A Daughter's Weekend Getaway Pt. 2

A Daughter's Weekend Getaway Pt. 2

Another couple of hours had passed and Savannah had ended up falling asleep. I pulled up the gravel driveway and came to a stop in front of our family cabin. “Savannah,” I shook her shoulder, “we’re here”.

Savannah’s eyes groggily opened and she blinked several times as she was coming to and getting her bearings. While Savannah was waking up from her nap, I got out of the car and went around to the tailgate of the truck to get our bags. I couldn’t stop thinking about earlier, how my own daughter had taken control and had actually sucked me off. It was wrong, but I couldn’t get the images out of my head and my cock was in a steady state of semi-hardness.

“Daddy!” I heard from the front of the vehicle as I quickly came back to reality, “is everything OK back there?”

“Yes dear!” I shouted back, “Just had to climb into the bed to get the cooler; it moved! And you know I’m not as young as I once was!”

I could hear her giggle and I quickly got everything out of the bed and onto the ground. “Sweetheart, could you help me bring all of this in so we don’t have to make more than one trip?”

Without missing a beat, Savannah skipped to the back of the truck and eagerly picked up her suitcase and started off towards the front door. “Wow, someone’s happy to be here,” I said playfully.

She turned around and shot me a smile. I swear she winked at me as she turned back around and continued bounding towards the door. I stood there in stunned silence as I watched her tight little ass bounce with each deliberate step.

‘Oh God’ I thought to myself, ‘this is going to be a loooong weekend. Don’t be weak. Don’t give in to any of her temptations.’

I gathered the remaining bags and headed inside. I hadn’t been to our cabin in what felt like ages, and everything was just as I had left it before. It wasn’t a huge cabin, probably about 900 square feet or so, and didn’t have fancy amenities. It had a sink, a refrigerator, stove, bathroom, all the necessities for a nice relaxing getaway with the family. Little did I know, this weekend was going to be anything but ‘relaxing’.

I sat the bags down by the entryway and scanned around for Savannah, but saw her nowhere in sight. “Savannah!” I yelled out, “where did you run off to?”

Almost as quickly as my words trailed off, Savannah popped her head around the corner from the bathroom.

“Sorry, dad, I didn’t mean to disappear, but after that drive I had to use the bathroom like none other!”

Now that she mentioned it, I too had to use the bathroom since we never stopped on the long drive up the mountains. I smiled and walked toward her, trying my very best to avoid my eyes from looking her taught body up and down. When I reached the bathroom door, I reached up and planted a quick kiss on her forehead. “My turn,” I said with a smile, and slipped past her into the bathroom.

As I undid my pants, I could hear shuffling outside. I decided not to pay any attention and pulled my still semi-erect cock from my pants, taking it in my right hand and started to relieve myself.

After I finished and stepped out from the bathroom I noticed that, yet again, Savannah had disappeared. “Savannah! Where did you run off to now?” I yelled out.

“I’m in the bedroom unpacking!”

I walked over to the second bedroom and stopped mid-stride as I hit the doorway and saw my daughter bending over, picking through her suitcase. My eyes trailed from the floor, up to her ankles, and then slowly made their way upwards as I gazed at her long legs, until finally my eyes came to rest on her round ass that was barely covered by her yoga shorts. I feel like I stood there forever, not blinking, just staring at her round plump ass. Suddenly, it hit me, I couldn’t see any panty lines anywhere. ‘Oh great! She’s not wearing any underwear’ I thought to myself, and I could immediately feel the blood drain from my head and rush its way down my body into my growing cock.

Clearing my throat, Savannah jumped up and turned around quickly, with a dark red lacy thong in her hand. She quickly tried to crumple it into a ball and hide it, but she knew I had seen it.

“Wow, you’re not wasting any time!” I teased her.

“Well, this ‘long’ weekend is going to go by quickly, and you know how organized I like to be!”

“That is very true,” I replied. “You are your mother’s daughter! Well, I’ll let you get to unpacking and I’m going to head over to my room and do the same. You know where to find me if you need anything.”

“Sounds good, daddy! Oh, by the way, what do you want to do for dinner tonight?” As Savannah asked me the question, I noticed her eyes were falling lower and even though I tried to avoid it, I’m sure she was looking at the outline of my cock in my jeans. There was no hiding it anymore.

“Umm…” I thought for a moment before replying, “how about something simple tonight? Sandwiches OK?”

“Sounds pretty simple to me, and that’s fine!”


I quickly turned away and headed to my room to start unpacking. I was about halfway done when I heard a knock on the door. “Savannah,” I said without looking up, “the door is open, you don’t have to knock…”

My words trailed off as I turned around while speaking and I was completely speechless. Savannah was standing in my doorway, wearing next to nothing. All she had on was the red lacy thong I had spotted earlier, accompanied by an equally dark red, see through top. I could clearly see that she was not wearing a bra and her nipples were protruding proudly underneath the sheer fabric.

“Savannah…I…uh…what?” I stammered and lost my train of thought.

“Like what you see, daddy?”

“What…what are you doing…?” I finally managed to stammer.

“What? This? I was just getting into something more comfortable,” she replied with a somewhat seductive tone to her voice. She started to saunter into my bedroom, swaying her hips like a runway model as she headed straight for me. “Do you like it?” She asked, while biting her lip.

“Uh…I…It’s very cute, but it doesn’t look very comfortable… And that is surely not something you should be wearing around your father!” I was trying to stay in control of the situation and not let things get out of hand.

“You’re right,” she replied, “I shouldn’t be wearing this around you…” Her arms quickly grasped at her waist and I stood in stunned silence as she lifted her top off over her head. Her large breasts tugged at the fabric and then bounced free. She shook her head and whipped her hair as she let the lingerie top fall to the floor next to her feet. “There! Is that better? I’m not wearing it around you anymore.”

I knew what she was doing and it took everything in my power to not attack her and embrace her in my arms, feeling her tits press up against my chest and run my hands down her smooth, tan back. “Savannah… You know what I meant. I will say it again, I’m your FATHER, this is not right. We can’t…”

She brought her fingers to her lips and made a ‘shooshing’ sound at me. “Oh c’mon dad! I saw your cock earlier, so I figured it would only be fair if you got to see something of me too!”

I couldn’t argue with that. She had seen, touched, and tasted, my cock only a few hours earlier, but this was different. This was my daughter that I was staring at. Of course I had seen her breasts many times in her 18 years of life, but this was the first time I had ever seen them free from any clothing since she had started puberty and they had grown; quite nicely I might add.

Standing there with my mouth agape, I took all of Savannah’s body into my field of vision. My eyes darted from breast to breast. Her beautiful nipples were thick and hard, and her breasts supported themselves fully even without a bra on. There was no doubt that she was a fit, young woman. My eyes trailed down her fit, almost washboard like dark tan stomach, coming to rest just at her waist, where I was greeted by her red panty line.

There was no hiding the tent that was quickly growing in my trousers, either. I’m pretty sure I actually drooled a little bit while I was staring and Savannah noticed.

“Dad! Are you drooling over your daughter?! Oh my God you dirty old man!!” She said to me with a mocking tone.

Her words brought me back to reality and I quickly wiped my mouth and tried to conceal the raging hard on in my pants. “Savannah…” I started in, “we can’t…”

She curled her lip upwards at me and gave me the puppy dog eyes that she knew I could never say no to. Ever since she was a little girl, I would give in to her ninety-nine percent of the time when she made those eyes at me. Today was turning out to be no different. Seeing her, standing there almost naked, with her big blue eyes looking deep into me, I extended my hand. She quickly grabbed a hold, and I walked the two of us over to my bed.

I sat her down on the bed, and sat down next to her. I made sure not to touch her, although Lord knows I wanted to run my hands up and down her thighs terribly.

Looking into her eyes, I could sense the wonder, and against my better judgement, I started a conversation that would change the entirety of our weekend. “Savannah… Is this really something that you want? You realize that if we do anything that it will have to be kept a secret until we are both six feet under? No one, none of your friends, can ever know. I could get in immense trouble, I’m talking life in prison trouble, if the wrong people ever found out.”

“I know that, daddy. And believe me, it is something that I have been thinking about for a long time. Ever since I was sixteen, in fact. I told myself that I wanted to save myself for you. I want to be your lover. Yes, there were times when I was tempted over the past two years, but I never gave in. And yes, I questioned myself and what the hell was wrong with me for having these fantasies, but they never went away. So yes, dad, this is something that I really want.”

I sat there in complete silence, not once interrupting my daughter, even when a tear started to come to her eye. I simply raised my hand and wiped the tear away from her cheek and wiped it along my jeans. “If you are really sure of this…” I started in, “then we can take things further. BUT, you will have to listen to me and follow my lead. Don’t forget, I am more experienced than you and I want to make sure that you feel better than you ever have before.”

Her eyes started to light up and a small smile began to crease across her lips. “Really, daddy? We can really do this?”

Without acknowledging her question, I stood up from the foot of the bed, and said, “I’m going to go make those sandwiches, I’m getting hungry. Would you like turkey or ham?”

“Turkey, please!”

While in the kitchen making our simple dinner, my mind couldn’t wander from the conversation that we had just had. ‘Oh my. What am I doing?’ I asked myself. ‘This is bad. This is wrong…But, I want my baby girl to be happy and I can never say no to her. And wow…’ The image of her taught 18 year old tits and toned stomach and long smooth legs flashed before my eyes. ‘She is very attractive. I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever even seen a girl as beautiful as she is.’ My cock started to involuntarily pulsate in my jeans and I could feel my face becoming flush as the blood rushed from one head to the other.

Composing myself the best I could, I finished our sandwiches and sat them down on the table. “Savannah! Dinner is ready in the kitchen when you’re ready!” I yelled into the bedroom.


Savannah came waltzing into the room, and to my horror, and albeit pleasure, she was wearing the same thing that she was when we were in the bedroom. That is to say, not wearing much. Her tits bounced with a purpose as she walked towards me. Her legs seemed to go on forever. She took a seat at the table and I sat down next to her. I said Grace and then we began to chow down.

About halfway through our sandwiches, I looked over to Savannah and my second head took over all of my thoughts. I sat my sandwich down and placed my right hand onto Savannah’s left leg. Her skin was smoother than silk and her firm muscular leg felt like it could crush a watermelon. She jumped slightly at my touch, but did not skip a beat in eating her sandwich. She switched hands and brought her left hand down to where mine was. Placing her hand upon mine, she stroked my fingers and slowly started to move my hand back and forth along her leg.

She was enjoying the bit of control that she had, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. My cock was aching at this point and I thought that I was going to blow my load inside my jeans. I took a deep breath and tried to think of anything else as she moved my hand further and further up her thigh. She kept moving my hand until my pinky finger could feel the waistband of her silky thong.

“Ok,” I finally said, breaking the silence, “I think I’m full.”

“Me too”

“I’m going to clean up. You can help if you’d like.”

“Of course, daddy!”

Savannah shot up and left my hand dangling in mid-air where just moments before I was inches away from her womanhood. She grabbed the plates and walked over to the sink. My head turned in unison and I watched her ass jiggle as she walked away. I stood up and silently walked over behind Savannah.

Without saying a word, I pressed my body up against her bare back. My firm hands wrapped around her and immediately found her naked breasts. I squeezed them in between my fingers. ‘My God! They are even more delectable than I thought!’ As I began to caress her nipples, her body melted into mine. Her legs weakened a little bit and she pushed herself back against me, nuzzling her body against mine. I bent down slightly, and I planted a kiss along the right side of her neck.

She let out a small moan as my lips and tongue danced around on her skin. She started to gyrate her ass in small circles as she found the bulge in my jeans and continued to work on it. The thick fabric was causing lots of friction as she moved, and it was beginning to hurt. “Hold on,” I said.

“What? Is everything OK?” she asked.

“Yeah it’s fine, it’s just uh, this…” and I pointed to my jeans. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and wrestled myself out of them. My loose boxers protruded and my thick erection was much more free than it had been. Without saying a word, or either of us asking for permission, I grabbed the waistband to my boxers and slid out of them. My throbbing erection sprang free. I stepped back up to Savannah and I held my cock in my left hand. I positioned myself, and my member, up against her ass. I pressed forward and kissed her again, this time my bare cock made contact with her ass and slid between her cheeks.

Her ass was even softer than her legs were and I was already on the edge from all of this teasing. Savannah started to gyrate her hips again, moving her legs up and down as my cock slid back and forth between her. I continued to plant kisses along her neckline and down each of her shoulders.

Suddenly, she stopped. She turned around and in one sweeping motion, she reached up and her lips met mine. My cock pressed into her stomach, and her naked breasts scratched at my shirt. A feeling of pure ecstasy overcame me as lightning shot through our bodies simultaneously. Savannah’s tongue was the first to escape her lips. Without thinking about what I was doing, I parted my lips and allowed her tongue to enter into my mouth. Our tongues danced and wrestled with each other as our bodies ground up against each other.

In the midst of our lust, I wrapped my arms around her waist and lifted her up onto the edge of the counter easily. Still kissing, but trying to pull away, I started to fall to my knees. My hands traced down from her breasts, down her sides and hips and then down her legs.

“You still sure?” I asked her.

She looked at me and with a snarky response, replied, “shut up old man and eat me!”

I raised my eyebrows at her but it was too late to back out now. Leaning in closely, I began to make out with her inner thighs. My tongue traced up and down her left thigh, leaving small red marks from where I sucked. I kissed upwards and my lips made a feather light gracing motion over the top of her mound. Even through her thong, it felt smooth, and I could feel the heat emanating from her vagina. I continued to kiss down her other thigh and I could feel her shiver underneath my arms that were keeping her upright.

I slowly planted small kisses on my way back to her mound until I found myself face to face with her red thong. Taking my hands off of her hips, I positioned them in front of my face. Using my two index fingers, I scooped underneath her panties and pinched them together. I transferred them to my left hand and pulled them away from her slit.

The sight that greeted me was one that I had dreamt and fantasized about for the past two years. Savannah’s pussy was glistening with her pre-cum and the folds of her lips appeared tight and still unused. I took a deep breath and inhaled all of her scent. It was the sweetest scent my nose had ever picked up on. It was exhilarating, and made my cock jump. I knew I had to taste it to see if it tasted as good as it smelled. Taking another small breath, I swallowed the lump in my throat and went for it.

My lips planted squarely across Savannah’s outer lips as her juices immediately started to coat my lips. She bit her lip and threw her head backwards when I made contact.

“Ohhhhh!” I heard her moan out. “Your lips feel so good. Please…daddy, I want to feel your tongue inside of me!”

I was too overtaken with lust to argue with her, so with my next move, I parted my lips and allowed my tongue to escape my lips. It made instant contact with her slit and her juices formed around my tongue. I started to flick my tongue up and down across the entire length of her pussy; going from side to side flicks, to long up and down licks. Her body began to writhe on the counter and she closed her muscular legs around my head, keeping me locked in place. My tongue managed to find her clit and as soon as I touched it, her legs closed tighter.

“Ooooh yesss!!! Right there!!! Keep doing that, I’m going to cumm!” she moaned out loudly. Not wanting to disappoint my baby girl, I kept pressure on her clitoris with my tongue while I tried to breathe out through my nose. In a matter of seconds I heard her voice, and felt her body.

“Daddyyy! I’m cumminng!!” She yelled. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed me further into her as her orgasm started to rip through her body. It started in her head as the blood flushed from her brain. It shot down through her arms and hands and I could feel them tremble on my head. Her stomach convulsed and her pussy tightened as her cum started to flee from her opening, directly onto my eager tongue. It continued down through her legs and made her toes curl tightly.

I held on to her hips to prevent her from falling as I let the flood of cum into my mouth and swallowed all of it. She came for what felt like three minutes before she finally let go of my head and her legs slowly loosened their grip. I pulled my face away, and it looked like I had just gone swimming. Everything from my nose downwards with shimmering in the light with her cum.

“Wow wow wow!” Savannah finally managed to mutter. “That was the best. I’ve never had my cunt eaten like that before!”

Hearing my daughter talk dirty like that, especially using the ‘C’ word, for some odd reason, turned me on even more.

“Don’t you mean you’ve never had your pus—cunt—eaten at all?” I quizzed her.

She looked down to me and smirked. “I said I haven’t sex yet, dad. I never said that I haven’t been eaten out.”

It appeared my innocent little daughter was not quite as innocent as I was led to believe. “Well, I’m glad you enjoyed that, sweetheart. You have the sweetest pussy that I’ve ever tasted.”

“Better than mom?” She asked.

“I…uh…yes…” I finally admitted to her. “Much sweeter; Savannah? Do you think you could help me with this thing between my legs? It is aching and needs a release…”

I stood up and showed Savannah my throbbing cock. My head was purple and my entire shaft was a dark red, filled with more blood than I thought possible. She hopped off the counter and stood in front of me. Her left hand fell by her waist and all of a sudden, she leaned in to kiss me and her hand delicately wrapped around my cock. Her soft touch felt so amazing. I shuddered as I kissed her back.

“Why don’t you follow me and I’ll see if there is anything I can do for you. You know I always want to take care of my daddy!” She led me, literally by the cock, from the kitchen and into the bedroom. Once inside, she led me over to the large lounging chair that was in the corner. It wasn’t anything special; a cloth covered chair with a camo print that for whatever reason, I felt that I needed when we bought the cabin. Savannah pushed me down with her hand and I plopped down into the somewhat uncomfortable chair.

Savannah stepped forward until her legs were standing above mine. She took her right hand and began to trace her index finger down my shirt. She was licking her lips as she watched her finger. My eyes were too focused on the large round globes that were inches away from my face to notice anything else. It was only when the tip of her finger started tracing small circles around the tip of my cock head that I came back to reality.

My heart skipped a beat as Savannah threw her arms around my neck and pulled herself close to me. Her tits smashed into my face and I felt her knees come up onto the chair beside me. I couldn’t see what was going on down below, but soon enough I got my answer. Savannah stated to lower herself down against my chest, and all at once, I began to feel the heat from her vagina breathing onto my cock head. Then it hit. My swollen head started to encounter resistance as it pressed up against her opening. ‘This is it. The moment of the truth.’ I thought to myself.

“Savannah…” I started in. “If you lower yourself down another inch, there is no going back. Do you understand that?”

“Dad? When are you EVER going to learn?!” She retorted, and slipped herself down that fateful inch. My thick cock was already lubricated with her juices and it split her pussy lips apart with ease.

‘Oh my God. This is it. I’m going to fuck…I AM fucking…my daughter!’

We both gasped for air as my head entered her. Mine was from pure shock of just how tight and wet and warm she was, and I think hers was because she had never experienced being penetrated by a real flesh and blood cock before.

I managed to pull my face away from her tits and grabbed her waist. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I slowly began to pull her waist downwards, further onto my shaft. I kept pulling her down and was imagining what her insides looked like purely by memorizing every bump and ridge that I could feel my cock rubbing against as I slid further and further into her velvety warm love canal.

Almost as soon as it had started, Savannah was sitting fully on my lap. I could move no further, and as I opened my eyes, I came face to face with an expression of pure lust and love on my daughter’s face. She looked down into my eyes with a deep passion and exhaled. “Wow! You feel even bigger inside of me then when you were in my mouth earlier!” Truth be told, I wasn’t huge, but I knew how to use what the good Lord had given me.

To her comment, I smiled and replied, “Well, thank you sweetheart. And you…you are tighter than I could have ever imagined!”

“That’s a good thing, right?” She asked me as she started to wiggle her ass from left to right on my cock.

“Yes. Very good thing. Don’t be surprised if you make your father cum sooner rather than later.” She curled her lip and gave me a sly smile.

“Can we…? you know…? Fuck?”

I looked at her with a stern face. “No, Savannah. We are not going to ‘fuck’.” I began to scold her. “We are going to make love. There is a difference, and I’m going to teach that to you.”

Without another word, I moved my hands gently from her hips to her butt. I grasped them in my hands and felt her smooth cheeks as I started to slowly spread her cheeks apart and pull her into me, so that her pussy raised a few inches off my cock. When she was resting against my shirt, I began to slowly move my hips up and down. My thick cock started to slide in and out of Savannah. I pushed my butt down deep into the chair until I could feel the cool air on the underside of my shaft and felt my head start to vacate her warmth. I lifted my butt slowly as my cock re-engaged with the warm tunnel until I could lift no higher.

I continued to make love to Savannah like this for a few minutes; rocking my hips with my hands holding her ass in its place. She was moaning softly, her hot breath on my neck sent shivers down my spine.

“Mmmm. Yessss daddy. Just like that,” she whispered. “Keep making love to me. I love you so much.” She closed her lips on my left ear and kissed it as she let out a breath.

“I love you too, baby girl,” I replied.

We continued to make love for another minute or so when I could feel that my balls were soon going to bust. They started to tighten up and my cum began to boil. Pushing down into the couch, and lifting Savannah slightly higher, I lifted her completely off of my cock and sat her down on my chest so that my throbbing member was between her ass cheeks. I took a deep breath and did everything in my power to prolong my orgasm.

She pulled her head away from my neck and looked at me. “I just need a minute, sweetheart,” I told her. “You are almost TOO tight for me. I’m not quite ready to cum yet. Just a breather.”

“I’m not THAT tight, am I?” She asked me, teasingly.

“I think you damn know well the answer to that one,” I reassured her.

After a minute of the cool air blowing on me, and my thoughts racing to everything but the moment, I was ready to continue.



I lifted Savannah back up off my chest and once again, my cock stood at attention and I slipped inside of her with ease. Once she was settled down onto me, I let go of her ass cheeks and moved my hands back to her waist. I pulled her body away from my chest and looked up into her eyes.

“Ok, sweetheart, here’s what you’re going to do,” as I started to explain to her how to make love to me. “Sit straight up, like this. … Perfect” My cock adjusted itself inside of her and the fit felt even more perfect. “Ok, now move how I was moving before. Use your thighs to raise and lower yourself. … Oh, oh, fuucck!” I started to moan out. She started to raise and lower her hips before I even had a chance to finish my sentence.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” I teased her. “You seem like a professional!”

She smiled at me. “I’m sure. I guess it just feels…right, with you.”

There was no argument from me. With as much lust and love I was feeling at the moment, it felt like our bodies were made for each other. Her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock and I fit inside of her like a glove.

I leaned back in the chair with my eyes closed and hands still on her hips, letting them rise and lower to her rhythm. In mere moments, her pace quickened, and she was bucking her hips up and down once every second. She must have hit a certain spot that felt really good because once she picked up her pace, her breath started to become shallow and she closed her eyes.

“Daddy…I’m…going to…cu—cu—cummmmmm!” She moaned out loudly as her second orgasm in the past thirty minutes started to rock her. She involuntarily stopped rocking on my hips, so to make sure she had the best orgasm possible, I replaced her bucking with my own. I kept the pace that she had previously set and I felt her pussy begin to tighten around me. It was like a vice grip on my cock, pulling me in deeper and not giving an inch. She threw her head backwards, her long blonde hair whipping her back. Her eyes shut tightly and she flung her hands forward onto my shoulder blades to keep herself from falling backwards onto the ground.

Like the first time, I could tell that her orgasm started in her head and worked its way down through her entire body. As it hit her most sensitive area, I realized that I could no longer contain the boiling seed that was churning down in my balls. I clenched my kegel muscles as tightly as I could and bit my lip hard, trying to allow her to finish her orgasm. Almost as soon as she was coming down I let out a barely audible warning. “Savannah, I’m going to cum too…”

“Cum in me, daddy!” She said through gasped breath. “I want to feel your seed inside of me. Please fill me up with your cum!”

Even though I was filled with lust, I thought better of the situation and as much as it pained me to say no to my daughter, I lifted her off of my cock just as the first rope of semen lurched from my balls, into my shaft, and erupted from my head. My cock sprang free and the largest of the ropes shot backwards and up, falling down to the ground between our feet. The second blast of cum shot forward slightly and landed on her shoulders and back. My cock twitched and pulsed as more and more cum drained from my balls. Each subsequent eruption became slightly smaller, but each one landed on her back until finally the sixth and seventh ropes dribbled from my head and smeared against her ass cheeks.

My orgasm started to subside and I took my right hand from her waist and grabbed my still hard member. I gave it one or two small strokes and squeezed my head to milk out the final drop. I drug my cock across her ass and lightly smeared my cum around on her.

Before she could say anything in protest, I broke in. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I can’t cum in you. That is way too risky. As much as I would love that…I just…can’t. Please understand.”

A tear formed in her left eye and slid down her cheek. “I understand,” she replied. “I’m sorry that was over the line. I was just so caught up in the moment.” She started to sob lightly and a few more tears fell from her face. I brought my left hand up and wiped her tears away.

“Savannah, don’t be upset. That was the most amazing sex of my life. This weekend isn’t over and I promise you, there is no reason to be upset.”

Apparently she only heard the middle part of my sentence because she sniffled and asked me, “the most amazing sex of your life? What about mom?”

Trying to avoid answering her question outright, I stammered, “I…uh…It was amazing. I can’t remember ever having better, more tender sex than what just happened.”

Her tears started to dry and a small smile curved upon her lips. She flung her body forward and wrapped her arms tightly around the back of my neck. “Oh dad! I love you so much!”

I returned her embrace and whispered into her ear, “I love you, too, my pride and joy.” I could feel her smile as I said that and we sat there, embraced in each other’s arms for a good two to three minutes. Finally, I broke the hug as I kissed her cheek.

“We should probably get cleaned up and go to bed. We have a lot planned for tomorrow.”

“We do?” She asked. “Like what?”

“It’s a surprise, but we’re getting up early to go for a hike to one of my favorite places that I used to take your mother a long time ago.”

“Oh, um, ok,” she replied, still uncertain if I was joking or not.

I helped to lift Savannah off the chair and onto her feet. “Jeeze! This thing is uncomfortable like this!” She said as she pulled her thong back over her pussy. “Why didn’t we take this off before we started?”

I had no good answer. I had completely forgotten that it was even still on. “I guess we just got up in the moment after leaving the kitchen and forgot…” I stopped myself before I finished my sentence. I didn’t want to give away that there was more than likely going to be another chance for her to take her panties off.

We walked to the bathroom together, and I stood outside while I waited for her to clean herself up so that I could do the same. I looked down at my cock and my erection had barely subsided at all. It was still glistening with her juices and I couldn’t help but to smile.

Once she finished, I stepped in and told her to get ready for bed. When I came out, I went over to her room to check on her. She was lying in bed, on top of the covers. She hadn’t put anything on. Her breasts were still free from any restraints and her red thong was the only thing keeping her warm.

“Aren’t you going to get cold sleeping like that?” I asked her.

I must have startled her because her head shot up from the bed. “I don’t even think I can sleep right now, to be honest,” she replied.

Against my better judgement, I made a request of her. “Well, I don’t want you catching a cold. If you’re not going to put anything on, then come over to my room and sleep in my bed. My ‘old man’ body heat will keep you warm.” She laughed at me and did an incredible ab crunch to pull herself upright.

“Are you sure?” She asked me.

I simply nodded my head and walked away. I could hear her feet hit the ground as she stood up. I was already in bed on the right hand side when she came in. She closed the door behind her. Even though no one was around, it was just habit to sleep with our doors closed. She stepped over to the left side of the bed and crawled underneath the covers. She positioned her back towards me and I moved myself closer. Wrapping my arms around her, I puled her closer for a kiss. Her back nestled into mine and her butt wiggled up against my crotch. My cock started to grow hard again and she noticed, because every few seconds she would move around.

“Can I help you, young lady?” I whispered into her ear.

“Sorry. Just trying to get comfortable.”

“You know, I was born at night, but not last night,” I retorted.

She let out an audible laugh and apologized.

“Goodnight, daddy.”

“Goodnight, Savannah.”

We both finally drifted off into a deep sleep in each others arms.

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