Winston, the wonder dog

Winston, the wonder dog

Waking up to the sun on my dresser, I smiled and stretched Yes! School is finally finishedf! With the adrenaling pumping, I grabbed my housecoat and headed into the bathroom to do all the good things one must do in the morning, going downstairs in the best mood I had been in in a liong time.
"Good morning Mom, isn't it a beautiful day?"
Mom was at the stove turning with her ever present smile.
"Good morning dear, it's easy to see your happy in not going back to that school"
Both of us chuckled with Dad coming in the kitchen.
"I thoiught you would have slept in to-day" smiling at me
"She's overjoyed" Mom said serving Dad first "that school in finally finished.
"Ah!" Dad smiled "So what kind of a summer job are you looking for?" taking a bite of his toast.
"Well actually Daddy, I'm not going to work this summer!" Here go! "I'll be going to the University in the fall and I want to take the summer off" There, you told him, here it comes!
I've seen that look before, jaw clenched, not moving a muscle!
"Now look here Rhonda, your Aunt....."
He never got a chance to give me the lecture I knew he would as Mom bumped into him pouring the coffee and in her own sweet way, ran interferance for me.
"Now now dear, Lidia left that money for Rhonda's education. If you recall, didn't we both wish that we didn't have to work the summer before we began University?"
A shake on his head and it was over! Yippee! We won!

And so began my summer of doing absolutely nothing, or so I thought. Two days later it dawned on me that everone was working, I was alone! Damn! Boredom caused me to get the push lawnnower out and began cutting the grass in the front.
"Well hello there Rhonda, not working this summer?"
It was Mrs. X with her dog Winston, a golden retreaver, a beautiful looking dog.
"Oh hi, No I'm taking the summer off. I'm going to the Univesity this fall" This made Mrs. X perk up!
"Andf a very sound move it is! You'll need to clear your head, it can be trying my dear"
Winston was watching a squirrel on the other side of the street, sitting, waiting, his penis out a bit.
"You know Rhonda" now very excited "perhaps you might be interested in making some money! Fred and I have his Nephew's wedding to go to in Chicago and we'll be gone six days. I was going to put my baby in the pound to-night but I'd be happy to pay you what I'd pay the pound if you could come up, feed him and take him for a walk! I don't want my baby boy going to the pound, this is his home!" as she bent over to kiss Winston and he licked her face.
How much time and effort does that take? None! Go for it!
"What would I have to do?"

So after supper, I went to their house for the instruction, to get the key thinking, this is a poece of cake! An hour in the morning, an hour at night and this is big money! Telling Mom what was happening, her one comment was
"It costs that much to board a dog?"
Off I go to feed Winston and he is doing a little dance for me when I came in First thing? Let him out in the back yard so he can do his business! I watched him for a few seconds going around sniffing at everything, peeing here and there and went to change the water and fill his bowl with food. Seconds later, I could hear him scratching at the door and he came in like he never drank or ate before! Oh well. Sitting in the chair watching him and when he finished, he came to me leaning against me. What's this all about? i pushed him away saying,
"Want to go for a walk?"
Again he started to dance pushing the drawer that held his leash with his nose. When I came to the drawer to open it, not paying attention to him, he shoved his nose right in my crotch!
"Get away from me!" I shouted in my most sternous voice pushing him away.
This didn't dampen his high spirit and I calmed down once outsude, after all, he was dog! He didn't know your not suppose to do that.

I really enjoyed my walk with Winston, stopping along the way to sniff this and that and when we got back, I opened the back door for him to go out but no, he dodn't want that. Again while standing at the sink washing my hands, he shocked me with his nose at my crotch from behind.
"What is the matter with you?" I shouted at him "Do I look like a dog to you?"
Moving back a step, his tail wagging, he sat down, his penis sticking out a bit. I felt bad shouting at him so I sat down and immediately he came to me leaning against me. This has got to mean something, but what? I was stroking his beautiful coat and as I ran my hand down over his back, it went up! Winston? What are you doing? In one motion, he spread his himd legs apart and i looked down to see why have moved like that. I'll tell you why, half his penis was sticking out! Oh my God, you want me to masturbate you? That is not going to happen! Out the door i go, more angry with myself that I had been in a long time. Does Mrrs.X masturbate him? Well it's obvious to me, someone does! All day I was having a terrible time with myself knowing that a dog fooled me, led me right to what he wanted! And your going to University? Your not as smart as you think! I dreaded going back that night but had no choice, I was in charge, or was I? In I march, right past him as he danced opening the back door. Water and food good! No walk to-night, that's for sure. In he came, gulping down his food then sat there, his penis out a bit.
"No no no! I am not going to jerk you off!"
That made no never mind to him, he came to me, tail wagging and like a statue, I stood there not moving, my heart racing as he sniffed at my crotch.
"You think you want some pussy? Is that it? Well lets find out!"
Putting my hand inside my shorts and panties, I was surprised to find out I was wet! I'm horny and don't know it? Now then, lets see! He licked my fingers with gusto! Oh wow, I got to get out of here, I can't do this!

Talk about a pitiful nights sleep, that was me. Every hour I would wake up shaking, thinking about Winston. That bugger is driving me crazy! Stalling as long as possible, I go there and though the rountine including the walk, What to do, what to do! All this time I'm thinking to myself, maybe your missing a good bet here! You've never been givin oral sex by the three boys you've boinked, maybe Winston is just what you need! Get out of my head Devil, I don't need this! In the house we go, he sits down in front of me and there we are, starring at each other. Damn!
"So you want to lick my pussy, is that right?"
Over he came to me pushing my legs aprt with his nose right up against my crotch.
"Want some?" he cocked his head over to the side like saying, I don't understand/
That did it! He began to dance and cry heading for the basemeant. Geez, he knows what that means and looks like he has a special place too! In the rec room I go with a big overstuffed chair as Winston sat in front of it.
"This where your Mommy sits?" sitting down smiling at him
Coming to me, he's sniffing me, little sounds coming from him and said to myself, go ahead, take your panties off, let him lick you! You don't like it, put your panties on and go home. Acting like a smart alex fool, I begand to hum the stroppers song as I peeled my underwear off with Winston watching every move. I didn't have to say anything he was right there.

Poor Winston, he was crying ever so softly as I sat there, my legs closed trying to get up enough nerve to open them. Well what are you waiting for girl, open your legs and lets find out! As soon as I moved, there he was helping me open my legs Oh my God! His tongue was darting in and out of my pussy so quickly that I lost me breath! I had to push him away as I was huffing and puffing like an old stream engine! Whew! Son of a gun! Finally I calmed down now knowing what to expect, or thought I did.
"Want some more?" opeming my legs again.
Oh ya, oh ya, this is nice as I lifted my legs to give him an easier access. What is happening? From way down inside me, this surge of power rose quickly till I could see nothing but multi colours, no objects! It must have been instantainous but why was I shouting? Son of a bitch, I just had an argasm! My head was wet with persperation, my whole body was jumping, this is incredible! There he was sitting, looking at me and words failed me. I just had a dog bring me to a climax! Unvelievable!
"Well Winston" I said leaning forward "that was better than any guy I've had!"
It was like he knew what I was saying licking my face as I moved back. He jumped up and was licking my face as I laughed and wham! AAAAAA Before i could react, he had his dick in me! He was pounding me for all he was worth, his paws around my waist and before I had a chance to try and move him off me, I could feel him make his deposit in me! Christ! I was stunned My mind was a complete blank! Winston just fucked me! There he was licking his dick and his sperm running out of me. My friends, kill was in my heart at that moment, I can tell you that much!

Like in a trance, I got up going to the bathroom at the far end of the rec room. Tears were flowing, I felt disgusted, in fact I hated myself! How could this happen? Because I'm stupid? Taking a wash cloth, I wiped away the tears and washed my legs as his sperm had flowed down them. There he was, look at the Bastard, tail wagging!
"What the Hell are you looking at?" I shouted at him.
He came to me in a slinking manner and immediately knew it was not his fault. What is the matter with me? My pussy is pulsing! I want more? This is the conservative Rhonda talking?
"Fuck?" Do I have to tell you he did a little dance?
Putting one foot on the toilet seat, he didn't waist any time as he began to lick me. Oh wow, this was so nice with him backing away.
"What! What's going on? Want to fuck me?" round and round he goes
Out of the bathroom I come getting down on all fours.
"This is how digs do it....fuck me and this time your not leaving until i'm satisfied!"
Jumping up, his paws go around my wait and i grab them as he rams his dick in me! He's pounding me pretty good and now wants off. Oh ya? No way big boy, I'm not ready and hang on to his paws. So there we are, he's in me, his dick is going up and down and he starts up again. Holy moly! Don't stop now!
"Yesss" I squealed with Winston jamming his dick hard into me! Yes! Yes! Push! Oh God that is so good.
Ok, now you can go lick yourself letting go of his paws. I tried to move forward but his dick was locked in me! Holy geez! Try as i might, it wouldn't come out. What of someone comes in? It seemed like an hour and when it came out, a great flood on juices dumped on the floor. Well, I won't be doing that again.

That night i died! I went to bed early and wole up late, not one cover was disturbed. Winston and I became best friends for the next four days, he would lick to an orgasm then fuck me from the front. No more back stuff for me as I held onto his knot. He would then lick me again with the same routime at night. It was a wonderful time that went by to quickly For the last time, Winston and I had our session taling him to my house as Mrs.X was due back to-day. I'm going to miss this so much. Winston was laying at my feet in the back yard when we heard,
"Winston?" It was Mrs. X!
He bolted to the fence jumping right over it and I could hear him crying and her laughing as he knocked her down licking her face. What about me?
"Oh Rhonda, he looks just fine" getting up
Yadda yadda yadda and they were gone Questions and answers?
Question.Ever have another affair with a dog?
Answer. No
Question. Would you?
Answer. The situation and all items would have to be perfect.
Question. Did you ever find out if Winston was doing Mrs. X?
Answer. Some things are left to the imagination.

So that's my story everyone, stay well, bye xxx

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