I woke up with a buzz, staring up at my white ceiling the events of last night began to unfold… at first I felt a pang of guilt but I remembered how much I enjoyed it, I remembered her warm mouth enslaving my dick, I remembered my cum trickling down her chin and falling down her blouse, I remembered that final smile, oh how much I really wanted more to happen. I stepped out of bed into my bathroom with a semi hard on, thoughts came creeping in and before long I was rubbing my dick, I thought of sliding my dick down her throat again as I stroked my dick with like my life depended on it… it came washing over me, the drowsy feeling, the bursting of a million stars in your head and finally, I came in large spurts on the mirror, wall, and floor. The mess was so much I had no choice but to clean up.

I came downstairs after a bathe and special grooming of my hair and body. I saw mum at the dining alongside dad and terry (my sister). Mum flashed me a smile and said “hmm, someone decided to look fresh this morn’, ure in time for breakfast honey”. Dad smiled at me and terry ignored me as usual. I sat at y usual spot opposite mom with dad and terry on each side of me, halfway through my food I felt a leg up my shin, I froze almost choking my food, mom was the first to ask “are you okay honey”. I looked at her and said I was fine but I thought “how can you be so cruel mom, u know well what’s wrong with me”. She kept tormenting me with the leg and I sported a raging hard on till the end of the meal. I was the last to leave the table, dad left for work and terry went up to her room.
Mom came from the kitchen “having a hard time down there honey” she knelt before me with her apron still on, my dick pulsed with more blood engorging it a little harder and mom went to town. She licked the head, the underside and went for my balls she played around with it a little before sucking them like sweet balls, I moaned deep into my skull, I felt like jelly and I melted into my sit, just then we heard terry’s feet coming down the stairs mum stood up using her body to block me from view, all the while grinding into me, she craned her neck and answered terry from the doorway giving her permission to go out with her friend (Megan), “now where were we” she said and went back to sucking my balls, she pumped my dick with her slender fingers while sucking my balls, soon she sucked my dick slurping at the base as she continually tried to go deeper even though my dick was obviously too big for her to deep throat, she held back her gag reflexes nonetheless, I soon found myself moaning and groaning, “do it baby, give mummy your sweet, hot cum, mummy needs nourishment” he dirty talk was too much to handle, I erupted for the second time that morning, I surprised myself with the amount of cum I pumped into mum’s mouth “yes, I love your cum sliding down my throat” I tried to touch her boobs but she swatted my hand away “be contented boy, were never doing that”, she smiled gently at me after saying that, I felt great but I also felt rejected, I thought we could do anything now, guess I was wrong.
Maybe I was just being naïve but I avoided mom, soon after that, I would be the first to leave during meals and would only come downstairs when terry was around. Mom tried to make us alone but I always found a way to stay away.
Mom’s relationship with dad worsened, though terry was too young to see or understand. I saw the tension between them i knew something was up, I didn’t want to ask mum as I was still avoiding her.

One day, I was out with Mary to the mall (where she had sucked my dick in the dressing room till in came in her mouth), I saw dad leaving the lingerie section with a young lady; his secretary! I immediately understood the rift between him and mom and I made up my mind to stop being a jerk towards her, I went back in and got her the sexiest swim suit I could find and I drove home with Mary. Mary was very horny and I knew she was itching for a fuck. I left her in the living room and left my gift at mom’s door with a knock and I raced back downstairs, my plan was now in motion.
Mary asked who was home I told her no one, she smiled with a gleam in her eye and I knew what she wanted, I started to rub her neck she moved closer to me opening her blouse, her nipples were rock hard poking through her lacy white bra, I licked over the front of the lace right on her nipples and she shuddered and moaned, I moved up to kiss her and she attacked my mouth, then I saw what I was waiting for, mom was at the base at the stairs, the lights were dim but I could see her shape sitting at the stairs, terry couldn’t as she was baking the stairs and really attacking my mouth ferociously, I went for her pants, she was extremely wet, dripping wet!, I pulled her white lacy panties off, her pussy was gleaming with wetness and her pink hoodie was begging to be touched, I grazed my hand over it and she half screamed, I looked up at mum and there she was, robe half open, fingers rubbing her pussy and mouth half open, I plunged my hand into the pussy before me and Mary moaned loudly again, I knelt before the couch and dug my mouth into her wet pussy, on the first contact of my tongue to her clit, she erupted in my face, squirting her pussy juices to my face, mouth and chest, I smiled at her , her face was distorted mouth hung open and there was also mom frigging her pussy like her life depended on it, I slurped at Mary’s pussy once more she couldn’t take it any more “fuck me now!, plunge your big cock deep into my pussy” I obliged pulling my almost bursting dick out of my briefs, I slided it over her clit and labia, but she was having none of it, she reached for my cock and plunged it deep into her pussy with a load pussy, she kept begging me to fuck her harder, using dirty words, this spurred me on and I fucked her like I wanted to drive her though the couch, she screamed and erupted again sliding my dick out of her pussy, mum was really into it now and I could see her robe in her mouth stifling her moans. Mary was trembling and trashing but I went back in, her pussy was clenching from her orgasm, she knew I was close ‘cum in me baby I’m still on the pill, fuck me good, don’t stop make me cum again’, I did just that, she came again this time less violently but the clenching proved too much and before long I erupted inside her pussy. She was gleaming and beaming, I looked up and mum was gone…. Mary dressed and left for her house, grabbing my dick and kissing me at the doorway saying ‘’keep this beautiful cock for me baby’. I went upstairs beaming knowing mum had seen me fuck my girlfriend silly

Mom and I talked more now, but I miss her sucking my dick. She loved the swim suit and she wore it to the pool downstairs whenever it was just us at home, her boobs almost spilled from the top and the bottom piece hugged her ass tightly like a second skin, it always drove me crazy seeing her wear the bathing suit. She would flash her thighs at me in the living room when watching a movie, sometimes I even got to see her panties hugging her pussy lips tightly. This went on and on, and I know she was only getting back at me for teasing her with me fucking mary in the living room.

One hot afternoon, mom was lying beside the pool while I was in the pool swimming, she called me and asked me to help her put lotion on her back, I was happy deep inside me, been looking for the opportunity to lay my hands on that butt, I started slowly avoiding any erogenous zones but soon I started rubbing the sides of her boobs and just above her ass, I grabbed and pressed down on one of her ass cheeks, she turned suddenly and slapped me across the face “I’m still your mother, and I’m still married to your dad”. I was dumbfounded, I erupted in tears and started a rant, I told her I know he’s cheating, I told her I knew that she knows too, I stood up threw the oil bottle to the floor and went to my room locking myself up .

Moments later I heard a knock, I kept silent. Soon after I drifted to sleep, I woke up to the sound of knocking on my door “who’s there, go away”. It was mom and she asked me to open the door, I stood up slowly opened the door, and went back into bed. She sat at the foot of my bed, there was awkward silence for about 3 minutes then she started sobbing, I couldn’t bear to see her in tears I stood up and hugged her tight, I missed her too and I knew it, “I thought I had lost you top”, she said tears trickling down her beautiful face, “I’ll always be there for you mom, you will never lose me”. She chuckled and said “jerk”. I laughed she looked at me and kissed me hard, I held her and asked if she really wanted this, she looked at me and said yes nodding, I smiled and kissed her squarely on her lush lips, it was a kiss like none other I felt like I was in the clouds. It lasted for minutes with mum melting her tongue in mine. She peeled of my shirt, stood up and undid her robe while giving me a sexy sway and wine, I was as hard as gravel and she saw it and smiled with a glint, her nipples were rock hard standing proudly with her bouncy and perky tits staring at me, I stood up and pinned her against the wall. I went for the nipples sucking and nibbling at the tip, mom moaned loudly “you’re so bad”, she said, I tugged at her nipples and she moaned again, I kissed her neck and rubbed the front of her panties, she moaned louder and spread her legs using the wall to support her weight, she was so wet, I slid her panties to the side and rubbed her clit, her leg trembled and shuddered I held her up to prevent her from falling off, “where’s everyone asked”. She told me terry was with Megan and dad wasn’t home. I carried her to the bed, she mewled with delight, and I pulled of her soaked panties I went straight for her pussy, I couldn’t comprehend the taste but it was one of a kind, her perfume and sex juices smell filled my nostrils and made me even harder, I licked her clit and she trembled and moaned, I sucked on it hard she couldn’t keep her voice down, i licked her pussy then shove my tongue in, she screamed and her juices flowed into my face, she held my held in place as she came squirming and spreading her wetness all over my face.

Mum was trembling after the orgasm, she knelt on the bed, unzipped my fly and went for my dick, she sucked me like a vacuum, she licked my balls and drove me crazier than I’ve ever been, mum was sending to heights of pleasure that I had never reached, she hummed and moaned on my dick as I pulled on her nipples, the vibrations sent shivers down my spine, she looked up at me and the look on her face drove me off the edge, I spurted and spilled all I had down her throat as she sucked me into her mouth deeper. I came like a flood but I was still rock hard “hmm give it to me stud” she held her ass up staring at me, her rosebud winking at me, slid my dick in, it was nothing I had ever felt before she moaned loudly, I went in slowly, gently driving in, I wanted to enjoy her surprisingly tight pussy so I took long slow deep strokes, she was moaning, soon she announced she was Cumming again. Her pussy flexed around my dick. I kept driving into her “fuck me harder baby, cum in mummy pussy, do it baby fuck me!” If someone were home I’m sure they would have called the cops because mom was screaming on top of her tonsils. I increased my pace and was fucking her like pillage and plunder in session, her nails scraping my back, I erupted deep inside her pussy, panting and huffing I collapsed beside her and fell asleep, with her rubbing my hair.

We fucked two more times at midnight and she fucked and sucked me in the morning before creeping out of my room, we both didn’t know what was coming but I was definitely loving every moment.
More to come on positive comments! Sorry for any mistakes and typos.
©black notion

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