The Barfly - ch. 2, rewrite

The Barfly - ch. 2, rewrite


I would like to thank those that have read my stories ancommented on them. This is a complete rewrite of the second chapter of my story “The Barfly” originally posted in the forum.

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J. Bailey

The Barfly, ch. 2, rewrite

He woke up the morning after to the smell of coffee. At first he was a bit disoriented since he lived alone but then it hit him. He had taken a girl home last night, The girl from the bar, Natasha, the skinny one. He had to do something about changing her figure, he thought, her current state could be hazardous to his health if he bumped into her in the dark. He smiled to himself about the crack-ass joke.

The final test of his new ability to control another person had gone well he thought to himself. He had discovered months earlier that he was different from other people and after some initial experiments he had started work on the expansion and refinement of his abilities. While experimenting he found out that he could manipulate peoples minds. He had started with little things like coaxing the girls at his firm to ask him if he liked some coffee or if he liked anything from the coffee shop around the corner.

He found out that he could make them forget things that had happened and he was also able to make them remember things that had not happened. He was able to make them believe that things they were doing where their own idea, and feel good about it. And he was starting to read peoples minds. He found out that some things he could do faster when he touched the person he was manipulating but he was getting better and better in manipulating people without having to touch them.

Natasha was the final experiment and it seemed to be a success. He got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to take a leak, a quick shower and to brush his teeth.

“Good morning Natasha” he said as he entered the kitchen area. She was putting plates and cutlery on the table along with various food items from his refrigerator wearing his bathrobe. He walked up to her and put his arms around her from behind. She smiled and let her head fall back onto his shoulder. His left arm crossed her body just under her breasts, pushing them up a bit, while his right hand unfastened the knot on the bathrobe and tickled her skin from his left arm down to her pussy lips causing her to tremble. She moaned into his ear.

“Charlie that feels so nice, please kiss me.” She closed her eyes and turned in his arms looking for his lips and kissed him with a passion that surprised him. Even after their encounter last night. He sensed a strong feeling of passion emanating from her mind and kissed her probing her mouth with his tongue using his ability to stimulate her even further.

As he kissed her she noticed that he had brushed his teeth before coming into the kitchen and decided that she liked it. As his tongue started to probe her mouth she again felt that tingling sensation causing her knees to go week. He let his hands slide under the bathrobe, down to her butt and cupped her cheeks causing her to tremble and moan into his probing kiss. She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes.

“You are making me horny again, Charlie” she said a bit out of breath. He smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

“It’s all your fault” he replied and she looked at him with a questioning look in her beautiful face.

“Well if your body wasn’t this sexy you wouldn’t make me horny and then you wouldn’t have to suffer the torture of me making you horny again. You see it’s all you fault” he said with a grin. She looked at him and shook her head in disbelief.

“You are crazy” she finally said, still shaking her head.

“That may very well be” he replied with a big smile. “What plans did you have for the weekend?”

“Actually on the top of my wish list was; to get drunk, perhaps to meet some nice people and get laid, if I’m lucky. And then perhaps use one day to cure my hangover. Actually I do have a lot of time to cure my hangover since I’m just starting a two weeks vacation” she smiled at him and he kissed her on the tip of her nose.

“Well you got laid, I think that is a good start. Maybe we can arrange something regarding the nice people and the hangover.” She looked at him, slid her hand into his briefs and grabbed hold of his cock.

“I think I just met two nice guys so I suspect you only owe me a hangover.” She started to slowly massage his stiffening pole with her hand, looking at him with a kinky smile. He grabbed both her nipples, twisted them softly and felt them grow hard between his fingers. She moaned and got down onto her knees.

“But I owe YOU an orgasm or two” she pulled his cock from his briefs and started to lick on it’s head before taking it into her mouth and suck softly as if it were a lollipop. “Mmmmm he is clean down here as well” she thought, “and he put on clean underwear, I definitely like him...” He enjoyed the sensation and simply let go of his feelings, getting extremely aroused. Her mouth felt warm and soft on his head and as she started to push down on him she moaned on each downstroke, tickling his head with the vibration of her voice.

He couldn’t stand the sensation anymore and sat down on one of the kitchen chairs and simply enjoyed the feeling. Natasha kept moving her lips up and down on his shaft and he felt his ball sack harden. She seemed to sense that he was close and her sucking got more intensive until suddenly, he came. His body tensed an he came into her mouth but she kept sucking until she had sucked him completely dry.

What amazed him was that she swallowed his entire load without as much as blinking. As she had sucked him dry and finished cleaning him up with her mouth she straddled his lap rubbing her slit up and down his still semi hard cock until her clit made contact with his head. She gyrated her lower body, sighed and laid her head on his shoulder.

“Did you enjoy it?” she whispered into his ear. He just nodded, with his eyes closed, trying to catch his breath, enjoying the feeling of her hard nipples on his naked chest and her warm pussy on his cock. He put his arms around her under the robe and held her tight, tickling her back and the crack between her butt cheeks kissing her temple while he came down from his orgasm. He relished the sensation of her warm body on his skin and took a deep breath.

“Natasha, I would like to invite you to my cabin for the rest of the weekend. If you are interested, that is.” She raised her head and looked into his eyes for a while.

“I would like that.” She kissed him deeply and her nipples tickled his chest. After a while he broke the kiss.

“Then, let’s have breakfast and get going.” He kissed her on the forehead again and pushed her up onto her feet. She pouted and it was obvious she wanted more but he didn’t give her a chance to sulk and simply sat down at the table, poured himself a cop of coffee and started to eat, wearing nothing but his briefs. She sat down on the other side of the table and did the same.

As they finished their breakfast and had put everything away he asked her if she had any outdoor clothing at her place. She shook her head and told him no. He took her hand and led her into a guest bedroom where he opened a closet and told her to look if she could find anything that fitted her. He then went over to his bedroom to get dressed.

As he returned she was dressed in a pair of baggy sweat pants, a white T-Shirt, and a grey sweatshirt with a hood and a zipper in the front. She was also wearing white cotton socks and a pair of Nike jogging shoes. She turned around her own axis as to present her self and posed for him.

“You like?” He nodded his head and took her into his arms.

“You look smashing” he told her and kissed her on the side of her neck. She smiled happily not knowing that he was manipulating her mind, adjusting it to his own needs and wishes.

“I think we should stop by, at the mall, so you can shop around for a few things you will need during the weekend.” She looked at him and sent him a beaming smile. He was so considerate and nice, yet he hardly knew her. They locked the house and walked over to his car, a black Mercedes, four wheel drive, with shaded windows. Their first stop was at a mall where she bought everything she needed, like underwear some extra clothes and such. He paid for everything she bought and she was in heaven. A warm feeling of happiness filled her entire body.

They got back into the car and started the journey to his cabin holding hands. While they were driving he adjusted her mind making her horny and bisexually oriented. At the outskirts of town they saw a hitchhiker ahead. He started to slow down and as Natasha discovered that it was girl she asked if they could take a look at her and invite her along if she fancied her. He looked at her, smiled over her enthusiasm and stopped. The hitchhiker turned out to be a cute little brunette by the name of Karen. She was wearing a tight T-shirt, jeans, sneakers and what seemed like white cotton socks. As far as he could see she had a stout pair of firm, heavy D cup breasts and a nice figure. As she was not wearing a bra he could se that her nipples were dark and a bit fluffy. They asked her where she was going and she told them she was going east and asked if she could tag along as far as they were going.

They invited her into the car and as she and her things were safely aboard he stretched out his hand and said:

“Charles...” She took his hand and found a tingling sensation that made her knees get a bit wobbly. She hesitated a moment and said:


“And this beautiful lady is Natasha.”

Thus started the mental conditioning of Karen. He made the little brunette hot for Natasha and to himself and then waited how things would evolve. Natasha started a conversation with Karen about where she was going and why. Karen told them she was 19 years of age, had no family and that she was on a cross country trip to see the sights and see if she might land a job somewhere. This gave him an idea and a plan started to take on shape in his head. He made a few adjustments to the girls minds to make them more acceptable to what he was planning.

As they drove on, he heard Karen tell Natasha how beautiful she found her and how much she envied her to be going to a cabin in the countryside. Natasha asked her if she would perhaps like to come with them and looked at him. He looked back at her, smiled and nodded his head. Natasha turned back to Karen.

“You are hereby officially invited to join us at the cabin” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Am I lucky to have met you folks.” Karen replied, with the same twinkle in her eyes. She reached out with her left hand and gently stroked Natasha’s arm. Natasha put her hand over Karen’s and squeezed it softly. Karen moved her hand to tickle Natasha’s left breast and softly tickling her nipple causing Natasha to close her eyes and moan out loud due to his previous stimulation of her mind. He looked at her.

“Natasha, would you like to sit in the back with Karen for some girl talk?” She opened her eyes and just quietly nodded her head. He stopped the car to allow her to get into the back seat. He drove on and as he looked into the rear mirror he saw the girls putting their arms around each other. The next time he looked back the girls had started to kiss each other softly using their hands to tickle each others neck. The third time he looked back at them they were both topless and Natasha was hungrily sucking and kissing Karen’s breasts and fluffy, protruding nipples.

He stopped looking into the rear mirror, but judging from the sounds originating from the back of the car the girls seemed to be enjoying them selves thoroughly the rest of the way up to the cabin. Charles monitored their minds occasionally and found nothing but shear animalistic lust. After about an hour of driving he turned to them.

“Well girls we are almost there. When we get there you might want to look at the Jacuzzi.” The girls responded with overwhelming enthusiasm and began to put their T-shirts back on.

As they arrived at the cabin he parked the car in front of the house and they all got out.

“The Jacuzzi is behind the house.” Charles told them and the girls walked arm in arm to the back of the Cabin. He heard their outbursts of joy as they disappeared around the corner and decided to put the food, they had brought along, into the cabin’s fridge and then join them.

It was a warm day and as the girls walked to the back of the cabin they put their arms around each other like lovers that had been separated for a long time and had just been reunited.

“Karen, you are a tease. You have made my pussy so wet by doing what you did in the car on the way up here.” Karen looked deep into Nat’s eyes and kissed her, probing her mouth with her tongue moving her hand into Natasha’s panties, cupping her mound, placing one finger into her slit pressing against her clit causing her to moan and press her body into Karen.

“Mmmmmmm...” Natasha moaned quietly and pressed her crotch harder into Karen’s hand. She nibbled on Karen’s earlobe and licked the inside of her ear with her tongue.

“Lets undress and get into the Jacuzzi” she whispered into Karen’s ear, a bit out of breath due to the sensation she felt as Karen slowly alternated the pressure on her clit. They undressed each other and got into the tub with loud sighs as the warmth of the water hit their bodies.


He unlocked the door and went inside to open the windows, look things over, fill the fridge and give the girls some time to get into the right mood. He took his cell phone and dialed the number of his friend John.

“Hello John, Charles here. I have got an idea I need to discuss with you. Could you meet me out at my cabin around 8 tomorrow night?” John wondered why Charles needed to see him at the Cabin and not in town.

“I have got an idea that I suspect could bring us quite a bit of money and I need to discuss it with you tomorrow.” Finally John gave in and promised to be out at the cabin around 8 the next evening.

“Oh and John. Bring a few bottles of wine, would you please?”

After finishing the phone call he picked up some towels and bathrobes, exited the Cabin through the rear entrance and was greeted with quiet moans originating in the Jacuzzi.

The first thing he saw were the girls clothes scattered around the back porch. As he got closer to the tub he saw Natasha with her head tilted back, moaning. Karen was in front of her kissing the side of her neck moving down to her breasts and nipples. She took one of Natasha’s nipples into her mouth and began to suck it softly. Her right hand was in the water and he could only imagine what was going on under the waterline.

Karen opened her eyes and saw him standing there, watching them. She winked at him with her hand, beckoning him to come and join them. He decided to tease them a bit before following her request.

He sat down on a swing on the back porch and continued to watch the girls, the bulge in his pants now clearly noticeable. He stimulated Karen’s mind in such a way that she had the sensation of her clit being licked and sucked by a mouth and tongue. There was also the sensation of something at first licking and then gently probing her anus, before he added the sensation of a full fledged cock being slowly thrust into her pussy. He then added the sensation of little knobs massaging her g-spot causing her to moan loudly, lifting her thighs, bucking into the imaginary cock and pressing her eyes shut harder.

Karen’s body jolted as the sensations hit her and she turned around in the water overwhelmed by his stimulation, unable to continue what she had started doing to Natasha. He could sense that Natasha wanted so much more and that she didn’t quite comprehend what had just happened, why Karen had simply stopped attending to her lust. Karen was now floating on her back twitching with each thrust of the imaginary probes, her head on Natasha’s right shoulder, her breasts and semi hard nipples exposed to Natasha’s exploring hands.

Natasha started to massage Karen’s nipples, making them hard, standing proud into the air. Charles stimulated Natasha’s mind to give her the sensation of a mouth administering her clit, sucking and licking the area around it. He then added the sensation of a weak pulsating electric current being administered to her rosebud and a mouth sucking each of her nipples. He ended by giving her the sensation of a full grown cock pressing in and out of her pussy. This caused her to grunt from the deepest parts of her body and increase the pressure she was applying to Karen’s nipples.

Karen, on the other hand was so close to an orgasm due to the sensation of her pussy being thoroughly fucked that the increased pressure caused her to come hard, violently grunting and moaning as if she had never had and orgasm before. As Karen came, Natasha became so over-stimulated that she came along with her. As Natasha came she increased her pressure on Karen’s nipples causing Karen to moan loudly.

“Oooo, Yeeeeees, mooooreee” she stammered between the waves of orgasm that hit her body.

This went on for a while, his administration continued in such a way that he controlled the stimulation on the girls clits and anuses allowing them to come down from their climax only to tip them over again by changing the rhythm of their stimulation, causing them to come even harder the second time. The girls bodies convulsed heavily causing water to swap all over the porch. Natasha had moved to a position where she was holding Karen, one hand behind her shoulders the other hand grabbing Karen’s ass tightly, pressing their breasts together, their pussies pressing onto each other thighs, kissing her deeply, their tongues raging an immense battle as they climaxed together for the second time.

He undressed and got into the Jacuzzi with them.

“Hello girls, I see you are enjoying yourselves...”

The girls slowly let go of each other and looked at him completely out of breath. Natasha slid over to him and kissed him deeply.

“Thank you Charlie that was wonderful.” Karen looked at them panting.

“How did you do that?” she gasped in between pants.

“I didn’t do anything. You two girls are just so hot and horny, you must be in love or something” he replied with a smile. Karen looked at him and then at Natasha.

“Should we?”

Natasha nodded, grabbed his cock and started to massage it slowly. He let him self float up to the surface of the tub just as Karen slid over to him and spread his legs to have easier access to his erection. She stood between his legs, her beautiful heavy, yet perky breasts pointing right at him, with his cock between them.

“You know Karen you have very beautiful breasts and a quite beautiful body as well.” Karen beamed at the compliment and engulfed the head of his cock with her warm, soft lips causing him to moan in expectation of what was yet to come.

After they had satisfied their lust they relaxed in the Jacuzzi, until they became hungry then going inside to prepare dinner. He told them that a friend of his would be visiting the next evening. The girls had no objections and making dinner turned out to be lot of fun.

“Karen, could you come over here please.” She was wearing a tank top and he pulled it down exposing her breasts. He took some of the salad dressing he was making and let it drip onto her breasts and nipples, before he licked the dressing off her left breast and ended by sucking her nipple, making the aureola crinkle and the nipple start to grow hard.

“What do you think Natasha, a bit more lemon perhaps?” Natasha licked the dressing from Karen’s right breast and also ended by sucking her nipple.

“Perhaps a little more.” she said kissing him on his lips. Karen looked at them and shook her head.

“You two are nuts.” she told them. But he could see it in her eyes she was being turned on by his little naughtiness.

As everything was ready they set the table and began to eat. He had made pan fried fish with rice and sweet potatoes, Creme sauce a la mare, a green salad with added fruit and a creme fresh, sweet and sour dressing. With their meal they had a white wine.

During dinner Kate told them their story. Her parents had been killed during a store robbery when she was six and she had been passed from orphanage to foster home to orphanage to foster home to...

She had lost her virginity at one of the foster homes when she was thirteen. Her foster parents were periodic drinkers. They didn’t drink very often but when they did it was usually a good idea for her to stay in her room and not to disturb them. If she came out of her room while they were on a drinking spree the “man of the house” liked to grope her ass and developing tits.

She hated it when he did that but no one would listen to her complaints so she just staid in her room. Usually when they were drinking the event ended in some rather explicit sounds; moaning, groaning, pleading to stop and at last, grunting, slapping and painful whimpering. Once she heard him say he was going to fuck her foster mothers ass. The next day her foster mother usually had trouble sitting on a chair.

The night it happened she woke up to some gagging sounds and some begging, to stop. Then things became quiet for a while until she heard him quite annoyingly try to wake her foster mother who seamed to have passed out. Karen heard him slap the woman with loud clacking sounds but to no avail. She heard him bitch about for a while until he gave up and poured himself another drink, she could hear the neck of the bottle cling against the rim of the glass. She lay on her stomach and was just about to fall asleep again when she heard him go to the toilet and relieve his bladder.

Her heart almost stood still with fear when she heard him stop outside her door on the way back from the toilet. When he opened the door and entered her room she was so scared she peed herself. He walked over to her bed, unceremoniously removed the bedspread and placed his hand on her ass.

“You peed yourself you little bitch. I’m gonna have to punish you.” He pulled her panties and as he notice she was pressing her legs together he took off his belt and hit her hard on her thighs and buttocks until she gave in. She whimpered and pleaded for him to please leave her alone but to no avail. He took her panties off and pulled her nightgown over her head before grabbing her hair and dragging her into the living room where he threw her onto the couch.

“If you move I’ll bloody kill you, bitch.” She lay crying on the couch, trying to hide her shame while he undressed and frantically tried to get his dick to stand at attention. Unfortunately for her that did not happen so he grabbed her hair again and pulled her face to his dick.

“Suck, you little bitch and don’t you dare to bite me. If you do, I’ll fuckin’ rip you apart”. She began to suck him and to her astonishment the piece of flesh she was sucking on started to grow in her mouth. He pressed on the back of her head making her gag once his member had risen to full glory and started to hit the back of her throat. The taste and the feeling was so vile that she almost vomited. Just then, he decided it was time to fuck her properly and pulled out of her mouth.

With a firm grip on her hair he pulled her up from her knees and made her sit on the dining room table. He brutally spread her legs and placed his dick at the entrance of her pussy, then grabbed her nipples pinching them roughly and press into her tight opening causing her immense pain which was manifested in the scream she let out as he pressed into her, tearing what was left of her hymen. Fortunately, for her, her hymen had been partially torn at gymnastics a few months earlier so the bleeding did not get out of hand. He relentlessly continued to move in and out of her tight opening. At first she screamed from the pain he was inflicting on her, but after a while the pain dulled a bit and she just cried and whimpered like a wounded animal.

Suddenly, he went stiff and came into her sore pussy. He cursed, turned her onto her stomach making her feet dangle over the edge of the table. He then spread her buttocks with his hands and tried to press into her tiny little rosebud. Fortunately for her he was getting limp and didn’t manage to penetrate her butt hole.

He cursed again and hit her buttocks hard with his flat hand before letting go of her and stumbling drunkenly to the couch where he passed out. Karen lay whimpering and bleeding on the table. She was about to pass out but managed to drag herself to the phone and call 911.

When the police arrived they found Karen unconscious by the phone clasping the headset in her hands. They found her foster mother unconscious from his brutal oral penetration and from being slapped around by her foster father who was completely out of this world from drinking.

When she woke up two days later in a hospital she was told that her foster mother had died and that her foster father was first in line for a life in prison. Fortunately she had just finished her period so she did not get pregnant nor did she suffer permanent physical harm, although the psychological trauma never left her completely. She later learned that he had been gang raped in prison and was now shitting into a plastic bag at a hospital but it did not bring her any closure. She was too numb to care.


After she finished her story they all sat quiet for a moment not quite certain what to say. Finally he took her hand and scanned her mind only to see great sadness, despair and loneliness. He put a temporary sphere around her memories, taking away the hurt of the event and gave her a good feeling about her self. He also stimulated her brain to give her a happy and welcome feeling. Natasha moved over to Karen and hugged her with tears in her eyes. They sat like that for a while just providing comfort to each other with their closeness.

After dinner they sat down by the fire with a plate of sweet pastry, cheese and fruits and Irish coffee. They all sat together on the couch with Karen in the middle. She leaned onto him and he held her in his arms. Natasha leaned onto Karen’s back with her arms around her. After a while they slowly started talking again, which led to a bit of necking and kissing. They drank their Irish coffee and as the alcohol started to kick in they all started to feel better. Karen looked wantonly into his eyes, her eyes full of tears.

“I want you both to make love to me tonight.” She kissed him feverishly with parted lips, pressing her tongue against his lips. He sucked her tongue into his mouth. Natasha gently massaged Karen’s breasts from behind her back and tickled her tummy. Karen moaned softly and her eyes began to glaze over. After a while he broke the kiss, stood up and offered Karen his hand.

“Come girls, let’s go to bed.” He pulled Karen up and then Natasha, kissing her softly on her lips.

“Lets be nice to her tonight.” She looked at him and nodded her head, holding his hand. He put his arm around Karen and together they all walked to the bedroom where they undressed before taking a shower in the bathroom. They enjoyed themselves washing each other and drying each other off after the shower. As they had finished drying each other the girls showed him off into the bedroom and locked the bathroom door.

“What the...?” He began to speak, but they just told him to get out and get into bed.

For a while he could hear giggling and whispering through the door until finally the lock clicked and the girls entered the bedroom clad in bathrobes. They walked into the bedroom with very sexy looks on their faces and stood themselves at the end of the bed, where he was lying naked, and started to loosen the belts of their bathrobes.

They let the robes slip slowly from their shoulders, swaying their hips, revealing more and more of their breasts. Slowly they revealed more and more of their bodies until they stood fully naked before him. He looked at their beautiful bodies and noticed they had shaved their pussies. He looked at them with a broad smile and said:

“They are beautiful. Now you both come over here so I can get a taste...”

The girls beamed as if he had just given them diamonds and pearls and jumped up, onto the bed. They lay on the bed one girl to each of his sides. He kissed Natasha and went down onto Karen’s bold pussy. Natasha kissed Karen who responded by feverishly sucking Natashas tongue into her mouth.

He licked and sucked Karen’s outer labia and as his tongue entered her fold he noticed the sweet taste of her pussy juices. He used his ability to stimulate Karen’s rosebud and breasts, concentrating on her aureolas and nipples before creating an extension that penetrated her vagina causing her to buck her hips towards his mouth in ecstasy.

Karen lay on her back using both hands to pull back her legs. Natasha had moved to administer Karen’s nipples wit her tongue and lips alternating between her left an right nipple. He told Karen to turn around and get on all four at the edge of the bed. Natasha got onto her back in front of Karen to allow easy access to her sex. He placed his cock at Karen’s slit and thrust into her already soaking wet pussy causing her to moan softly into Natashas pussy.

Karen stuck her tongue into Natasha’s slit and slowly licked her way from the bottom to the top tickling the area just below her clit. Natasha inhaled sharply and got hold of Karen’s head pulling it harder into her crotch. Meanwhile Charlie pumped his cock in and out of Karen’s pussy turning her on, causing her to moan continuously into Natasha’s pussy increasing her excitement.

This went on for a while. He pumped into Karen in long, but slow deliberate strokes causing her body to twitch every time he hit home. Karen on the other hand continued to lick and suck Natashas labia and clit. After a while of this Karen came changing her stimulation of Natashas pussy causing her to come as well clamping her legs around Karen’s head pulling Karen’s mouth hard into her pussy.

For a while the room was filled with moans, grunts and whimpers. After a while they came down from their peaks, cuddled into each other again and fell asleep exhausted from the sexual exploits this day had brought them.

It was still dark when he woke up and sensed that he had an erection and that his cock was engulfed by something warm and wet. He looked to his right and saw Karen’s back and shapely ass but she was sound asleep. Looking to the left he saw only Natasha’s ass and her long shapely legs. The rest of her was under the bed spread and he realized it was her that was sucking on his cock. He lifted the bedspread.

“Hello Natasha, Having trouble sleeping?” She plopped his cock out of her mouth...

“I woke up and found that I missed him. So I decided to do something about it. I hope you don’t mind.” She looked at him with her beautiful eyes and then moved up to kiss him. He returned her kiss passionately and pulled her further up so she came to sit on his lower belly with his dick just at the opening of her pussy. He broke the kiss.

“Be my guest.” And then he pressed his thighs together causing his erection to lift up from his stomach. She pressed her pussy against his erection until it entered her, then moved back and forth slowly impaling her body just a bit further each time until he was all the way inside her. At that point she bit her lower lip and her eyes glazed over as she gave a moan and her body trembled. She sat up, let her head fall back and slowly gyrated her hips massaging her clit on his mound. After a while of this her body began to twitch and she switched to moving up and down, first a little bit and as her arousal increased and she came closer to climax she moved further up and down his shaft, her breathing becoming quicker, more labored. As the speed of her movements increased she started to let out little squeaks.

At this point he had begun to massage her tits, softly pinching her nipples.

Suddenly she stopped all movement as his cock was almost entirely out of her cavity. She lingered for just a short moment and then thrust down again, hard, grunted, lifted herself up, and then down again with a long moan, went rigid and as a tremendous orgasm hit her, her whole body started to shake and tremble. As she slowly came down from her peak she began to gyrate her hips up and down on his shaft using the muscles in her pussy to milk him.

For him this was too much and after a short while, he came, bucking wildly into her down thrust squirting his semen deep into her womb causing her to come again with little squeaks and moans. She collapsed onto him, completely out of breath. As the tenseness of their orgasm started to reside they began to laugh and giggle like teenagers.

Suddenly Natasha felt a hand being put on her sweaty butt crack and a voice said.

“That was amazing to watch. I love you both.” Karen then snuggled into his right side and as Natasha moved to his left they all fell asleep again hugging each other tightly. His last thought was doubting if he would really be able to pull it off, selling them to John that is.

It was almost noon when they woke up the next day. They all took a shower together before preparing breakfast. As it was a beautiful day they had breakfast on the back porch. After finishing breakfast they put everything away before spending the rest of the day sunbathing and splashing around in the Jacuzzi. The girls had by that time become extremely attached to him emotionally and it was almost as if they could read his mind when he needed something.

To him the whole thing felt as if he had gained two dedicated companions that were eager to do all his bidding almost before he formulated his wish into words. He wondered if there was a flaw in his conditioning of the girls minds.

As the evening neared they went into the house to prepare dinner as John would be arriving soon. John arrived just before 8 and they went outside to greet him.

“Hello John, meet Natasha and Karen. I think they might like to work with us. Natasha and Karen walked over to John and each took one of his arms. They wore nothing but T-shirts and shorts. Together they walked into the house and all four of them sat down at the dining table. Charles got out a bottle of red and filled their glasses. As the first bottle was empty Charles opened another bottle.

Things started out slowly but as the wine started to have effect, the girls became giddy and began to show John a lot of attention. Also they took turns of looking deeply into his eyes, flirting with him. Natasha put the palm of her hand onto the bulge that was forming in his pants causing him to squirm, making it obvious to the other two that something was happening under the table, in the center region of his body.

As they moved to the living room for coffee and liquors things started to heat up. John sat in the center of the large couch and the girls sat on his right and left. It started with Karen kissing him full on the mouth exploring it’s inside with her tongue, while Natasha put her hand on Johns, by now rather impressive, bulge and began to tickle it. John put his arms around the girls and simply went with the flow of events. After a while of this Natasha opened Johns fly, fished out his rather large hard on and took it into her warm, eager mouth.

As Karen noticed what Natasha was doing she stood up and started to strip and slow dance on the floor in front of them. John looked at Charles who nodded lightly. John then slid further down into the couch and Natasha slid onto the floor between John’s legs now slowly pumping his cock with her lips and hands, moaning each time Johns cock hit the back of her throat, causing him to experience an extreme sensation as if a vibrator was touching his head. John moaned and looked at Natasha who was pumping him slowly with her mouth.

“Natasha, I want to fuck you” John said quietly, looking deeply into her eyes, his eyes full of lust. She stood up and started to undress, kissing and touching Karen in the process. As both girls were naked Natasha returned to John and undressed him. She then straddled him slowly impaling her body on his his now fully erect cock. She threw back her head and moaned loudly as he hit bottom. She sat still for a while getting accustomed to his size before she started to use the muscles of her pussy to massage his cock. He moaned, pulled her closer and sucked her nipples making them hard and erect causing her to moan and begin to ride him slowly.

Charles was so turned on watching Natasha and John that he just swallowed hard and quietly reached his hand out for Karen. Karen came over to him and helped him undress before going down on her knees to suck his cock. Charles was actually close to exploding as he pulled her up.

“I want to fuck you, Karen.” She could see the want in his eyes, the hunger for her body, for her breasts, for her nipples, for her hot wanting pussy. She straddled his crotch, aiming his rod for her hot pussy, impaling her body on his now fully erect rod. Just like Natasha had done with John only moments before. As Charlie hit bottom, pressing on her cervix, Karen’s body twitched and she grunted deeply from the innermost depths of her body, pressing her breasts into his face, moaning as he started to suck on her fluffy nipples causing them to harden.

Despite his own lust running amok Charles stimulated the girls clits and rosebuds in such a way that the four of them came simultaneously with wild, releasing groans from the men and loud screams, urging the men onwards, from the girls. As the girls came they cramped heavily making them turn rigid like wooden boards shaking and quivering while the orgasms shook their bodies before slumping down onto the men, panting as if they just finished a 400 yard run at the Olympics.


A week later Charles and John were sitting in a bar discussing the future of their business arrangement.

“You know Charlie if you can provide women in the same quality as these two and with the same eagerness to serve my clients you can have a good thing going for both of us. I suspect I can pay you one to two hundred grand a head. When can I have these two?” Charles looked at John.

“I think that would be acceptable. But there is one little snag. You can’t have these two. I have become too emotionally attached to them and they have been through too much. They will be working for and with me. You will hear from me in about a week” he replied and shook John’s hand before he left the bar with a smile on his face.


It was a friday night.

Her name was Elana, she was 19, blond hair, slim body, long legs, B cup breasts, school dropout, bored stiff with her job and living in a crummy apartment.

Finally another week at work was over and she decided to go for a night on the town to relieve some stress. She took a shower and looked at her wardrobe to find a dress. She found one and after getting dressed and putting on some makeup she left her apartment.

She sat on a stool at the bar wearing her best dress when he came in and looked around. He was nicely dressed and had a comfortable aura around him. He walked to the bar and sat on a barstool next to her. As he sat down his hand brushed against her arm and she felt a tingling sensation flow through her entire body.

He ordered a drink for himself, then turned and looked at her for a moment asking her if she liked a drink.

“Yes, thank you please” she said. He ordered her a drink, paid and walked to a free table, suspecting that she would follow him in a while.

He sat down and checked on her, she was actually looking straight at him. She looked a bit unsure on what to think of him walking away. Usually when someone offered her a drink they pestered her with their life’s story and a mash of how their wives didn’t understand them.

This guy simply invited her on a drink and then walked away. Now that was a first...

He lifted his glass in her direction and smiled. She smiled back and lifted her glass in his direction.

A while passed where she thought about him and suddenly she made a decision and walked over to his table.

“May I join you?” she asked. He looked up at her and smiled.

“Yes please. I was hoping you would like to join me.” He offered his hand and said:

“Charles...” She took his hand. This time she got a bit week in her knees from the tingling sensation.


“Beautiful name for a beautiful lady.” he said, smiling as he let go of her hand.

She smiled at his remark and sat down by his side.

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