The Chauffeur(#1)......the Interview

The Chauffeur(#1)......the Interview

The Chauffeur………the Interview


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I never thought that at 40 I would be divorced. I have a great son, that I don’t get much time to see. I have the usual bills like mortgage, car payment, and now, child support. Somehow, it just doesn’t seem fair that the innocent party in a divorce gets raked over the coals by family court.

I have no objection paying child support. However, in my state men almost always lose.

To keep up my bills, I was forced to look for a part time job. I work 40-50 hours a week as a restaurant manager. Yet, that money was no longer enough to keep my financial head above water.

I called several friends inquiring if they knew any part time jobs that I could take on. Everyone said the same thing to me that ‘times were tough’.

I went online looking for part time work and ran across an ad for drivers needed. I waited until Monday to call the number listed inquiring about the position. To my surprise, a delightful lady answered the phone with a slight southern drawl to her voice.

“Thank you for calling Happy, Happee Limo. This is Tina speaking. Do you need a limo for pickup or airport service?” Her voice just seemed to ‘smile’ over the phone.

I hesitated for a moment before answering, “Neither, I’m calling about a position that I saw your company post online for a driver.”

“Oh, that’s handled by Sasha. Please hold while I connect you.” Tina replied.

I waited for what seemed like an hour but, most likely just 5 minutes or so. Finally, a woman with a deep Eastern European accent answered. My head quickly thought of the old cartoon “Boris and Natasha” as Sasha’s voice sounded just like Natasha.

“Um, hi there, my name is David and I’m calling about the driver position that you have advertised online.

Sasha’s reply was that the position was to drop off and pick up people as directed by the dispatcher. In the slow times, the driver is to either patrol the airport arrival area or wait outside one of the half dozen top end resort hotels that they have contracts. The position revolves carrying their clientele to whatever destination they requested for a flat fee.

In my head, it sounded like a decent job. I asked what the working hours that would be required of me. Sasha told me that I needed to meet with her at the limo office Tuesday about 8 pm. She also went on to tell me that I needed to wear my best dress suit, so she could make sure that I would be dressed appropriate if they were to offer me the position.

On Tuesday, I showed up at the address she gave me about 15 minutes early. I parked my Toyota Corolla, got out, checked my suit, and sprayed a mint spray in my mouth. The suit I wore has black slacks and a black dress suit coat. I wore my favorite cobalt blue long sleeved dress shirt with a muted maroon tie with a matching maroon handkerchief. I made sure to polish my black belt and black dress shoes just to impress.

I was nervous to say the least. I had not been on a job interview in several years. My heart was pounding as I looked at the tall office building. I rang the buzzer on the front door and a rather large bald black man answered. I introduced myself and he replied, “Oh you’re the one here for the job. C’mon in. Take the elevator to the 8th floor and you will see the signs for the limo company. Good Luck.”

To me, the elevator ride seemed short, but then again, there was no one else using it. When I arrived at the ‘Happy, Happee Limo’ door a hand-written sign taped to the door read “knock loudly” which I did.

A cute mid-20’s slender black woman answered. She long legs, small but pert boobs, and a beautiful smile. I asked, “Sasha?”. She chuckled at me and said, “No, I’m Tina. You must be David. Come on in and follow me but, please be quiet as our phone girls are talking to customers.”

I did as I was told and followed her silently. While we were walking through the large conference area, there seemed to be lots of college aged women on the phones. Since my heart was pattering about a thousand miles a minute I really didn’t pay attention to the phone conversations.

Tina and I arrived at a beautiful set of double doors. I noticed that they seemed to be out of place for an office. They had the appearance of something from a church or castle. Big thick heavy wood doors with what appeared to be an old iron knob complete with a skeleton key hole.

I smiled to myself thinking that this place is becoming more interesting by the minute.

Tina knocked and walked right through the doors. I followed and to my surprise there was a very tall statuesque woman with waist length straight blonde hair. She was dressed in a black leather corset with matching black shorts and thigh high leather boots. The air in the ‘office’ had the distinctive scent of cloves from some sort of incense burning in a corner of the room.

“Sasha, this is David your 8 o’clock interview. Shall I wait, or would you like me to go back to the phones?” Tina inquired.

“Stand by the doors. You will be needed in a few minutes.” Sasha replied in a heavy accent.


I’m sure that my face was covered with bewilderment. I stood silently with my hands starting to perspire.

Sasha began to speak, “Mr. David, you appear to follow directions good. We expect our employees to be able to follow directions specifically. We also expect that whatever you see and hear in your limo remains a secret with anyone except me. Is that understood Mr. David?”

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied beginning to worry about how drop-dead gorgeous Sasha and Tina appeared which got my cock stirring.

“Ok, Mr. David, showtime. Please drop your pants.” Sasha directed.


“You get one more chance Mr. David, DROP YOUR PANTS.” Sasha demanded.

In my head, I thought if this was even legal to ask but needing the job I complied. I unbuckled my pants, undid the clasp, and unzipped letting my pants fall to the floor around my ankles.

Sasha used her index finger to beckon Tina to come over to her. Tina came over to her and stood silently.

“Tina, check out Mr. David. I want to make sure he ‘measures up’.” Sasha said with a wicked grin.

Tina walked over to me and inspected the bulge in my boxer briefs. Nervously, I just stood there.

She reached out her hand and caressed my now mostly erect cock. In doing that, she turned her head and smiled a big smile back at Sasha. Then I felt soft delicate fingers inside of my waist band and a forceful tug putting my boxers on top of my pants around my ankles.

Now, I was completely naked from the waist to my ankles with my fully erect cock pointed up towards the ceiling. Still, I remained silent and still.

Tina grasped my hard manhood along the shaft with one hand and ‘weighted’ my balls with the other. I heard a low guttural moan barely noticeable.

“Mr. David, do you like sex?” Sasha asked.

Trying to clear my head enough to answer a coherent sentence, I replied, “Sure, doesn’t everyone?”

“Mr. David, that was a yes or no question.” Sasha snapped back.

“Yes Ma’am. I do enjoy sex.”

At this point, I was trying to stifle a moan since Tina was now stroking my cock and rubbing the pre-cum up and down the shaft.

My head was spinning! Between Sasha’s interesting appearance and Tina’s grasp of my rigid cock, they really had my brain in overdrive.

Tina bent over at the waist and began to lick the head of my cock. She swirled her tongue around and around the thick purple head. She lifted my cock and licked the underside of it beginning at the base. Her other hand kept gently squeezing and massaging my balls.

I was trying hard to remain quiet. Tina licked and sucked my cock like someone who obviously had done this, many times before. To my surprise, a low moan escaped my mouth.

“Mister David are you enjoying my Tina?” Sasha inquired.

“Yes, absolutely!”

“Tina, would you enjoy Mr. David fucking you?”

“Oh yes!” Tina squealed.

“Good then, Mr. David, please bend my Tina over my desk. Remove her shorts and please begin fucking her. We need to make sure you can do the job.” Sasha said with a big smile.

Tina stopped sucking my cock. She stood up straight and walked over to an empty 1/3 of her desk and bent over putting her head on the desk facing Sasha. As I started to follow her, I remembered my pants and boxers were still around my ankles. I debated in my head for a moment, should I pull them back up or kick them off? I chose pulling them back up but, only enough to be able to walk over to Tina. When I reached her, I again dropped my pants and boxers.

“Mr. David, you are to fuck my Tina with no condom. You understand?” Sasha asked.

My head did not even question why Sasha made that statement. I was on sexual overdrive at that moment. It has been several weeks since I had sex. I grabbed my rock-hard manhood and put it at the entrance to her honey hole. I began slowly pushing the head in gently. I whispered in her ear, “Are you ok? I’ll go slow.”

“Mister David, this is NOT making love. It is sex. If you can not make her orgasm in less than ten minutes, then your interview is over. DO YOU UNDERSTAND MISTER DAVID” Sasha said with a loud drill sergeant like tone.

“Yes Ma’am!” I answered not wanting this to end.

Never in my wildest dreams had I ever even considered a ‘job’ interview such as this.

I put both of my hands-on Tina’s hips and thrust my cock into her. I used force but, not so much that I would hurt her. She felt warm, wet and very tight.

Her pussy was grabbing my cock with some force. I could feel her womanhood as I penetrated her until my pelvis bone reached her ass. I began thrusting in and out with purpose. This ‘interview’ was NOT going to end on a poor performance note.

Tina was moaning but, not with the intensity that I was anticipating. I began to get worried thinking about the clock that I was under. I kept thrusting harder and harder into her. I felt something hitting the head of my cock a couple of times before I realized that it was her cervix.

I just kept up the furious see-saw motion in and out of her tight wet woman hole.

I picked up the pace and began to pound her with everything I had. Finally, I started getting the moans and cries that I was expecting. My cock was finally bathed in her wetness. I felt her body tense up and she let out a loud scream of pleasure.

I kept on fucking her bringing forth another orgasm. This one obviously had her head spinning and her gulping for air. I felt her woman juice splash against my groin as I continued to fuck her.

“Mister David, you may stop now. Have you orgasmed yet?” Sasha inquired.

“No Ma’am.”

“Good, then you will come over to me and finish your fucking with me. You will fuck me as hard or harder than my Tina. Do you understand? If you cum first this interview will be over. Do you understand?” Sasha said with authority.

Once again, I answered, “Yes Ma’am”.

I stood up with my pants and boxers still around my ankles. I decided that they needed to come off and thus giving my cock a moment to reset. I was worried that I would cum first and that would make me very disappointed. So, my plan was to fuck Sasha as hard and as fast as I could possibly physically handle all the while thinking of things that had nothing to do with sex.

I kicked off my shoes, took off my socks, and stepped out of my pants and boxers. I kicked them all over to the side away from the desk.

While I was doing that, Sasha ordered Tina to go clean herself and get back on the phones. Tina complied.

Sasha then got out of her black shorts. I noted that she was completely shaved and thought to myself that Tina was also shaved.

I could smell the delicious odor emanating from Sasha’s bald pussy. I asked Sasha to lie on her back in the same place on the desk that Tina was using just minutes before.

Sasha complied but noted that even though my cock looked big enough, she may be more difficult to make orgasm.

Although I was somewhat apprehensive, I stepped forward with all intention of completing the assignment or challenge as it were.

I took each ankle of Sasha’s and put it over my shoulders. I grabbed her hips and slid her toward me on the desk. My cock was now hard and ready to go again.

“Remember what I told you Mister David!” Sasha reminded me.

I put my hard cock up against her fuck hole. I didn’t enter her slowly or with gentleness. I pushed my entire 9 inches into her as fast and as hard as I could. Sasha’s pussy was so very wet that it made sloshing sounds with me going in on the first push.

I heard a loud grunt from my new fuck partner. I was balls deep into her. I pulled almost all the way out and slammed back into her again and again. Harder and harder, I kept my pace as fast and as furious as I could.

In my head, I was trying to think of inane things like getting my car’s oil changed next week, what groceries did I need to buy, and when is my next dental appointment.

Slap, slap, slap was the sound my balls were making as they kept hitting Sasha’s ass. Sasha was moaning loudly but I wasn’t convinced she was close to cumming yet. Sweat was now starting to form on my forehead and drip onto Sasha’s tight belly.

It dawned on me that I was forgetting something. Her clit! With that thought firmly in my head, I reached both hands out to her sloshy pussy and began rubbing her clit with my thumbs simultaneously. As I rubbed her clit in circles, she really began moaning and squirming underneath me.

After just a couple of minutes of pussy pounding and hard clit rubbing, her breath became stuttered and her moaning getting louder.

All at once, I felt my cock and balls get splashed with her wetness. She let out a scream in some Eastern European language that I didn’t understand. However, I assumed it was curse words since that seems to be what many, if not most women, do when cumming that hard.

As she started to wind down after a few minutes, I just kept hammering away at her pussy with my steel hard cock.

Again, she splashed my entire groin area with her lady cum. I kept rubbing her clit. Forcing her to again curse in another language.

Finally, I said to her, “Sasha, do I have the position? Do you want me to keep going?”

Tina came running into the room along with two other beautiful women only to see me making Sasha cum again and again. Tina ran over to Sasha, while the other two women just looked at me with their mouths open.

I was now as bold as I could ever be making both Tina and Sasha cum multiple times and yet, not cumming myself. I smiled a big smile!

As Tina pulled my handkerchief out of my coat pocket to wipe Sasha’s forehead, I felt that familiar twinge. My balls began to tighten up. I knew that I was passing the point of no return yet, I was continuing to hammer away at Sasha’s love hole.

“Sasha, I going to cum!” The moment that last word left my mouth I felt my cock grow inside of her and my cock emptied inside of Sasha. The first couple of spasms shot my sperm into her belly since the head of my cock was passing her cervix on each entry thrust.

As I started to cum deep inside of her, she splashed me once more. My cock and balls were now actually dripping with her love juice. Her breathing became very erratic and her foreign cursing began again.

As I began to run out of steam and my cock finished emptying into her, Sasha in an almost breathless voice, “Mister David, Mister David, please stop. PLEASE, PLEASE STOP!”.

I did not pay attention to one of the beautiful young ladies at the door, leaving for a moment to get 2 warm wet hand towels and 2 dry hand towels to clean us up. Each woman at the door came over to us as we were uncoupling. One woman began wiping my now semi-erect cock with the warm wet towel. She made sure she cleaned my cock, my balls, my entire crotch area, as well as down the front and inside of my legs. Taking the dry towel next she first wiped the sweat off my face, leaning into me and giving me a delicious kiss whispering in my ear, “No one has ever done that to her. I think you’re hired.”

I smiled again with that knowledge. As I was standing there getting cleaned up, the other woman was cleaning up Sasha.

Sasha finally began to speak, “Mister David, obviously you passed your interview. I will now offer you employment in our company. How much pay would you need to make this your one and only job? Clearly you have the necessary skills. So, I ask again. How much do you need to make this your only job?”

I sat down on the chair to put my boxers and pants back on. I tucked my now sweaty shirt into my pants before buckling my belt. I was trying to delay the answer, thinking about how much I currently made and how short I was every month since my divorce.

“$175,000 a year.” I replied.

I currently made $125,000 managing the restaurant but, that included my usual annual bonus. If this job was going to be my only source of income, then I needed it to handle all my expenses as well as what I am behind.

Sasha sat quietly behind her desk. She looked at me with an intensity but, I didn’t think she was angry just in deep thought.

“No! Mister David you will make a minimum of $200,000 a year. After 30 days, you will become eligible to collect tips and get our monthly bonus. Our company will require that you sign a 5 year contract. You will work when we need you to work. Some weeks it may be only 35 to 40 hours and some weeks it may be as much as 80 hours. Our deal will have the usual boring benefits such as, medical and dental. However, there will be other special benefits that we will discuss at another time. Do we have a deal Mister David?”.

I sat in my chair in stunned silence. My head was screaming to take the deal, take the deal, TAKE THE DEAL!!!

I smiled. I turned around to face Sasha and politely said, “Yes, that is an acceptable offer. However, I have two questions. First, what will my title be? Second, when would you prefer me to begin?”

Sasha, now happy that I accepted her offer said, “You will start next Monday Mister David. Your title will be the Chauffeur. Mister David, my Tina will see you out. Have a good night and please drive home carefully.

The end of part one: The Chauffeur……the interview

I hope you liked it and let me know. I would enjoy your comments (good or bad). Thanks!……PABLO

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