was staying for Christmas. We walked upstairs, and sat down on the bed. Matt took a seat on the sofa, put up his leg, and put his head back. He laughed as he remarked on their departure. I looked at Lisa, who smiled. Her big brown eyes lit up the barely lit room, and her smile made me feel all tingly inside. He kissed me on the cheek, walked over to my bag, grabbed my computer, and signed on. My phone rang, and it was my mom.

“Hello?” I said.
“Joey? It’s mom. Get dressed.”
“Why? We going to dinner?”
“Later. We’re going to mass.”
“Awww, man. I feel sick.”
“Bullshit. Meet us at St. Sebastian’s or I’m kicking you ass. No car for a month.”

I looked at Lisa. “Mass?” She asked.

“Yeah.” I looked back.
“It’s Christmas eve. We’re getting it overwith at least.”
“Yeah, but no kid likes going mass on Christmas.”
“Hell, I don’t either. We won’t have to go tomorrow morning though. More time to enjoy presents.”


I put on some jeans, my t-shirt, a polo, and some sneakers. I put some deodarant on too, probably needed it after today. Matt wore basically the same thing, but Lisa looked amazing. She put a black skirt on that was proper length for mass, and a nice white shirt, with heels. Her body looked amazing, but she wasn’t dressed skimpy. It was gonna be tough at mass. I hated Catholic mass, especially holiday ones. Way too long.

We got there an hour or so later, it was a bit of a drive there. It was packed as hell, and my parents, Lisa’s parents, and Matt’s mom had a row for us in the middle of the column. We took a seat, I sat in between Natalie and Lisa. Matt sat on the end so his leg would be free, and Lisa was scrunched up, so she sat against me. My parents wouldn’t notice, so I held her hand on my side. I turned my phone on silent to be polite, and Lisa gave me hers to hold on to.

After the reading, she took her phone from me. She texted someone slyly, and I took it back. During the gospel reading, while we stood up, I looked at my phone quickly. I saw a text on my phone, it was Lisa. It read:

Whn th priest reads 2 th kids, go 2 th vestibule.

I looked at her, and nodded. Thank God I knew what a vestibule was. It’s the room you enter when you enter a church if you didn’t know that. Catholic school was good, I guess. She got up during the homily, telling her mom she didn’t feel great, to fix herself up. The priest here always reads to the kids a nativity story, so I got up when he started. All the kids went to the alter to sit around Father, and I walked to the back. Lisa was standing there, and motioned me to head downstairs. There were bathrooms there, next to an emergency exit for outside. She took my hand, led me to the bathroom, and quickly kicked off her heels and slid off her undies. I unzipped my pants, lowered them a bit, and started to kiss her. I’ve heard of confessional quickies, but this was better. She put her hands on the sink, back facing me. I lined myself up quickly, and entered, eagerly moving quickly, slamming hard. I watched my dick go under the skirt into a tight snatch. It was fantasy made real, and I loved it. She grabbed my neck and played with my hair, while I kissed her neck. She started to shake, and I got closer and closer to climax. Her amazing ass looked great in the skirt, but while I fucked it, I was in love with it. She bent over more so I could get a better look, and when I did, I slowed down. I grabbed her hips, focused on the action. I put a hand on each side of her on the sink, started to pump, and quickened. She lay there, whispering coos so no one could hear us. She came first, shortly me thereafter. I kissed her for a minute, and she walked out first. I cleaned myself off, readjusted my clothes, and got out. We got back upstairs as the story ended.

After we ate dinner, we went upstairs and hung out. The three of us got high and we watched movies until we passed out, so we wouldn’t stay up in excitement for Christmas. During the night, Lisa and I made out, never getting too far. We didn’t want to get pregnant, cause we fucked so much that day.

On Christmas, we got a ton of presents. I got a fancy new computer, and a phone. I also got some sweet sweaters and some kicks, Lisa got some girly shit and Matt got shoes and clothes. I really didn’t need anything, just some time alone with her would be nice. Matt didn’t care if we did shit in front of him, as long as he was high or something while we did it. That night, we had a great time. Matt stole a 24 pack from a Deli, and we were gonna get shitfaced.

At around nine-thirty, Dad came upstairs and checked in. He probably thought something would happen on Christmas, but we weren’t acting suspicious, Matt actually fell asleep while he was in the doorway talking about mass. He and mom were very religious. I felt shameful talking to him, cause he thought I cared. I guess I didn’t, religion didn’t interest me much. Bodily desire was more awesome to me.

When he finally left, I woke Matt up, and showed him the pack was under the bed. Lisa did the honors of opening the first beer, and we all chugged one for family. I was with the only two people I ever wanted to be with, getting drunk on Christmas. This was like a dream come true. I felt like nothing could possibly ruin this for me, and I’m glad nothing had. I drank and drank, Lisa was drunk pretty early on, and Matt took forever to feel anything. His athleticism really worked well, I guess. After she couldn’t drink anymore, I was laying down on the bed. She tossed her cans in the box, and climbed on me. We pulled each other’s clothes off, and she rode me while her chest was on mine. We fucked in arms, feeling good. We probably weren’t gonna get up tomorrow, I was bad at recovering from drinking. I don’t know about her. The feeling of her smooth, sexy body on mine fulfilled my fantasies of girls. I hope college would be this sick.

I woke up okay. I got up at around 1030, cleaned up some cans, and got back in bed, only to feel the rush of pain sear through my skull. The burning in my temples tore me apart. The only comfort I had was a blanket, pillow, and goddess in my arms. The door was never opened because of the cap I put in front of the door, but I guess that may have been a bad risk to fall asleep nude. She woke up twenty minutes later, and the same thing happened to her. We chilled there to sleep some off, but I needed a shower. I told her I was gonna, so I stumbled out of bed, grabbed new clothes out of my bag, and headed down the hall.

I tossed my stuff aside, and turned on the water. I sat there, rubbing my head. After I took my shirt off, Lisa appeared past the threshold. She winked, and started to slide off her clothes. I stepped in, and as the water hit me and seeing my naked girl, I started to feel better. I let the hot water hit my crotch, and let Lisa step in ahead of me. She faced the shower head, so I got right behind her and started to caress her body. Her ass squeezed up right against me, which felt great. I kissed her neck and face from behind her, and grabbed her waist. I pushed us against the shower head wall, pointed the water at us from above, and slid my cock in. Her body was against the wall, letting me go. It let me slide as far as I could, so I grabbed around her waist as hard as I could and fucked as hard and fast as I could. Her whines were too hard and frequent that they were barely audible, and I groaned as I kept kissing. The heat of the shower and the heat of her vagina was too much, and I was in total ecstasy. It felt like nothing I had ever felt, it was almost too hot, like it was boiling.

“I’m coming!” I said.
“Just do it!” she said.

I blew my load harder than I had ever done it with her before. I pushed in as far as I could before I did, which felt even better. We kissed for ten minutes under the hot water after that. Nothing could go wrong.

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