Maternal Instincts Chapter 4

Maternal Instincts Chapter 4

Maternal Instincts
Chapter 4

Marybeth found herself in Denzel's influence as they were alone at her bungalow. He asked her to shower and clean herself out thoroughly Marybeth was sure he would take her in the shower again but he didn't. After Marybeth had showered and douched out the mess that was still inside her she felt cleaner. She touched up on some shaving, her legs and around her pussy and underarms. When she left the bathroom He had her put on a light sundress without a bra. Marybeth looked at him funny a few times. Then Denzel asked her why she was looking at him funny. She kind of grinned and told him she half expected him to try and fuck her. He looked at her long and hard then whispered " I'm going to but I waited for you to bring it up". Marybeth kind of blinked and stuttered for a minute. She sputtered out "but I didn't mean...". Denzel smiled and said "you need to be fucked... Lay back on that bed, put your heels up and spread those legs wide". Marybeth began to object but Denzel raised one finger and pointed to the bed. Marybeth layed back on the bed, placed her heels far apart and spread her legs very wide. She even pulled her skirt up around her waist. Denzel was soon naked and very hard. He began rubbing his cockhead around Marybeth's shaved pussy then slid it slowly up and down her slit and noticed the combo of his pre-cum and her juices made her very wet. He had one hand around his cock and guided it so the head was just entering her hole. He made little nudges but never pushed in any deeper. He stayed ther for a couple minutes then withdrew and rubbed up and down Marybeth's pussy. The second time he placed his cockhead at her entrance and applied a little pressure but did not enter so Marybeth acted. She raised her hips easing him into her. She whimpered as his huge cock entered her about 4 inches then he stopped. Marybeth whimpered a bit more and rocked her hips. Denzel leaned down and whispered "You want me to fuck you? Are you a slut? Do you really want fucked?" Marybeth bit her lower lip and rocked her hips a bit then bit her lower lip and finally said "Yes.... I'm a slut and I want fucked" in a quiet voice. Denzel reached down and grabbed her ankles. In one smooth move he had her legs straight up and wide wide open. He pushed back so her knees were over her shoulders. Her pussy was open for the plowing. Denzels cockhead was all that was inside her as he held still. Marybeth whimpered then said "Fuuuck meee..." With those words Denzel slammed into her and she screamed. He commenced to fuckher in a very brutal assault on her pussy. After just a few minutes Marybeth cried out and tensed her hips in an earth shattering orgasm. Denzel was not far behind her. He chuckled and said "You really are a slut....It's awesome". Marybeth covered her face and groaned into her hands "God I am... I shouldn't...It's bad" she sighed and whispered almost to herself "but I am".
Denzel led Marybeth into the bathroom and had her clean up, do her hair, fix up her makeup, and then handed her a nice little thong to wear under her sundress. When they left the bungalow it was nearly noon. Marybeth and Denzel went to a small restraunt down the beach and had lunch. Marybeth asked him what was going to happen today. Denzel smiled and looked out over the ocean and shook his head. "The boss has something special planned for you. You may love it you may not". He looked at his watch then announced it's time to go. They got in his car and drove to a new Hacienda up on a hill overlooking the ocean several miles from Cabo. Denzel led her into the place and was greeted by several people in shorts, bathing suits, etc. They passed through the main areas and to a back set of buildings. They entered what looked like an office and a large hispanic man greeted Denzel. He handed him a large box and told Denzel " It is finished exactly as you wanted. Denzel handed the box to Marybeth and said "Go in that room and put this on and use this brush and hair band and do your hair in ponytail". Marybeth didn't question, she walked into a changing/bathroom and opened the box. When she looked inside she almost laughed. It was confusing but here was a cheerleaders outfit and it was actually to the high school she had attended as a teenager. She pondered that a minute wondering how..... As her mind wandered there was a quick knock on the door and someone saying "hustle up". Marybeth changed into the cheerleaders outfit and since there was no panties with it she kept her white thong on. She quickly brushed her hair and pulled it back into a ponytail. When she looked in the mirror there was a picture of her 20 years ago. She shook that off and exited the bathroom.
Marybeth walked into the main office dressed as a cheerleader from 20 years past and was escorted into another office. The man sitting behind the desk was a very large black man. He was scary to look at and had a demeanor of a killer. Marybeth was terrified of him immediately. He used no charm and was brutally blunt. This was a complete change from the smooth almost likeable Denzel or his boss Samuel. He looked at her and said "I'm known as Mr X. I know who you are and what you do. Your here for more." Mr X went on to tell her that her daughter was on a sailing yacht somewhere South of Cabo. Terry and her friends were entertaining guests of his boss. He asked Marybeth if she'd like a glimpse. She nodded yes and asked if her daughter was alright. X answered "Yes, but that depends on you now." as he opened a cabinet to display a big screen TV. He clicked on a few buttons on a remote and an image appeared. The girl on the screen seemed familiar. X laughed and said "Looks like your daughters friend Ann." At that point Marybeth recognized her. Ann was naked and two guys were on either side of her holding her up in the air in a sitting position. A hand under each knee and a shoulder under each arm. Her head was lolling around and she was obviously loaded. The two guys moved their hands under her knees to show her legs wide open. They held Ann up and over a guy laying on a massage table. The guy on the table was laying on his back and holding his hard cock upright as the two guys on either side of Ann placed her over him. They lowered her down and the guy underneath her directed his cock right at Ann's asshole. As she was placed on his cock she perked up a bit realizing she was being lowered onto a cock that was entering her ass. They raised her and lowered her a couple times the unceremoniously let her down onto him quickly. She yelped as she was impaled on him. The guy underneath Ann grabbed her arms and pulled her elbows behind her. She displayed a great deal of pain on her face and began to object that this was too rough and that it hurt. With her arms pinned behind her, a cock balls deep in her ass, the guys on either side pulled her legs wide open. She could go nowhere. A large black man stepped up between her legs and placed a huge cockhead between Ann's pussy lips and slowly entered her. Ann began howling about size and pain and begged them to stop. The big guy just laughed and said "Fuck you slut... This is just the beginning of your day." He pushed into her deeply and without any feeling for her or her pain. Within a minute he was brutally fucking her pussy as Ann screamed in pain. Within a couple more minutes blood was plainly visible on his cock and ran down her ass all over the other mans cock in her ass. Ann was in agony as the large man grunted and went balls deep and came deep in Ann. As he pulled out Ann passed out. The camera panned around then moved to another room. As the camera enered another room the picture showed the red head Cassie in the same situation. This time she was facing a man with a huge cock buried in her pussy. Her arms were being held behind her back and the guy under her had his arms around her waist and was holding her balls deep on his cock. Cassie was in obvious pain and a small amount of blood was visible around the base of his cock. Another large black man stepped up and impaled her ass with little or no preparaation. Cassie was screaming in pain. Both men began double fucking her very roughly. They continued fucking her even after she'd passed out. They stopped after they'd come. Marybeth tried to turn away and not look. X corrected her and told her she must watch. Three men each took Ann and Cassie up to the deck and tied them standing yet spread eagle to masts and rigging. They were both unconsious and naked. The camera panned around and up and down each girl. There was a puddle of blood and cum on the deck beneath each girls shaved and abused pussy. Everyone on deck chuckled as one of the sailor tied the two pieces of Anns white bikini to a halyard and raised it then tied on Cassie's green bikini and raised it. THey stopped and said something in spanish to the camera as they began to tie on a familiar red bikini. X was holding a cell phone and handed it to Marybeth. Marybeth was horrified as she began to speak. She answered to her name then the voice explained. "This is your daughters bikini, She is next to recieve this treatment, she'll be spared if you do as your told, If not she gets the treatment and her suit is raised in celebration." The voice was Samuels and Marybeth recognized it. Marybeth cried out "Samuel... Why are you doing this?" he chuckled and responded "Terry is very delicious, your better, I just want to insure you do as your told". "Can I count on you doing everything your supposed to?" Marybeth shook her head yes then answered. "I'll do whatever you want... just don't hurt my daughter like that. Please" Samuel chuickled and told Marybeth to follow X into the next room and do as she's told for the next two hours and her and her daughter would be left to go on with their lives and never see him or his men again. Marybeth shook her head vigorously and said "Yes, I'll do it just don't hurt her. The phone went dead and Mr X lead Marybeth from the office into a room that looked like a stage set. She didn't notice but as she left the room the sailors raised Terry's suit on the halyard, her fate had already been sealed and her screams were occuring below deck at that instant regardless of what Marybeth was about to do to save her.
Marybeth walked into what looked like a movie set. It was made up to look like a locker room with a whirlpool and massage bench at one end and a row of lockers with a bench in front. Marybeth look confused then looked around and saw 10 large black men wearing basketball uniforms. She had a flashback to high school but not all of them had been black in high school. She groaned and whimpered "Oh god no... not this." Mr X walked over and said "Slut... your gonna walk in her and tell the boys the coach told me I was supposed to properly congratulate you on winning the state championship" "Your then gonna act like a niave twit cause these Mofo's are gonna fuck you. I want you whimpering about not getting knocked up and what would your daddy say and shit like that". Marybeth wanted to object then X turned to a TV screen and clicked a button on remote in his hand. The image of Ann and Cassies swimsuits flapping in the breeze burst onto the screen. X looked at her and tilted his headand said "Any questions?" Marybeth almost began to cry out of frustration. X grabbed her shoulders and spun her toward the set and said in her ear "Slut this better be convincing or that little girl of yours will be taking your place' He grabbed her ass and gave her a push. She kind of stumbled on the set. The players quit talking and looked at her. One said "What are you here for white girl?" Marybeth looked back right at X and swallowed hard. She answered "Coach sent me in here to make sure and congratulate you properly from the cheerleaders and I don't know what he means but good job guys..." They stopped her and said "No no girl not like that. Get in here." They lead her into the locker room. Marybeth felt things spiral out of control from there. The smallest guy was at least 6'1" and one put his arm around her shoulder and said "what's your name cutie?" She answered "Marybeth..... am I gonna get in trouble for being here?" They all chimed in "No, the coach sent you. So do you know how to properly congratulate us?" Marybeth shook her head "No". The guys said "well lets show you... First you give each of us a big kiss" Marybeth began giving each a big kiss and by the third guy the kisses were long and passionate and hands groped her ass. These guys were good kissers and Marybeth felt herself responding and getting wet even though she knew she shouldn't. By the time she was 3/4 of the way through the team her sweater was off. By the time that she got to the 10th guy she was being kissed passionately by him and another was sucking on her nipples and someone moved her thong to the side and was rubbing a finger up and down her wet pussy. Before long those fingers were inside her and doing incredible things for her. Shortly after someone picked her up and carried her to the massage table near the whirlpool. They gave her thong a good yank and it snapped away. The kisses ended and a large black cock was presented to her lips. Marybeth no longer hesitated and began licking and sucking. They moved her up on the bench so her head hung over the upper edge and her ponytail hung to the floor. They man at her head began using her mouth and throat as a fuck toy. She ran out of air several times as he stuffed it deep in her throat. While this was going on her cheerleaders skirt was wrapped around her waist and several fingers were assualting her sloppy wet pussy. Two guys grabbed her legs and raised them high and wide. The guy in her mouth pulled out and stood by for a second. A guy placed himself right at her pussy ready to fuck her and said "Boy if her daddy could see her now" Marybeth took the que and whimpered "Ohh god no... my dad will kill me. Please don't do this. I'll get pregnant for sure." They laughed a bit and she pleaded to not knock her up. Someone grabbed her ponytail and pulled it down and as her head hung down over the table edge another cock was placed in her mouth. As he sunk in deep a large cock sunk into her pussy. She let out a low groan as he pushed in deep. In a way she was glad she had had sex with Denzel earlier or this would really hurt. This guy was about the same size as Denzel. Both guys fucked her a while and came in her mouth and pussy. The guys chuckled and said "Too bad honey your gonna get knocked up now" Marybeth played along and whined about getting preggers and what would her daddy say. They all laughed as two more guys began fucking her at each end. This went on for a couple more guys until a big guy placed his huge cock at her entrance and she realized she was in for trouble. This guy was gonna hurt. He was truly huge and she knew it. She whimpered a bit as he entered her and once he was in a way she cried out in pain and an earth shattering climax. No one had ever hit all the spots he was touching. He told the guys to help sit her up. The guy at her head sat her up and the guy fucking her put his arms around her and stood up. He was still impaled in her. His arms were under her legs right behind her knees and a huge hand craddled each ass cheek. Marybeth grabbed for his neck and hung on as she felt him slip in deeper. Marybeth whimpered "Oh god... no... It's goin too deep... oh god" He began raising her up and down on his huge cock and Marybeth responded as pain and pleasure mixed. Another guy stood right behind her and reached around and began rubbing both of her tits. She felt him behind her and knew that she was sandwhiched between two black guys. As she looked over the guys shoulder she could see the guys working camers. She knew this was all going on film. She shuudered with revulsion knowing her ultimate debauchery was being filmed (again). Marybeth felt a cock rubbing up and down her ass from the guy behind her and cried out "No....not two... it's too much... oh god no" she had no choice and cried out as the second cock slowly eased into her ass. The pain was incredible as the guy in her pussy lowered her a bit and as he did it allowed him and the guy in her ass to go deeper. Marybeth howled in pain as the two of them began bouncing her up and down. The guy in her ass pulled out and stepped aside as another guy took his place. He sunk into her ass. Marybeth howled more as he went deeper. She endured this for four guys and after he was done the guy in her pussy let her down a tiny bit more and Marybeth felt her pubic bone and clit rub his pubic bone. He began bouncing her and after a few bumps together she came like she has never come. The guy in her pussy came in a loud groan and flooded her deep with cum. Marybeth passed out.
When Marybeth came to she was on her back on the massage table. Her legs were held wide open and high. The black ball players were off to the side and the camera men were fucking her. They were not real big and she could barely feel them as they took turns on her. After the last one came they went back to their cameras. One of the ball players started playing with her pussy. They all made comments about her stretched pussy. It seemed like a camera was going to enter her they got so close. There was more comments about all the cum and that she was certainly knocked up. They made comments about sending this to her old man so he could jerk off to it. Marybeth realized this was her cue and whimpered and whined "No don't send it to my daddy. He'll kill me. I'll do anything just don't show him this...." They guys laughed and said "That's what we thought. From here on out your a team slut. Right?"
Marybeth knew in oh so many ways this was true as she shook her head "OK I'll be a team slut..."
Such prophetic words.

They yelled cut.

Afterwards Marybeth was taken back to her bungalow by one of the strangers. She showered fell into bed exhuasted. She woke in the morning as Terry came in. Terry looked like shit too and had wet hair like she had just showered. They both stared at each other. Marybeth shook her head and asked "how was the cruise?" Terry smiled a funny smile and said "Long and rough" Marybeth knew to leave that one alone. After a bit Marybeth showered again then suggested breakfast. It was their last day in Cabo. They decided to go sun bathing. Marybeth barely spoke to each other during the day. Finally Terry broke down and said "I don't think we should say anything to anyone about the things we've done down here." Marybeth shook her head in agreement then asked "Are you gonna be OK with that?" Terry smiled and said "I am.... I just never knew..... you know..... That you." Marybeth chuckled a bit and said "there's alot you don't know about me" Terry smiled about that as Marybeth pulled out a bottle of wine. They each had a glass then began to talk. Marybeth told her when she was younger she was horrible and slept with way too many men. She settled down after Terry was born and really settled down after she met me. Terry asked if I knew. Marybeth said yes but not all the details. Terry kind of shook her head the said "What would dad think of all this... I mean.... You kinda were unfaithful down here" I shook my head and said "I don't know. He may be upset. Then again he may have wanted to be here. Then again he'd want video. Who knows" Terry shook her head and said "Whoa dad's a perv..." Marybeth and her both laughed at that then Marybeth sighed and whispered "I sure hope so..... what he doesn't know"
Terry finally quizzed her mom and asked "How many men have you slept with?" Marybeth said "Too many and you don't need to know" Terry started to quiz by saying "More than 10?" Marybeth shook her head "yes".... 20? "yes" .... 50 "yes".... Terry whistled and asked 100? Marybeth blushed and shook her head. Terry sat there with her mouth open. She finally said more than 150? Marybeth shrugged her shoulders and said "Maybe.... I've never kept track... it was one of those things I did when I was young" Terry laughed and said "Not all when you were young..... you got some down here" Marybeth smiled and said "So did you... let's leave it at that"
The two of them sat there and finished the wine looking out over the ocean enjoying the glow yet both sitting gingerly since both had very very sore pussies and asses and neither would admit that to the other. They clicked their final glass and said "To an interesting vacation trip"
Terry said "Too bad Dads in Qatar. He'd have loved this trip" Marybeth almost spit up her wine but maintained. She looked up then wiggled in her chair and thought he might have..... The sick bugger has been trying to get me to fuck other guys, to let him watch, to DP me with another guy etc.... Up to now I always refused since I was a respectable mom. But now..... I wonder???

In the moring they both packed and in each of their suitcases was an envelope. It had a CD, a few pics, and a note.
Terry's said:
Glad you enjoyed yourself so much. Your a natural slut. Your able to do things at 18 that most women work years at. Watch your CD and see if your natural on camera. We think you are. If you would like at least three all expenses paid trips to Mexico to have this fun again we are ready to assist. In fact Each trip down we will give you $10,000 cash, all expenses paid , top of the line accomodations. Think about it. This offer is good for 30 days. Call this number........
We'll set everything up for you. Like spring break, a couple summer trips, etc. Think about it. Say nothing of this to anyone. You can use the cover story of modelling swimsuits. We'll even provide some quality pics of you in various suits that way you have a nice cover and explanation for the money. It was signed Samuel and company.

Marybeth took her's into the bathroom and read:

You had a fun vacation. You'll find all your bills were paid and your daughter is just fine. You were incredible. Everyone enjoyed you very much. I particularly enjoyed awakening the true slut who has hidden for all these years. I hope you never let her hide or rest. Look at the pics and watch the video closely. You will agree. In fact I hope your husband would enjoy these too.. Maybe not.
To ensure certain things you will need to go visit your pal from college Samantha once a month in Des Moines. Here are the details....... We'll carry this on a bit longer to make sure the true slut doesn't sleep.
By the way. I am sure as I know you are. That you are good and pregnant. As part of the monthly rondevous I will give you a pregnancy test. You will not get an abortion. You will carry this baby or all the pics and video will be distributed to the appropriate places. If you understand. When you get home call this number...... and say accept if you agree to the terms. Once you give birth we will be done and you'll never hear from us again.

Samuel and Company

It was an interesting bit of shock. Terry and Marybeth were in shock. They did not speak as they checked out of the bungalow and owed nothing then on the ride to the airport. The flight was uneventful. After they were both home 24 hours they each worked up the confidence to put the disc in each of their computers when they were alone. Marybeth was appauled by what she saw and what she'd done. Whenever I called her at home I teased her about things. Particularly sexual things. I asked if her toys were getting worn out. Was she getting any? etc. We video chatted several times and things got nastier and nastier. I asked what was inspiring her to be so naughty. She told me about a video she got. I finally talked her into playing with herself while she watched so I could see her. Surprisingly she took off her robe and was naked. She fired up her DVD and watched it on the computer screen while the camera and I watched her. She used a large black toy I'd bought her as I watched her do herself While I could hear some poor cheerleader getting fucked by a basketball team. It was cool. Especially since I had that disc and everything she'd done. I watched her get off to that a few times in video chats.
I finally announced I would be home in a couple months as the contract was finished up. Maqrybeth seemed a bit addled by that but pleased. The last time I got her to play with herself she kept a short bathrobe on and all she'd show me was her pussy (still shaved). I could tell as she sat and talked that her tits were getting huge. She tried not to show it but her tummy was growing too. Her pussy still looked good though. I knew Samuel and a couple of his friends were still giving her one hell of a workout once a month since they sent me discs each month. She should be 5 months along when I get home.

After the birth of OUR baby girl we had some things to discuss......
I had a guilt trip to play when I got home and she was pregnant. She was very concilliatory after I acted hurt and all. The slut side of Marybeth was deeply explored and I fucked her in ways I'd only dreamed of. She assured me she'd do anything I wanted and pleaded for me not to leave. I agreed but told her our sexual lifestyle was definitely going to be on the kinky side. She humbly agreed. The after the baby story and adventures will be in a diferent story. Poor Marybeth never knew I'd set up her debauchery and impregnation. She never knew I scripted so much of it and had copies of all of her sexual encounters. She always considered it her fault since she was such a true slut and heart and couldn't help herself. In a way that is true but she had lots of help.
Terry has been making regular trips to Mexico to do swimsuit modelling for some agency called SAMCO. She brings back some nice pictures and makes good money for a college kid. She shows off her pictures and shares knowing looks with her mom yet shines me on with stories of photo shoots and days on the beach. Of course I've seen her stuff on line and other places. She's done some girl-girl, lots of anal, D/P's and lots of interracial stuff. Little girls grown up to be a real porn slut.
My interest is in her mom. She's turning 37 in a couple days and about to deliver a baby girl. Should be interesting where it leads from here.

The End or New beginning

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